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The history of computers

The first generation (1945-1956)

the second generation (1956-1963)

the fourth generation (1971- )

the third generation (1964-1971)

Label each part

2 6




1. monitor 2. screen
4. mouse 5. keyboard

6. hard disk

Match the words with their meanings.
1 A monitor is
2 The screen is 3 A keyboard is (a) the part of a computer that stores information. (b) the part of the computer that you type on. (c) the part of the computer that looks like a television (d) something you use to click on things (files, etc.). (e) the part of the monitor that you look at. (f) The main device that a computer uses to store information.

4 A mouse is
5 A CD-ROM is 6 A hard disk is







school work games emails music and films chat information photos shopping

How useful computers are!

Ask and answer questions in pairs.
How do you use computers and the Internet?
1. use computer for school work You Your partner 2. play games on the computer 3. send emails to friends 4. surf the Web for fun

5. download music and films
6. chat online

7. search for information
8. look at photographs 9. do shopping online

Write out all the words you know about






Talk freely
Different attitudes towards computers.





Disadvantages Some people especially the teenagers abandon (沉迷于) themselves to the computer games and chatting on the Internet. As a result, they have little time to study . Some people use the computer wrongly

we can
communicate with friends listen to the music

see films & watch news
play games do shopping save a lot of time do a lot of useful things

? 1. technology n. 科技 technological adj.科技的 technologically adv. . 2. calculate vt. 计算 calculator n. . 3. finance n. 金融 financial adj.金融的 financial crisis金融危机 financially adv.

? 4. real adj. 真的 realistic adj.真是的,现实的 really adv. reality n. 真是,事实,现实 . 5. revolution n.革命 revolutionary adj. 革命的 revolutionize vt. Vi. 改革,革命 revolutionist n.革命家 . 6. arise arose arisen Vi 出现发生

? 7. solve the problem 解决 v. ? solusion 解决 n ? 8. appearance n. 外表,出现 appear v. disappear v. . 9. personal 个人的 adj. personally 就个人而言adv. personalize 个人化,私人化v . 10. logical 合逻辑的 adj. logically adv. logic 逻辑 n.

11. application 应用,申请 n. applicate for 申请 vi applicant 申请人,请求者n. . 12. simplify 简化 vt. simple简单的 adj. simply简单地 adv. simplification 简化n. . 13. explore 探索 v. exploration探索 n. explorer n. 探测者,探测器;探险家 exploring 勘探的 adj.

14. intelligence 智力,只能 n. intelligent 智能的,聪明 的adj. . 15. character 性格,特点n. characteristic 特有的典 型的, adj. n.特征; 特性;特色

.16. artificial adj. 人工的, 人造的

artificial flowers/limbs/pearls

17. analytical adj.分析的, 解析的 analyse vt. 分析;研究 analogy n. 相似;类似 analysis n. 分析;研究 analyst n. 分析家 analytic adj. 分析的;分解的 18. totally adv. 整个地; 完全地

total adj.

1. from…on 从……起 From now on , I will study English hard 2. As a result 结果 She didn’t study hard; as a result, she failed the exam. 3. So …that.. 如此…以至于… He studied so hard that he passed the exam.

4. Have …in common 有共同之处 We have a lot in common. 5. In a way = to some extent 从某种程度上说 In a way our design is good. 6. With the help of…在…的帮助之 下 With the help of the computer, I work out the problem quickly.

7.Deal with 处理,对付,对付 With the help of my teacher, I dealed with the problem quickly. 8. Watch over 看守监视 The police watched over the prisoner. 9. Begin as 作为…的开始 Begin as the party, I sang a song.

10. Conect with…与…有关 The problem connected with the nature 11. Go by 从…身边走过 A begger went by me. As time went by, we learned a lot from our teacher. 12. share…with 和…一起分享 I always share my sadness(悲伤n.) and happiness(快乐n.) with my good friends

13. Make up 化妆 My mather never make herself up. 我妈妈从不化妆 I make up a story.我编造了一个故事 14. After all 毕竟 After all, he is a good student.

15. In one’s opinion 以某人的观点来看 In my opinion, we should make good use of the computer to study English.

Task 2 Fast reading
1. Where were you in 1642? In France. 2. What happened to you after nearly two hundred years? I was built as an Analytical Machine by Babbage. 3. What were you called in 1936? A universal machine. 4. What happened to you in the 1970s? I have been used in offices and homes.

Task 3 Careful reading
164 2 2 193

The computer began as a
calculating machine.

182 The analytical machine

was made by Charles Babbage.
in size and in brainpower.

The computer grew rapidly both



Computers had grown as large as a room.

1960s The first family of

computers was connected to each other.
Computers were used in offices


and homes. Computers connect people all
over the world together.

Paragraph 2 These changes Topic only became sentenc Over time I have been changed quite possible as my e a lot. memory improved. Calculating Supporti machine ng Analytical machine details Universal machine PC laptop tubes transistors chips network World Wide Web

Paragraph 1

Paragraph 3 Topic sentenc e

Since the 1970s many new applications have been found for me.

* communications *finance * trade * robots Supporti * mobile phones ng * medical operations details * space rockets * providing a life of high quality

1. Have …in common
? have nothing in common 无共 同之处 ? have little in common 几乎无 共同之处 ? have a lot in common 有很多 共同点 ? have something in common 有一些共同之处

1). you and I have one thing in common.我和你有很多共同点 2) We just had nothing in common and I couldn’t communicate with you.我们 没有什么共同点,我跟你无法沟通 3) I suddenly felt we had a lot in common.我突然觉得我们有 很多共同点

2. GO by
? As time went by ? Go through ? Go over

3. As a result
? ? ? ? As a result 结果… As a result of 由于 因为 Result in 导致 Result from起因于

as a result 结果;终于;因此 [考例] My friend Martin was very sick

with a strange fever; ______, he could
neither eat nor sleep.

A. as a result B. after all

C. any way

D. otherwise

[点拨] 考查短语辨析。as a result结

果; after all毕竟; any way
不管怎样;otherwise 否则。 由句意可知要选as a result。

4. so… that
? so… that… 如此……以致(that后面+从 句) ? 与 too…to… 句型的相互转(to 不定式+ 动词短语) He is so old that he can’t carry the box. He is too old to carry the box So that…. I study hard, so that I can catch up with others

5. Share…with
? I always share my happiness and sorrows with my friends.

? 我经常和我的朋友分享我的快乐和 悲伤

application n 应用,用途,申请 He is busy writing a job application. application form申请表 make an application to sb for sth向某人申请


vt. 申请,请求 vi. 应用,运用 Any of them can apply for the job.每个人都可以申请这 份工作 In this way they can better apply theory to practice用这种方法,我们更 好地把理论应用于实践

explore vt探究,探索 Before you discover , you must explore. Exploration n 探索 Space exploration is still in its infancy.

8.Provide sb with sth
? ? ? ? Provide 提供,供给 Provide sb with sth 向某人提供某物 They provided him with money and clothes. ? Goal 目标,球门,(进球)得分 ? Achieve one’s goal实现目标

? 1 我和我妈妈有很多共同点。相反, 我和我爸爸没有什么共同点,因此, 我难以跟他沟通(have…in common, as a result) ? 2 随着时间的推移,她慢慢习惯了 高中的生活(go by) ? 3 他努力学习,以至于,他取得了 很大的进步as a result) ? 4 在现代,由于电脑的聪明才智越 来越多的人趋向于使用电脑学习, 工作,娱乐(as a result of, intelligence, entertain)

Home work

? 1. I have a lot in common with my mother. Instead, I have nothing in common with my father, as a result, it is difficult for me to communicate with him. ? 2. As time went by. She got used to the high school life.

? 3. He studied hard, as a result, he made a great progress
? 4. In modern times, morn and morn people tend to use computer to study, work and entertain(娱乐) as a result of its intelligence

? 5 真正的朋友是一个你可以跟他一起分 享你的快乐和悲伤的人(share with) ? 6 如果你想申请这份工作,你要填一份 关于你个人信息的申请表(apply for, application form, personal) ? 7 政府给灾区人民提供了食物和水 (provide..with) ? 8 在美国,2008年发生了金融危机 ( financial crisis,arise) ? 9 电脑的发明被看做是一次科技的改革 ( technological rexolution)

5 A true friend is the one who you can share your happiness and sorrows with. 6 If you want to apply this job, you need to fill an application form about your personal information.

? 7. The government provided the people who were from the disaster-hit area with food and water. ? 8. A fanancial crisis arose in American in 2008. ? 9. The invention of the computer was considered as a technological revolution.

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