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M1U2 Lesson 4 Superhero


Lesson 4 Superhero

What do you know about Christopher Reeve?

A superwoman in China. Do you

know her?


rhero superman disaster on one’s own promote injury give up

n.超级英雄 n.超人 n.灾难 单独地,独自地 vt.促进,提升 n.伤害,损害 放弃

come to pull through commit commit suicide get on relationship react

达到某种状态 渡过难关 vt.犯(错误),干(坏事) 自杀 融洽相处,进展 n.关系 vi.反应


vi.离婚 参加,参与 n.质量,品质

get involved with



far too


Look at the two pictures and answer the questions.

1.What was his most famous film character? Superman. 2.What terrible thing happened to him in real life? He fell off his horse and broke his back. 3.What did he do afterwards? He promoted medical research and made speeches all over the USA about his experiences.

Match the topics with the parts of the article.
a) the riding accident b) his marriage c) his feelings after the accident d) his death ( 2 ) (5 ) ( 4 ) ( 9 )

e) his parents

f) his belief
g) how he get involved

( 6) ( 8 )

with charity work
h) his work

( 7)
( 3)

True or False
1. After the accident, with his wife’s help, Christopher Reeve pulled through. T 2. Christopher Reeve got involved with charity work because he wanted to improve the quality of his life. F

3. Reeve was optimistic facing the fact that he couldn’t stand up any longer. T
4. Both of Reeve’s parents loved their son. T

Language points
1. be famous for 以…而著名 He is famous for his songs. be famous as 作为…而出名

Li Lianjie is famous as an actor.

2. on one's own 独自;靠自己
她一个人过。 She lives on her own.

3. experience (1)经验(不可数) 经验为她们进行咨询作了准备。 Experience is their preparation for giving advice.

经验给人教训。 Experience teaches. 经验给人智慧。 Experience does it. (2)经历,阅历(可数) 请你告诉我们你在美洲的经历。

Please tell us your experiences in America.

4. suffer from 忍受, 遭受 饥寒交迫 suffer from cold and hunger

遭受水灾 suffer from floods 大多数南方城镇都遭受水灾。 Most southern towns have suffered from floods.

5. come to 涉及;谈及 谈到政治,我一无所知。 When it comes to politics, I know nothing. 获致;到达;结束 汽车蓦地刹住。 The car came to a dead stop.

水已达我的腰部。 The water came to my waist.

总共;共计 账款共计5美元50美分。

The bill came to $5.50. 突然想起 我猛然想起了这首歌的歌词。 Suddenly the words of the song came to me.

6. pull through 渡过难关, 恢复健康
我相信你能够渡过难关。 I believe that you can pull through.

7. get on 生活, 融洽相处, 进展

They are getting on well now.

8. give up 放弃

我认输, 告诉我答案吧。
I give up; tell me what the answer is. give in 屈服 叛乱者被迫投降。

The rebels were forced to give in.

give away 泄露,放弃,分配,出卖 他要舍弃一切时髦的东西而归真返璞。 He wants to give away all his modern possessions and return to nature. give out 分发 教师发了考卷。 The teacher gave out the examination papers.

9. react to 与...起反应 眼睛对光起反应。 The eyes react to light. 10. With the progress of new medical research, I’m confident that…… with 短语作状语

他站在那儿,手里拿着一本书。 He stood there, with a book in his hand.

他低着头,走进教室。 With his head lowered, he came into the classroom.

1. 镇上的面粉场主以优质面粉著称。 The town miller was famous for his excellent flour. 2. 尽管她父亲在公司里,但她那份工作却是 靠自己得到的。 Although her father is in the firm, she got the job on her own. 3.这是我有过的教育意义最大的一次经历。 It was the most educational experience I had ever had.


Most of the important cities of the world suffer from traffic jam. 5.他洗澡时想出了这个主意。
The idea came to him in his bath. 6.他很快就会恢复健康的。

He will pull through his illness soon.

Work out the meaning of these words from the text and use them to replace the underlined words in the sentences. disaster, on his own, depression, injury, confident, get involved, divorced

1. A really bad thing happened in
2003. Our school burnt down.



2. Many people suffer from feeling
very sad. It can be treated with


3. Don’t just sit there! Take part

Get involved

and help disabled people!

4. He won’t be able to walk by
himself ever again. on his own

5. She’s sure that her mother’s
hurt will heal. injury 6. Many people’s parents are no longer married these days.



Choose the correct meaning.
1. come to a) to visit b) to reach a state 2. pull through a) to survive b) to walk 3. think of a) to carefully consider b) to have an idea 4. give up a) to be afraid b) to stop fighting 5. get on a) to have a friendly relationship b) to escape

Use the phrasal verbs above to complete these sentences. 1. Understanding his wife helps Christopher get on well with her. 2. After the accident, doctors warned

Christopher that he wasn’t going to and live. pull through

3. Talking with his family and friends helped Christopher come to terms with his disabilities.
4. Christopher says there is so much

happening in his life right now that he is too busy to think of giving up
and dying.

5. After Dana told Christopher that

he had her support and love, give up Christopher decided not to ________ living.

Write questions to ask your partner about changes in his/her life in the last three years.

? Have you started a new holiday or sport? ? Do you still like the same kind of music?

Try to know more about Zhang Haidi, then write an essay to depict(描写) her. Let everybody

know that she is a superwoman.

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