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Reading language points 1. There is no feast on earth that does not end in parting.天下无不散之筵席。 2. Festivals__are meant to__ (被普遍认为是)celebrate important times of year. are intended to You__were

meant to ( 应该) attend your sister’s wedding . Why didn’t you come ? Your are meant to take off your shoes when you enter the laboratory . 进入实验室时必须脱掉你的鞋子。 why didn’t you tell Anna the truth ? --- I _meant to have (told her) ____ . ( 我本来打算)But I was lacking in the courage . In some crowded city like New York ,missing a bus means waiting for almost an hour . 我说过要帮你, 我说话算数。 I said I would help you and I meant it . ---You should have thanked her before you left. ---I meant __B___, but when I was leaving I couldn’t find her anywhere. A. to do B. to C. doing D. doing so 3. We held a party__to celebrate________ (庆祝)the history-making victory. to observe in celebration of /for the celebration of celebrate+宾语 (Christmas / one’s birthday / a victory I congratulated you on having passed the exam. 我祝贺你通过的考试. Congratulations to you on having passed the exam. 4. 1919 年,中国爆发了五四运动. In 1919, the May 4th Movement took place in China. take place 发生,举行; 侧重于安排或计划而发生的事 联想: in place of 代替 take one’s place/take the place of 接替某人的位置 in the first place 用于列举理由)首先,第一点 in the last place 最后 in one’s place 处于某人的位置,为某人设身处地想一想 I happened to be out when you called me yesterday. The Second World War_broke out_______ (爆发)in 1939. I____C_______along the street looking for a place to park when the accident________. went;was occurring B. went; occurred C.was going; occurred D. was going; had occurred occur 表示偶尔发生时为正式用法. It occurs to sb. that? 某人突然想起 Do you know how the problem came about ? 发生,产生 5. have a good/bad harvest Farmers had the grain harvested . It was a good harvest. 6. Festivals and celebrations of all kinds have been held everywhere since ancient times. =all kinds of festivals and celebrations We sell all kinds of shoes=we sell shoes of all kinds. This kind of singers is popular with the youth. Singers of this kind are popular with the youth.

① Books of this kind _sell___ (sell) well in the bookstore. ② This kind of books _sells___ (sell) well in the bookstore. 7. Most ancient festivals would celebrate the end of… “would” or “used to” When I was young, I_ would ____ listen to the radio. used to My father_ used to __ be a heavy smoker before I persuaded him into giving up smoking. would 表示过去某一段时间的活动,表示过去常做的事情.因此,用 would 如无具体的上下文,应有时间状语加以限制. used to 主要同现在相比,说明过去如此,现在没有那样的习惯了. 8. At that time people would starve if food was difficult to find. The lonely old man without children was left to __ starve to death _(饿死)during the Second World War. die of hunger die of starvation The homeless children are starving for love. long for; be in great need of starve for sth 渴望获得某物,缺乏 When will the dinner be ready? I’ m starving. I have been starving to explore outer space since childhood. 9. Today’s festivals have many origins, some religious… three hours’ walk a ton’s weight China’s opening policy the earth’s surface the origins of life on earth origin/ original season/ seasonal nation/ national religion/ religious danger/ dangerous humour/ humorous 10. Some festivals are held to honour the dead or to satisfy the ancestors. The dead should be honored, or they would return to do harm. the dead/living/rich/poor/injured/wounded/disabled/sick the+adj.有时候表示一类人或事物,谓语动词用复数 11. satisfied/ satisfying/ satisfactory He felt that nothing he did would satisfy his girlfriend. Mr Yang __ was satisfied with _ (满意) the student’s__ satisfying/ satisfactory __answer. He gave a__ satisfied _______ (满意的)smile. I was satisfied to get a timely answer . what he has done is __ far from satisfactory.__ ( 远非让人感到满意) 。 _ To our satisfaction ,(让我们感到满意的是)she got the first place in the competition . 12.Who might return either to help or to do harm . do harm to sb.= harm sb.=be harmful to sb. The waste may do harm to/harm our health. If you try to solve the problem in this way, it will do more harm than good. do good to sb=do sb good do wrong to sb=do sb wrong

My chest____C______when I make a deep breath, doctor. A. harms B. wounds C. hurts D. injuries 13. in memory of The monument was set up in memory of the little hero who died in the war. have a good /bad memory for bring back memories 联想: 歌颂 为纪念 为庆祝 为寻找 负责 支持 拥有 代替 就?而言 需要 in praise of in honor of in celebration of in search of in charge of in favor/support of in possession of in place of in terms of in need of 14. This will lead the ancestors back to earth. The dog led the blind athlete to the destination. lead sb to +someplace 带领??通往/到?? All roads lead to Rome. What led you__ to change your mind ____(改变注意)? lead sb to do sth 使??做?? His careless attitude could lead to_ him losing his job ___. (失去工作). lead to sb doing sth 导致某人做某事 勤奋就能成功,而懒惰导致失败。 Hard work/Industry leads to success ,while laziness leads to failure 在旧社会, 大部分的农民过着困苦的生活 In the old days , most peasants led/lived a dog’s/poor life. 15. On this important feast day, people eat food in the shape of skulls and cakes with “bones” on them. With +宾语+介词短语(宾补) The professor came up to the classroom_ with a book in his hand __.(手里拿着一本书) She saw a river__ with red flowers and green grass __ on both sides ___(两岸长着红花和绿草) 1.He used to sleep_ with all the windows open _____________________.(窗开着) with +object(宾语)+adj. 2.I fall asleep last night___ with the light on ____________.(灯亮着) with +object(宾语)+adv 3. _ With so many things to buy __(有很多东西要买), she asked her friend for help. with +object+to do 4._ With time going on __ (随着时间的推移), I am totally familiar with the new city. with +object+doing 5.The new apartment takes on a new look__ with so much furniture decorated __.(这么多家具装 饰) with +object+done The murderer was brought in, with his hands__D___behind his back. A. being tied B. having tied C. to be tied D. tied 16. a wedding feast 1. The concert was a real feast for music lovers. a feast for eyes/ears She stood feasting her eyes on the wonderful view by the West Lake.大饱眼福 17. They offer food, flowers and gifts to the dead. When I meet difficulty, my roommates will_ offer ____me help/help to me. (帮助) They_ offered__a reward (悬赏)for the return of the lost jewels. I can’t _ afford ____a new house with such a high price.

The government needed to_ provide ________(提供)these old people with food and clothes. Electricity should be _ supplied _(供应)enough to local people in case some urgent things occur. 18. in old beliefs about… I admire his absolute _ belief in _______(信念)what he works on. belief U.N. trust in a person/thing 信任 Peoples in the mid-east countries have different_ religious beliefs ____(宗教信仰)so they often hold very strong political beliefs. have/hold belief that 相信 have (no) belief in (不)相信 beyond belief 难以置信 shake one’s belief in 动摇某人对?的信心 19. They can dress up and go to their neighbor’s homes to ask for sweets. 1.The little girl would like to_ dress (herself) up as ______________ (打扮成)an angel. 2.He preferred to_ dress up in ________ (穿?服装打扮)ancient clothing at the costume ball. So he__ was dressed in __________ (穿着)white to attend the ball. 3. The pretty bride was wearing_ a white wedding dress ___(白色的婚纱) which attracted many people’s attention. _ Putting on _________ his coat , he went out . She looks very beautiful _ wearing /having on _______________ the red coat . The mother cooked the meat and __ dressed __ the boy in a hurry . __A__in a white uniform, he looks more like a cook than a doctor. A. Dressed B. To dress C. Dressing D. Having dressed 20. play a trick/tricks on People often play tricks on/upon their friends on April Fool’s Day. Zhao Benshan played some __ tricks _____ (把戏) and__ tricked__ Fan Wei_into____ (欺 骗)buying a fake watch. Fan Wei_ was tricked out of ___ (被骗走)1000 yuan. cheat sb into doing sth. cheat sb out of sth. 21. Columbus Day is in memory of the arrival of … __ On/upon his arrival __(某人一到达)at the airport, a lot of fans already waited for the famous star. The first arrivals at the concert got the best seats. 22. the leader who helped gain India’s independence form Britain gain+experience/wealth/money/weight/respect/support No pains,no gains Nowadays, the youth want_ independence from _ (独立) their parents. to be independent of 23. People are grateful because their food is gathered and the agricultural work is over. He is gathering materials for a new book. All the children_ gathered round __ (围在周围)the old man to listen to the story of Monkey King. gather in 收获 gather together 聚集起来 gather up 收拾起来 She’s__D___ more than two hundred Chinese stamps since she came here. A. gathered B. gathering C.collecting D. collected

gather 把零散的人或物聚集起来. collect 精心地有选择地收集物,不用与人 24. award She showed us the awards she had won. Mary got/received/won an award and was able to finish her study abroad. n. 奖品,奖项,奖金, 助学金 ?? The 2012 Nobel Prize in Literature was awarded to Mo Yan. vt. 授予??裁定?? award sb sth= award sth to sb reward 回报,报酬 25. When people admire the moon. The poor admire (羡慕)the rich’s life while sometimes the rich admire the poor’s easy life. If you watched the Spring Festival Gala, you would _admire____Zhao Benshan _for___(钦 佩)his sense of humor. 26. The most energetic and important festivals are the ones that look forward to the end of… Although my grandpa is in his nineties, he is still _ full of energy/an energetic person __.(精力充 沛) The moment I am looking forward to is coming at last. look up to look into look through look on…as stick to/lead to/object to/refer to/belong to/pay attention to/be used to/be accustomed to/get down to/ devote…to 27. clothing/clothes/cloth Our clothing protects us from the cold in the winter. 衣服总称 These clothes were newly made as our school uniform. 穿的衣服 He will take three yards of cloth to make a suit. 布料 cloth:布料 a piece of cloth/a table cloth clothing:服装总称,除衣裤外还有帽子,鞋袜.没有复数形式,后面接单数 a piece/an article of clothing clothes 统指身上的各种服装 ,包括上衣,裤子,内衣等.复数名词,不能直接与数词连用,后面要 接复数名词. 28. The country, covered with cherry tree flowers, looks as though it is covered with pink snow 虚拟语气(从句所用的时态比前面真实句所用的时态倒退一个时态.) He behaved as if/ though nothing had happened. He talks as if/though he knew everything. He looks as if he were ill. 2. 陈述语气表(示很可能的事实就用陈述语气,) It looks as if/ though it is going to rain. 29. be proud of our customs Customs 海关 Social customs are different from country to country. It is the custom (for sb) to do sth 做??.是一种习俗/惯例 It is the custom for the Japanese to take off their shoes when they get into a hall. It is the custom for an Arab to stand close to his friend when talking. custom“风俗习惯”-社会或团体许多人长期 形成的习惯

habit 一个人的习惯习性 practice 既可表示个人的也可以表示社会的习惯 意欲做某事 be meant to do sth 发生 take place 各种各样的节日 festivals of all kinds / all kinds of festivals 在那时 at that time 饥饿而死 starve to death 为纪念 in memory of / in honour of 使某人满意 satisfy sb 对?感到满意 be satisfied with sb 伤害某人 harm sb / do harm to sb / be harmful to sb 头颅形状的食物 food in the shape of skulls 11. 信仰上帝 have belief in God 12. 盛装打扮 dress up 13. 搞恶作剧 play a trick on sb / play tricks on sb 14. 当某人到达某地时 on one’s arrival at/in sp 15. 相聚;集合 get together 16. 奖励某人某物 award sb sth / award sth to sb 17. 因为? 而钦佩某人 admire sb for sth 18. 充满精力 be full of energy / be energetic 19. 期待做某事 look forward to doing sth 20. 日夜 day and night 被?覆盖 be covered with 22. 仿佛;好象 as thought / as if 23. 与某人玩得高兴 have fun with sb 24. 以?为骄傲 be proud of = take pride in 25. 暂时 for a little while 26. 为庆祝 in celebration of . 渴望;急需 starve for28. 允许某人做某事 permit sb to do sth 29. 允许做某事 permit doing sth30. 未经许可 without permission

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