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【创新设计】2015高考英语(人教版)一轮配套活页练习:必修5 Unit 1 Great scientists(含答案解析)

Unit 1 Great scientists Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.The doctor is for having________(治疗)some people of the deadly disease. 2.Richardson________(推断出)from his studies that equality between the sexes is still a lo

ng way off. 3. The army was rained and , and had little difficulty________(击败)the enemy. 4.The________(建设)work of the theatre is supposed to be completed within the year. 5.Employees are expected and required to ________(参加)team meetings. 6.The president became too________(热心的)over a big navy. 7.The scientists are doing ________(科学的)research on the rats. 8.His injuries were________(严重的)and he was rushed to hospital. 9.It's difficult to________(操纵)the machine. 10.He is intensely________(谨慎的)not to make mistakes in spelling. 答案 1.cured 2.concluded 3.defeating 5.attend 6.enthusiastic 7.scientific 8.severe 9.handle 10.cautions Ⅱ.完成句子 1. ________the American government ________the French officials________the news about Syria. 美国政府和法国官员都没有证实有关叙利亚的这则新闻。 2.She smiled suddenly,______________. 她突然一笑,露出一口洁白的牙齿。 3.She____________casually before carrying out a research. 在进行调查研究之前,她从不随便下结论。 4.______________our home,he always brings me a gift. 每次我叔叔来我们家,他总会带给我一件礼物。 5.________________Mr.Wang give a performance at the party. 有人建议王先生在晚会上演个节目。 答案 1.Neither;nor;have confirmed 2.exposing a set of white teeth 3.never draws a conclusion 4.Every/Each time my uncle comes to 5.It was suggested that Ⅲ.用适当的动词形式填空,体会非谓语动词的用法(专项训练) 1.________(shock) and sad, Alice stood there and couldn't help bursting into tears. 2. All flights________(cancel) because of the snowstorm, many passengers could do nothing but wait. 3.The restaurant________(serve)western food at the far end of the street is now very popular. 4. ________(catch)in a traffic jam, students of a college in India answered their exam papers on the school bus. 5 . He is very popular among his students as he always tries to make them________(interest)in his lectures. 6.I smell something ________(burn) in the kitchen.Can I call you back in a minute? 7. ________(drive)by a greater demand for vegetables, farmers have built more greenhouses. 8. Hill often attends public lectures at the University of London, chiefly________(improve) his English. 9.The discovery of the new drug is of great significance to people ________(suffer)from heart problems.

10.A letter________(post), he hurried to the shop for some shopping. 答案 1.Shocked 2.had been cancelled 3.serving 4.Caught 5.interested 6.burning 7.Driven 8.to improve 9.suffering 10 posted Ⅳ.完形填空 体裁: 夹叙夹议 话题: 人生感悟 词数:329 难度: ★★★ 建议用时: 16 分钟 If you're going to do something,my dad used to say,do it right. Mostly he said that after my ( 不 尽 力 的 )__1__ to weed the vegetable garden.For some reason,he knew that there were white roots still__2__ deep in the ground without looking around the garden.So I would be in the __3__again the next day with a spade dig deep and__4__ the roots of our garden.As I tried to focus my attention to __5__, Dad's words kept echoing in my mind:“Do it right.” I saw a perfect example of what Dad was talking about last week when one of the teams in the company was __6__. All of us were sad to see them go.They were good friends and __7__, and we worried about them.And__8__,at such times you always wonder:am I next? But as we watched them during the week they were given to__9__,many of us noticed that they weren't handling this in quite the way we expected them to.__10__ none of them found another job,there was also no bitterness or__11__ in their departure.I didn't hear a negative word. I didn't see any __12__ or unhappy faces—at least,not from them.Instead,I saw grace. “It's__13__,”one of my colleagues whispered.“I went over there to offer comfort and support to them,and they __14__comforting me.” Ancient Greeks believed that swans save their sweetest song for the moments to their__15__.I don't know if my departing friends __16__ their ending as a “swan song” or not, but the calm,quiet dignity with which they embraced their cruel reality touched and __17__us. Lee,a man who has seen and__18__ lots of during almost 40 , years with the company,__19__ nicely for all of us. “Now,that doing it right,”he said. Somewhere,I just know Dad was smiling his__20__. 【解题导语】 本文是一篇夹叙夹议文, 作者通过小时候清除菜园杂草的经历以及公司 里几个被解雇的同事的表现,向我们诠释了“Do it right”的内涵。

1.A.attempts B.judgements C.expectations D.requests 答案 A [父亲大多是在“我”没有尽力尝试清除菜园的杂草时说这句话。 attempt“努力, 尝试”,符合语境。] 2.A.planted B.buried C.grown D.stuck 答案 B [根据上下文可知,此处表示“父亲知道仍然有一些白色的根深埋在土里”,故 buried 符合语境。] 3.A.house B.school C.garden D.company 答案 C [因此第二天“我”总是又在花园里,拿着锹深挖,认真除去我们菜园里杂草的 根。] 4.A.look forward to B.come up with C.fit in with D.get down to 答案 D [参见上题解析。get down to 表示“开始认真注意(或对待)某事”,符合语境。

look forward to“盼望”;come up with“找到(答案)”;fit in with“适应”。] 5.A.watching B.thinking C.digging D.working 答案 C [由上句中的“with a spade dig deep”可知, 此处表示在“我”专心挖草根的时候, 父亲的话一直在“我”的脑海里回响。] 6.A.turned down B.laid off C.cut down D.given up 答案 B [根据下文中的“All of us were sad to see them go”及“lots of lay 处表示“我们公司的一个团队被解雇了”。故 lay off“解雇”,符合语境。] 7.A.competitors B.colleagues C.directors D.consultants 答案 B [由上下文可知,此处表示“他们是我们的好朋友和好同事”。] 8.A.frankly B.naturally C.equally D.generally 答案 A [并且,老实说,在那样的时候,你会想知道:我是否是下一个呢?因为同 事被解雇,所以在那种时候,每个人也会担心自己是否会被解雇,故 frankly“老实说”,符合 语境。] 9.A.hurry up B.turn up C.pack up D.come up 答案 C [上文说到同事被解雇了, 所以此处应是给他们一周收拾东西的时间。 故 pack up“收拾行装,打包行李”,符合语境。] 10.A.Since B.When C.Unless D.While 答案 D [根据上下文可知,空处所在句和后一句之间是让步关系,因此选 while,表 示“尽管”。尽管没有一个人找到其他的工作,但是他们也没有痛苦或难过。 ] 11.A.sadness B.puzzle C.anger D.delight 答案 A [ 根据语境可知,此处应该选一个与 bitterness 意思相近的词语,因此选 sadness。] 12.A.tears B.smiles C.dangers D.fears 答案 A [“我”没有从他们脸上看见眼泪和难过的神色。] 13.A.upsetting B.exciting C.disappointing D.amazing 答案 D [根据上文的内容和后一句中同事的话可知, 此处表示“我”的一个同事认为被 解雇的同事的表现是令人大为惊奇的。] 14.A.objected to B.insisted on C.ended up D.kept on 答案 C [此处表示“我”的一个同事是去给他们安慰和支持的, 结果最后他们反过来安 慰了“我”的那个同事。end up doing 意为“以……为结果,以……告终”,符合语境。] 15.A.birth B.death C.arrival D.party 答案 B [根据上下文可知, 此处把同事们离职前的淡定与天鹅临死时的歌唱作一个对 比,因此选 death。] 16.A.view B.recognize C.choose D.describe ”可知,此



[“ 我 ” 不知道我要离开的朋友们是否把他们的离开视为一首 “ 天鹅之歌 ” 。

view...as 意为“把……视为,以……看待”,符合语境。] 17.A.discouraged B.warned C.inspired D.amused 答案 C [他们用来拥抱残酷事实的这种淡定和大度, 感动和激励着我们。 inspire 意为 “激励”,符合语境。] 18.A.celebrated B.witnessed C.resisted D.survived 答案 D [根据上下文可知,此处应用 survived,表示“艰难度过,幸存”,即“Lee 见到 过也经历过许多次解雇”。] 19.A.made up B.summed up C.picked up D.speeded up 答案 B [Lee 为我们做了很好的总结。sum up 意为“总结”,符合上下文语境。] 20.A.disagreement B.indifference C.admiration D.approval 答案 D [由上文可知, 这位老同事说的话与“我”父亲说的话是一样的, 因此此处表示 “我”知道父亲一定正在某处微笑着赞同,因此选 D。] Ⅴ.阅读理解 体裁: 说明文 话题: 前沿科学 词数:338 难度: ★★★ 建议用时: 6 分钟 Last night's meteor( 流星 ) shower left many people in the community dissatisfied and demanding answers.According to Gabe Rothschild, Emerald Valley's mayor,people gathered in the suburbs of the city, carrying heavy telescopes, expecting to watch the brightly burning meteors passing through the sky.What they found instead was a sky so brightened by the city's lights that it darkened the light of the meteors passing overhead. “My family was so frustrated,” admitted town resident Duane Cosby. “We wanted to make this an unforgettable family outing,but it turned out to be a huge disappointments.” Astronomers—scientists who study stars and planets-have been complaining about this problem for decades.They say that light pollution prevents them from seeing objects in the sky that they could see quite easily in the past.They call on people and the government to take measures to fight against it. There is yet a population besides professional and amateur star observers that suffers even more from light pollution. This population consists of birds, bats, frogs, snakes, etc. For example, outdoor lighting severely affects migrating( 迁 徙 的 )birds.According to the International Association, “100 million birds a year throughout North America die in crashes with lighted buildings and towers.” Countless more animal casualties(伤亡)result from the use of artificial lighting.Clearly, people enjoy the benefits of lighting their evenings,but some scientists think it can be harmful for humans,too. They worry that exposure to light while sleeping can increase a person's chances of getting cancer. Emerald Valley is only one community that is becoming aware of the negative effects of light pollution.For years,Flagstaff,Arizona,has enforced lighting regulations in its city in order to assist astronomers at the Lowell Observatory.Similar efforts have been made worldwide,and a movement is underway to remind us to turn off lights when we are not using them,so that other creatures can share the night. 1.It happened last night that________.

A.the city's lights affected the meteor watching B.the meteors flew past before being noticed C.the city light show attracted many people D.the meteor watching ended up a social outing 答案 A [细节理解题。根据第一段最后一句可判断选 A。] 2.What do the astronomers complain about? A.Meteor showers occur less often than before. B.Their observation equipment is in poor repair. C.Light pollution has remained unsolved for years. D.Their eyesight is failing due to artificial lighting. 答案 C [细节理解题。根据第三段第一句和第二句可判断选 C。] 3.What is the author concerned about according to Paragraph 4? A.Birds may take other migration paths. B.Animals' living habits may change suddenly. C.Varieties of animals will become sharply reduced. D.Animals' survival is threatened by outdoor lighting. 答案 D [细节理解题。根据第四段第二句可知答案。] 4.Lighting regulations in Flagstaff,Arizona are put into effect to________. A.lessen the chance of getting cancer B.create an ideal observation condition C.ensure citizens a good sleep at night D.enable all creatures to live in harmony 答案 B [细节理解题。根据第六段第二句 in order to assist astronomers at the Lowell Observatory 可知选 B。] B 体裁: 说明文 话题: 语言趣味 词数:281 难度: ★★ 建议用时: 6 分钟 (2013· 辽宁卷, D)“Indeed”, George Washington wrote in his diary in 1785, “some kind of fly, or bug, had begun to eat the leaves before I left home.”But the father of America was not the father of bug.When Washington wrote that,Englishmen had been referring to insects as bugs for more than a century,and Americans had alreedy cheated (茧火虫) But the English were soon to stop using the bugs in their language,leaving it to the Americans to call a bug a bug in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The American bug could also be a person,referring to someone who was crazy about a particular activity.Although fan became the usual term,sports fans used to be called racing bugs, baseball bugs,and the like. Or the bug could be a small machine or object,for example,a car.The bug could also be a burglar alarm,from which comes the expression to bug,that is,“to install(安 装)an alarm”.Now it means a small piece of equipment that people use for listening secretly to others'conversations.Since the 1840s,to bug has long meant“to cheat”,and since the 1940s it has been annoying. We also know the bug as a flaw in a computer program of other design.That meaning dates back to the time of Thomas Edison.In 1878 he explained bugs as “little problems and difficulties” that required months of study and labor to overcome in developing a successful product. In 1889 it was recorded that Edison“had been up the two previous nights discovering‘a bug'in his invented record player.”

【解题导语】 本文主要向我们介绍了英语中 bug 一词的演变。 5.We learn from Paragraphl that________. A.Americans had difficulty in leaning to use the word bug B.George Washington was the first pers on callan insect a bug C.the word bug was still popularly used in England in the nineteenth century D.both Englishmen and Americans used the word bug in the eighteenth century 答案 D [细节理解题。根据第一段第三句可知选 D。] 6.What does the word“flaw”in the last paragraph probably mean?

A.Explanation. B.Finding. C.Origin. D.Fault. 答案 D [词义猜测题。根据最后一段中 little problems and difficulties 可判断选 D。] 7.The passage is mainly concerned with________. A.the misunderstanding of the word bug B.the development of the word bug C.the public views of the word bug D.the special characteristics of the word bug 答案 B [细节理解题。短文说明了 bug 一词在不同时期的意义和用法,选 B。] Ⅵ. 书面表达 假设你是联合中学的学生会主席李想, 为了增进学生之间的交流, 学生会决定在网络上 建立中外中学生英文交流论坛。请你介绍此论坛,词数 100 左右。内容应包括: 1.开设目的 2.论坛内容(学习交流、提供帮助、问计献策……) 3.邀请大家参与 ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 【参考范文】 Our Students' Union has decided to set up our own Study BBS.All of us will benefit a lot from it.It offers us chances to communicate with each other.We can exchange our learning and life experiences on it.We can share different cultures as well.What's more,it is a good place for us to make good friends.A life without a friend is a life without sunshine.Anyone who has difficulties with their study and daily life can ask for help on it.If you have any good suggestions to offer, you can lend a helping hand.Good advice on how to enrich our school life and how to develop our school is also welcome.Welcome to join it.

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