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2016 上海旅游高等专科学校自主招生语文模拟试题及答案
1.The plan is practical so the ?m 【答案】 majority 2.She was a bright and eager student and,?c 【答案】 consequently 3.She married an America

n and became a US ?c 【答案】 citizen 4.Wealthy and important people lived in hutongs built close to the ?R Palace. 【答案】 Royal 5.Many new hutongs were hastily built to ?a population but these were poorly made. 【答案】 accommodate 6.Near the end of the Qing Dynasty,conditions in Beijing’s hutongs worsened because of political(不稳固). 【答案】 instability 7.Every year thousands of tourists flock to China to wander along the (宏伟的)Great Wall. 【答案】 majestic 8.The house was spacious and(壮观的). 【答案】 grand 9.The program deals with subjects as(各种各样的)as pop music and ancient Greek drama. 【答案】 diverse 10.Passengers were trying to(挤)onto the bus. ? the ?increasing? ? ?. ?,did well in school. ? are for it.

【答案】 squeeze Ⅱ.完成句子 1.据报道,这艘客轮与一艘油轮相撞。 The liner is reported to have been an oil tanker. 【答案】 in collision with 2.一家地方报纸评论说犯罪案件在减少。 A local newspaper remarked that crime was. 【答案】 on the decrease 3.用不着对他们滥施同情。比起你我,他们的日子要好过得多?。 Don’t waste your sympathy on them.They are much than you and I. 【答案】 better off 4.我平生的一件大事,我一生的转折点,现在已经展现在我眼前?。 A great event in my life,the of my life,now opens on my view. 【答案】 turning point 5.据说他们会用毒药把他干掉。 It is said that they will him by ?poisoning? him. 【答案】 do away with 6.怀特先生是一个有才能的人,他在公司承担很多任务。 Mr.White is a capable person.He many a task in his company. 【答案】 is burdened with 7.这位老妇人当听说儿子被判为死刑时突然大哭起来。 The old woman burst into tears when she heard her son . 【答案】 was sentenced to death 8.孔雀喜欢炫耀自己漂亮的羽毛。

The peacock likes to its beautiful feathers. 【答案】 show off 9.恐龙在人类存在上千万年之前就生活在地球上了。 Dinosaurs lived on the earth tens of millions of years ago,long before humans. 【答案】 came into being 10.这位年轻人骑摩托车太快以至于差点儿撞到街上的一个男孩。 The young man rode his motorbike so fast that he nearly a boy on the street. 【答案】 knocked into Ⅲ.单项填空 1.If you are looking for somewhere to rent,I think there’s ?a(n)? apartment in my building.





【解析】 句意:如果你在找地方租,我想我的楼上有一套闲置的公寓。hollow 中空 的;bare 光秃的;empty 空的;?vacant?闲置的。 【答案】 D 2.When I arrived,I found Tom was roasted duck and green peas alone. A.appealing to C.picking up B.feasting on D.sending off

【解析】 句意:当我到达时,我发现汤姆独自一人在尽情享用烤鸭和绿豌豆。 feast(on sth.)表示”尽情享用(美味?佳肴)”。? 【答案】 B 3.By doing part?time jobs,students can social experience necessary for their future life. A.pick C.collect B.accumulate D.practise

【解析】 句意:通过做兼职工作,学生可以积累未来生活所需要的社会经验。 【答案】 B 4.She became the first black woman to the Senate. A.elected C.to elect B.being elected D.to be elected

【解析】 句意:她成为第一个被选进参议院的黑人妇女。序数词后一般应用动词不 定式;同时 she 和 elect 之间为被动关系,故用不定式的被动式。 【答案】 D 5.The local government has announced that it will a full investigation into the accident. A.undergo B.undertake C.overtake D.undervalue

【解析】 句意:当地政府已宣布将这次事故进行全面调查。undergo 经受,经 历;undertake 着手;undervalue 低估;?overtake? 超过。 【答案】 B 6.The old man was in despair because the judge ?sentence his son. A.passed;upon C.took;on B.gave;to D.put;upon

【解析】 句意:那位老人因法官对其儿子判了刑而很绝望。give/pass sentence on/upon sb.对……判刑。 【答案】 A 7.Do you know when and where the first republic? A.turned into reality C.came into action B.existed D.came into being

【解析】 句意:你知道第一个共和国是什么时候在哪儿诞生的吗?come into being 形成,诞生。

【答案】 D 8.They had invited 50 guests to the party,but only half as many. A.shown out C.shown around B.showed up D.shown off

【解析】 句意:他们邀请了五十位客人来参加聚会,但只来了一半。show up”到席”。 【答案】 B 9.You must change trains Zhengzhou Beijing. A.for;for C.to;into B.at;to D.at;for

【解析】 句意:你必须在郑州转乘火车去北京。at Zhengzhou”在郑州”;change for” 换乘”,此处指换乘到北京的火车。 【答案】 D 10.Some college graduates went to Hong Kong finding a good job. A.in search of C.in the hope of B.hoping to D.so as to

【解析】 句意:一些大学毕业生到香港,希望找到一份好工作。in the hope of”希 望”。不可选 B、D 两项,因为空处后为动词?ing 形式。 【答案】 C 提升能力达标Ⅰ.单项填空 1.Using illegal drugs can lead to health problems,and it can be stain on one’s life.



C.the;a D./;a

【解析】 考查冠词的用法。illegal drugs”违禁药物”,是复数名词表示类别,前不用 冠词。后一空则用 a 表示泛指,”(可能是一个人生活上的)一个污点”。

【答案】 D 2.You can see the stars on a clear night,but in the daytime they are. A.unavoidable C.inaccessible B.invisible D.unavailable

【解析】 unavoidable 不可避免的;invisible 看不见的;inaccessible 难达到 的;unavailable 不可用的。依据句意应用?invisible?。 【答案】 B 3.He began to take political science only when he left school. A.strictly C.carefully B.truly D.seriously

【解析】 句意:只有当他毕业时,他才开始认真对待政治学。take sb./sth.seriously” 认真对待……”。 【答案】 D 4.He is always picking up very heavy things just to his strength. A.show around C.use up B.show off D.show up

【解析】 句意:他老是搬起很重的东西来炫耀他的力量。show off”炫耀”。 【答案】 B 5.When I talked with my grandma on the phone,she sounded weak,but by the time we up,her voice had been full of life. A.were hanging C.hung B.had hung D.would hang

【解析】 考查动词时态。by 引导的时间状语从句常与完成时连用。根据”her voice had been full of life”所选用的过去完成时,可知 by 引导的是表过去时间的状语从 句,故选一般过去时。 【答案】 C

job. 6.I wrote to apply for the position right away, missing a chance to get a good A.in search of C.in case of B.for fear of D.as a result of

【解析】 for fear of 以免,害怕;in search of 寻找;in case of 假设,万一;as a result of 作为……的结果。 【答案】 B 7.Most of us know we should cut down on fat,but knowing such things isn’t much help when it shopping and eating. A.refers to B.speaks of C.focuses on D.comes to

【解析】 when it comes to(doing)sth.当涉及(做)某事的情况、事情或问题 时;refer to 参考,提及;speak of 说起;focus on 注意,聚焦于。 【答案】 D 8.These wild flowers are so special.I would do I can to save them. A.whatever B.that C.which D.whichever

【解析】 whatever 引导宾语从句,补充完整为 whatever I can do to save them,whatever 在宾语从句中作 do 的宾语。 【答案】 A 9.I’m sure that it is obvious Gina was lying for I saw her in the street yesterday. A.which B.that C.because D.when

【解析】 It is obvious that...很明显……,其中 it 为形式主语,that 引导的是一个主 语从句,为真正的主语。 【答案】 B 10.I have no dreams to have a happy life. A.rather than C.other than B.more than D.less than

【解析】 句意:除了过幸福生活外我没有什么梦想。other than 除……之外;rather than 而不是;more than 多于,远非;less than 少于。 【答案】 C 11.—Do you think we can get there on time? —Yes,so long as the car doesn’t . A.break off B.break down C.break into D.break out

【解析】 考查词组辨析。break down”停止运转,抛锚,(身体)垮了”,正合题意。 break off 停止讲话;break into 强行进入,突然开始;break out(指激烈事件)突然发生。 【答案】 B 12.It’s high time you. A.start to work C.had started to work B.would start to work D.started working

【解析】 It’s high time 后面的从句应用过去时,或用 should+动词原形,但 should 不可省略。 【答案】 D 13.The workers will go on strike if the demands they put forward are turned down. A.could B.would C./ D.had

【解析】 句意:如果工人们所提出的要求遭到拒绝,他们将继续罢工。名词 demand,suggestion,order,proposal,plan,idea,desire,advice,decision 等后面的表语从句、 同位语从句、宾语从句中,谓语动词部分采用虚拟语气结构,即:should+动词原 形,should 可以省略。此处 demand 后是定语从句,根据语境,从句中应用一般过去时。 【答案】 C 14.It was to be chosen as a torch bearer that he would never forget it. A.so great honor C.so great an honor B.such great honor D.such great an honor

【解析】 句意:被选为火炬手他十分荣耀,他将永远都不会忘记。honor 此处看作可 数名词,前应用不定冠词 a(n);so 的常用结构:so+adj.+a(n)+n.,而 such 则用 such a(n)+adj.+ n.,故应用 so great an honor。 【答案】 C 15.I crossed the street to avoid him,but he saw me and came towards me. A.meeting;running C.to meet;running B.meeting;to run D.to meet;to run

【解析】 句意:我横穿马路以便避开他,但他看到了我并朝我跑了过来。动词 avoid 后接动名词作宾语,不能用不定式形式。 【答案】 A Ⅱ.阅读理解 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,从每题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选项。 The year 2009 is the Year of Ox.The ox is a representative of the farming culture of China.In the farming economy(经济),oxen are the major animals pulling plows(犁). Of course,the good of oxen is not limited to plowing.In fact,they are seen as “boats on land” for their ability to carry loads.Besides,the whole body of an ox is full of treasures.Their meat and milk are food full of nutrition,and their skin can be used to make clothes and shoes.With all these qualities,oxen are regarded as generous creatures. In the past,oxen played an important role in the spiritual life of the Chinese.Even today,oxen still play a special part in some folk activities.For example,some people who live in southwest China will cook cattle bone soup and share it ?among? family members when holding the ceremony for children who reach 13.They believe that the cattle bone soup ?represents? the blood relationship among family members.In order to express their love for oxen,people in some other ?areas? will run to shake off diseases on the 16th day of the first month by the lunar calendar(农 历),and during their run they will take their oxen along,which indicates they regard the creature as human. Because of the contribution of oxen in their lives,the Chinese people are very grateful to the animal.In addition,the use of oxen in ceremonies and the thanks

people owe to oxen help to develop various traditional customs,which ?becomes? an important part of the folk culture of the Chinese nation. 1.The words “boats on land” underlined in Paragraph 2 refer to . A.animals for taking goods B.creatures for pulling plows C.treasures of the folk culture D.tools in the farming economy 【解析】 从第二段第二句话画线词后的解释”for their ability to carry loads”可以 很轻松判定答案。 【答案】 A 2.From the third paragraph,we know that. A.oxen are no more important today than in the past B.ceremonies are held when people cook cattle bone soup C.oxen are treated as human in some areas of China D.people run with oxen to shake off diseases every month 【解析】 从第三段最后一句话中的定语从句”which indicates they regard the creature as human”可知答案。 【答案】 C 3.Which of the following helps to develop traditional customs? A.The special role of oxen in farming. B.People’s respect and love for oxen. C.The practical value of an ox’s body. D.The contribution of oxen to the economy. 【解析】 从第三段第一、二句可知答案。牛不仅仅被人们当成是一种动物,它也在 中国人的精神生活中起着非常重要的作用。 【答案】 B 4.Why does the author write the text?

A.To stress the importance of oxen in farming. B.To introduce the Chinese folk culture. C.To describe how to celebrate the Year of Ox. D.To explain how to develop agriculture with oxen. 【解析】 从最后一段的叙述中可知本文是在介绍中国的生肖牛带来的传统文化。 【答案】 B Ⅲ.书面表达 1995 年 11 月 15 日,联合国教科文组织作出决议,将每年的 4 月 23 日定为”世界读 书日”(World Book Day)。请根据下图,首先谈谈你对读书的认识(至少两点),如:读书可 以丰富自己的知识,开拓眼界,……;其次谈谈你是如何读书的;最后谈谈你打算今后如何 读书(至少两点)。词数 120 左右。

注意:短文的开头已给出,不计入总词数。 2011 sees the celebration of the sixteenth World Book Day.

参考范文: 2011 sees the celebration of the sixteenth World Book Day.Books are very important in our daily life because they have recorded the history and the wisdom of human beings.Books are also works of art and science,and vehicles for ?ideas?.Books improve our understanding of the world.Good books can bring us a large fortune.They also provide development opportunities for all ages and,in

particular,for us young people.We should know that a person who doesn’t read has no future,nor does a nation. I have loved reading since I began to study in primary school.But,being a high school student,I have been burdened with heavy school work and haven’t had much time to read books.I should try to do some reading every day though I’m busy preparing for theuniversity entrance examinations.And I will not only read ancientChinese masterpieces but also ?foreign? literature books.

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