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高一英语必修三 Unit1~Unit3 单元测试题 一、单项选择题(30 题;30 分) 1. Great changes ______ in China in the past 20 years. A. took place B. have taken place C. were taken place D. have been taken place 2. The manager meant ____ the workers that being 5 minutes late meant ____ the company. A. to tell, to leave B. telling, leaving C. to tell, leaving D. telling, to leave 3. I’m preparing the report for tomorrow’s meeting. Would you please _____ the radio a little ? A.turn on B. turn off C. turn up D. turn down 4. —Where does your little daughter want to go during her holiday ? —She is always looking forward to _____ to the Wu Yi Mountain. A. take B. taking C.being taken D. be taken 5.We invited her to dinner but she didn’t even bother to _______ . A. turn in B. turn up C. turn on D. turn down 6. The police are offering a $ 60,000 _____ for information about the killer. A. price B. prize C. award D. reward 7. Be careful ! The slightest spark could ______ the fireworks. A. set about B.set off C.set out D. set up 8. Armed with the information you have gathered, you can ____preparing your business plan. A. set out B. set about C. set off D. set up 9.He put up a picture of Yao Ming beside the bed to keep himself ____of his own dream. A. reminding B. to remind C. reminded D. remind 10. The child should be punished. You shouldn’t let him ________telling lies. A.keep away from B.keep away with C.get away from D.get away with 11.——How was your recent trip to SiChuan? ——I have never had _____one before. A. a pleasant B. a more pleasant C. a most pleasant D. the most pleasan 12. Every year,Tom remembers to have some flowers ___to her mother on her birthday. A.send B.sent C.sending D.being sent 13. ——Claire had her luggage _____an hour before her plane left. A. check B.checking C. to check D. checked 14. I have a lot of reading ___before the end of the term. A. completing B. to complete C. completed D. being completed 15. —The suspect ____to the police, saying the hammer still____ where he had____it. A. lay; lay; lain B. lay , lied laid C. lied; lay; laid D. lied ; laid; lain 16. If you ______ go, at least wait until the rain stops. A. can B. would C. should D. must 17. ——Mr Wang, I will go and get four chairs for the meeting. ——You ______ get four; two will do.

A. won’t B. couldn’t C. shouldn’t D. needn’t 18. She ____ have left school, for her bike is still here. A. can’t B. wouldn’t C. shouldn’t D. needn’t 19. ——What does the sign over there read? ——―No person ___ smoke or carry a lighted cigarette,cigar or pipe in this area.‖ A.will B.may C.shall D. must 20. ——To make members of a team perform better, the coach first of all has to know their ____and weakness. A. strengths B. benefits C. techniques D.values. 21. It won’t be _____scientists can find out ways to get rid of this disease. A. long after B. before long C. long before D. long since 22.---I wonder what makes you a successful manager. ——I____as a waiter for five years , which contributes a lot to my today’s work. A. serve B. have served C. is served D. served 23.My uncle hasn’t been able to quit smoking, but at least he has _____. A. cut out B. cut down C.cut up D. cut off. 24. Sam ____some knowledge of the computer just by watching others working on it. A. brought up B. looked up C. picked up D. set up. 25. Thin of the scenes ____the people were killed by the invaders , the old man was full of anger. A. when B. why C. where D. which 26. Time_____, we can have a walk around the playground after supper. A. permitting B. to permit C. permitted D. permit. 27. ---Jack can’t concentrate on his study recently. – ---Yes, This might_____ why he did so badly in the last test. A. answer for B. apply for C. call for D. account for 28. This is not an economical way to get more water; ____; it is very expensive. A. on the other hand B. in short C. on the contrary D. or else 29.when I went in, he was lying on the floor_____at the ceiling. A. to stare B. stared C. was staring D. staring. 30. ____hard you try, it is difficult to lose weight without cutting down the amount you eat. 二 完形填空(20 小题,30 分) I’m someone who never went to university but always thought about it. The only way I 31 was listening to my children talk about their class and all the interesting things they were 32 . University was just a life-long 33 of mine. I just turned sixty-four years old in September. I still thought about that old dream 34 one day when there was an Advanced-Age 35 at the local university. I decided to 36 . The day finally arrived-my first day of school. As I 37 there, my mind was filled with 38 thoughts, ―What am I doing? I’m not smart enough to go to university. The 39 will laugh when they see me in class. I probably won’t live long enough to get a 40 . Maybe I should just

turn the car around and go home.‖ Then, 41 , I saw it! A large billboard on the side of the road with a picture of Kermit the Frog. I 42 a little and read the words next to his picture. ― Live your dreams. ‖ Was Kermit speaking me? I didn’t turn the car around. I drove a little 43 on up the highway and there was another 44. This one had a picture of Albert Einstein with his tongue 45 out. A line read, ―As a student, he was no Einstein.‖ And there was a word in red, ―Confidence‖. A new attitude was 46 inside me. I was now 47 the gate of the university and there 48 still another billboard. This one showed a photograph of a proud 49 in a cap and gown. Under the picture was her 50 , Nola Ochs, aged 95. Oldest University Graduate. Below it was the words, ―Live Life‖. At that moment, my outlook changed completely. 31. A. acquired B. consulted C. attended D. contained 32. A. learning B. taking C. teaching D. using 33. A. goal B. dream C. advice D. idea 34. A. since B. before C. after D. until 35. A. program B. system C. theme D. process 36. A. turn up B. sign up C. keep up D. make up 37. A. walked B. stepped C. ran D. drove 38. A. negative B. attractive C. active D. optimistic 39. A. tutors B. kids C. professors D. fellows 40. A. degree B. praise C. skill D. reputation 41. A. finally B. immediately C. exactly D. suddenly 42. A. sped up B. cut down C. slowed down D. went up 43. A. higher B. further C. closer D. lower 44. A. billboard B. picture C. portrait D. cartoon 45. A. breaking B. pulling C. sticking D. giving 46. A. forming B. arriving C. building D. making 47. A. approaching B. arriving C. squeezing D. staying 48. A. lay B. lived C. sat D. stood 49. A. man B. teenager C. woman D. youth 50. A. motto B. name C. age D. hobby 三.阅读理解(共两篇,5 小题 10 分) A. A car needs gas to run and your body also needs food to work for you. Eating the right kind of food is very important. It can keep your body strong, so take care of what you eat. There are four main food groups altogether. The dairy products group has food like milk, cheese and sour milk. The other three groups are the meat and fish group, the fruit and vegetable group, and the bread and rice group. Each meal should have at least one food from all the four main groups. With all these food together you will be given enough energy during the day.

It is easy to get into bad eating habits. You may eat your breakfast in a hurry to get to school on time. Or you may not have time for a good lunch. It may seem easy to finish your supper with fish and chips all the time. But you will find yourself tired during these days and you can not think quickly. Watching what you eat will help keep your body healthy and strong. It is also good to take some exercise. It will help you eat more if you take a walk or play games in the open air. Having a good eating habit with some exercise is the key to your health. 51. Which of the following diets do you think is the best one? A. Eggs, tomatoes and chicken. B. Milk, bread, cabbages and beef. C. Corn, fish, cream and pork. D. Rice, beancurd, apples, fish and chicken. 52. Which of the following is a good eating habit? A. Going to school without any breakfast.B. Eating fish and chips for supper all the time. C. Finishing your lunch in a very short time. D. Having at least one food from all the four groups each meal. 53. In this passage the writer mainly tells us that ______. A. every person needs food to grow well B. taking exercise can keep your body strong C. right kind of food with exercise will keep you healthy D. enough energy helps people think more quickly B Several different stories are told about the origin of Saint Valentine’s Day. One legend dates as far back as the days of Roman Empire. According to the story. Claudius, the Emperor of Rome, wanted to increase the size of the army. He knew that it would be easier to get young men who were not married to join the army; therefore, he made a rule that no young men could marry until he had served in the army for a number of years. A priest named Valentine broke the rule and secretly married a great number of young people. Finally, Claudius found out about Valentine and put the priest in prison, where he remained until his death on February 14. After his death, Valentine was made a saint and the day of his death was named Saint Valentine’s Day----which is a time for people to send one another their greeting of many kinds. February 14, Valentine’s Day, is sweetheart’s day, on which people in love with each other express their tender emotions. People sometimes put their love message in a heart shaped box of chocolate or a bunch of flowers tied with red ribbons. Words of letters may be written on the flower covered card, or something else. Whatever the form may be, the message is almost the same ―Will you be my Valentine?‖ 54.According to the rule_______. A. no young men could get married unless they were old enough. B. Young men could get married if they had served the army for a number of years. C. no one could get married without the emperor’s permission

D. young men could get married only in the army. 55.The message mainly tells us about_______. A.How Valentine died B.The emperor of Rome C.How Valentine’s Day is celebrated D.The origin of Valentine’s Day 七选五(5 小题 10 分) Weight loss is a hard topic. Lots of people aren’t satisfied with their present weight, but most people aren’t sure how to change it. You may want to look like the models or actors in magazines or on TV, but those goals might not be healthy or realistic(现实的) for you . 56 So what should you do about your weight control? 57 The best way to find out if you are at a healthy weight or if you need to lose or gain weight is to talk to a doctor or dietitian(营养学家). 58 If it turns out that you can benefit from weight loss then you can follow a few of the simple suggestions listed below to get started. 59 People who lose weight quickly by crash dieting or other extreme measures usually gain back all of the pounds they lost, because they haven’t permanently(永久地) changed their habits. Therefore, the best weight management ways are those that you can maintain for a lifetime. Small changes are a lot easier to stick with(坚持做) than large ones. Try reducing the size of what you eat. 60 Once you have that down, start gradually introducing healthier foods and exercise into your life. It’s a good idea to maintain a healthy weight because it’s just that: healthy. A.Try giving up regular soda for a week. B.Try to pay attention as you eat and stop when you’re full. C.Weight management is about long-term success. D.Besides, no magical diet will make you look like someone else. E.Being healthy is really about being at a weight that is right for you. F.Changing from whole to nonfat or low-fat milk is also a good idea. G.They will compare your weight with healthy standards and help you set goals.


语法填空(共 15 分) Nowadays, almost everyone 1__________(realize) that smoking is 2__________ (harm) to people’s health. Sometimes it 3__________ causes fire. In China, about 38% of the people smoke. Every year, they smoke millions of packets of 4__________. It’s bad news for the health of nation. It’s known that smoking can cause different kinds of disease. Every year, many people die 5_________ these illnesses, such as lung and throat cancers. It also costs the government much money to look 6___________ these sick people. Smoking is also harmful to those 7________ don’t smoke, 8___________ (especial) to children and women. In a word, smoking is no good. 9__________ you want to smoke, just think of those who suffer from diseases 10_________ the fires that destroy people’s lives and properties! 三、单词拼写(共 15 小题, 15 分) 11.The truth is that I can find no ____(错误,毛病)with her. 12. You should stop your car in the __________ ( 停车 ) lot instead of in the street. 13. We all _____________ ( 钦佩 ) her for the way she saved the children from the fire. 14.She was _____(徘徊)through the street when she caught the sight of a tailor’s shop 15.I hope you will always be ________________(精力旺盛的) when having classes. 16.The little girl fell into the lake and d__________(溺死). 17. Under the lead of our Party, we finally got _____________(独立)from the other countries. 18.Taking regular exercise and having a healthy _______(饮食)are good for your health. 19 . She usually ______________( 结合 )creative imagination with intelligence to create some wonders. 20.The water in some western parts is so _________(有限的)that people only get three cups of water every day. 21.You should ____________(权衡)the advantages against the disadvantages before you give up your present job. 22 . Please find out the foods that give fibre for ________(消化) and health. 23.They_____(搜索,寻找)in vain for somewhere to shelter 24. She is not s_____________ enough to wear these tight trousers. 25. Children are always full of c____________; they want to know everything. 短文改错(共 10 分) It was 7:15 in the morning of February 8, 2007. I was walking along Park Road towards the east while an old man came out of the park on the other sides of the street. Then I saw a yellow car drive up Third Street and made a right turn into Park Road. The next moment the car hit the man while she was crossing the road. He fell with a cry. The car didn’t stop and drive off at full speed heading west. I noticed the driver was young woman wore a pair of glasses and the plate number

was AC864. After two minutes later, I stopped a passed car and took the old man to the nearest hospital.


班级:__________ 姓名:___________ 座号:________ 分数:_________

参考答案 选择题: 1 B 11 C 21 D 2 C 12 B 22 C 3 D 13 A 23 B 4 C 14 A 24 C 5 B 15 C 25 A 6 D 16 D 26 A 7 B 17 D 27 D 8 A 18 A 28 C 9 B 19 C 29 D 10 D 20 C 30 B

非选择题: 31.starved/starve 32.parking 33.admired/admire 34.origin 35.energetic 36.drowned 37.independence 38.diet 39.combines/combined 40.limited 41.balance 42.digest 43.strength 44.slim 45.curiosity 46. playing a joke/trick on 或 to play jokes/tricks on 47.as though/if 48.held his breath 49.It is obvious that 50.in memory of 51.have, standing 52.ought to 53.any longer

54.laugh at 55.long before


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