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(四川专用)2014届高考英语一轮复习 课时作业(九) Module 3 Music 新人教版必修2


[必修 2

Module 3


(限时:35 分钟) Ⅰ.单项填空

1.________English vocabulary is ________mixture of words from different languages. A.The; a B.The; / C./; / D./; a 2.________ time went by, great changes took place in my hometown. A. While B. As C. After D. During 3.________in thought, he didn't notice that the teacher was right in front of him. A.Losing B.To lose C.Being lost D.Lost 4.It was ________ he came back from Africa that year ________ he met the girl he would like to marry. A.when; then B.not; until C.not until; that D.only; when 5.As students, you must listen to the teacher attentively and ________ a record of what the teacher asks you to remember. A.keep B.take C.hold D.make 6.The new plan ________ three parts, each of which is very important. A.compose of B.is composed of C.made up D.make up of 7.We were asked to________a note of what he said and________notes afterwards. A.take; make B.keep; compare C.make; compare D.make; take 8.I had just locked my door ________ I realized I ________ my key on the kitchen table. A.as; left B.when; had left C.after; left D.while; had left 9.Scientists say it may be five or ten years________ it is possible to test this medicine on human patients. A.since B.when C.after D.before 10.—There is ________ I will catch the plane. —Sorry. We can't go any faster at this rush hour. A.no way B.no choice C.no idea D.no method


11.________such a heavy loss, the boss didn't have the courage to go on with his business. A.Having suffered B.Suffering C.To suffer D.Suffered 12.It took me a long time before I was able to fully appreciate what they________for me. A.had done B.did C.would do D.were doing 13.Her speech was ________. That is to say, we ________ her speech. A.impressive; were impressing by B.impressed; were impressed at C.impressive; were impressed by D.impressing; were impressing with 14.________ that he might lose his job, Peter always works extra hours to please his boss. A.Worrying B.Having worried C.Having been worried D.Worried 15.—Can you lend me some money?I happen not to have any with me now. —________. Why are you always borrowing money from me? A.No way B.Of course C.I'm sorry D.OK Ⅱ.完形填空 Carmen's mother Maria had just survived a serious heart attack. But without a heart transplant her life was in constant __16__. Both the mother and the daughter knew that the chances were very __17__: finding a donor heart that __18__ Maria's blood type could take years. __19__, Carmen was determined to save her mother. She kept __20__ hospitals all over the country. Days stretched out. By Christmas, Maria had trouble __21__ from one end of the room to the other. Carmen lost all hope. She fell into a __22__ of the hospital, crying. “Are you okay?” a man asked. Carmen sobbed as she told the stranger her __23__.This middle?aged man was named Frank, whose wife, Cheryl, a tender and devoted mother of four lovely children, had been in hospital with a brain disease and wouldn't __24__ it through the night. Suddenly, an idea came to Frank's mind.He knew Cheryl had always wanted to __25__ something from herself. Could her __26__ go to Carmen's mother? After reviewing the data, doctors __27__ Frank that his wife's heart was by some miracle a perfect __28__ for Carmen's mother. They were able to __29__ the transplant. That cold night, when Cheryl was __30__ dead, Frank came to knock at Maria's door. She was __31__ for Frank's family as she had been doing every day recently. Though Maria had never met Frank before, they both felt a strange __32__ as they hugged and cried.


On New Year's Eve, Carmen attended Cheryl's __33__ with Frank's family, who were singing their favorite song“My heart will go on”. One day later, on New Year's Day, Maria __34__ with Cheryl's heart. Yes, Cheryl's loving heart would go on, for it was __35__ in another loving mother's chest. 16.A.change B.danger C.disorder D.pain 17.A.small B.distant C.hard D.precious 18.A.matched B.replaced C.controlled D.cooperated 19.A.Certainly B.Otherwise C.However D.So 20.A.finding B.phoning C.touring D.interrupting 21.A.rolling B.running C.walking D.jumping 22.A.corner B.bed C.man D.nurse 23. A.mother B.story C.error D.dream 24. A.put B.support C.pass D.make 25.A.save B.recycle C.donate D.separate 26.A.heart B.brain C.husband D.spirit 27.A.informed B.warned C.celebrated D.reminded 28.A.copy B.fit C.variation D.baby 29.A.give up B.carry out C.search after D.put off 30.A.noticed B.predicted C.found D.declared 31.A.praying B.begging C.decorating D.singing 32.A.belief B.love C.bond D.relief 33.A.funeral B.operation C.performance D.anniversary 34.A.passed away B.woke up C.left behind D.dressed up 35.A.active B.alive C.necessary D.changeable Ⅲ.阅读理解


Too much TV?watching can harm children's ability to learn and even reduce their chances of getting a college degree, new studies suggest in the latest effort to examine the effects of television on children. One of the studies looked at nearly 400 northern California third?graders.Those with TVs in their bedrooms scored about eight points lower on math and language arts tests than children without bedroom TVs. A second study, looking at nearly 1, 000 grown?ups in New Zealand, found lower education levels among 26?year?olds who had watched lots of TV during childhood.But the results don't prove that TV is the cause and don't rule out that already poorly motivated youngsters (年轻人) may watch lots of TV. Their study measured the TV habits of 26?year?olds between ages 5 and 15.Those with college degrees had watched an average of less than two hours of TV per 1 weeknight during childhood, compared with an average of more than 2 hours for 2 those who had no education beyond high school. In the California study, children with TVs in their rooms but no computer at home scored the lowest, while those with no bedroom TV but who had home computers scored the highest. While this study does not prove that bedroom TV sets caused the lower scores, it adds to accumulating findings that children shouldn't have TVs in their bedrooms. 36. According to the California study, the low?scoring group might ________. A. have watched a lot of TV B. not be interested in math C. be unable to go to college D. have had computers in their bedrooms 37. What is the researchers' understanding of the New Zea?land study results? A. Poorly motivated 26?year?olds watch more TV. B. Habits of TV watching reduce learning interest. C. TV watching leads to lower education levels of the 15?year?olds. D. The connection between TV and education levels is difficult to explain. 38. What can we learn from the last two paragraphs? A.More time should be spent on computers. B. Children should be forbidden from watching TV. C. TV sets shouldn't be allowed in children's bedrooms. D. Further studies on high?achieving students should be done. 39. What would be the best title for this text? A. Computers or Television B. Effects of Television on Children C. Studies on TV and College Education D. Television and Children's Learning Habits


课时作业(九) Ⅰ.1.A 考查冠词。第一空加 the 表示特指“英语的词汇”;mixture 指“混合物,混合 体”,是可数名词,因此前面加 a。 2.B as 当??的时候,随着。句意:随着时间的流逝,我的家乡发生了巨大的变化。 3.D 考查非谓语动词。lose oneself in thought/sb be lost in thought 意为“某人 陷入深思”。故此处用过去分词形式作状语。 4.C 考查 not until 的强调结构。去掉 it was 和第二个空,句子依然完整,由此可以 判断这是一个强调结构,所以第二个空应该选择 that,由此可以判断 C 项正确。句意:直到 他那年从非洲回来,才遇到他想结婚的那个女孩。 5.A keep a record of 记录下;hold a record 保持一项纪录;make a record 录制唱 片。 6.B 考查固定搭配。be composed of 意为“由??组成”。be made up of 也有此意。 7.C 考查动词搭配。make a note of 意为“记下”;compare notes 意为“交换意见, 交流看法”。 8.B 考查连词及动词的时态。when 在句中意为“这时”,“把钥匙忘在厨房桌上”是 在“我意识到”之前发生的,所以要用过去完成时。 9.D it will be+时间+before?表示“还要很久才??”,故选 D。 10.A “There is no way + 句子”表示“绝不会??”。由语境可以看出,由于交通 高峰期司机不可能开得很快。因此说话者认为自己赶不上飞机了。 11.A 考查非谓语动词作状语。本句中的非谓语动词作原因状语,表示已经遭受了如此 大的损失,故应使用现在分词的完成式(having done 结构),表主动与完成。所以 A 项正确。 12.A 考查动词的时态。选项所表达的动作发生在 I was able to fully appreciate 之 前,故用过去完成时态。 13.C 第一个空可以是 impressive 或 impressing。第二个空用 be impressed with/by。 14.D 考查非谓语动词。因状语从句的主语和主句的主语一致,故改写成过去分词的形 式,原句可改写为:Peter is worried that he might lose his job。 15.A 考查交际用语。No way. 表示对对方要求的一种回绝。C 项语气较委婉,与后面 句子的语气不符。 Ⅱ.我们大家熟悉的电影 Titanic 的主题歌 My heart will go on 在世间再次奏响:一位 富有爱心的妈妈的心脏在另一位慈母的胸腔中继续跳动?? 16. B be in danger 在危险中,有??的危险。不做心脏移植手术的话,她的生命始终 处在危险中。 17. A 母亲和女儿都知道找到做心脏移植手术所需的配型心脏几率很小。 18. A 找到和 Maria 血型相匹配(match)的心脏需要花费许多年的时间。replace 代替; control 控制; cooperate 配合,合作。 19. C 由行文逻辑可知此处表示转折关系。然而(however)Carmen 决心要挽救母亲的生 命。 20. B 她不断地给全国各地的医院打电话联系。tour 环游,巡游;interrupt 打断。 21. C Maria 从房间的一头走到另一头都很困难。根据语境可知,此处为 walk(走)。 22. A 她瘫/跌倒在医院的一个角落(corner)里哭泣。其他三项均不符合语境。 23. B 她抽泣着向那个陌生人叙述了自己的遭遇(story)。 24. D make it 成功,为固定搭配,在此意为“活过”。 25. C Frank 知道妻子 Cheryl 一直想捐赠(donate)自己的器官。save 节省,积攒; recycle 回收,循环; separate 分开。 26. A Cheryl 的心脏能不能移植到 Carmen 母亲的身上呢?由上文可知 Maria 需要的是 心脏移植。


27. A 仔细审核了数据后,医生们告诉/知(inform)Frank 他妻子的心脏奇迹般地适合 Maria。warn 警告; celebrate 庆祝;remind 提醒。 28. B a perfect fit 非常完美的匹配。copy 复制,副本; variation 变异,变种。 29. B 她们能够实施/进行(carry out)心脏移植。give up 放弃;search after 探索; put off 推迟,拖延。 30. D Cheryl 被宣告(declare)死亡。notice 注意到; predict 预言;find 找到。 31. A Maria 正在为 Frank 的家人祈祷(pray)。beg 祈求;decorate 装饰;sing 唱歌。 32. C 初次见面,他们相拥而泣的时候感觉到一种奇特的联系。 33. A 在新年前夕,Carmen 和 Frank 的家人一起参加了 Cheryl 的葬礼(funeral)。 operation 手术; performance 表演;anniversary 周年纪念日。 34. B 在新年的那一天,拥有 Cheryl 心脏的 Maria 在手术后醒来(woke up)。pass away 去世,停止; leave behind 落后; dress up 打扮。 35. B Cheryl 那颗富有爱意的心脏活在(be alive)另一个慈母的胸腔内。active 积极 的,活跃的;necessary 必要的; changeable 可改变的。 Ⅲ. 36.A 细节理解题。根据第二段中 Those with TVs in their bedrooms scored about eight points lower on math and language arts tests than children without bedroom TVs.可得出答案。 37.D 细节理解题。根据第三段 But the results don't prove that TV is the cause and don't rule out that already poorly motivated youngsters (年轻人)may watch lots of TV.可以确定答案。 38.C 推理判断题。文章最后两段都是围绕儿童卧室不应该放电视机的问题展开叙述 的。 39.B 主旨大意题。通读全文可知,文章主要通过两项研究分析了儿童看电视所造成的 影响。文章第一段第一句话是主题句,所以 B 项作为标题是最佳的。