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2009 年全国中学生英语能力竞赛 年全国中学生英语能力竞赛(NEPCS)高三年级组样题及答案 高三年级组样题及答案
笔试部分(共七大题, 笔试部分(共七大题,计 120 分) I.Multiple-choice(选择填空) I.Multiple-choice(选择填空)(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,计 15 分) 选择填空 Beneath each of the following sentences, there are four choices, marked A, B, C and D. Choose the answer that best completes the sentence.(从 A、B、C、D 四个选 项中,选出可以填入句中空白处的最佳选项。) 31.--Can you play ____ musical instrument? --Yes, I can play ____ violin. A.a; the B.a;(不填) C.(不填);the D.the; a

32.Though she tried hard to pull the fish ____ her, she was pulled deeper into the river A.by B.with C.after D.towards

33.A week is too long. Try to be back in a ____ of days. A.number B.dozen C.couple D.score

34.--Can I come and get my glasses this afternoon? --In fact, it will take only half an hour. --Then I'll wait here for ____. A.you B.it C.them D.that

35.Jim didn't want to eat in the hotel dining-room, so he had a meal ____ up to his room. A.coming B.sent C.to pick D.for bringing

36.The reason ____ she gives for not coming to the party is that her mother won't let her. A.what B.why C.as D.which

37.I wanted to be the first to tell you the news, but I was too late. Someone ____ you. A.would phone B.had tole C.will surprise D.has written to

38.She won't leave the computer game ____ her husband is waiting for his supper. A.as though B.even though C.whether D.whenever

39.--May I tell this to my close friend? --No, you ____. Never let anybody else know. A.needn't B.shouldn't C.mustn't D.can't

40.Sue doesn't remember how many years ago ____ her parents began to argue with each other. A.it was that B.it was when C.was it that D.was it when

41.I'm sure you'd rather she returned home, ____? A.wouldn't you B.shouldn't you C.didn't she D.couldn't

42.--Does the medicine make you feel better? --No, the more ____, ____ I feel. A.medicine I take; the worse B.I take medicine; the worse C.medicine I take; the better D.I take medicine; the more 43.Last night Kate came across the man ____ you think is pleasant to ____. A.who; get along C.who; work with B.who; talk D.whom; get along

44.--I went to the beach and got plenty of rest. --____ You looked tired last time I saw you.

A.I had hoped so. C.Really?

B.I'm glad you did. D.That sounds a good idea.

45.--I would like to get a haircut, but I don't have an appointment. --____. Take the third seat over there. I'll take your coat for you. --____. A.You're welcome; See you B.Neither have I; Thanks

C.Never mind; You're so beautiful D.No problem; Thank you II.Cloze(完形填空) II.Cloze(完形填空)(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,计 10 分) 完形填空 Read the following passage and fill in each blank with one word in three ways: ①according to the context, ②using the correct form of the words, ③according to the first letters of the words.(阅读下面的短文,用三种形式完成短文填空:①根据上 下文填空;②用所给单词的正确形式填空;③根据单词所给首字母填空。每空一词。) One of the top ranked students in this year's national college entrance exams stunned(使目瞪口呆)people all the more when it turned out the star is nobody else but an eleven-year-old boy, according to the Guangzhou Daily. Gong Min scored 639 and earned (46)____ (him) a place at Zhongshan University, one of China's top national universities, at an age (47)____ ordinary boys are still studying in elementary schools. The whiz kid's teacher attributed his (48)s____ to a regulated life and a stressfree environment in addition to his exceptional talent. The boy goes to sleep at 10:30 pm and gets up at 8:00 am every day even in the days before the (49)____ competitive fate-changing college entrance exams that came up in early June. Gong never attended at kindergarten or elementary schools at all, but was (50)e____ by his grandparents instead. He (51)____(study) in middle school at the age of six and senior middle school at age nine. Though Gong is still at a tender age, his teachers and classmates, who are (52)m____ older than him, never treat for his age. Mr.Qian, his head teacher, regards him very highly, (54)____(say) he is hardworking and considerate in daily life. Inevitably, the whiz kid does show his age in some ways. When asked what kind of (55)a____ he wanted after gaining his amazing score, the boy replied:“Chocolates!” comprehension(阅读理解 阅读理解) III.Reading comprehension(阅读理解)(共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,计 40 分)

Read the following passages. Each passage is followed by several questions. Respond to the questions according to the passage.(阅读下列短文,然后根据短文后 的要求答题。) A At the summer camp the students all gave speeches or told stories. Many students spoke about protecting the environment, protecting wild animals and preventing pollution. Mostly they said how the government should do something about these problems, but I kept thinking that we should do our part, too. Each of us can protect the environment and wild animals by doing some everyday ordinary things, like putting trash in the proper receptacles(trash cans, trash bins, garbage can) rather than throw it on the ground. We can also avoid getting plastic bags from shops by carrying our own reuseable shopping bag. When we buy something in a shop that we are going to eat or use right away, we don't need a bag, either carry it out of the store or put it in our book bags. Instead of having mom or dad take us to school by car or motorcycle we can walk or use a bicycle-this is good exercise for us and lessens air pollution. Did you know all those plastic bags and plastic bottles are harmful to the environment, especially wild animals? Those plastic bags blowing around the streets and tourist sites get into the trees, grass and rivers. The bags may be eaten by animals such as large fish, the bags may cover the ground preventing plant growth, or the bags may be used by animals to make nests that become too hot or too cold for the young. In addition, all that trash and garbage on the side of the streets and roads attract insects that carry diseases besides making the environment ugly. What's more, food plants cannot grow well because of the pollution. We can do our part to protect the environment by putting trash where it belongs. Questions 56-57: Choose the answer that fits each question best according to the passage. 56.Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage? A.Large animals may eat plastic bags. B.Not only the government but also each of us should protect the environment. C.Plastic bags make good material for birds' nests. D.Walking to school is a good way to reduce air pollution. 57.What is a good title for this passage?

A.Plastic bags are bad for the environment B.What the government should do to protect wild animals C.Put trash where it belongs D.Doing our part to protect the environment Questions 58-60: Complete the passage with no more than three words for each blank, according to the passage above. Plastic bags and trash attract insects which may carry diseases and they can stop (58)____ from growing well. To protect the environment, we should shop with (59)____. What's more, rather than have someone take us to school, we could walk or (60)____ for exercise and reducing air pollution. B If you use a mobile phone, no doubt you are familiar with Nokia, a famous mobile phone brand. Although many people may know Nokia, few know that it comes from Finland. Finland is perhaps the most beautiful and mysterious country of northern Europe. About three-fourths of its land mass(337,009km ) is covered with thick forest, amongst which are 187,888 lakes larger than 500 square meters. The northern part of the country, called Lapland, is inside the Arctic Circle, where almost no trees or plants grow because of the cold climate. The Sami people who live in this area used to raise reindeer for transportation, food and clothing. The coastal area that borders the gulfs of Bothnia and Finland consists of most of the arable land and cities. Between the coast area and Lapland is a vast forest region. Helsinki is now the capital and largest city. The total population of Finland is only 5,291,517. Finland has been occupied for more than 8,500 years by ancestors of the Finnish people. In the Middle Ages its western neithbor Sweden gained control of the nation (1154-1809) and was later replaced by Russia (1809-1917). In 1917, the Russian Revolution brought foreign rule of Finland to an end. After a short but bitter civil war, Finland became a republic and elected its first president in 1919. Although Finland has no coal or oil, the nation's natural resources lie in wood from its forests which supply raw materials for paper and furniture, and its water resources produce electric power. The era after World War II was a period of economic growth, increasing wealth and stability. The war weary agricultural country was

transformed in technologically advanced market economy. Today Nokia mobile phone is a symbol of the high technology of Finland. Questions 61-63: Answer the questions briefly according to the passage. 61.Where do the Sami people of Finland live? 62.How much (What percentage) of Finland is not covered with forests? 63.How long was Finland under foreign control? Questions 64-65: Choose the answer that fits each question best according to the passage. 64.The northern part of Finland ____. A.is covered with large forests and a few lakes B.is a cold land with a few or no plants or animals C.has many lakes and extensive forests D.is home to Nokia Mobile Phone Company 65.On what is Finland's economy based? A.Its limited natural resources. B.The Nokia mobile phone. C.The large lakes inside the Arctic Circle. D.Reindeer, paper and furniture. C GTW Legato 2.0 Ladies Road Bike Clean, smooth and wonderfully comfortable, the Legato is a ride that's hard to forget. It blends together the speed of a road bike with the comfort and upright positioning of a hybrid, to give you a ride that's fun, fast and friendly to your body. Just seat yourself on the comfy saddle, grab the gel grips on the flatbar and then count on the lightwight frame and Shimano 18-speeds to prople you into a new way of cycling.

·Hydroformed Kinesis aluminum frame and fork is super-lightweight and responsive on the road ·Women's Specific Geometry is shaped with a taller head tube, steeper seat tube angle and shorter top tube length for a customized fit Premium Trike We know that little girl or boy of yours will be awfully excited to ride around on their very first 3-wheeler! Its stable, colorful frame with matching wheels, chrome handlebars and non-slip wood deck will have your youngster learning the basics of pedaling and steering with fun and ease. Double butted aluminum construction with a low center of gravity keeps your little one safe and stable as they learn to ride. ·Soft and shiny seat is padded for tiny tushes ·Colorful wheels are not only cute, they're built for whatever adventure lies in their path Tiger 12″Kid's Bike 12″ Hi-Ten steel, step-thru Balance Beam frame provides the perfect fit for 2-4 year olds. So your little angel suddenly became a wildcat overnight? No need to fear, this bike has everything s/he needs to go roaring through the neihborhood like the red-blooded animal s/he is. Tough steel construction, assorted colors. ·Full length steel chain guard, stem pad, bar pad and fenders add stylish protection ·Detachable training wheels make learning to balance a piece of cake ·Handlebar streamers add colorf flair Questions 66-69: Answer the questions briefly according to the ads above. 66.What does the underlined phrase “count on”in the first ad mean? 67.Which vehicle is intended for very small children?

68.What has been adapted for women according to the first ad? 69.What are the fafe guards on the Tiger bicycle? D Once I quit a job, my stress level almost disappeared. (70)Quitting a job might be the best for reducing stress, but not everyone can do it, unless s/he can afford to. However, here are some suggestions which can help you reduce stress in your life. Doing some interesting and relaxing activities such as travelling, gardening or baking are good ways to reduce stress. Travelling is an effective way to reduce many kinds of stress. Planning a trip can give a person an excited, active mood. By escaping from work and home, his/her mind will be refreshed and re-energized. Therefore, by travelling, a person acquires a new outlook on life. Gardening is another good way to reduce stress because it removes a person both mentally and physically from stressful situations. As you know, flowers may have a wonderful effect on a person's moods bringing a peaceful and cheerful feeling. Likewise, gardening in the sunshine strenthens the body to resist stress and improves health. For these reasons, gardening is a valuable means to lesson stress. If a person has much stress outside of the home, baking can provide a great felief. Kneading bread dough is especially effective when angry. By punching, rolling, and beating the dough can life depression and / or stress. Baking gives a person immediate feedback, s/he can create and sample the results almost as soon as it is finished. And the act of creating builds a person's self confidence and self respect. Spending time on holidays, gardening and baking, are reliable ways to help a person improve his / her existence. At this time in history, a person has excessive amounts of daily worries and stress. (71)To reduce stress a person ought to make use of the simple ways available around him / her. Questions 70-71: Tronslate the underlined sentences in the passage into Chinese. Questions 72-75: Complete the table with one or two words for each blank, according to the passage. Dealing with Stress
Suggestions Travelling Activities Planning Effect Excited and active mood

(72)____ from home and work Gardening Flowers Strengthening body (75)____ Kneading bread dough

Refresh and re-energize Moods: peaceful and (73)____ Resist stress and (74)____ Release stress, immediafe feedback

IV.Translation(翻译) IV.Translation(翻译)(共 5 小题;每小题 2 分,计 10 分) 翻译 Translate the following sentences into English, using the hints given in the brackets.(用括号中给出的提示将下列句子译成英语。) 76.要真正读懂这本书需要毅力。(involve) 77.我们还需要些食品,因为食品不够这么多人吃的。(inadequate) 78.你应该考虑老年人的特殊需要。(take sth into account) 79.我质疑拥有的财富是否带来幸福。(possession) 80.中国成功地发射了载人飞船,证明中国的太空技术处于世界领先水平。(on level with) V.IQ(智力测试) V.IQ(智力测试)(共 5 小题;每小题 1 分,计 5 分) 智力测试 Answer the following questions.(回答下列问题。) 81.Find an amusing version of a well-known saying. The vowels have been omitted and word boundaries altered(改变). FTFRS TYDNT SCCDG VP 82.Which number should replace the question mark?

83.In which month does Santa Claus eat the least? 84.Find a word which, when placed in front of these words, makes new words. Each dot stands for one letter.

85. correction(短文改 短文改错 VI.Error correction(短文改错)(共 10 处错误;每处错误 1 分,计 10 分) 此题要求修改下面的语作文,文中共有 10 处语言错误,每句中最多两处。错误涉及一 单词的增加、删除或修改。请按下列情况在文中改正: 增加:在缺词处加一个漏字符号(∧)并在其下面写出该加的词。 删除:把多余的词用斜线(\)划掉。 修改:在错的词下划一横线,并在该词下面写出修改后的词。 注意:1.每处错误及其修改均仅限词; 2.只允许修改 10 处,多者(从第 11 处处)不计分。 Dear Dave, I'm sorry to learn that you had the bad habit of smoking. Since we've been friends, I think that is my duty to call your attention to such a bad habit, which may be harful to your health and which you may spend much of your money. Yesterday a doctor gave us a lecture in the dangers of smoking. He said,“Tobacco has the element of nicotine which is great harm to the human body. It causes coughing, bronchitis, pneumonia and any other diseases.”Dear friend, I sincerely hope you to stop smoking. When we meet this summer, I will be very happy if you still will hold a cigarette between your lips. Please consider serious what the doctor said. Yours sincerely, Li Hua VII.Writing(写作) VII.Writing(写作)(共 2 题;A 题满分 10 分,B 题满分 20 分,计 30 分) 写作

A)The following is an outline of an article titled The history of paper. According to the outline, write this article in not less than 80 words.

B)For many years, people have been trying to find the best way to learn a foreign language. Some people insist that the best way to learn English is to stay for a long time in a country where English is spoken, such as England or the United States. But not all people have the chance to go abroad to learn English. Do you agree? For you, what's the best way to learn English? And why? Write down your opinions and suggestions in about 150 words.

参考答案 笔试部分 I.Multiple-choice(选择填空) 31-35 ADCCB 36-40 DBBCA 41-45 AACBD II.Cloze(完形填空) 46.himself 51.studied 47.when 52.much 48.success 53.as 49.most 50.educated

54.saying 55.awards

III.Reading comprehension(阅读理解) A)56.C 57.D 58.(food)plants 59.re-useable shopping hags

60.ride a bike / use a bicycle B)61.Inside the Arctic Circle / In Lapland / In the northern part of Finland. 62.25%. 63.More than 760 years. 67.Premium Trike. 64.B 65.A

C)66.Depend on.

68.A taller head tube, steeper seat tube angle and shorter top tube length. 69.Chain guard, stem pad, bar pad and fenders. D)70.辞去工作也许是减小压力最佳方法, 但并是是每都能做到的, 除非他/她承担得起。 71.若要减轻压力,人还是要利用周围简便易行的方法。 72.Escaping 73.cheerful feeling 74.improve health 75.Baking

IV.Translation(翻译) 76.To really understand this book involves perseverance. 77.We need some more food, because the food is inadequate for so many people. 78.You must take into account the special needs of old people. 79.I doubt whether possessions will bring happiness.

80.China has succeeded in sending up a manned spaceship, proving that China is on level with the world's leaders in the space technology. V.IQ(智力测试) 81.IF AT FIRST YOU DON'T SUCCEED GIVE UP 82.63 83.February.(Because it's the shortest month.) 84.step

85. VI.Error correction(短文改错) Dear Dave, I'm sorry to learn that you had the bad habit of smoking. have Since we've been friends, I think that ∧ is my duty to call your attention to it 或 that→it such a bad habit, which may be harful to your health and ∧ which you may on spend much of your money. Yesterday a doctor gave us a lecture in the dangers on of smoking. He said,“Tobacco has the element of nicotine which is great harm does to the human body. It causes coughing, bronchitis, pneumonia and any other 或改为 some diseases.”Dear friend, I sincerely hope you to stop smoking. When we meet will 或 can this summer, I will be very happy if you still will hold a cigarette between unhappy

your lips. Please consider serious what the doctor said. seriously Yours sincerely, Li Hua VII.Writing(写作) A)One possible version: The history of paper Papyrus, which was made from the papyrus plant, was used by the Egyptians, but is not true paper. Paper was in fact invented by the Chinese about 2,000 years ago, and was originally made from bamboo, rags, or old fishing nets. It was introduced to Europe by the Moors in the 12th century. Rags were used until the 19th century, and then wood fibres were used. Early paper was hand-made. Paper-making machines were invented in France in the 18th century. Now a lot of paper is recycled. B)One possible version: People who are learning English are always interested in finding the best way to learn English. I agree that a good way to learn English is to stay for a long time in an English-speaking country, but not all people have the chance to go abroad to learn English. For me, the best way is to practice more. Enlarging your vocabulary is very necessary. It is good to go over the words by reading more and writing more. Grammar is a walking stick for learning English, but you should not learn the grammar rules by heart simply. You should practice more, especially when you meet long and difficult structures of sentences, you can turn to the relevant grammar. Listening and speaking are important as well. You may not have the chance to talk to native speakers, but you should keep listening to the tape recordings and speaking more in class and after class. In a word, only by practicing more can you learn English well.

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