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限时训练题九 完型填空

Children find meanings in their old family tales.
When Stephen Guyer’s three children were growing up, he told them stories about bow his grandfather, a banker, ____1____all in the 1930s, but did not lose sight of what he valued most. In one of the darkest times when his strong-minded grandfather was nearly___2_____ , he loaded his family into the car and took them to see family members in Canada with a __3____, “There are more important things in life than money. ” The tale took on a new meaning recently when Mr. Guyer downsized to a small house from a more expensive and comfortable one. He was ____4_____ that his children ,a daughter, 15, and twins, 22, would be upset. To his surprise, they weren’t. Instead, their reaction echoed(共鸣) their great-grandfather’s. What they_____5____ was how warm the people were in the house and how much of their heart was accessible. Many parents are finding family stories have surprising power to help children through hard times. Storytelling experts say the phenomenon reflects a growing ___6_____ in telling tales, evidenced by a rise in a storytelling events and festivals. A university study of 65 families with children aged from 14 to 16 found kids’ ability to retell parents’ stories was linked to a lower rate of anger and anxiety. The ___7____ is telling the stories in a way children can ____8____. We’re not talking here about the kind of story that ____9_____ , “ When I was a kid, I walked to school every day uphill both ways, barefoot in the snow. ” Instead, we should choose a story suited to the child’s ____10_____ , and make eye contact (接触) to create “a personal experience”, We don’t have to tell children what they should take from the story and what the moral is . ” 1. A. missed B. lost C. forgot D. ignored 2. A. friendless B. worthless C. penniless D. homeless 3. A. hope B. promise C. suggestion D. belief 4. A. surprised B. annoyed C. disappointed D. worried 5. A. talked about B. cared about C. wrote about D. heard about 6. A. argument B. skill C. interest D. anxiety 7. A. trouble B. gift C. fact D. trick 8. A. perform B. write C. hear D. question 9. A. means B. ends C. begins D. proves 10. A. needs B. activities C. judgments D. habits 语法填空 Foreign drivers will have to pay on-the-spot fines of up to £900 for breaking the traffic law to be carried out next month. If they do not have enough cash or a working credit card, their vehicles will be clamped(扣留)______1__they pay and they will face an additional fee of &80 for getting back their vehicles . The law will also apply to British citizens. The fines will be described officially as “deposits” when the traffic law_____2___(take) effect, because the money would

be returned if the driver went to court and was found _____3____guilty. In practice, very few foreign drivers are likely to return to Britain to deal with their eases. Foreign drivers are rarely charged because police cannot take action_______4__ them if they fail to appear in court. Instead, officers often merely give warnings. Three million foreign-registered vehicles enter Britain each year. Polish vehicles make up 36 percent, French vehicles 10 percent and German vehicles 9 percent. Foreign vehicles are 30 percent more likely to be in a crash than British-registered vehicles. ____5____number of crashes caused by foreign vehicles rose by 47 percent between 2003 and 2008. There were almost 400 ____6___(die) and serious injuries and 3,000 slight injuries from accidents caused by foreign vehicles in 2008. The new law is partly intended to settle the problem of foreign lorry drivers______7_ (ignore) limits on weight and hours at the wheel. Foreign lorries are three times more likely to be in a crash than British Lorries. Recent spot checks found that three quarters of lorries that failed safety tests _________8_(register) overseas. The standard deposit for a careless driving offence —such as driving too close to the vehicle in front________9_ reading a map at the wheel—will be £300. Deposits for speeding offences and using mobile phones will be £60. Foreign drivers will not get points as punishment added to _____10___licenses, while British drivers will. 阅读理解 D Find Which Direction Is South Do you have a good sense of direction? If not, please take with you a compass. But if you forget to take a compass, you can still find your way. It’s never a good idea to imagine that the family member who was entrusted(委 托)with the job of map-reading actually knows where the family is. You can tell by the slightly confused load on their faces that nothing on the ground seems to match the map. Never mind. The sun is shining and it’s still morning. If you don’t know the exact time, you can still find out where south is, but you’ll need to be patient. ①Find a straight sick and put it in the ground in a place where you can mark its shadow. ②Try to position the stick as vertically(垂直)as you can. You can check this by making a simple plumb line (铅锤线) with a piece of string and weight. You haven’t got any string? OK, use a thread from your clothes with a button tied at the end to act as a weight. ③Mark the end of the shadow cast by the stick. ④Wait approximately half an hour and mark the end of the shadow again. ⑤Keep doing this until you have made several marks. ⑥The mark nearest the stick will represent the shortest shadow, which is cast at midday, when the sun is highest in the sky and pointing to the exact south. ⑦Pick a point in the distance along the line between the shortest shadow and the stick. ⑧That point is south of where you are. ⑨Now you can turn the map, like you did before, and find which way you should be

travelling. 68. To find the direction, we ought to be patient probably because ____________. A. it is not easy to find a proper stick B. it is not easy to position the stick C. it takes hours to make the marks D. it takes about half an hour to make the marks 69. The passage would probably be most helpful to ___________ . A. those who draw maps B. those who get lost C. those who make compasses D. those who do experiments 70. Which of the following pictures best shows the way of finding the direction of south?

71. The author presents this passage by _____________. A. telling an interesting story B. describing an activity in a lively way C. testing an idea by reasoning D. introducing a practical method E We already know the fastest, least expensive way to slow climate change: Use less energy. With a little effort, and not much money, most of us could reduce our energy diets by 25 percent or more—doing the Earth a favor while also helping our wallets. Not long ago, my wife, PJ, and I tried a new diet—not to lose a little weight but to answer an annoying question about climate change. Scientists have reported recently that the world is heating up even faster than predicted only a few years ago, and that the consequences could be severe if we don’t keep reducing emissions of carbon dioxide(CO2)and other greenhouse gases that are trapping heat in our atmosphere. We decided to try an experiment. For one month we recorded our personal emissions of CO2. We wanted to see how much we could cut back, so we went on a strict diet. The average US household produces about 150 pounds of CO2 a day by doing common place things like turning on air-conditioning or driving cars. That’s more than twice the European average and almost five times the global average, mostly because Americans drive more and have bigger houses. But how much should we try to reduce? For an answer, I checked with Tim Flannery, author of The Weather Makers: How Man Is Changing the Climate and What It Means for Life on Earth . In his book, he had challenged readers to make deep cuts in personal emissions to keep the world from reaching extremely important tipping points, such as the melting of the ice sheets in Greenland or West Antarctica. “To stay below that point, we need to reduce

CO2 emissions by 80 percent,” he said. Good advice, I thought. I’d opened our bedroom windows to let in the wind. We’d gotten so used to keeping our air-conditioning going around the clock. I’d almost forgotten the windows even opened. We should not let this happen again. It’s time for us to change our habits if necessary. 72. Why did the author and his wife try a new diet? A. To take special kinds of food B. To respond to climate change. C. To lose weight D. To improve their health 73. The underlined words “tipping points” most probably refer to ___________ A. freezing points B. burning points C. melting points D. boiling points 74. It can be inferred from the passage that______________. A. it is necessary to keep the air-conditioning on all the time B. it seems possible for every household to cut emissions of CO2 C. the average US household produces about 3,000 pounds of CO2 a month D. the average European household produces about 1,000 pounds of CO2 a month 75. Which of the following would be the best title for this passage? A. Saving Energy Starts at Home. B. Changing Our Habits Begins at Work. C. Changing Climate Sounds Reasonable. D. Reducing Emissions of CO2 Proves Difficult. 基础写作
某英语报社拟成立“微笑俱乐部”, 现向癸未征募会员。 要求申请者提交一篇题为“I want to Smile”的英语短文。请你以申请者的身份,根据以下思路图的提示用英语写一篇短文。 【写作要点】 ①微笑的优点;②想对其微笑的人物(父母) ;③对父母微笑的理由; ④对自己微笑的理由;⑤总结。 【写作要求】 1. 根据思路适当展开,以使行文连贯; 2. 只能使用 5 个句子表达全部内容; 【写作提示】 1) 文体:议论文 2) 时态:一般现在时、现在完成时 _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ 答案及解析

完型填空 文章通过 Stephen Guyer 给他的三个孩子讲述他们祖父艰苦创业的故事而未引起孩子们 的共鸣的例子说明了一个观点: 在给孩子们讲故事时, 要采用眼神的交流和孩子们易于接受 的形式,不要只是一味的讲道理。 1. B 根据后一分句中的动词 lose 可知此处选 B。 2. C 根据本句中的 darkest times 可知此处选 C。 3. D 根据后文的直接引语可以推断出所填词意思是:信念,选 D。 4. D 句子意思是:他担心他 15 岁的女儿和 22 岁的双胞胎儿子会沮丧。选 D。 5. B talk about:谈论,讨论;care about:注意,关心;对……感兴趣;write about:写关于… 的事;hear about:听说。由句意可知此处选 B。 6. C 本句意思是:故事专家们说此现象反映了人们对讲述家庭故事越来越大的兴趣,……。 7. D 由句子意思可知所填词意思是:技巧,计谋,选 D。 8. C 句子意思是:讲这种故事的技巧是用一种孩子们能容忍的方式来讲。选 C。 9. C 由后文的直接引语可知这是故事的开头,故此处选 C。 10. C. 由本句的谓语动词 suit 可以推断出此处选 A。 语法填空

1. until 2. takes 3. not 4. against 5. The 6.deaths 7.ignoring 8. were registered 9. or 10.their
阅读理解 D 你的方向感怎么样?来到一个陌生的地方,如果没有指南针,你将如何判断方向你?本 文介绍给我们一种辨别方向的方法。 68. C 推理判断题。根据文章中的辨别方向的步骤可以推断出这种方法需要花费时间,故本 题选 C。 69. B 推理判断题。根据文章第二自然段大意可知本题选 B。 70. A 推理判断题。由文章介绍的辨别方向的步骤可知本题 A 项正确。 71. D 细节判断题。由文中所介绍的辨别方向的办法可知这种方法简单易行,也很实用,选 D。 E 为了保护环境,为了减少温室气体的排放量,作者号召我们从自己做起,从日常生活的 细节着手,降低二氧化碳的排放量。 72. B 推理判断题。由第二自然段的第一句可知本题选 B。 73. C 词义猜测题。根据后一句的 such as the melting(融化)of the ice sheets in Greenland or West Antarctica.可知 tipping points 的意思是:融点,选 C。 74. B 推理判断题。根据最后一自然段大意可知本题选 B。 75. A 主旨大意题。本文作者说明人们从日常生活的细节做起,从自己家庭开始,一 点一 滴着手保护环境,故本题选 A。 基础写作 【参考范文】 I Want to Smile Smiling plays a vital role in our daily life, for it can not only make us happy, but also please others. If we smile at life, life will smile on us in return, so I want to smile whenever and wherever possible. First, I would like to smile at my parents because they have given me life, take all the trouble to bring me up and arrange almost everything for me, without whose help, I couldn’t have

made great progress. Then my smile should go to myself, for only in this way can I gain more confidence in smiling my troubles away and live a better life. In a word, let’s greet every day with a smile. 本文来自网络,请不要使用盗版,谢谢阅读 本文来自网络,请不要使用盗版,谢谢阅读 本文来自网络,请不要使用盗版,谢谢阅读 本文来自网络,请不要使用盗版,谢谢阅读 本文来自网络,请不要使用盗版,谢谢阅读 本文来自网络,请不要使用盗版,谢谢阅读 本文来自网络,请不要使用盗版,谢谢阅读 版权所有 2010 版权所有 201 gaoqs.com 我爱朱丹老婆 版权所有 2010 中华人民共和国 版权所有 2010gaoqs.com 我爱朱丹老婆 版权所有 2010 版权所有 2010gaoqs.com 我爱朱丹老婆 版权所有 2010

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