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hand in hand
see the fire in the sky we feel the beating of our hearts together this is our time to rise above we know the chance is here to live forever for all time (refrain:) hand in

hand we stand all across the land we can make this world a better place in which to live hand in hand we can! start to understand breaking down the walls that come between us for time for the time every time we give it all we feel the flame eternally inside us lift our hands up to the sky the morning calm helps us to live in harmony for all time.

How much do you know about the Olympic Games?

Lead in---- Quiz

Quiz about
1. When did the ancient Olympic Games start? A. 1896 B. 1906 C. 776 BC

2.Where did the ancient Olympics start? A. Rome B. Greece C. the U.S.A
3. What was the prize for the winners in ancient Olympic Games? A. Metals B. Medals C. Olive wreath

4. When and where did the modern Olympics start? A. 1896 Olympia B. 1896 Athens C. 1900 Athens
5. What was rewarded to the winners in modern Olympic Games? A. Metals B. Medals C. Olive wreaths 6. Who was China’s first gold medal winner and for what event? A.Li Ning, gymnastics B.Xu Haifeng, shooting C.Fu Mingxia, diving

7. What is the slogan (口号) of the Olympic Games of 2008? A. New Beijing, Great Olympics.

B. Swifter, Higher, Stronger
C. One World, One Dream 8. What is the host city of 2004 Olympics? ? Athens, Greece C. New York, USA B. Sydney, Australia

9. What is the motto(格言,口号)of the Olympic Games?

10. Who is he?
the former chairman of the International Olympic Committee (IOC)(国际奥委会前任主席)

11. What do the five Olympic rings stand for?



America Oceania


The five rings stand for friendship of five continents.

Atlanta'1996 Barcelona'1992







Tibetan antelope


Official Mascots (吉祥物)of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

medals decorated with jade





12. When and where will the next Olympic Games be held?
The next Olympic games will be held in Rio in 2016.


Are you familiar with the following sports events?

? Ball games: volleyball, baseball, football, tennis, table tennis, badminton, hockey… ? Track and field: ? Gymnastics: ? Others: running, long jump, high jump… shooting, swimming, diving , weightlifting, fencing, wrestling… events of the Olympic Games . They ’re ________

An Interview
Predict: What will they talk about?


Li Yan

What are they mainly talking about?
A.The similarities between the ancient and modern Olympics. B. The differences between the ancient and modern Olympics. C. The similarities and differences about the ancient Olympics and modern Olympics.


Ancient Olympics

Modern Olympics
summer and winter athletes all over the world both men and women over 250 medals

seasons for only in summer the Olympics
only the people in competitors Greece only men, no who are women or slaves allowed:


running, horse riding (several) olive wreaths

? Read the text

carefully again

and underline the similarity between the ancient and modern Olympics

Questions about the similarities
1. How often are the Olympics held? Every four years 2. What is the spirit of the Olympics? Swifter, Higher and Stronger 3. What kinds of Olympics remains? Summer Olympics

Summary of the interview
The Olympic Games are the biggest sports meeting in the world, which include two kinds, the ________and the Winter ______ Summer Olympics. Both of them are _____ held every _____ ______. All countries can take part four years standard if their athletes reached the __________ to the games. Women are not only allowed to join in but playing a very _______ _________ important role.

? A ______ special _______ village is built for the stadiums for competitors to live in, several________ competitions, a large swimming pool, a ___________ gymnasium as well as seats for those who watch the games. It’s a great _____ honor to host the Olympic Games. ? The Olive wreath has been _________ replaced by medals. But it’s still about being able to run faster ______, jump ______ higher and throw further _______.

You know our government has tried its best to compete for hosting the 29th Olympic Games. It has cost a lot of money. Do you think it is worthwhile? Why?

Some useful expressions
a great honor too expensive a great responsibility accident tourism many stadiums national pride pressure stress new investment(投资) accommodation (住宿)

? Find more information about the Games after class, and write a short composition by using these information. ? Review reading:Read through the text, pay more attention to new language points.

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