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江苏省如东中学高三英语自主练习 42
第一节:单项填空(共 15 小题; 每小题 1 分,满分 15 分)
1. The two sides agree with each other on________ whole, but much remains to be discussed at ______ following meeting. A. a; 不填

B. the; the C. a; a D. the; 不填 2. Not until I have got all the information________ some comments about this incident. A.I can make B. have I made C.I have made D. can I make 3. ----I hate________ when you speak to me like that. ----Sorry. It won't happen again. A. one B. each C. it D. either 4. It is a pity we can't speak French; otherwise we________ our visit to France last week much more. A. would have enjoyed B. would enjoy C. enjoyed D. had enjoyed 5. They ________ have drunk heavily-there were dozens of empty beer bottles lying around when we entered the room. A. should B. can C. would D. must 6. ---Hurry! There's no time to waste. ---OK. But I'm afraid that________ we take a taxi, we?ll still miss the train. A. even if B. as C. until D. as though 7. Those tourists________ vacation included an unexpected problem were reported to have returned safe and sound. A. whose B. that C. which D. when 8. We'll discuss a number of cases________ beginners of English fail to use the language properly. A. which B. as C. where D. why 9. Susan didn't finish the job on time. Mr. Brown realizes now that he_________ too much of her then. A. expects B. would expect C. is expecting D. expected 10. The moment I got off the bus, I found my bag________ on it. A. had left B. had been left C. would be left D. was leaving 11. An animal rights group has launched a campaign, which is widely condemned by nutrition experts,________ schoolchildren to stop drinking milk. A. urges B. has urged C. urging D. urged 12. ---Can I help you, madam? ---No, thank you. I________ for my order. A. waited B. had been waiting C. have waited D. am waiting 13. Nearly all the people ________believe confidence is the key to success. A. interviewed B. having interviewed C. interviewing D. to interview 14. ---Excuse me. Did you notice whether the No. 178 bus had gone by? ---Not ________ I began to stand here. A. since B. when C. as D. while

15. If you master reading skills, you can read faster and understand more of_______ you read. A. how B. what C. when D. which 11-15 BDCAD AACDB CDAAB

第二节:阅读理解(共 15 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 30 分)

Company: Embassy Suites Job Type: Receptionist Location: US-CA-San Luis Obisopo Req?s Education: High School Employee Type: Full-Time/Part-time Req?s Experience: Less Than 1 Year CONTACT INFORMATION Contact: Rebecca Hyre Phone: 805.549.0800 Email: Rebecca @ 163.com Fax: Not Available DESCRIPTION ●Embassy Suites Hotel San Luis is currently accepting applications for front Desk Services Agent. Full time day and part time night positions open. ●Availability must include weekends and holidays. ●This position has a combination of duties mainly related, but not limited to checking-in hotel guests. We are seeking candidates who have the ability to: ⊙Understand guest inquires and provide responses in a helpful, courteous(礼貌的) manner. ⊙Promote positive relations with all individuals who approach the Front Desk and enter the hotel. ⊙Focus on the guest needs remaining calm and courteous. ⊙Work well under pressure. ⊙Input and access data in the computer. ⊙Ensure security and confidentiality of guest and hotel information. ⊙Work cooperatively with other departments and co-workers as part of a team. REQUIREMENTS ●Customer service experience preferred ●Please apply online by submitting a resume, including a cover letter. OR: ●Apply in person, by submitting an application for employment, from the executive offices located within the hotel. 16. Which of the following best describes the job advertised? A. Technical Engineer. B. Door Man. C. Reservation Officer. D. Front Desk Services Agent. 17. Which of the following is needed for the job? A. College diploma or above B. Necessary PC skills. C. Speaking at least three languages D. Five-year working experience

18. Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the passage? A. The job candidates are expected to work during holidays. B. The candidates can only apply online by submitting an application. C. The job has a combination of duties limited to hotel guests. D. People without customer service experience cannot apply for the position. DBA B Parents are anxious about their children?s education and should be more detached (超脱的)to allow them to develop naturally,a leading headteacher, Peter Tait, says. Writing in Attain,the magazine of the Independent Association of Prep Schools, Mr. Tait said: “While parents are determined to do the very best for their child, they can end up doing the opposite.”He said parents need to exercise“common sense and parental nature”when it comes to raising their children. He added:“Parents also need to have confidence in those whose job it is to look after their children?s education.To do this requires a certain detachment,a willingness to trust the passage of time,focusing on whether their children are happy,challenged and purposeful and are learning the right values.If so,they will be fine.” However,he said,some parents are changing from“sensible”and“moderate(有节 制的)”people, who have faith in their schools and teachers, and are“turning into fighters ready to battle with anything and anyone on behalf of?their?child. “What has made some parents put their own child at the centre of the universe and never to care about the rest?” And he also blamed the obsession( 强 迫 症 )over league tables for some parents?anxiety.He said:“League tables have caused too much anxiety for parents and have led to a boom in the number of tutoring agencies as parents feel they have no choice but to give their children a chance.” Mr. Tait acknowledged that being a parent has become increasingly difficult .He concluded:“While teachers may occasionally feel discouraged by over-sensitive and demanding parents, they should note that this parenting lark is rather more difficult than it used to be.” 19.Why does Mr. Tait say parents should be more detached? A.They haven?t tried their best for their children. B.They have no common sense or parental nature. C.It?s wrong for them to care about children?s education. D.Their effort doesn?t pay off. 20.What does Mr. Tait think parents should care more about? A.Children?s mental development. B.Children?s school reports. C.Children?s wide interests. D.Children?s physical health.

21.Which of the following can best replace the underlined phrase“league tables”in Paragraph 4? A.Parents? obsession. B.Teachers? detachment. C.Students? scores ranking. D.Faith in school and teachers. 22.What?s the main idea of the text? A.Parenting is more difficult than it was. B.Parents should allow children to develop naturally. C.Teachers may feel discouraged by demanding parents.[来源:学|科|网 Z|X|X|K] D.Children should be put at the center of the universe.


Children in the United States eat too much pizza that some researchers now argue the food should join the ranks of sugary drinks and fast food for the harm they do to health. In a new study, the researchers found that pizza is a large source of calories, saturated fat(饱和脂肪)and salt in children?s diets.Children should not eat more than two slices of pizza for a meal.and should pair that with salad, rather than with another high-calorie food,the researchers concluded. “Parents should aim to control pizza consumption(消费), particularly as a snack where it was shown to have a very adverse impact on children, and they should put their pizza dollars toward healthier brands . ” said Lisa Powel, director of the Illinois Prevention Research Center. Pizza has become a matter of focus in recent years for researchers who look at the meals children eat, rather than the nutrients within them.Studies have found pizza is among the greatest sources of calories for children. “Since pizza remains a common part of children?s diet, we need to make ?healthy? pizza. ”Powel said. To make pizza healthier, foo d producers should reduce its saturated fat and salt, and increase its whole grain content,she said. Whether or not pizza is harmful enough to be picked out as an unhealthy food, the study attracts attention to a larger issue with the modern American lifestyle, said Alexis Tindall, who was not involved in the flow research. Many foods arc eaten too frequently and in large sizes.said Tindall.To solve the problem, people don?t have to give up eating pizza, but instead, they can eat smaller and healthier pizza,she said. “Make it at home, instead of ordering it out where you don?t have any control over how it?s made.”Tindall said. “When we make it at home, we can choose healthier ingredients,increase the vegetables.reduce fat, and put in less cheese.Pizza doesn?t have to be just pepperoni(意大利辣香肠)and cheese. ” 23.According to the research.children shouldn?t eat . A.more than two slices of pizza in a day B.two slices of pizza for a meal C.more pizza with French fries D.pizza along with salad

24.The last sentence of the passage implies that pepperoni and cheese A.are not necessary ingredients of pizza B.should be reduced by adding healthier ingredients. C.should all be replaced with healthier ingredient. D.are not the o nly healthy ingredients of pizza 25.What is the best title for the passage? A.Pizza—a real junk food! B.How to prepare better meals for your kids? C.Bring in healthier pizza for Americans D.Discover the harm of eating pizza

Michelle Obama, Kate Moss and Samantha Cameron are three of the most stylish ﹙时髦的﹚ women on the planet because they have their daughters rather than their style. A new research has shown that women with daughters tend to be more stylish than mothers of sons; a fact partly because of the style advice their daughters offer as they get older. 78 percent of women over the age of 50 say they would be more than happy to let their daughters choose a complete outfit﹙全套衣装﹚ for them. However, just five percent of women say they would turn to their sons for style advice, while 28 percent believe that mothers of boys are less fashionable than women with girls. “Women who don?t have daughters become less interested in style as they grow older but having a daughter may keep alive her interest in looking great,” comments psychologist Honey Langcaster-James. “And, because of their close relationship, they also have a source of support and encouragement when it comes to their style decisions.” More than a quarter of women believe that Mums who have sons are less fashio n-conscious than Mums with daughters. The most common reasons for this are that daughters are more critical, offer good advice and inspiration, and add an element of competition to look the best while sons don?t seem to care and aren?t as strict as daughters. Interestingly, although mothers tend to rely on their daughters? style tips, their confidence isn?t reciprocated﹙互换﹚, with 40 percent of women between the age of 19 and 34 saying they wouldn?t allow their mothers to shop for them as what their mothers would choose for them would not be as good as they expected. And although they might not appreciate the fashion advice, the research, which was conducted by online retailer Gray & Osbourn, showed that daughters do still need their mothers with 71 percent saying they chat to their female parent every day. “In short, the research shows just how important relationships are between mothers and daughters,” added Langcaster-James, “and just how much women appreciate an honest and trustworthy opinion.” 26. The opening paragraph is mainly to show . A. girls influence their mothers? style decision B. women with children are often

less stylish C. mothers like to follow their children?s advice D. bo ys are actually better advisors than girls 27. Which of the following may Langcaster-James agree with? A. Daughters usually love their mothers more than sons do. B. It?s hard for boys to get along well with their mothers. C. Mothers without daughters show less interest in style. D. Girls are more independent than boys in some ways. 28. It can be inferred from the passage that girls . A. show more interest in science than boys. B. care more about what their mothers wear C. can help a lot to solve family problems D. are good at encouraging other people 29. By saying “their confidence isn?t reciprocated” in Paragraph 5, the author means that . A. some women don?t like to choose clothes for their mothers B. some women aren?t sure what to wear when attending a party C. some women oft en show no confidence in themselves D. some women would not like to follow their mothers? style advice 30. What does the author mainly tell us in the passage? A. It confuses many parents how to talk with their kids. B. Daughters prefer to talk with their mums instead of dads. C. It is important for parents to respect their children?s choice. D. Mothers of girls are more fashionable than those of boys ACBDD

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