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南宁市 2014 高考英语完形填空、阅读理解训练题(10)及答案

A study involving 8,500 teenagers from all social backgrounds found that most of them are ignorant when it comes to money. The findings, the first in a series of reports from NatWest that has started a five-year research project into teenagers and money, are particularly worrying as this generation of young people is likely to be burdened with greater debts than any before. University tuition fees are currently capped at ? 3,000 annually, but this will be reviewed next year and the Government is under enormous pressure to raise the ceiling. In the research, the teenagers were presented with the terms of four different loans but 76 per cent failed to identify the cheapest. The young people also predicted that they would be earning on average ? 31.000 by the age of 25, although the av erage salary for those aged 22 to 29 is just ? 17,815. The teenagers expected to be in debt when they finished university or training, although half said that they assumed the debts would be less than ? 10.000. Average debts for graduates are ? 12,363. Stephen Moir, head of community investment at the Royal Bank of Scotland Group which owns NatWest, said. "The more exposed young people are to financial issues, and the younger they become aware of them, the more likely they are to become responsible, forward-planning adults who manage their finances confidently and effectively." Ministers are deeply concerned about the financial pressures on teenagers and young people because of student loans and rising housing costs. They have just introduced new lessons in how to manage debts. Nikki Fairweather, aged 15, from St Helens, said that she had benefited from lessons on personal finance, but admitted that she still had a lot to learn about money. 57. Which of the following can be found from the five-year research project? A. Students understand personal finances d ifferently. B. University tuition fees in England have been rising. C. Teenagers tend to overestimate their future earnings. D. The students' payback ability has become a major issue. 58. The phrase "to raise the ceiling" in paragraph 2 probably means "______".

A. to raise the student loans C. to increase the upper limit of the tuition 59. According to Stephen Moir, students _______.

B. to improve the school facilities D. to lift the school building roofs

A. are too young to be exposed to financial issues B. should learn to manage their finances well

C. should maintain a positive attitude when facing loans D. benefit a lot from lessons on personal finance 60. What can we learn from the passage? A. Many British teenagers do not know money matters well B. Teenagers in Britain are heavily burdened with debts. C. Financial planning is a required course at college. D. Young people should become responsible adults.


While the rest of the world is sleeping, my dad is dragging my warm covers off me so we won’t be late for my 6 a.m. ice hockey game. What started as a 1 is now my profession passion (a strong liking), and 2 of it would be possible without my dad. “Let’s go, Brendan. You ca n do it!” 3 like that does not go unnoticed. Every game, no matter what the result, my dad 4 says “Good game.” and “You looked great out there.” I’m 5 , knowing that even if I make a mistake or 6 poorly, my dad will still be there for me. 7 is one of the greatest things anyone can have. My dad is my support, without 8 me to become something I’m not. It was my dream to play hockey, and he just 9 me. As I get older, 10 becomes fiercer. Each season brings a new schedule (plan) with more than thirty games, which my dad eagerly 11 . He gets as nervous as I do, but somehow 12 in his seat and keeps 13 . He wants to yell (shout in excitement) and scream like most hockey parents, 14 he is different. 15 each game, we sit down to eat and go over things to work 16 in the future. Usually he only tells me how proud he is of me. 17 all those early-morning games and later-afternoon skates with Dad, I realize how lucky I am to 18 him. It’s not easy getting up and driving to rinks (溜冰场) at all hours. My dad not only

does that, but also helps me realize my dreams. I make sure that every game he attends, I play my show him those 6 a.m. 20 did me some good. 1. A. gift 2. A. any 3. A. Encouragement 4. A. never 5. A. comfortable 6. A. run 7. A. Support 8. A. allowing 9. A. taught 10. A. situation 11. A. joins 12. A. rocks 13. A. quiet 14. A. therefore 15. A. Before 16. A. with 17. A. Forgetting 18. A. get 19. A. best 20. A. exercises B. job B. none B. Promise B. always B. confident B. practice B. Help B. forbidding B. guided B. condition B. plays B. jumps B. still B. because B. After B. for B. Hating B. have B. worst B. sports C. habit C. all C. Advice C. seldom C. anxious C. learn C. Love C. forcing C. ordered C. direction C. attends C. swings C. cool C. so C. Beyond C. on C. Reminding C. meet C. quickest C. movements D. hobby D. some D. Instruction D. sometimes D. afraid D. play D. Trust D. wishing D. noticed D. competition D. presents D. trembles D. happy D. but D. Over D. off D. Enjoying D. know D. cleverest D. Games

19 , just to

参考答案 1~5 DBABB 11~15 CAADB

6~10 DACBD 16~20 CCBAD


After the committee declares that the tickets for the concert are available to the public, many people are willing to wait in a long queue to buy one. 在委员会宣布音乐会门票对公众开放之后,很多人心甘情愿排长队买票。

1.The accident is d_____ to your careless driving. 2.My children have become hopelessly a_________ to television.

3.She found it necessary to a__________ her child to getting up early. 4.He was a_______ of his body so he decided to go on a diet and do more exercise. 5.With exams only a week away, I am under a lot of s_____. 6.M______ health is as important as physical health. 7.Now that I am p________, I eat a good diet because I want my baby to be born healthy. 8.So I did the wrong thing! Well, nobody is _________(完美的) 9.My father has q_____ smoking. 10.The door opened _______(自动地) as we approached.



1.due 2.addicted 3.accustom 4.ashamed 5.stress 6. Mental 7.pregrant 8.perfect 9.quit 10.automatically

175. It is hoped that... 希望……. It is hoped that no one was seriously injured in the car crash. 希望在这场车祸中没有人受重伤. 176. It is important that... ……是很重要的. [主语从句使用虚拟语气] It is important that something be done before it's too late. 在事情变得不能挽回之前采取一些行动是很重要的.
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177. It's long been my dream to...……一直是我的梦想. It's long been my dream to make a speech in English. 用英语发表演讲一直是我的梦想.

The Rainbow-彩虹 After a summer shower there is often a rainbow In the sky. It is made by sunlight shining through tiny drops of water in the air. The tiny drops of water split the sunlight into colors. These colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. The rainbow is always in the part of the sky opposite from the sun. Usually it disappears the air. Little rainbows can often be seen in the spray of a waterfall. When my mother sprays the grass and flowers on a sunny day, I sometimes See a little rainbow in her garden.


Adversity leads to prosperity.


完形填空系列 近年的完形的文章一般是积极向上的,或激励,或表达理解,但是很多考生常常是“看一叶而忽视整 树”,过分钻研细节而忽略了作者真正的 意图,这样容易导致大范围理解错误而大量失分。 【例】 It was a cool October evening. Excitement and family members__36__the hall. I was only a 7yearold girl, but I was the center of__37__. Finally, after weeks of preparation, I would__38__all my hard work in a dance of performance. Everything would be__39__—so I thought. I waited backstage all__40__in my black tights with a golden belt. In a loud and clear voice, the master of ceremonies__41__that my class was next. My dance class was doing a routine on wooden boxes two feet by two feet, facing the__42__.All I had to do in the next move was put one foot on the box next to mine and keep my other foot on my box. It really was an__43__move. I was concentrating so much__44__the huge smile on my face and holding my head up that I did not look__45__I was going. I missed my partner’s box altogether and__46__. There I was standing on the stage floor when my classmates were on top of their boxes. I could hear giggles(咯咯笑)coming from the audience, and I felt the__47__rush to my face. I remembered my dance teacher had told us,“If you make a mistake,keep smiling so the audience will not__48__.” I did my best to follow her__49__as I continued with the routine. When the curtain dropped, so did my__50__for the evening. I __51__bitterly, tasting the salt from the tears that streamed down my face. I ran backstage, but no one could__52__me down. Recently I realized I had been a__53__that night. I was__54__,but I fought the urge to run off the stage.__55__, I finished the routine with a smile on my face. Now when friends and family laugh about the time I slipped during a dance performance, I can laugh too.(2010· 山东卷) 文是一篇记叙文,作者采取倒叙的方式回顾了影响自己人生的一次经历,文章叙述时并不是平铺直叙,而 是有起伏的,当作者失误的时候,很多考生认为作者是失败了,以为作者可能是从失败的教训里得到了宝 贵的经验,但是文章的 52 和 53 的强烈转折是本文的关键,作者不认为自己是失败,相反由于自己遵从老 师的话而坚持下来是成功的,对自己是一次非常宝贵的经验。所以注意分析作者的写作意图对于成功做题 是非常有益的。 36.A.filled B.visited C.attended D.decorated

解析:从语境和动词选项看,这里用动词 filled 表示“使某物充满(另一物);装满”:大厅里坐满了前来观看 表演的家人,也充满了兴奋的气氛。答案:A





解析:从语境的“大厅里充满兴奋的气氛,坐满了家人”可知他们是来看我表演。因此语境表示 7 岁的我成 为大家关注的中心, the center of attention 表示“大家关注的中心”。 用 pressure 压力; impression 印象; debate 争论,三项均不符合语境。 答案:D 38.A.take over B.show off C.look after D.give up

解析:最终,在几周的准备之后,我将通过舞蹈表演来展示我辛勤劳动的成果。show off 显示,炫耀;take over 接管;look after 照看;give up放弃,从语境的连贯性判断选 B 表示“展示”。 答案:B 39.A.reasonable B.suitable C.obvious D.perfect

解析:经过几个星期的准备,我此时准备在大家面前露一手。由此判断,此时的“我”觉得一切都会很完美。 所以选 D 答案:D 40.A.dressed up B.folded up C.covered up D.mixed up 解析:下文说节目主持人用

嘹亮而清晰的声音宣布接下来就是我们班级的表演,由此判断,“我”在后台穿好了表演服装。dress up 盛 装打扮;fold up 折叠;cover up 盖住,遮住;mix up 混淆。 答案:A 41.A.suggested B.explained C.announced D.predicted

解析:这里表示节目演出中主持人宣布演出的节目,因此选 C。announce 宣布,宣读。 答案:C 42.A.music B.audience C.curtain D.stage

解析:既然是登台表演,面对的自然是观众(the audience),而不是“音乐、幕布、舞台”,故选 B。 答案:B 43.A.easy B.active C.adventurous D.extra

解析:语境说“我的微笑,我的头抬得高高的”,可见作者此时非常自得,满脸都是绽放的微笑,因此选 A, “这个动作太容易了”。本句为后面叙述我 的失误埋下伏笔。 答案:A 44.A.containing B.hiding C.sharing D.keeping

解析:从语境看,我这个小演员此时踌躇满志,决定好好地表演一番,于是把注意力全都集中在如何使我 的微笑不消失。

答案:D 45.A.why B.whether C.where D.what

解析:这里用 where 引导状语从句表示地点:我只顾着笑对观众,却没有注意自己的脚下。 答案:C 46.A.wandered B.slipped C.waved D.skipped

解析:从最后一段最后一句 I slipped during a performance 我在这次舞蹈表演中跌倒。可知选 B。 答案:B 47.A.blood B.pleasure C.pride D.tear

解析:我没有注意同伴们的动作,结果表演出错,引来观众的一片嘲笑,此时我感到一股热血往脸上涌来, 也就是说,此时我的脸都觉得发烫,脸红了。从这些分析判断选 A。 答案:A 48.A.leave B.cheer C.believe D.notice

解析:虽然出错,但保持微笑可以使观众不注意到你的错误。leave 离开,cheer 欢呼,believe 相信,均不 符合语境。故选 D。 答案:D 49.A.gesture B.example C.advice D.plan

解析:根据后文 as I continued with the routine(在我继续进行舞蹈动作)可知我努力按老师说的做。follow one’s advice 按某人说的做。因此选 C。答案:C 50.A.doubts B.hopes C.voice D.patience

解析:由于表演中出错,幕布降落,演出结束,我的希望随着幕布降落而破灭。所以选 B。d oubt 疑惑; voice 声音;patience 耐心,均与语境不符。 答案:B 51.A.argued B.shouted C.begged D.sobbed

解析:从 tasting the salt from the tears that streamed down my face(品尝着顺着脸往下流的眼泪的咸味)得知此 处应该是哭泣。故选 D。 答案:D 52.A.turn B.calm C.let D.put

解析:从前文 I sobbed bitterly(我哭得很伤心)得知没有人能够让我平静下来。turn sb. down 拒绝某人;let down 使失望;put down 放下;只有 calm down(使平静)符合语境。故选 B。 答案:B

53.A.s tar




解析: 从最后一段 I finished the routine with a smile on my face.(我面带微笑完成舞蹈动作。 )可以看出虽然我 有失误,但我依然按要求完成了舞蹈动作,并没有因失误半途而废。虽败犹荣。pioneer 先驱;loser 输家; fool 傻瓜,都不符合短文内容,故被排除。所以选 A。 答案:A 54. A.satisfied B.moved C.embarrassed D.confused

解析:根据第二段第七句的 and I felt the blo od rush to my face(并且我感到脸一下子红了)推知我很尴尬。 satisfied 感到满意的;moved 感动的;confused 迷惑不解的。都不能准确描述我的感受,应该排除。故选 C。 答案:C 55.A.However B.Instead C.In total D.It return

解析: but I fought the urge to run off the stage(但是我克制了想离开舞台的想法)和 I finished the routine with 从 a smile on my face(我面带微笑完成舞蹈动作)看出有转折并进一步说明之意。however 然而,只表示转折; in total 总计;in return 作为回报,均不符合语境,所以被排除。因此选 B。答案:B


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