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完成句子专题训练 [动词的时态和语态] 1 . More and more high school graduates from China ____________ key universities overseas nowadays.(admit) 现在中国越来越多的高中毕业生被外国重点大学录取。 2.Over the past sixty years, about 100

Chinese people ____________ Mount Qomolangma successfully. (climb) 在过去的 60 年里大约有一百个中国人成功地登上了珠穆朗玛峰。 3.The newest modern technology ____________,which indicates the factories will produce more advanced cars very soon.(adopt) 采用了最先进的技术,这表示工厂很快会生产出更先进的车。 4.The chairman’s speech ____________ on the radio when I turned it on. (broadcast) 当我打开收音机时,正在播放主席讲话。 5 . We haven’t got the textbook for our chemistry course yet, and we ____________ to get it for the last 5 weeks. (try) 我们还没拿到化学课本,在过去的五个星期我们一直在努力获取。 6.The Smith couple ____________ when a rescue team from the nearby town arrived.(give) 史密斯夫妇正准备放弃时,来自邻近镇上的救援队到了。 7.The boy is a diligent student and not once ____________ coming late.(catch) 这个男孩是个很勤奋的学生,他从来没有迟到过。 8 . Please don’t call me at 4 tomorrow afternoon. I

____________________________________ then.(have) 明天下午四点钟请别给我打电话,那时我正在开会。 9.The National Development and Reform Commission ____________ the trend of the food prices recently.(follow) 国家发展改革委员会最近一直在跟踪食品价格的趋势。 10.The other day, they ____________ when they heard a loud noise from downstairs.(have) 有一天,他们正在聚会时听到了楼下巨大的噪音。 11.It was during summer breaks ____________ the satisfaction of work that

translated into hard currency.(taste) 暑假期间,我们第一次尝到了把劳动变成货币的滋味。 12.Televisions enable us to see things happen almost at the exact moment ________________.(happen) 电视使我们能够在事情发生的那一瞬间就看到它们是如何发生的。 13.Although she wrote a lot of short stories and poems when she was very young, her first real success ________________until she was twentyfive.(come) 虽然她很小的时候就写了很多短篇小说和诗歌,但直到 25 岁她才迎来第一 次真正的成功。 14.The train ________________ at the present speed until it reaches the next city at about seven o'clock this evening. (go) 在今晚大约 7 点抵达下一个城市前,火车将按现速行驶。 15. The judge doesn't know ______________________, but he will confirm it. (tell) 法官不知道证人说的是否是真话,但他会证实它。 16.Don't forget it'll be the first time ____________ in public.(speak) 别忘了,这将是我第一次在公共场合发言。 17.Our boss, Mr. Thompson, but nothing has happened yet.(promise) 我们的老板汤姆逊先生一直许诺给我们加薪好些年了, 可到现在什么也没发 生。 18.To meet the everincreasing demand for oilrefining equipment, the company ________________ of such equipment. (produce) 为了满足不断提高的对炼油设备的需求,该公司将生产更多的这种设备。 19.By the time you graduate, we ________________ in Australia for one year.(stay) 到你毕业的时候,我们在澳大利亚居住就有一年了。 20 . Advertising media like direct mail, radio, television and newspapers ________________increase the sales of industrial products.(use) 像直接邮件、 广播、 电视和报纸这样的广告媒介已经被用来促进工业品的销 售。 ________________a raise in salary for ages,

21.Despite much research, there are still certain elements in the life cycle of the insect that ________________. (understand) 尽管做了大量的研究,在昆虫的生命周期中仍有某些因素还没有完全理解。 22.Japan has many topclass locations for snow sports and ____________ the Winter Olympic Games twice.(host) 日本有着数量众多的顶级雪上运动场所, 并曾主办过两届冬季奥林匹克运动 会。 23.Our efforts will pay off if the results of this research ________________ the development of new technology.(apply) 如果这项研究的成果能应用于新技术的开发,我们的努力就会得到回报。 24.It is reported that ________________the quick development of the city, bringing in a large number of investors. (witness) 据报道,最近的几年见证了该市的迅速发展,由此引进了大量的投资者。 25.Not ________________his mission did he realize that he was seriously ill. (accomplish) 直到完成使命他才意识到自己生了重病。 26 . The circulation figures photographs on the front page. (rise) 自从我们在头版上采用了彩色照片后,数字就循环上升。 27.Scientists________________ new methods of increasing the world's food supply in the next annual meeting.(come) 科学家们将会在下次年会上提出增加世界粮食供应的新方法。 28 . The fifth generation computers, with artificial intelligence, ____________ since we introduced color

________________ and perfected now. (develop) 第五代人工智能计算机正在开发和完善。 29.He wears a pair of sunglasses ____________________________. (fear) 担心别人认出他,他带了一副太阳镜。 30.She understood what I was talking about, even though it was the first time ________________.(speak) 她明白我在说什么,即使那是我们第一次说话。

专题限时训练 [动词的时态和语态] 1.are admitted into/to 2.have climbed 3.has (already) been adopted 4.was being broadcast 5.have been trying 6.were about to give up 7.has he been caught 8.will be having a meeting 9.has (always) been following 10.were having a party 11.that we first tasted 12.they are happening 13.did not come 14.will be going 15.whether the witness is telling the truth 16.I've spoken 17.has been promising 18.will produce more 19.will have stayed 20.have been used to 21.are not fully understood 22.has hosted 23.can be applied to 24.recent years have witnessed 25.until he had accomplished 26.have risen/have been rising 27.will come up with 28.are being developed 29.for fear that he should be recognized

30.we had spoken together


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