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汉译英 1、The difference is that, unlike Deep Blue, EHW continually crops and refines its search algorithm— the sequence of logical steps it takes to find a solution. 演化硬件和深蓝不同,它反复地调整和完善搜索算法,而这也正是找到解决方案所需的逻辑步骤。 2、The effects of low doses of radiation, if any, would occur at the cell level, and thus changes may not be observed for many years (usually 5-20 years) after exposure. 低剂量的辐射如果对人体有任何影响,其影响也将发生在细胞水平,因此其所造成的改变在辐射后几 年内(通常 5~20 年)可能不会被观察到。 3、The first is whether the food product or ingredient has been adulterated and, if so, whether the adulterating agent is hazardous / toxic. 首先是食品或其原料是否掺假,如果掺假,掺假的成分是否有害/有毒。 4、There have been cases of deliberate insertion of an infective agent, but most instances result from accidental contamination or storage under inappropriate conditions allowing natural occurring microorganisms to grow. 有人为加入传染病原的案件,但大部分事件是源自意外污染或者是贮存不当而导致微生物自然繁殖和 扩散。 5、Its population rises and falls unpredictably, destroying clumps of pinewood as it peaks which then regenerate as the bug recedes. 树皮甲虫的繁殖不可预测,或暴增,或减弱,当树皮甲虫繁殖高峰时会杀害大量松树,只有甲虫消退 后松树才能再生。 6、In most of the world, the climate changes to date are barely noticeable or hard to pin on warming. 在世界大多数地方,人们很难察觉气候变化来自地球变暖。 The knights prevailed against their enemies.

He tries to prevail upon me to give up smoking.

This custom prevails over the whole area.

You must curb your daughter when you are in church.

My hunger was curbed by the snack.

Keep a curb on your temper.

英译汉 U1 1、The difference is that, unlike Deep Blue, EHW continually crops and refines its search algorithm —the sequence of logical steps it takes to find a solution. 区别在于和深蓝色不同演化硬件不停地调整和完善它的搜索算法,而这也正是找到解决方案所需的逻 辑步骤 2、Conventional wisdom has long held that a machine’s abilities are limited by the imagination of its creators.

传统观念长期认为一个机器的能力是受限于创造者的想象力。 3、 In so doing, Deep Blue satisfied at least one of the criteria for artificial intelligence set in the 1950s by Alan Turing. 阿兰图灵于 20 世纪 50 年代设立了人工智能的标准,而深蓝的行为至少达到了其中的一个。 4、There is no way that a device can evolve if it cannot change its shape or way of doing things. 如果一个设备不能调整形状或调整做事方法,它是不可能演变的。 5、And it does all this on its own accord, not according to some programmed set of instructions. 而且,它所作的一切不是根据编好的指令,而都是自动完成的。 6、Either way, the device alters its structure to perform the task at hand in the best way possible. 无论那种方式,设备要改变自己的结构以最好的方式来执行手头的任务。 7、Can people build machines capable of evolving into something better—able, perhaps, to invent solutions beyond human imagination? 人类能否建造出可以演变得更好并可以超出人们想象而发明解决方案的机器呢? 8、?the pioneers of EHW have succeeded in building devices that can tune themselves autonomously toperform better. 演化硬件的前驱已经成功地建造了一些可以自行调整并且表现更佳的设备。 9、Second, engineers with the necessary skills are in short supply. 此外,拥有必要技能的工程师是非短缺 U2 1、One of the largest of these sources of exposure is computed tomography (CT) scans, which account for about 150 mrem. 其中最大的辐射源之一是 CT 扫描,约达 150 毫雷姆。 2、We tend to think of biological effects of radiation in terms of their effect on living cells. 我们倾向于从辐射对活体细胞的影响的角度来思考辐射的生物学效应。 3 、 The associations between radiation exposure and the development of cancer are mostly based onpopulations exposed to relatively high levels of ionizing radiation 辐射与癌症的关系主要取决于受高浓度电离辐射的剂量 4、Those people living in areas having high levels of background radiation have shown no adverse biological effects. 住在高水平本底辐射区的人没有表现出反常的生物学效应。 5、any amount of radiation may pose some risk for causing cancer and hereditary effect, 计任何剂量的辐射都有诱发癌症和遗传病的风险 6、This would vary depending on the health of the individuals before the exposure and the medical care received after the exposure. 这将根据个体受辐射前的健康状况和受辐射后接受的医疗救治的情况不同而不同。

U3 1、 Whether it is because of a food-borne disease outbreak or chemical contamination, such as melamine, there seems to be no end to all of the food recalls. 不管是因为食品传播疾病的爆发还是因为类似三聚氰胺的化学污染,食品召回事件似乎没完没了。 2、This doesn’t mean that there isn’t a severe health risk to those exposed to the contaminated foodstuffs, but rather that in attempting to remove the contaminated materials from the market, an overly broad recall is frequently initiated. 这并不是说接触到受污染食品不会对健康造成严重伤害,而是说为了把受污染食品撤出市场,召回范

围通常是扩大了的。 3、The above examples barely scratch the surface in terms of illustrating the impact and potential of chemometrics on food safety. 以上例子只是关于化学计量学对食品安全的影响及潜在价值的肤浅介绍。 4、Food Safety, or the potential lack of it, is a topic frequently on our minds…. 食品安全,或者说是潜在缺乏安全,是我们时常关注的话题 5、As we have recently examined several of these data systems, we’ll narrow our focus and limit our examination to chemometrics. 我们最近检查了很多类似的数据系统,我们的讨论就仅限于化学计量。 6、There have been plenty of instances of someone deliberately adding toxic materials to food or products to harm others, but many more instances of people substituting lower-cost materials to make a larger profit. 有不少人为故意在食品或药品中掺入有毒物质害人的案例,但更多案件是人为掺入低成本原料以获取 更大利润。 7、A good example of using chemometrics to identify adulterated products can be seen in a survey of virgin olive oils. 有一个例子能很好介绍使用化学计量学来判定产品掺假,就是对橄榄油纯度的检测。 8、While we do not have room to cover these facets in depth, the following is a list of the various types of laboratory informatics systems you might encounter. 尽管我们没有足够的空间对所有这些方面做深入的介绍,而以下列出的就是我们可能遇到的各类实验 信息系统的分类清单: 9 、There are likely multiple reasons for this, but one key is that it is frequently impossible to trace contaminated items back to their source in a timely enough manner to allow similar uncontaminated items to remain on the market. 这样做的原因可能有很多,但主要原因之一就是通常无法及时追踪到污染源而不能把未污染的类似产 品保留在市场。 10、…as many of them have broad overlap in function. 因为它们大多在功能上重合 U4 There’s an unprecedented multidisciplinary convergence of scientists dedicated to small, we can’t see it—even with a light microscope. 多学科科学家前所未有地聚拢在一起致力于研究一个微小世界,它是如此之小,即便使用光学显微镜 我们也看不见它。 2 、Only then, he says, can we effectively teach nanoscience since you can’t understand the world of nanotechnology without a solid background in multiple sciences. 只有这样, ”他说, “我们才能有效地教授纳米科学,因为如果没有一个坚实的、多学科的背景,你不 会明白纳米世界。 ” 3、which means that the behavior of substances at the nanoscale can sometimes contradict common sense by behaving unexpectedly. 这意味着物质在纳米级的行为有时可能违背常理,表现反常。 4、We’ve got a long way to go before nanotechnology dominates the technology and medical markets. the study of a world so

纳米技术主导的技术和医疗市场之前,我们还有很长的路要走。 5、Long considered to be exclusively the product of science fiction, today some people believe replicators are a very real possibility. 长久以来复制机被认为完全是科幻小说里才有的东西,今天一些人认为是非常现实的可能。 6、Nanotechnology has the potential to have a positive effect on the environment. 纳米技术有可能会对环境产生积极的影响。 7、Many nanotechnology experts feel that these applications are well outside the realm of possibility, at least for the foreseeable future. 许多纳米技术专家认为,这些应用是根本不可能的,至少在可预见的未来。 8、Our dependence on non-renewable resources would diminish with nanotechnology. 有了纳米技术,我们对不可再生资源的依赖将减少

U5 Google has reinforced its reputation as one of the quirkiest companies on the planet. 谷歌已经成为这个星球上最神奇的公司之一,名声赫赫。 2、All this has turned Google into a force to be reckoned with. 这一切使谷歌发展成一股不可忽视的力量。 3、 The European Union (EU) announced a formal investigation into claims that Google has been manipulating search results to give an unfair advantage to its own services—a charge the firm vigorously denies. 欧盟宣布正式调查针对谷歌通过操纵搜索结果使其服务获得不公平竞争优势的指责,而谷歌则极力否 认这一控诉。 4、Take media companies, which are now thinking twice before licensing content to Google or making it freely available on the web. 如媒体公司都会再三考虑是否将其报道内容授权给谷歌或免费上传到网络上。 5、At the heart of that act lies Android, the firm’s smartphone operating system, which it l ets telecoms firms and phone-makers use for nothing. 该行动的核心是该公司的智能手机操作系统——安卓,此系统供通讯公司和手机制造商免费使用 阅一(Suppose) 1B the reason a Big 四(Despite)1C it enhances 2A severe 3D the higher 5D life 七(With)1C save 2C avoid 2A they 3A are worrying 3B the might 3B evolutionary 4D spend 5A Evolution 二(FDA)1A which 2C 2C Nanopar 2B our 3B It has 4B Once 5C 4A most 5D internet 五(2013)1D president 3C double 5B some 三 (A decade) 1B forced 4A it exerts 4A lack

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