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2017高考英语一轮复习 Unit 1 Cultural relics练习 新人教版必修2

Unit 1 Cultural relics
新题型 New research says 35 percent of child deaths worldwide are caused by hunger. The research comes from poor to middle-income countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Robert Black from the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University in Maryland .is the lead writer of the research. He says more than 3.5 million mothers and children under five die in poor countries each year because of hunger. He says more than two million children die from underdevelopment, either before or after birth. Millions of others who survive face a lifetime of disabilities or early death and the effects are not just physical. Poor mental development also results from hunger as children grow. Then the cycle of poverty and hunger often continues for their children. Doctor Black says hungry children are also more likely to have conditions like high blood pressure and heart disease as adults. He says the studies show that food programs need to place the greatest importance on the first two years of life. Hungry children can suffer their whole life damage from age two. It is high time their diets were improved. Diets should include foods rich in vitamin A and other useful vitamins and minerals. The researchers say early help such as this could reduce child deaths by 25%. This research has also faced some criticism. A medical aid group says the researchers underestimate( 低估 ) the number of child deaths due to hunger. The researchers say there are findings that support this treatment but more studies are needed to compare it to hospital care.


A new research Title Theme (1) ________ is children’s biggest killer. ●Of all child deaths throughout the world, 35 percent (2) ________ from hunger. The general ●The children in poor or middle-income countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America are (3) ________ with such a situation. ●Each year hunger causes over 3.5 million mothers and children under 5 in poor countries to die. ●Over two million children die of huger before or after they are(5) ________. The (4) ________ ●Millions of the survivors will be disabled all their lives effects of hunger or die at an early(6) ________. on children ●Hunger can also result in children’s bad mental development. ●Hunger can bring children high blood pressure and heart trouble, too. ●Food programs must realize the period between the birth and the age of 2 is the most (8) ________ for children’s physical The (7) ________ development. to save children ●Diets should be improved. ●Diets should contain food with (9) ________ vitamins and minerals. Some criticism on ●Not (10) ________ child deaths are paid attention to by the the research researchers.


【参考答案】任务型阅读 1. Hunger 6. age 2. result 7. methods 3. faced 8. important 4. negative 9. rich 5. born 10. enough


一、单句语法填空 1.(2015·湖南,阅读 A)We are having a debate ________ this topic. 2.(2015·新课标全国Ⅱ,阅读 A)When neither of these methods ________ (remove)the static noise,I would sit helplessly and wait for the noise to go away. 3.It is ________ (evidence)that he is pretending to be ill. 4.(2015·湖南,写作)In ________ (select)a dictionary,check the features it offers besides vocabulary definitions. 5.He doesn't have enough evidence to decide whether ________ (adopt)this schedule system. 6.Mary was much kinder to Jack than she was to the others,________ of course, made all the others upset. 7.(2014·福建,阅读 A)I was ________ (amaze)that he'd come up with such a sweet idea. 8.Would you please make up a topic worth ________ (discuss)in tomorrow's conference? 9.Had they known what was coming next,they might ________ (have)second thoughts. 10.Sorry,the work is more ________ I could do myself. 答案 1.about 2.removed 3.evident 4.selecting 5.to adopt

6.which 7.amazed 8.discussing 9.have had 10.than 二、完形填空 完型填空。阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从以下题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出 最佳选项。 Suppose(假设) you are going to Boston, and you before. If someone 2 1 the city __3 to

you about the interesting places in the city, you

get some ideas of what you will see. But don’t have a 4__ places are or of how to find and 7 5 . However, 6__

idea of where these

someone has a map of the city

you the main roads and buildings, you may say, “Oh, now I see. I can find


my way with

8__ 9 10

trouble at all”. Working in math is somewhat (有点儿) like trying a new city. Perhaps the words may tell you some it, but you can’t see any clear road 11 information the answers. you find your way. 15

to find your way and you have Maybe you 12

a kind of map of the main roads in maths 14


Explore(探究)what lies in maths, and

to find the main roads. They will

you to the answer. If you can find the “map”, the maths problems will be easily worked out.

名师点评 文章以在陌生的城市找名胜为例,说明了解决数学最重要的是先找出一条通往答案的路径. (C)1. A. are going to visit C. have never visited B. once visited D. have ever visit

【解析】 C。 下文表明: 你要去的是一个一点儿都不熟悉的城市, 说明以前没有去过。 故选 have never visited。 (D)2. A. answers B. shows C. meets D. tells

【解析】D。show 意为“带领某人参观某地”或“向某人展示某物”;tell sb. about sth. 意 为“告诉某人关于??的情况。根据下文可知 tell 为正确选项。 (A)3. A. begin B. like C. learn D. refuse

【解析】A。文章表明:听了别人的介绍后,你对城市的名胜开始有了一些初步的印象。故选 begin。 (B)4. A. clever B. clear C. strange D. wrong

【解析】B。根据文意,你对名胜的概况只是听说而已,对名胜的具体位置及如何找到所指的 名胜不太清楚。故选 clear。 (C)5. A. someone B. Boston C. them D. it

【解析】C。指代上文出现的 interesting places 应用 them。 (A)6. A. if B. though C. whether D. since

【解析】A。根据句意,前半句是后半句的条件状语从句,应用 if 引导。


(D)7. A. helps

B. gives

C. passes

D. shows

【解析】D。show sb. sth.意为“把??给某人看”,合符文意,为正确选项。 (B)8. A. not B. no C. some D. much

【解析】B。根据地图上的位置,你会毫不费力地找到想去的地方。故选 no。 (B)9. A. of B. to C. in D around

【解析】B。本文是讲如何在一个陌生的城市里找到目的地,而不是找去某个城市的路。故选 in。 (A)10. A. thought over B. heard about C. written down D talked with

【解析】A。做数学题时,你肯定要对题目中所给的信息进行思考。故应选 thought over。 (D)11. A. with B. for C. of D to

【解析】D。the road to the answers 意为“解决问题的路径”,to 为正确选项。 (A)12. A. need to have B. don’t need C needn’t D. in need of

【解析】A。根据上文列举的根据地图找名胜的例子可知,做数学题目也需要“地图”。故应 选 need to have。 (B)13. A. help B. to help C. helps D help with

【解析】B。这里应该用动词不定式 to help you find your way 作目的状语才合符句意。 (A)14. A. try your best B. take your place C. look up D walk on

【解析】A。try one’s best to do sth.意思是“尽某人最大的努力去做某事”,为正确选 项。 (C)15. A. keep B. send C. lead D. ask

【解析】C。“lead sb. to 某地”意思是“引导某人到达某地”。 三、阅读理解 A 2016 高考训练(由 2014·湖南卷 A 改编) Want to improve your writing skills? New Writing South is directing the way! ·Towner Writer Squad (班组)for kids aged 13-17 Led by comedy and TV writer, Marian Kilpatrick, Towner Writer Squad will meet once a month at the contemporary art museum for 11 months, starting 12 October, 2014.


The FREE squad sessions will include introductions to a wide range of writing styles, from poetry to play writing and lyrics (抒情诗) to flash fiction, to support the development of young writers. Application & Selection If you would like to apply to be part of the Towner Writer Squad, please send a sample piece of your writing (about 500 words), responding to the title‘LUNCH,’ with your name, age, address and e-mail address to: debo@newwritingsouth.com. Once all applications are in, you will be invited to an open selection event on 17 September,4-5pm, at the gallery of Towner. This will be an informal opportunity to meet the Squad Leader, Squad Associate and other young people. You will also have a chance to get to know the fantastic gallery space and get a taste of what’s to come. Deadline for applications: 8 September, 2014 For further information go to: facebook.com/towner or towner.org.uk or newwritingsouth.com Any questions 一 feel free to send your e-mail to Towner Writer Squad Associate: whame@towner.gov.uk ﹡ ﹡ ﹡ ﹡ ﹡ ﹡ ﹡ ﹡ ﹡

·Beginner Writing Project for kids aged 10-13 Due to popular demand, a writing project will be started for eager beginners. Start time: 6 September, 2014 Meet every other Saturday,2-4pm, at the Towner Study Centre. Study and write at your own pace 一 you do not have to rush 一 as you have a year to go through the project. Practise under the guidance of some experienced writers and teachers who can help you with basic writing skills. Most importantly, build confidence and have fun while writing! No previous experience or special background is required. Many others have been successful this way. If they can do it, why can’t you? Fee: ?179 For more information go to: newtowner.org.uk or generate.org.uk


1. Towner Writer Squad will be started _______. A.to train comedy and TV writers C.to introduce a contemporary art museum writers 2. To join the Writer Squad,each applicant should first _______. A.provide a piece of their writing C.offer their family information B.meet the Writer Squad Leader D.complete an application form B.to explore the fantastic gallery space D.to promote the development of young

3. Applications for the Writer Squad should be e-mailed no later than _______. A. 6 September, 2014 C. 17 September, 2014 B. 8 September, 2014 D. 12 October, 2014

4. What is most important for the beginners? A. Practising as much as possible. C. Studying and writing at their own pace. teachers. 5. More information about Beginner Writing Project can be found at _______. A. facebook.com/towner C. newtowner.org.uk B.newwritingsouth.com D. towner.org.uk B. Gaining confidence and having fun. D. Learning skills from writers and

文章大意: 本文叙述了两个想要提高写作技能的培训班以及这两个培训班的具体要求和收费 等其他的信息。 1. D。细节题。本题考察细节,A 项是对 Tower Writer Square 的错误理解。在第一行中只 是提及这个活动是有 comedy and TV writer 组织的, 并不是说这个活动就是为了培养 comedy and TV writer。B 项只是这个活动的一个附加部分。C 项不是这个活动目的。根据第一则广 告第二段最后一句 to support the development of young writers。说明这个活动的目的 是促进青年作家的发展。故 D 正确。 2. A。细节题。根据第一则广告第三段 2,3 行 please send a sample piece of your writing。 可知要想参加这个活动,需要先提供自己的一个作品。BCD 三项都不是必须的条件。故 A 正 确。 3. B。细节题。根据第一则广告中 Deadline for applicantions:8 September 2014 可知申 请时间 是 2014 年 9 月 8 日。可知申请者要申请不要晚于 9 月 8 日。故 B 正确。 4. B。 细节题。 根据第二则广告中 Most importantly , build confidence and have fun while writing。可知作者认为对于刚刚开始的人来说,最重要的是要有信心和开心。


5. C。细节题。根据本广告最后一句 For more information go to: newtowner.org.uk or generate.org.uk 可知要想得到第二则广告的更多信息,请登录这个网站。故 C 正确。

B 【2016 高考训练题】阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C、D)中,选出最佳选 项。 Babies don’t learn to talk just from hearing sounds. They are lip-readers too. It happens during the stage when a baby’s babbling (咿呀声) gradually changes from unclear voices into that first “mama” or “dada” . The baby in order to do like you has to figure out how to shape their lips to make that particular sound they are hearing, according to developmental psychologist David Lewkowicz of Florida Atlantic University, who led the study. Apparently it doesn’t take them too long to absorb the movements that match basic sounds. By their first birthdays, babies start changing back to look you in the eye again. It offers more evidence that quality face-time with babies is very important for speech development more than, say, turning on the latest baby DVD. But Lewkowicz went a step further. He and his student Amy Hansen-Tift tested nearly 180 babies, groups of them at ages 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 months. How? They showed videos of a woman speaking in English or Spanish to babies of English speakers. They found that when the speaker used English, the 4-month-olds gazed mostly into her eyes. The 6-months-olds spent equal amounts of time looking at the eyes and the mouth. The 8-and 10-month-olds studied mostly the mouth. At 12 months, attention started changing back toward the speaker’s eyes. But what happened when these babies accustomed to English heard Spanish? The 12-month-olds studied the mouth longer, just like younger babies. They needed the extra information to recognize the unfamiliar sounds. That fits with research into bilingualism (双语)that shows babies’ brains adjust themselves to distinguishing the sounds of their native language over other languages in the first year of life.


The continued lip-reading shows the 1-year-olds clearly still are fit for learning. Babies are so hard to study that this is “a fairly heroic data set”, says Duke University cognitive neuroscientist Greg Appelbaum, who found the research so fascinating that he wants to know more. 1. According to the first paragraph, babies______. A. might get its B. learn to talk C. like to figure voice “mama” by lip-reading just from hearing the sounds out how to shape their lips

D. communicate with parents through gestures 2. What is necessary in developing babies’ speech according to Lewkowicz? A. Playing baby DVD nearby. B. Teaching babies to read English. C. Speaking with babies face to face. D. Speaking different languages in front of babies.

3. Which of the following shows the right change of babies’ eye gaze according to the text? Eye gaze

4 A.


12 Month


Eye gaze

4 C.




Eye gaze

4 B.




Eye gaze

4 D.




4. What would be the best title of the text? A. Babies Have Different Methods to Talk


B. Babies Try Lip-reading in Learning to Talk C. Babies Are Suitable to Learn Two Languages D. Babies Can Easily Accept Foreign Language 参考答案 1—4、ACAB

四、七选五 【2016 南昌市第一次模拟测试卷】 根据短文内容, 从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。 选项中有两项为多余选项。 The Lost Rules of Etiquette Etiquette, or good manners, used to be the glue that held society together. 36 Sadly, these days it has mostly gone by the wayside. This list is several best rules of etiquette that have now disappeared. Opening the Door In days gone by, a gentleman would always open doors for ladies. 37 This h8s now almost entirely disappeared-and it is pot entirely the fault of the men. I have seen women laugh at men for opening a door for them. They seem to be confusing manners with chauvinism(大男子主义). Writing Thank-You Notes In days gone by, whenever a person received a gift, they would write a thank-you note as soon as possible. 38 Parents would sit children down after a birthday or Christmas and coach them in their first thank-you note. It is a shame that gift giving has now become a virtual obligation and the idea of a thank-you note would be laughed at. 39 We seem to have completely lost the concept of correct timing when it comes to parties these days. 40 After all, a party normally has a guest of honor-this is usually the oldest woman present. It was considered extremely rude in the past to leave a party before the guest of honor-and once the guest of honor left, it was a signal to all that they should begin their own preparations to leave. A. Arriving on Time. B. Leaving at the Right Time. C. People leave with various excuses. D. It enabled people to get on well、with each other. E. This rule was true even if the giver was a relative. F. It could be the lady they were driving, or a stranger. G. We've thrown away the concept of a guest of honor at will.


参考答案、36. D

37. F

38. E

39. B

40. C


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