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孝感高中 2010~2011 学年度上学期期末考试

命题人:鲍燕 第二部分:词汇知识运用(共两节,满分 40 分) 第一节 多项选择(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分). 从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 21.At the end of each year, the HR department ______ each member’s performance in the past year. If it is not good, the employee perhaps will be fired. A.praises A.ban B.evaluates B.consequence C.puzzles C.judgment D.suggests D.punishment 22.According to the ______ passed by the court, half of his possessions shall belong to his wife. 23.Do you have those moments when you go out somewhere but are so bored that you ______ need something to do? A.faithfully A.adopt B.illegally B.adapt C.desperately C.operate D.constantly D.abolish 24.The course book is a little too difficult, but we can _____ it to suit the needs of the students. 25.China has decided to spend 600 million yuan building 190 special schools to make education ______ to more disabled children. A.similar B.concrete C.accessible D.ambitious 26.In a few big cities some companies are adopting ______ working hours so that their staff will not be caught in a traffic jam in the rush hour. A.steady B.permanent C.automatic D.flexible 27.The housing prices in big cities have not gone down sharply with the new housing policy, so people just feel that the houses are ______ cheap now. A.relatively B.absolutely C.obviously D.eventually D.subscribed to 28.I have ______ Newsweek, which is one of my favorite magazines, for many years. A.glanced through ______ have moved forward. A.in return much on clothes. A.refer to B.devote to C.apply to D.appeal to 第二节:完形填空 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空白处 的最佳选项。 Recently, I experienced a wonderful lesson in how little things still mean a lot. My home is on the Big Island of Hawaii. About a month ago, when I

B.met with

C.put up with

29.The Sino-U.S. relations, although they have experienced twists and turns(曲折)in the past, B.in other words C.on the whole D.on the other hand

30.Though these dresses are low in quality, they may ______ women who don’t want to spend

31 my car and was about to drive off, I 32


at the roadside. A piece of paper grateful that I had done that.


my eye. I picked it up and read it 34

. Instantly, I was

The form turned out to be a receipt from the State Motor Vehicle Division, documenting the owners’ 35 of their Vehicle’s Registration fees. Quickly, I put myself in their shoes and 36 : no one would throw this away, especially for contact or any personal 38 39 . The form had been blown by the wind, so 40 would I find the owners? Had it been lying 41 the names of the owners, who there for a few minutes or a week? So I checked the date and 37 it was current. I also looked over the form , perhaps a license tag or telephone number. But that seemed

must 42 in our town, I believed that the best and easiest step to take was to put the form in a(n) 43 addressed to the couple and mail it by post. Further, I imagined that if I had posted the receipt to a wrong 44 ,how frantic(慌乱的)I’d be. But it was much 45 to leave them angry, upest, etc. over the 46 , so I did as I thought. 47 my house and brought me My hunch (预感) right. On the weekend, a happy couple was to attempt to return it than

a big gift. They said they had panicked(恐慌)and 48 the receipt madly everywhere before giving up. Without it they would have to 49 another $8,000. It felt great to know I’d helped someone avoid a major trouble by doing 50 which at first glance seemed minor. 31.A.found 32.A.lay down 33.A.caught 34.A.suddenly 35.A.application 36.A.decided 37.A.if 38.A.opinions 39.A.possible 40.A.why 41.A.noted 42.A.wait 43.A.bag 44.A.place 45.A.sadder 46.A.luck 47.A.called at 48.A.took away 49.A.earn 50.A.anything B.started B.flew down B.blocked B.gladly B.payment B.planned B.because B.news B.important B.how B.recalled B.live B.pocket B.country B.better B.pain B.toured around B.searched for B.save B.nothing C.bought C.glanced down C.kept C.formally C.permission C.calculated C.when C.data C.useful C.what C.called C.stop C.envelope C.way C.worse C.mistake C.ran towards C.looked at C.borrow C.something A More and more governments all over the world are increasingly having swimming incorporated(包含)into their national school courses. This trend is formed by many factors. One factor is the understanding that swimming is an important life skill, much like writing or cooking. A person without swimming skills risks losing his life in a situation where the ship he is

D.parked D.jumped down D.carefully D.achievement D.thought D.though D.matters D.unlikely D.which D.changed D.study D.dustbin D.station D.faster D.loss D.returned to D.asked about D.spend D.everything D.covered



traveling in happens to sink and he has to swim to the shore. Of course, not everyone chooses to travel in vessels 船只) sometimes travel in vessels is inevitable, such as in a city where the only ( .But way to cross from one part to another is by boat. There is also the risk of a bus falling off a bridge into a river, where the only way to save one’s life is by swimming. Another factor in the decision to incorporate swimming skills into school courses is that swimming is a good way of exercising. Now many countries in the developed world are struggling with the problem of people being overweight, and any activity that can help in fighting this problem should be encouraged. The third factor is that swimming is a great activity because once a person gets a feel of it, they tend to get hooked on to it. So it is not a “painful”form of exercise, but something one does for fun, while at the same time keeping fit. The decision to incorporate swimming into school courses is also influenced by the understanding that activities like swimming are best learned when a person is young , and that between 8 and 12 years is a good time to learn it. Of course, it is even better for a child to learn swimming at an earlier age, though swimming is not encouraged for children under the age of 4. 51.According to the author , more and more governments______. A.are encouraging teachers to swim with their children B.are requiring students to swim after school C.are encouraging schools to attach more importance to swimming D.are planning to test their students on swimming 52.The underlined word “inevitable”in Paragraph 2 probably means “_______”. A.not being solved C.interesting or meaningful mentioned in the passage? A.Two. B.Three. C.Four. B.Between 4 and 8. D.After the age of 14. B In the United States, when one becomes rich, he wants people to know it. And even if he does not become very rich, he wants people to think that he is. That is what “keeping up with the Joneses” is about. It is the story of someone who tried to look as rich as his neighbours. The expression was first used in 1913 by a young American called Arthur Momand. He told this story about himself. He began earning $125 a week at the age of 23. That was a lot of money in those days. He got married and moved with his wife to a very wealthy neighbourhood outside New York City. When he saw that rich people rode horses, Momand went horseback riding every day. When he saw that rich people had servants, Momand and his wife also hired a servant and gave big parties for their new neighbours. It was like a race, but one could never finish his race because one was always trying to keep up. The race ended for Momand and his wife when they could no longer pay for their new way if life. They moved back to an apartment in New York City. Momand looked around him and noticed that many people do things just to keep up with rich

B.dangerous or worrying D.sure to happen

53.How many factors that influenced the decision to make swimming a school course are D.Five.

54.What is the best age for a child to learn swim according to the passage? A.At the age of 3. C.Between 8 and 12.


lifestyle of their neighbours. He saw the funny side of it and started to write a series of short stories. He called it “Keeping up with the Joneses” because “Jones” is a very common name in the United States. “Keeping up with the Joneses” came to mean keeping up with rich lifestyle of the people around you. Momand’s series appeared in different newspapers across the country for over 28 years. People never seem to get tired of keeping up with the Joneses. And there are “Joneses” in every city of the world. But one must get tired of trying to keep up with the Joneses because no matter what one does, Mr Jones always seems to be ahead. 55.Some people want to keep up with the Joneses bacause they _______. A.want to be as rich as their neigbours B.want others to know or to think that they are rich C.don’t want others to know they are rich D.want to be happy 56.It can be inferred from the story that rich people like to _______. A.live outside New York City C.live in apartments A.an important name C.his neighbour’s name A.correct B.live in New York city D.have many neighbours B.a popular name in the United States D.not a good name C.impossible C Real Christmas trees on farms would not exist if people stopped buying them. Just one acre of growing Christmas trees produces the daily oxygen requirements for at least eighteen people. Christmas tree farms protect water supplies, stabilize soil, and help protect wildlife. The forests of North America spread over roughly the same area of land as they did a century ago and in the past ten years have in fact expanded by almost ten million acres. Furthermore, to guarantee a steady supply, one to three new seedlings are planted for every tree they harvest. With global warming being such a major concern, developing woodlands is an essential part of the fight. While potted trees are a better alternative than artificial, they require a certain amount of care. Bur it would be a better choice than a plastic tree which will remain under the ground for centuries once it’s discarded. On average, it takes a Christmas tree five to sixteen years to become mature. Before the Christmas tree industry appeared, people used to cut trees from forests, sometimes unlawfully, and usually with no concern for the possible harm to the forest. But today, Christmas tree growers plant as many as fifty million trees per year. Several districts have recycling programs that turn Christmas trees into mulch(覆盖物).For a small fee, the Boy Scouts will deal with it. Fake Christmas trees can’t be recycled, while real Christmas trees support life. We shouldn’t add more pollution to our earth. If you know a needy family in need of a Christmas tree, buy them a real one. Give a live Christmas tree to someone this Christmas and what you do will help protect the environment. 59.The underlined word “discarded”(in Paragraph3) can be replaced by _______. A.planted

57.Arthur Momand used the name “Jones” in his series of short stories because “Jones” is ______.

58.According to the writer, it is _______ to keep up with the Joneses. B.interesting D.good





60.According to the passage, real Christmas trees _______. A.can’t be recycled C.will stay under the ground A.buy artificial Christmas trees C.make artificial Christmas trees A.plant real Christmas trees C.stop buying fake Christmas trees B.need much care D.make the global warming worse B.sell real Christmas trees D.recycle real Christmas trees B.stop cutting down Christmas trees D.deal with plastic Christmas trees D Emily Elizabeth Dickinson was born on December 10,1830 in the quiet community of Amherst, Massachusetts, the second daughter of Edward and Emily Norcross Dickinson. Emily, Austin (her elder brother) and her younger sister Lavinia were raised in a quiet, reserved family headed by their authoritative father Edward. Throughout Emily’s life, her mother was not “emotionally accessible”, the absence of which might have caused some of Emily’s strange behaviors. The Dickinson family was famous in Amherst. Unlike her father, Emily did not enjoy the popularity and excitement of public life in Amherst, and she began to withdraw. Emily did not fit in with her father’s religion in Amherst, and her father began to monitor the books she read because of their potential to draw her away from the faith. Emily had a good education and attended the Amherst Academy. Although Emily never married, she had several important relationships with a select few. In her early twenties, Emily began to write poetry seriously. Fortunately, Emily met two very influential men that would be sources of inspiration and guidance: Charles Wadsworth and Thomas Wentworth Higginson. Charles Wadsworth, aged 41, had a powerful effect on Emily’s life and her poetry. On her trip to Philadelphia, Emily met Wadsworth, who was to become her “dearest earthly friend”. Wadsworth, like Dickinson, was a solitary(喜欢独处的),romantic person that Emily could trust in when writing her poetry. Most importantly, it is widely believed that Emily had a great love for Wadsworth even though he was married. On April 15,1862 she met Thomas Wentworth Higginson, a famous literary man and sent four poems to ask for his advice about publication. Although Higginson advised Dickinson against publishing her poetry, he did see the creative talent in her poetry. As a result, only seven of her poems were published in her lifetime. On May 15,1886 Emily took her last breath at 56, leaving behind nearly 2,000 poems. 63.According to Paragraph 1 , Emily Dickinson________. A.had at least three sisters C.was born in a rich family A.Edward Dickinson. C.Austin Dickinson. B.was the second child in the family D.had an authoritative mother B.Emily Norcross Dickinson. D.Lavinia Dickinson

61.We may infer from the passage that the Boy Scouts will _______.

62.The purpose of the passage is to call on people to _______.

64.Who might be reaponsible for Emily’s strange behaviors according to the passage?

65.Why did Emily probably regard Wadsworth as her best friend? A.Because Wadsworth guided Emily how to write poems. B.Because Wadsworth was more influential than Higginson. C.Because Wadsworth was the first poet Emily met on her trip.


D.Because Emily and Wadsworth had much in common. 66.It can be inferred from the passage that ______. A.Emily died from anger by not publishing her poems B.the rest of Emily’s poems were of little value C.most of Emily’s poems weren’t widely circulated before her death D.Higginson was jealous of Emily’s creative talent E Robots that can make their own decisions have so far been limited to science fiction movies, but a child-sized figure with big eyes and a white face is trying hard to turn fiction into reality. Its name is iCub and scientists are hoping it will learn how to adapt its behavior to changing situations, offering new ideas into the development of human consciousness. Six types of iCub exist in laboratories across Europe, where scientists are painstakingly improving their electronic brains to make them able to learn, just like human children. “Our goal is to make them really understand something that is very human: the ability to co-work with humans, to understand what somebody else wants them to do, to be able to follow humans and work with them ,” said research director, Peter Ford Dominey. iCub is about one meter high, with a clear body and arms and legs made up of complicated electronic circuits 电路) has a white face with a nose and big round eyes that can see and follow ( .It moving objects. “Shall we play the old game or play a new one ?” iCub asked Dominey during a recent experiment at a laboratory in Lyon in southeastern France. Its voice was robotic, unsurprisingly, though it did have the tone of a person asking a question. The “game” consisted of one person picking up a box, revealing a toy that was placed underneath . Then another person picked up the toy, before putting it down again. Finally, the first person put the box back down on top of the toy. Having watched two humans perform this action, iCub was able to join in the fun. “The purpose of the experiment is to demonstrate that it can change roles. It can play the role of either the first person in the interaction(互动)or the second,” said Dominey, who receives European Union’s economic support for his work on iCub. While such simple entertaining activities may seem disappointing to fans of C-3PO, the robot in Star Wars movies who says with much pride that he is fluent in more than six million forms of communication, they are at the cutting edge(前沿)of robotics and of clear interest to science. “These robots will be a huge tool for the philosophy of the mind,” said Dominey, whose research mainly focuses on building computer models for different brain functions. 67.What is implied in the first paragraph?_______ A.Robots’ abilities in science fiction films are limited. B.Robots with human consciousness haven’t been developed. C.iCub can change situations according to its will. D.iCub will be able to make its own decisions. 68.iCub is supposed to be able to ________. A.sound like a human being C.do what humans ask it to do A.play games with humans C.pick up and put down a toy

B.change humans’ decisions D.work in place of humans B.have fun in a game D.adjust its roles in the interaction

69.The recent experiment is aimed at showing that iCub can _______.


70.What does “they”refer to in the last paragraph? A.Star Wars movies. C.Entertaining activities. 第四部分:书面表达 第一节:完成句子 71._____________________________ 一旦吸烟上瘾)you will have to make a great effort to give ( , it up.(addict) 72._____________________________(这是怎么发生的)that he was put into prison?(come) 73._____________________________(由于偏见)that people with HIV sometimes lose their friends.(due) 74.With ____________________________ ( 一 名 导 游 带 领 ) us,we visited the famous castle.(conduct) 75.So far large quantities of water ___________________(被污染)because of the chemical factory.(pollute) 76.We have been told that under no circumstances ____________________(我们可以使用电话) in the office for personal use.(use) 77.We missed the early bus in the morning; otherwise we ____________________ 能够到达) ( here before lunch time.(arrive) 78._______________________(用完了)all their money , they had little chance of surviving.(run) 79.It was reported in the local newspaper that the accident ________________ (导致) death of the 40 passengers.(result) 80.China has long been a leader in the field of genetic research ________________(旨在提高) agriculture.(aim) 第二节:短文写作 Dear Mr Zhang, My name is Li Hua and I’m a senior high school student. Nowadays I’m busy preparing for lots of examinations. I work very hard, but I still cannot get good grades in exams. I am getting tired of this kind of boring life. Some of my classmates have dropped out of school and making fortune in big cities. They say going to college is uesless. I really want to give up. I need your help. Best wishes Yours Li Hua 上面是李华写给某英语报编辑张明的一封信。请根据来信的内容,以张明的名义给李华 写一封回信,要点包括: 1 感谢他对自己的信任;2 帮他分析原因;3 提出自己的建议。 注意:词数 120 左右,信的开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数 Dear Li Hua, I received your letter yesterday.________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ Good luck Yours, Zhang Ming B.Fans of C-3PO. D.Research into robots.



21-25 31-35 41-45 51-54 55-58 59-62 63-66 67-70 BCCBC BCADB ABCAB CDCB BABC DBDC BBDC BCDC 26-30 36-40 46-50 DADCD DACDB DABDC

71.Once (you’re) addicted to smoking 72.How did it come about 73.It is due to prejudice 74.a guide conducting 75.have been polluted 76.can we use the telephone(s) 77.could have arrived 78.Having run out of 79.resulted in 80.aimed at improving 参考范文 Dear Li Hua, I received your letter yesterday. Thank you for trusting me. After reading your letter, I know you are in a dilemma. You are a hardworking student but your achievements are not as good as you expected. You even want to drop out of school. As we all know, going to college is every senior high school student’s dream. You should keep on working to realize your dream. I also know some of your classmates have given up their schooling, but I don’t think their choice is wise. In my opinion, what you should do is to analyze the reason why you cannot get a good result in exams. You can also ask your teachers for help. I’m sure you can catch up with your calssmates. Persevering means victory. Good luck Yours, Zhang Ming


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