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A letter home知识点

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? Paragraph one thanks for sth/doing sth take a fortnight to arrive it was adj to do sth hear from sb be dying to do sth hear about sth include some photos help sb (to) do sth picture the places talk about

? paragraph two

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

ask about my school life be made of be made of bamboo the roofs of grass it takes sb some time to do sth down a muddy track reach the school grounds walk a long way up to two hours get to school

Well, it’s a bush school—the classroom are
made of bamboo and the roofs of grass.

是的, 这是一所灌木丛学校---教室是由竹子
建成的, 房顶是用草盖的。

Make 的用法:
1) be made from 由??制成 (看不出原材料)

The paper is made from wood.
2) be made of 由??制成(看出原材料) The house is made of stone.

3) be made into

Glasses is made into bottles.
4) be made in 在某地制造, in 后面接表示地点的名词 This TV set is made in Shanghai. 5) be made by 由谁制造 The machine is made by workers in the factory. 6) be made up of 由??组成 The class is made up of 30 boys and 30 girls.

1) be made from 由??制成 (看不出原材料) 2) be made of 由??制成(看出原材料)

3) be made into 某种原材料制成某种成品
4) be made in 在某地制造, in 后面接表示地 点的名词

5) be made by 由谁制造

6) be made up of 由??组成

. …have walked a long way, sometimes up to two hours, to get to the school. up to = as many as/ as much as e.g. He can earn up to $50,000 a year. up to 还可以表示: 1) up until 一直 e.g. She lived at home right up to/until she got married. 2) good enough for sth. 胜任 e.g. I am not sure if she is really up to that job. 3)由??负责 e.g. It’s up to her to decide whether or not to go on the course.

Paragraph three ? try to do sth ? adapt to these conditions ? for sure ? become imaginative in my teaching ? my most challenging subject ? have no concept of doing sth ? do experiments ? in fact ? carry .. from… ? in a bucket ? the other day(一般过去时)

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

be doing …when(突然)… show sb sth show the boys the weekly experiment bubble over everywhere come across jump out of the windows I wonder … be relevant to how relevant go back to their village to be honest I doubt whether.. make a difference to …

The boys who had never come across anything… come across 偶然遇见/发现 I came across some interesting books in the room. I came across an old friend I hadn’t seen for years. come about 发生 This situation should never have come about. come along 进展 How is your work coming along? come back 回来, 折回 come round 定期发生 come from 来自 come to 来到, 结果是 come off 从??离开, 脱落 come out 出来, 出版 come up 走过来, 走近 come over 过来

I doubt whether I’m making any difference to these boys’ lives at all. make a difference 有关系, 有影响, 起(重要)作用 Dollars make no difference to him. I don’t think it will make any difference.

? get to know the local people

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

speak much of the local English dialect last weekend visit a village the home of … the first visit to a remote village for two and a half hours have fantastic views down a steep path to… arrive at the village pull weed in her garden shake hands with the villagers seem to be a relative of sb

But last weekend another teacher, Jenny, and I

did_visit a village which is the home of one of
the boys, Tombe.

但是上个周末, 我和另一个老师,珍妮,确实


“do/does/did+动词原形”可构成强调句。 这种强调句只有一般现在时和一般过去时, 且只对肯定的谓语动词进行强调,没有否定 式和疑问式。do在句中要重读。注意在祈使 句中使用时,往往不表示命令,而表示强烈 的请求,有时表达更加客气的语气。

①He did come here yesterday. 他昨天确实来这里了。 ②We do often go to school by bus. 我们确实经常乘公交车去上学。 ③Kate does like this game. 凯特确实喜欢这个游戏。 ④Do finish your homework on time. 一定要按时完成作业。

[即境活用1] Cars moved very slowly in the

1930s, but they ______ faster than in the

A.were moving
C.had moved

B.did move
D.would move

解析:did 强调动词 move 表示“确实开得比那时快”。

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

主语+ be+adj +to do sth be big enough to do sth get through It took time for our eyes to adjust. lay fresh grass on the floor fresh grass be laid on the floor a newly made platform sleep on the newly made platform share sth with sb in the centre of the hut near the doorway a few tin plates and cups a couple of jars


? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

build a fire lay stone on … place…in… an empty oil drum cover…with… cover the vegetables with banana leaves sniff the food smell delicious inside the hut sit round the fire listen to the family softly talking to each other in their language participate in the conversation

? notice sb/sth doing sth
? stand upside down

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

on the grill over the fire after a short time throw…out of the doorway dry out the leftover food attract evil spirits dry sth up be thrown out of the hut


? ? ? ? ? ? ?

the next morning climb down the mountain feel happily into the bed a privilege to do sth spend a day with sb get late prepare tomorrow’s lessons do some paperwork

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