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It 的用法
一 it 的常用固定词组 make it =manage it (成功) Got it (明白) take it(忍受) keep it up(继续干) Don’t mention it 二 it 作代词的用法 (1)代替前文提到的东西或事情 Eg. Tom has failed in the exam, Have you heard about it? (2) 代替同名同物 Eg. Tom bought a new house, but it needed lots of work before he moved in. Eg. I still remember the accident and the troubles ____ has caused to me? A. which B. what C. it D. that put it(表达) Go for it(努力争取) Take it easy Come off it(别吹牛了) Forget it

(3) 代替指示代词起 this, that 的作用 Eg. What’s that? It is a radio. It is theirs.

Eg. Whose room is this?

(4)指明某人某事的身份或不知男女用 it Eg. Let’s go to see who it is. Eg. Go to see who is ringing. It is Bill.

(5) 指时间,金钱,距离,价值,量度,自然现象等 Eg. It’s Sunday today. Eg. It’s 5 yuan. 三 it 作形式主语的用法 (1)It be + adj +of/for sb to do sth (2) It be + adj( ture/ easy/ hard /necessary/ curious /obvious /likely/possible/probable/good/wonderful/natural/certain--) + that/whether 从句 Eg. It is likely that I can pass the exam. Eg. It is certain that she will do well in her exam. (3)Itbe+v.p.p(said/reported/believed/supposed/expected/proved/

Eg. It’s very cold.

Eg. It’ s 5 Kms from A to B.

decided---)+ that 从句 Eg. It is said that Tom has arrived in Beijing. (4) It be + 名词词组(a pity/sham/fact/wonder, an honour/a surprise---)+ that 从句 Eg. It is a pity that I can’t go with you. (5) It seems/seemed/happened/appears---+ that 从句 Eg. It now appears that they are in need of help. (6) It hits/strikes/occurs to sb + that 从句 Eg. It hits me that I should turn to my teacher for help. Eg . It suddenly occurred to him ______ he had left his keys in the office.(12 年江西) A. whether B. where C. which D. that good thing/no

(7) It is no use/good +(in)+ving 四 it 作形式宾语的用法 (1)主语+vt (like/dislike/hate/enjoy/make/appreciate/feel/love)+it+if/when 引导的宾从 Eg. I like _____ in the fall when the weather is clear. A. it B. that C. one D.this

Eg. I hate it when sb is talking with his mouth full of food. (2)主语+vt(feel/find/consider/think/make---)+it+宾补(n/adj)+to/ving/从句 Eg. I think it impolite to talk while eating. Eg. I consider it a great honour to be invited to your party. Eg. We thought it strange that Tom didn’t come yesterday. Eg. He has made it clear that he won’t give up. (3)主语+vt(have 表明, 坚持说 take 认为, 猜想 hide 隐瞒 publish 公布---)+that 宾从时, 往往在从句前加 it 作形式宾语 Eg. I take it that you will be leaving shanghai soon. Eg. We published it that we had finished it ahead of time. (4)主语+vt(answer for 担保 count on 期待 depend on 依靠 ---)+ that 宾从,往往在从句前加 it 作形式宾语 Eg. I’m counting on it that you will come here. Eg. She will see to it that he goes ahead.

insist on 坚持 see to 确保

五 it 的常用句式 (1) It takes/took/will take sb sth to do sth (2) It is time+ for sth/to do sth (3) It be + adj +of/for sb to do sth (4) It is up to you It is up to you to do sth (5) It is one’s turn/duty to do sth (6) It is no use/good +(in)+ving (7) It (all) depends/That ( all) depends (8) It is a waste of time +ving (9) It is possible/probable that 从句 (10)It be convenient for sb to do sth (11) It be likely that 从句=sb/sth be likely to do sth It be not like sb to do sth (12) When it comes to sth/doing sth (13) It is no/not any wonder that 从句 (14) It/That is the best/worst/most interesting + n + that 从句 时态用现在完成时 Eg. It is the most interesting book that I have read. Eg. It is the most instructive lecture that I ______since I came to this school. A. attented C. am attenting (15) It be not that A but that B (16) It/That/This is the +序数词+time + that 从句用现在完成时 It/That/This was the +序数词+time + that 从句用过去完成时 Eg._________________________________________ Eg._________________________________________ (17) It be/will be+一段时间+before 从句=表示再过多久才-Eg. It will be half a year before I come back. Eg. It will be 3 weeks before we have the next exam. Eg. It is 2 hours before the medicine takes effect.

B. had attented D. have attented

Eg. It was some time before we realized the truth. Eg. It was 2 years before he became a doctor. Eg. It was about 600 years ____ the first clock with a face and an hour hand was made. A. before B. that C. until D. what

(18) It be+一段时间+since 从句中的动词如果是 ① 延续性动词表示动作从最后一次发出到现在多长时间 ② 短暂性动词表示动作从第一次发出到现在多长时间 Eg. It is 3 days since I fell ill. Eg. It is 3 days since I was ill. Eg. It is 5 years since I lived in Beijing. Eg. It is 3 years since he joined the army. Eg. It is years since I enjoyed myself so much. Eg. How long do you suppose it is____ he got the news? A. before B. when C. since D. After

(19) It be+被强调部分+that/who(主语为人) 的强调句型 Eg. It was yesterday that I met Tom in the park. ▲ Eg. It was yesterday that I met Tom in the park. wasn’t it? ▲ Eg. Was it yesterday that I met Tom in the park? ▲ Eg. When was it that I met Tom in the park? ▲ Eg. My teacher didn’t know when it was that I met Tom in the park. ▲ Eg. It is not only blind men who make such stupid mistakes. (否定式) ▲ Eg. What a wonderful time it was that we had at the party.(感叹句) ▲如果强调双宾语中的一个,不论是直接宾语还是间接宾语,根据动词的搭配关 系,要加上一个介词 to/for. Eg. Mr. Green gave Tom a birthday present. →It was Tom that Mr. Green gave a birthday present to. →It was a birthday present that Mr. Green gave to Tom. ▲强调句型的五类复杂结构 Eg. I still remember how many years ago it was thatI met her in the Mount

Huang.(与宾从结合) Eg. It's that he often fails in exams that makes his parents worried about him.(与 主从结合) Eg. It was the news that he has succeeded that inspired them all.(与同从结合) Eg. Is it the school where you once studied that will be rebuilt with the help of the Project Hope?(与定从结合) Eg. It is only when one is ill that one realizes the value of health.(与状从结合) ▲ It is/was not until…that 从句,其中 not until 不能分 Eg. It was not until I failed in the exam that I realized I should work hard. Eg.— When did you arrive at the party? —It was at sunset _____the clock on the wall struck seven. A. that B. where C. when D. by which

Eg. It is in Qingdao ___you’re going to pay a visit to ____this kind of washing machine is produced. A. /; that C. /; where B. that; which D. that; which

Eg. It was in the library _______ we often learned by ourselves that I met her for the first time. A. that B. where C. when D. for which

Eg. — When did you first meet John? —It was in a cinema _____ a new film was being shown. A. that B. where C. when D. which

Eg. — When did you meet your girlfriend for the first time ? —It was in 20002 ______ I was still in college. A. that B. where C. when D. which

答案:CABBC (20) It be+介词+时间+that 从句 为强调句型 Eg. It was at 6 o’clock that I got home yesterday. ▲ It be+时间+when 从句 为 定语从句 Eg. It was 6 o’clock when I got home yesterday.

▲ It be+介词+地点+that 从句 为强调句型 Eg. It is on the farm that I work for 3 years. ▲ It be+地点+where 从句 为定语从句 Eg. It is the farm where I work for 3 years. (21) It/That/This is (high/about) time that 从句用过去时= 虚拟语气 反意疑问句用 isn't it?

It/That/This was (high/about) time that 从句用过去 完成时=虚拟语气 反意疑问句用 wasn't it? Eg.____________________________________________ Eg.____________________________________________


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