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江西省兴国县第三中学2016届高三英语一轮复习 语法专练(八)数词与主谓一致

兴国三中高三英语语法专项训练(八) 数词与主谓一致
1. The students a nd the teachers in my school working hard now. 2. The teacher an d writer next Sunday. 3. Professor James will give us a lect u re on the Western c u lture, but when and where (d ecide) yet. (go) camping next S unday. (b e) big citie s. (c ome) to my scho ol to giv e a talk (b e)

4. Each boy and g ir l in my class 5. Both Beijing a nd Shanghai

6. As you can see , the number of car s on our roads (keep) rising the se days. 7. Anything that (be) ne eded (be) on the table.

8. — Did you go to t he party last Sun da y? — Yeah. Ever y man and woman in the co mpany invited. 9. Your husband, ra ther than you, spoiled son. 10. That your fri en d didn ’ t offer y ou a gift on your b ir thd ay (m ean) that he w ill break away fr om you. 11. Plenty of can dl es birthday already. 12. Mike as well as his friends tomorrow. 13. Two fifths of t he book (r ead) so far. (g o) for a picnic (b e) in st ore for your c oming (b e) to blame fo r you (b e)

14. One third of th e people present at the party yester da y (be) his former f ri ends. 15. Large quantit ie s of drinking wat er 16. Quantities of t ime five months. 17. In this count ry it is required t ha t anyone who (have) recently c om e here (h ave) this ki nd of test. (b e) (p ollute).

(w aste) on com put er games in th e pas t

18. This apple is f or your sister an d the other two


yours. 19. The number of p eople hurt in the t raffic accident (increase) to 95, a s the news agency r eports. 20. A number of b oo ks earthquake five months ago. 21. What he does th e what he says 22. Reading more (d o) agree. (d onate) to t he children Yushu

(b e) good for en riching your life an d mind. (b e) destro yed in the Yush u

23. A large numbe r of houses earthquake. 24. Many a girl

(b e) fond of m us ic in my school. (be)

25. Two students in my class are her e. The rest on the playground . 26. Jack has drun k all the juice. No ne (b e) left.

27. — Each of the pa rents, working ha rd to earn more mon ey , (hope) to offer t he ir children a bet te r education. — So do mine. 28. — Why did you ch ange your major f ro m economics to la w? — Becau se economi cs (b e not) as i nter esting to me as law. (e ncourage) t o

29. All the emplo ye es except the man ag er work online at ho me . 30. A poet and wr it er

(be) co ming to ou r school tomorrow .

31. It ’ s a pity that still many people hav en ’ t realized readi ng English novels and magazi ne s 32. — One or two s tu dents Olympic competiti on . — 33. My family schooling fee at on e time. 34. Our school ha d about twenty reco rd ers, but only one -t hird (b e) used re gu la rly. 35. Large quantit ie s of water 36. Two hundred yuan a month these days. 37. Not Tom but y ou (b e) to blame for the broken computer. (visit) the Bi rd ’ s

(b e) of great he lp to on e ’ s En glish study. (b e) chosen to t ake part in the

(b e) you or he g oing to work with t hem? (b e) so poor th at I couldn ’ t affo rd the

(n eed) every d ay . (c over) my liv ing expense

38. Not only my p ar ents but also I

Nest twice. 39. Either he or hi s classmates music. 40. Neither he no r I 41. Not he but hi s parents (b e) keen on a rt . (b e) against t he plan. (be) fond of classical

42. Barbara is easy to recognize as she ’ s the only one of the women who (w ear) evening d ress. 43. The number of f oreign students a tt ending Chinese un iv ersities (b e) rising st ea dily since 1990. 44. All we need (b e) a small piec e of land where we can plant

various kind s of fr uit trees throughou t the g rowing seaso ns of t he year . 45. The u niversity estimates tha t livi ng expenses for i nt ernational studen ts (b e) around $8 ,4 50 a year, which (be) a

burden for some o f them. 46. All the scien ti fic evidence of chemicals in f ar ming 47. One third of th e country the majority of t he citizens (s how) that i ncre asing use

(b e) damaging ou r health. (b e) covere d wi th trees an d (b e) black peo pl e. (have)

48. Listening to lo ud music at rock co ncerts caused hearing lo ss in some teenager s. 49. Either you or o ne of your studen ts meeting that is d ue tomorrow. 50. The basketbal l coach, as well as h is team,

(b e) to attend t he

(b e)

interviewed short ly after the match fo r their outstandi ng performance. 51. Dr. Smith, to ge ther with his wif e and daughters, (be) visit Beijin g this summer. 52. At present, o ne of the arguments i n favour of the n ew airport (b e) that it w il l bring a lot of jo bs to the area. 53. A survey of t he opinions of expe rt s hours of outdoor ex ercise a week (s how) th at thr ee (b e) good for on e ’ s health.

54. Traditional f ol k arts of Tianjin l ike paper cutting (exhibit) at the cu lture show of the 2 010 Shanghai Worl d Expo. 55. Generally , stud ents ’ inner motiva tion with high exp ec tation from others (b e) essential t o t heir developme nt .

56. The fact that s o many people sti ll smoke in public pl aces

(s uggest) that w e may need a nationwide campaign to rais e awareness of the risks of s mo king. 57. — Is everyone he re? — Not y et ? Look, there (c ome) the res t of our guests! la rge as

58. It ’ s said th at the power plant is now twice what it was.

59. The factory used 65 pe rcent of the new raw materials, th e rest of which (b e) saved for o ther purposes.

60. The famous mu si cian, as well as hi s students, (invite) to perform at the opening ceremony of the 2012 Taipei Flower Expo. 61. — Why does the l ake smell terribl e? — Becau se large q uantities of wate r 62. Such poets as S hakespeare works, however, s om e (p ollute). (b e) widely rea d, of whos e

(b e) difficult t o understand. (be )

63. The teacher t og ether with the st ud ents discussing Reading Skills that

(b e) newly publi shed in America. (b uild) at

64. It is reporte d that many a new h ou se present in the di sa ster area in Gans u Province.

65. A great number of children whose parents had died in the ear thquake (b e) sent to l iv e with families i n other cities. 66. Tens of thous an ds of tress the Tree-plating Da y all over the co un try. 67. Several milli on people in the wo rl d by e-mail every d ay . 68. A number of s tu dents (h ave) seen the f ilm. That is, the (b e) large. (s end) informati on (plant) each year on

number of the stu de nts who have seen t he film 69. I, who with your English .

(b e) your friend , will try my be st t o help you

70. About three f if ths of the worker s in that steel fac to ry (be) young people . 71. The number of p eople who learn E ng lish as a foreign l anguage (r each) more t ha n 750 million. 72. The rich (b e) not alway s happy. (b e) his stude nt s. (s tudy) C hinese in China.

73. Neither Atom no r Jack and I 74. Mary as well as her sisters

75. — Did you go to the show last ni gh t? — Yeah. Every bo y and every girl in the area invited. 76. The populatio n of China other country in th e world. 77. Forty percent o f the land in the v illage been flooded and th e majority of the v illagers to safe places. 78. Alice, togeth er with two boys, broken the rule. 79. The League se cr etary and the mon it or attend the meetin g this afternoon. 80. There (b e) a pen, two p encils and three b oo ks on the desk. (be) fond of (b e) asked to (p unish) for h aving (have) (have) move d (b e) larger th an that of any (b e)

81. A large numbe r of students in ou r class pop songs. 82. The number of d eer, lions and wi ld roses much if people le av e things as they ar e. 83. The Arabian Nights 84. Many a man

(not change )

(b e) well know n to the English. (h ave) come to h elp us.

85. In this conte st a medal with ten t housand dollars (give) to whoever g ains success. 86. The police (s earch) for the murderer everywhere when he

suddenly appeared i n a theatre. 87. The whole cla ss 88. The public (l isten) to th e teacher attentive ly . (b e) asked to s e t off fewer firewo rk s or no

fireworks in order to reduce emissions of pollutants duri ng the Spring Festival this yea r in Beijing. 89. Smoking cigar et tes (d o) harm to y ou r health. (b e)

90. Two fifths of t he land in that dis trict covered with tree s and grass.

91. The day befor e yesterday the pol ic e including one o ff icer (b e) searching f or the murderer i n that mountain. 92. With prices r is ing sharply, we n ow have to spend tw ic e much as three mon th s ago on basic li vi ng materials. 93. Many factors (i nfluence) Ame r ican pronunciation since

the first settler s arrived four hund re d years ago. 94. — Hey! Here is a message on my cell phone, telling me to send money to ? — Delet e it! It ’ s a trick. Many a p erson by such tricks. 95. Large quantit ie s of fish past few days. 96. At the bus st op their way to the vi llage. 97. — Have you har d that Tom, along w it h his parents, (go) to Japan? — Reall y? No wond er I have n’ t see n him thes e days. 98. The stones ea ch the y managed to c ar ry them. 99. After the new te chnique was introduc ed, the factory prod uced twice ma ny machines in 2010 as the year b efore. 100. Three fourth s of the surface of t he earth 101. So far as I kn ow, more than one p erson with the accident . 102. Every possib le means result. 103. Her six brot he rs as well as her f ather, control her as if s he had “ seven fa th ers ” . 104. Some equipme nt as well as a num be r of maps and boo ks (offer) to the ar ea since the earthq ua ke occurred. 105. With the countr y ’ s population incr easing to 1.3 billio n, many of China ’ s rivers, in cluding the legen da ry Yellow River, up. 106. Many a passe ng er flight, for the m aj ority of them (be) short of tim e. 107. Not only you a nd I but Peter, t he top student in o ur grade, (b e) not able to solve the proble m. 108. Not the teac he r but the student s forward to seeing t he film.

(c heat)

(c atch) in the river in the

(b e) a soldier and two young people on

(w eigh) as much as 1000kg. I wonder how

(b e) sea. (b e) connecte d

(b e)


bu t



(t ry)



(b e) complainin g the delay of the (b e) businessm en who


looki ng

109. Everybody in o ur hometown, men an d women, young an d old, (e njoy) sports a nd games. 110. With the c ompan y facing a seri ous f inancial sit uati on this year, the staff (b e) clearly w or ried about the ne ws of job losses.

111. Nobody but d oc tors and those in vi ted by Dr Smith (allow) to enter th e pa tient ’ s room . 112. The worker a nd poet day. 113. Collecting s ta mps as a hobby increasingly popu la r during the past t en years. 114. As is known to all, the number of college students (be) growing fast w ith the economic de velopment in the pa st years. 115. Foretelli ng ac curately when and w h ere the ear thquake w ill happen (b e) only a from of rumor at curren t stage which will cause a panic among the p eople. 116. “ Every poss ib le means (t ry) to save t he villagers (b ecome) (i nvite) t o the party the other

trapped in the fl oo d. ” the governme nt officer announce d. 117. Why he entered the house and how he managed to get out of it wit hout being seen by peo pl e (r emain) a mys te ry to us all.

118. She had been saving every cent she had for months, but twenty dollars a week which for saving. 119. It is one ’ s had habits, rather tha n a certain natural disaster, (a ffect) one ’ s longevity for mos t of the time. 120. The presiden t of the college, t og ether with the de an s, (p lan) for the p urpose of laying do wn certain regu la ti ons. 121. Just outside t he ruins building surround ed by tall trees. 122. “ News of a se ries of high tech no logical breakthro ug hs (keep) pouring in as the railway advance s all the way to Lasa, the economic and cultural cent re of Tibet, ” the co mpany commander s ai d. 123. Not only the s tudent but the pa re nt and the teache r (be) tried of havi ng one examination after another bef ore the college entrance examinat io n. 124. What has been said as to the prop er limits of the pl a intiff ’ s

(b e) the total o f their income didn ’ t leave much

( be)



opening statement a lso

(a pply) to tha t of the defendant. (l ike) to rest

125. The Broadway s inger and dancer wh o

between an audition and a perf ormance, s aid it was better to pay for a nap than to sit at a co ffee shop. 126. As a r esult of t he terrifying hurric ane, a quarte r of th e buildings in the coastal to wn (r equire) repa ir ing.

127. — Why is surf ac e subsidence most s erious in the are a? — Because larg e quantities of und er ground water (pump) out. 128. Up till now, t he population of th e city (g row) to

more than twice what it used to be, making it the largest city in that country. 129. Facing the e co nomic depression, e very possible mea ns (try) this year t o save the company fr om going bankrupt . 130. As is report ed in the newspaper , the number of peo pl e who (g o) hungry (h ave) been gr ea tly reduced.

131. When the c hairm an announced his arr angement, the ma jor ity of the experts (b e) against i t. (w ish) to atten d the

132. Every doctor a nd every nurse evening party to be held the day aft er tomorrow. 133. The teacher an d writer and the singer an d the dancer 134. — our school? — Sorry , I have n o idea , either. 135. Obviously, w e each us, on the other ha nd,

(h ave) come to ou r discussion, (h ave) come, t oo .

(b e) eithe r he o r I to host the annu al Talent Show i n

(h ave) strong po ints and each of (h ave) weak po in ts. (care)

136. Mr Baker is on e of the old scie nt ists who little about pers on al income and fam e. 137. My colleague i s the only one of t he teachers who (know) German, wh o studied in German y.

138. Large quanti ti es of information a s well as some ti me ly help (o ffer) since th e organization wa s set up. 139. No one in th e village but Tom a nd I (know) t hat ther e


is a cave in this m ountain. 140. The first exercise should be done in class as an example, while the rest (b e) to be fin is hed as your assig nm ent. (b e) a big one and the

141. The fact is th at his family whole family (b e) fans of Y ao Ming.

142. Many a forei gn er mysterious China an d many

(b e) lookin g for ward to vis iting the (h ave) done so . (c omplete) by no w, so

143. The construc ti on of many houses the people in Wen ch uan are living a ha ppy life. 144. Not only Mr Gr een but also his fa mily music. 145. Either Tom o r I

(b e)



(b e) to be in ch arge of this trip . (be)

146. One third of t he population of th e town music lovers. 147. Janet as wel l as the other youn g people who sent abroad by th e government 148. The bags eac h


(b e) brough t u p in a small town. (w eigh) as muc h as two hundred ki lo s. (b e) fond of

I have two sons, To m and Mike. Both 14 9. playing football, b ut neither Tom no r Mike 150. for swimming beca us e they are afraid o f water. Recently Tom, as we ll as his friends 1 51. their own, where ma ny a student 152. The number of the s tudents going the re 153. day and a large n um ber of students 1 54 . games there. A po et and writer 155. next Sunday. Quan ti ties of money 156 . (be)


(s et) up a club of ( play) chess aft er school. (increase) day b y ke en on pl aying

(be) to deliver a lecture (collec t) for the

victims in the st or m at present. Not o nly Tom but also Mi ke 157. (play) an important role in the activity. Each boy and girl belonging to the club 158. (b e) in favour o f this activity.


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