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福州市 2014 高考英语(2013 暑假)阅读理解训练(5)及答案解析
4.主旨大意题:此题考查学生把握全文主题和理解中心思想的能力。出试题的模式多为: 1.Which of the following would be the be st title ? 2.The passage is mainly about _____. 3.The writer`s purp

ose is that _____. 4.The main idea of the article is ____. 5.From the passage we learn that ______. 6.The key point of the passage is ___. 7.The article mainly tells us about ____. 8.In the passage the writer argues that ____.

说明文一般有主题句,所以寻找主题句显得尤其重要,一般主题句在句首,有时候在句末。 有时候,有的说明文、议论文的主题句要通过每段的主题句归纳得出。 If you are like most students, you probably read both at home and outside your home: perhaps somewhere on your school yard and maybe even at work during your breaks.Your reading environment can have a great effect on your understanding, so you give some thought to how you can create or choose the right reading environments.The environment allows to stay alter and to keep all of your attention on the text, especially when it is both interesting and difficult. When you are at home, you can usually create effecti ve conditions for reading.You might want to choose a particular place –a desk or table, for example –where you always read.Make sure the place you choose is well lighted, and sit in a chair that requires you to sit straight.Reading in a chair that`s too soft and comfortable is likely you make you sleepy!Keep your active reading tools (pens, markers, notebooks or paper )and a dictionary close at hand. Before you sit down for a reading period, try to reduce all possible interruptions.Turn off your phone, the television, and the radio.tell your family members or roommates that you will be busy for a while.If necessary, put a ―Do not disturb ‖ sign on your door!The more interruptions you must deal with while you read, the harder it will be to keep your attention on the task at hand. What would be the best title for the text ? What to Read B.The Ways to Reduce Possible Interruptions

C Creating an Effective Reading Environment D. How t o Read Fast 答案:C 解析:本文是说明文,主题句是第一段第二句。意思是怎样创设良好的阅读环境。 *********************************************************结束

1. When it comes to friends, I desire those who will share my happiness, who possess wings of their own and who will fly with me. I seek friends whose qualities illuminate(照亮) me and train me up for love. It is for these people that I reserve the glowing hours, too good not to share. When I was in the eighth grade, I had a friend. We were shy and ―too serious‖about our studies when it was becoming fashionable with our classmates to learn acceptable social behaviors. We said little at school, but she would come to my house and we would sit down with pencils and paper, and one of us would say:―Let’s start with a train whistle today.‖ We would sit quietly together and write separate poems or stories that grew out of a train whistle. Then we would read them aloud. At the end of that school year, we, too, were changed into social creatures and the stories and poems stopped.
[来源:学科网 ZXXK]

When I lived for a time in London, I had a friend. He was in despair(失望) and I was in despair. But our friendship was based on the idea in each of us that we would be sorry later if we did not explore this great city because we had felt bad at the time. We met every Sunday for five weeks and found many excellent things. We walked until our despairs disappeared and then we parted. We gave London to each other. For almost four years I have had a remarkable friend whose imagination illuminates mine. We write long letters in which we often discover our strangest selves. Each of us appears, sometimes in a funny way, in the other’s dreams. She and I agree that, at certain times, we seem to be parts of the same mind. In my most interesting moments. I often think:―Yes, I must tell…‖We have never met. It is such comforting companions I wish to keep. One bright hour with their kind is worth more to me than the lifetime services of a psychologist(心理学家), who will only fill up the healing(愈合的) silence necessary to those darkest moments in which I would rather be my own best friend.

66. In the eighth grade, what the author did before developing proper social behavior was to ______. A. become serious ab out her study C. learn from her classmates at school B. go to her friend’s house regularly D. share poems and stories with her f riend

67.In Paragraph 3,―We game London to each other‖probably means__________. A. our exploration of London was a memorable gift to both of us B. we were unwilling to tear ourselves away from London C. our unpleasant feelings about London disappeared D. we parted with each other in London 68. According to Paragraph 4, the author and her friend_______. A. call each other regularly B. have similar personalities

C. enjoy writing to each other D. dream of meeting each other 69. In the darkest moments, the author would prefer to_____. A. seek professional help B. be left alone C. stay with her best friend D. break the silence

70. What is the best title for the passage? A. Unforgettable Experiences C. Lifelong Friendship B. Remarkable Imagination D. Noble Companions



***********************************************************结束 2. The Diet Zone: A Dangerous Place Diet Coke, diet Pepsi, diet pills, on-fat diet, vegetable diet… We are surrounded by the word―diet‖everywhere we look and listen. We have so easily been attracted by the promise and potential of diet products that we have stopped thinking about what diet products are doing to us. We are paying for products that harm us psychologically and Physically(身体上). Diet products significantly weaken us psychologically. On one level, we are not allowing our brains to admit that our weight problems lie not in actually losing the weight, but in controlling the consumption of fatty, high-calorie, unhea lthy foods. Diet products a llow us to jump over the

thinking stage and so straight for the scale(秤)instead. Al we have to do is to swallow or recognize the word―diet‖in food labels. On another level, diet products have greater psychological effects. Every time we have a zero-calorie drink, we are telling ourselves without our awareness that we don’t have to work to get results. Diet products make people believe that gain comes without pain, and that life can be without resistance and struggle. The danger of diet products lies not only in the psychological effects they have on us, but also in the physical harm that they cause. Diet foods can indirectly harm our bodies because consuming them instead of healthy foods means we are preventing our bodies from having basic nutrients 营养成分) Diet foods and diet pills contain zero calorie only because the diet industry ( , has created chemicals to produce these wonder products. Diet products may not be nutritional, and the chemicals that go into diet products are potentially dangerous. Now that we are aware of the effects that diet products have on us, it is time to seriously think about buying them. Losing weight lies in the power of minds, not in the power of chemicals. Once we realize this, we will be much better able to resist diet products, and therefore prevent the psychological and physical harm that comes from using them. 71. From Paragraph 1,we learn that .

A. diet products fail to bring out people’s potential B. people have difficulty in choosing diet products C. diet products are misleading people products 72. One psychological effect of diet products is that people tend to A. try out a variety of diet foods C. pay attention to their own eating habits .

D. people are fed up with diet

B. hesitate before they enjoy diet foods

D. watch their weight rather than their diet .

73.In Paragraph 3,―gain comes without pain‖probably means A. losing weight is effortless C. diet products bring no pain B. it costs a lot to lose weight D. diet products are free from calories

74. Diet products indirectly harm people physically because such products


A. are over-consumed B. lack basic nutrients C. are short of chemicals D. provide too much energy

75. Which of the following show the structure of the passage?

CP: Central Point P: Point

Sp: Sub-point(次要点)




******* ***********************************************结束

London ---―Everyone has one !‖ Lucy declared to her parents, trying to get a cell-phone as a gift for her 14th birthday.Her parents gave in. Curious to know how her daughter w ould use the phone, Jane Bidder, the mother, followed Lucy to the school bus in the morning.The bus eats 20,of whom half have a cell-phone.One rings and several adolescent owners feel in their bags. Many parents have just realize that the cell-phone is no longer only for traveling businessmen—it is as likely to be found in school bags. The cell-phone seems to have become something essential for today`s teens in Britain, according to a survey published last week, by NOP, a leading market research company in Britain.Research found that 66 percent of 16-year-olds now have access to a cell-phone. The cell-phone has been turned into a secret messaging service by teen-users.When they are talking on the cell-phone, their parents are not able to eavesdrop on the second line. The interviews with 2,019 young people aged 7 to 16 found that they favor the text massaging services because they offer a secret way of keeping in touch.The days of secret notes in the classroom are dying out. For example, ―cya‖ means ―see you‖; ―lol‖ means ―laugh out loud ‖;and ―2nite‖is an abbreviation of ―tonight‖.All these are based on shorthand phrases used on the Internet. Many schools have banned students using cell-phones.But they are not very successful.Still

phones ring in the class and disturb study. Besides, people are worried about the health risk to kids using cell-phone radiation. 18.The story of Lucy to show us ____. A.British parents meet their children `s needs whatever they are. B.British kids have good relationships with their parents. C.how British parents accept the truth of teenagers owning a cell-phone. D.why every child gets a cell-phone as a birthday present in UK. 19.What would be the best title for this news story ? A.School bans cell-phones B.Parents` curiosity about children using cellphones. C.Cell-phone popularity among UK teens D.Secret messages popular among kids in UK. 20.Interview discover children like sending messages instead of _____. A.calling each other B.writing notes to each other C.playing games online D.greeting each other

【参考答案】E 18.推理题。第三自然段,许多父母都意识到孩子们也可以拥有手机。故此答案选:C 19.主旨大意。通过父母的见闻,说明手机在英国学生中很普遍。故此答案选:C 20.细节题。倒数第五段,The interviews with 2,019 young people aged 7 to 16 found that they favor the text massaging services because they offer a secret way of keeping in touch.The days of secret notes in the classroom are dying out.可以知道,学生喜欢发短信,故此答案为:B **************************************************************** 结束

5、(2010·吉林省吉林一中 冲刺)


Babies are born yogis. Once w e were all able to pull our toes up by our ears and laugh about it. Then we aged, got injured, and began carrying stress in our

shoulders and back. In short, we lost our balance. Yoga(瑜伽) is an ancient practice that helps create a sense of union in body, mind, and spirit. It brings us balance. I was seriously out of balance when I started practicing yoga in 1999. I had plantar fascitis in both feet, and my doctor had warned me against all the things I loved to do: walking, hiking, and playing tennis. I was desperate for exercise. Yoga became my salvation and even enhanced my other fitness activities. I practice yoga at least twice a week, but I consider yoga to be part of my daily life because after a while you no longer just practice yoga—you love it. Yoga becomes part of your physical life. Your body grows stronger, more toned, and more flexible as you move from one pose to the other. I spent a week in Mexico at a yoga retreat, and it was the first vacation on which I lost weight. “Rather than building muscle, yoga builds muscle tone,” says Shakta Kaur Khalsa, author of the K.I.S.S. Guide to Yoga. “Because yoga helps maintain a balanced metabolism (新陈代谢), it also helps to regulate weight. Additionally, yoga stretches muscles lengthwise, causing fat to be removed around the cells.” I do yoga poses throughout the day. After hours at my computer, I stretch my stiff shoulders and arms. When I need a boost of energy, I do energizing poses. When I am feeling exhausted at the end of the day, I do restorativ e poses. Yoga becomes part of your mental life. Yoga teaches you to focu s on breathing while you hol d the poses. This attention to breath is calming; it dissolves stress and anxiety. I use yogic breathing on the tennis courts, in the dentist’s chair, and in traffic jams. You should always leave a yoga practice feeling energized, not tired. If you feel tired after yoga, it means you spent the time “fighting” yourself, trying to force yourself into poses. In yoga, you “surrender” to the pose by letting go of the tension. Yoga becomes part of your spiritual life. Yoga is pra cticed by people from all religions; it is not restricted to any religious group. Yoga teaches “right” living in how we deal with ourselves and others. As I work on a difficult pose, I learn patience, forgiveness, and the value of gentleness. Yoga advocates proper eating,

but you don’t have to be a vegetarian to practice yoga. 45. What would be the best title for this passage? A. What’s Yoga? C. The Benefits of Yoga 46. B. How I Do Yoga Poses D. The Varieties of Yoga

According to the third paragraph, yoga can he lp people _____ _____. A. grow taller C. become flexible in thinking B. lose weight D. make more friends


People feel tired after yoga because __________. A. they consume energy in practicing yoga B. they respond well to yoga poses C. they spend too much time on yoga D. they force themselv es into yoga poses

48. If this passage continues, what will the writer most probably write about in the next paragraph?

A. Yoga as a means to keep fit . B. Different yoga poses. C. Popularity of yoga all over the world. D. Encouraging people to do yoga.

5、参考答案---45-48 CBDD *********** ****************************************************结束

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