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B5U1 Great scientists
John Snow, a well-known doctor in London, became 1___________ (inspire) when he thought about helping ordinary people 2___________ (expose) to cholera, a 3___________ (die) disease of its day. Many thousands of people died 4___________ there was an outbreak because no one knew the cause of it. John wanted to help solve the problem. He got interested in two theories 5___________ (explain) how cholera killed people. He believed in the second theory 6___________ suggested that people 7___________ (absorb) the disease with their meals. In 1854, when another outbreak hit London, he was ready to test 8___________ two theories. 9___________ the help of the map he made, he got a valuable clue about the cause of the disease and was able to announce that the water was 10___________ (blame). “King Cholera" was finally defeated.

B5U2 The United Kingdom
Great Britain consists 1___________ four countries: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. In the 13th century, Wales 2___________ (link) to England. In 1603, they were joined to Scotland. They were united 3___________ peace instead of by war. However, just as they were going to get Ireland 4___________ (connect) to from United Kingdom, the southern part of Ireland broke away, 5___________ only Northern Ireland joined with England. England is 6___________ (large) of the four countries and for 7___________ (convenient) it was divided into three zones: the South of England, the Midlands and the North. Most of the population 8___________ (settle) in the South, but most of the industrial cities are located in the Midlands and the North. London is the capital city with the great 9___________ (history) treasures. It has the oldest port 10___________ (build) by the Romans in the 1st century AD, the oldest building begun by the Anglo-Saxons in the 1060s and the oldest castle constructed by later Norman rulers in 1066.

B5U3 Life in the future
Li Qiang couldn't believe that he had traveled to the year AD 3008 1___________ a time capsule. 2___________ this was his first time trip, he was worried and 3___________ (settle) and he also suffered from "time lag". Besides, he 4___________ (hit) by the lack of fresh air. His guide, Wang Ping, who was very 5___________ (understand), gave him some green tablets and a mask, 6___________ helped him overcome the problems. However, Li Qiang experienced something new. He flew 7___________ the ground in a hovering carriage. 8___________ (arrive) home, he was shown into a large bright, clean room with a wall of trees. After eating something, he fell 9___________ asleep in the bed that 10___________ (produce) from the floor.

B5U4 Making the news
It is Zhou Yang's first day at the office of China Daily. He is excited and eager to go out 1___________ a story on his own, but he can't because he isn't 2___________ (experience) enough. His new boss, Hu Xin, is sharing with him 3___________ to be a good reporter. To be a good reporter, one needs to be curious, which 4___________ (able) one to ask many different questions and acquire all the information he needs to know. Besides, it's important for a reporter to have a nose 5___________ a story, 6___________ (know) if someone is telling the truth. And while interviewing people, a reporter has to listen to the answers carefully because he has to listen to the 7___________ (detail) facts and prepare the next question 8___________ (depend) on what people say. If possible, a reporter can 9___________ (recorder) the interview in case he 10___________ (accuse) of printing lies.

B5U5 First aid
The skin, which acts as a barrier 1___________ disease, poisons and the sun's harmful rays, is an essential part of your body. So if your skin gets burned it can be very serious. Depending on 2___________ layers of the skin are burned, they are called first, second, third degree burns. First degree burns make an effect 3___________ only the top layer of the skin and it turns white when 4___________ (press). Second degree burns include severe sunburn and burns 5___________ (cause) by hot liquids. Third degree burns cause little or no pain if nerves are damaged; may be pain around edge of injured area. If possible, we should do some first aid. First, remove clothing using scissors if necessary 6___________ it is stuck to the burn. Take off other clothing near the burn. Cool burns immediately with cool 7___________ not icy water which prevents the pain becoming 8___________ (bear) and reduces swelling. It is 9___________ (help) to squeeze cool cloths out from a basin and place them on the burned area over and over again. Hold the bandage 10___________ place with tape if necessary. Lastly, it is vital that we should get the victim to the doctor or hospital at once if the situation becomes worse and worse.

X6U1 Art
Art 1___________ (influence) by the way of life and beliefs. During the Middle Ages, the main aim of painters was to represent religious themes. Artists were interested in 2___________ (create) respect and love for God. In the Renaissance, people focused 3___________ on humans and less on religion. Artists tried to paint people and nature 4___________ they really were. Masaccio used perspective in his paintings 5___________ made people 6___________ (convince) they were looking through a hole in the wall 7___________ a real scene. The impressionists were the first to paint outdoors. They had to paint 8___________ (quick) and their paintings were not detailed as 9___________ of earlier painters. Today people accepted impressionists' paintings as the beginning of modern art. Some modern art is abstract 10___________ some is realistic.

X6U2 Poems
Some poems tell a story or describe something in a way 1___________ (give) the reader a strong 2___________ (impress). 3___________ try to convey certain emotions. Poets use different forms of poetry to express themselves. For example, the language of nursery rhymes is concrete but 4___________ (imagine), and they delight children 5___________ they have strong rhythm and a lot of repetition. And list poems have a flexible line length and 6___________ (repeat) phrases which give both a pattern and a rhythm to the poem. Another simple form of poem is the cinquain, 7___________ is made up of five lines and can convey strong 8___________ (feel) in just a few words. Haiku is a Japanese form of poetry that is made up of 17 syllables. And of course there are Tang poems from China which you may enjoy 9___________ particular. With so many different forms of poetry to choose from, students may want to write poems 10___________.

X6U3 A healthy life
It's easy for you to start smoking, but 1___________ you become addicted to it, you may find 2___________ difficult to quit. Firstly, you may become 3___________ (physical) addicted to nicotine, a harmful chemical that consists in cigarettes. Secondly, you may develop the habit of smoking 4___________ become mentally addicted to it, 5___________ (believe) that you will only feel good when you smoke. Smoking may have all kinds of harmful effects on the health of both the smokers themselves and non-smokers around them. It not only affects your physical

6___________ (fit), but also does harm 7___________ your heart and lungs and causes a variety of diseases. Being a smoker, the offensive smell and appearance of you may drive people around you away. So, it's important 8___________ one quit smoking and live a healthier life. To quit smoking, you should be well-prepared and make 9___________ list of all the benefits you may get after quitting. Developing some new habits like listening to music, reading novels or 10___________ (do) housework may distract your attention and help you give up smoking.

X6U4 Global warming
The earth is becoming warmer--- but does it matter? 1___________ (compare) to other natural changes, the temperature of the earth is rising rapidly. So 2___________ has this come about and does it matter? All scientists subscribe to the view 3___________ the increase in the earth's temperature is due to the burning of fossil fuels like coal, natural gas and oil to produce energy. Some byproducts of this produce are called “greenhouse” gases, the most important one of 4__________ is carbon dioxide. When huge quantities of extra carbon dioxide are added to the atmosphere, most heat energy tends to 5___________ (trap) in the atmosphere causing the global temperature causing the global temperature to go up. It was a scientist called Charles Keeling, 6___________ made accurate measurement of the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The attitudes of scientists towards this rise are 7___________ (complete) different. Some think that the trend which increases the temperature would be a catastrophe. Others are opposed 8___________ this view and believe that we should not worry about high levels of carbon dioxide in the air. All in all, greenhouse gases continue to build up in the atmosphere. Even if we start reducing 9___________ amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, the climate is going to keep on warming for decades 10___________ centuries.

X6U5 The power of nature
I often travel to unusual places and work alongside interesting people from all over the world. Using 1___________ (science) equipment and 2___________ (collect) information about volcanoes is my job. 3___________ my job is occasionally dangerous, I don't mind because danger excites me and makes me feel alive. 4___________ is known, when lava from the volcano flows, many houses will be covered 5___________ lava or be burnt to the ground. However, my job helps scientists predict 6___________ lava from the volcano will flow next and how fast, which can help protect ordinary people 7___________ one of the most powerful forces on earth. I once experienced the eruption of Mount Kilauea and was lucky to have a close look at the 8___________ (absolute) fantastic sight. When it broke out, red lava was fountained hundreds of meters 9___________ the air. All the lava 10___________ (pass) slowly down the mountain caused great damage and buried everything in its path under the molten rock.

X7U1 Living well
Marty is a boy who looks the same as other people 1___________ has a muscle disease which sometimes makes him very weak. Not being able to climb stairs as quickly as 2___________, he gets out of breath after running just a short way and he has to stop halfway up the stairs and rest 3___________ he can get to the top, which makes kids make fun of him. He always feels stupid for being a bit 4___________ the others after a long 5___________ (absent) from school. Although doctors can't give his disease a name and it's difficult to know 6___________ the future will be like, Marty 7___________ (learn) to adapt to his disability. His

motto is: live one day at 8___________ time. He has a busy life without time to sit around 9___________ (feel) sorry for himself. Besides writing and computer programming, he goes to the movies as well as football matches with his friends and spends a lot of time with his pets. His ambition is 10___________ (work) in the computer industry when he grows up.

X7U2 Robots
A robot used for homework 1___________ (test) out in a family. He looked like a tall 2___________ handsome man with smooth black hair, 3___________ (speak) in a deep voice. Larry was going to be away from home so he hired such a robot to accompany 4___________ wife Clair. Clair didn't like the idea at the beginning, but she agreed to it at last. At her first sight of Tony, Claire was alarmed. When Tony offered to help her dressing, Claire felt embarrassed. 5___________ (gradual), Tony began to win Claire's trust. He helped Claire realize her dreams 6___________ making her home elegant, giving her a new haircut, changing the makeup she wore and giving her advice on her dresses. 7___________, at the party all the guests 8___________were invited were filled with 9 ___________ (admire) when they saw her house was completely changed. After the test, the company was satisfied with Tony's report 10___________ he had successfully made a woman regain her confidence.

X7U3 Under the sea
Clancy had heard of the story that every year the killers helped whalers catch huge whales before he began to work at the whaling station at the age of 16. After working there he witnesses it with his own eyes many times. On the afternoon he arrived, when he was sorting out his 1___________ (accommodate), he heard a loud noise coming from the bay. Then he experienced how the killers, especially Old Tom, 2___________ (help) lead the way and catch a whale. First, 3___________ pack of about six killers worked as a team to attack the whale, some 4___________ (throw) themselves on the top of the whale's blow-hole to stop it breathing and others stopping it diving or fleeing out to sea. Then a whaler aimed the harpoon 5___________ the whale and let it go. The harpoon hit the spot and being badly wounded, the whale soon died. Clancy was surprised to find the killers dragged the whale's body swiftly down into the 6___________ (deep) of the sea. He 7___________ (tell) that the body wouldn't float up for around 24 hours, during which the killers would have a good feed on its lips and tongues. One day, one of the whalers, James was washed off the boat when they were out in the bay. Just as James was terrified of 8___________ (abandon) by the other whalers, a shark appeared. 9___________ Clancy's surprise, it was Old Tom 10___________ came and saved James in time.

X7U4 Sharing
Joe is a young Australian woman who has worked as a volunteer teacher in Papua New Guinea for two years. She thought it wonderful to hear 1___________ her friend, Rosemary, who was dying to hear all about her life there. The high school 2___________ she worked was a bush school, whose classrooms were made of bamboo and grass. The other day when Joe was showing the boys the 3___________ (week) chemistry experiment, the mixture was bubbling 4___________she knew it. The boys who had never come across anything like this before were so

frightened that they started jumping out of the windows. 5___________ Joe wondered if chemistry was relevant to the kids, she tried to make 6___________ difference to the boys' lives. Last weekend Joe went with another teacher to visit a village which was the home of one of the boys, Tombe. When they arrived, Tombe's mother, who 7___________ (pull) weeds in her garden, started crying “ieee ieee” and his father led them into his house, a low bamboo hut with grass 8___________ (stick) out of the roof. There being no windows and the doorway being just big enough to get through, the hut was so dark inside 9___________ it took time for her eyes to adjust. After dinner, Joe noticed a can standing upside down on the grill over the fire 10___________ (heat) to dry out the leftover food.

X7U5 Travelling abroad
Xie Lei, a 21 year-old Chinese student, said goodbye to her family and friends in China and 1___________ (board) a plane for London six months ago in order to get a business qualification. It was the first time that she 2___________ (leave) her motherland and she found it hard for her to adjust to the new life, which took up all her 3___________ (concentrate) in the beginning. She is now halfway through the preparation year, which most foreign students complete 4___________ applying for a degree course. Xie Lie boards with a host family who give her lots of advice and comfort when she misses her family. Studying in England is quite different from 5___________ in China, 6___________ her preparation course is helping her to get used to the academic 7___________ (require) of a western university. She was numb with shock when her tutor gave her 8___________ E for her first essay. Only after the tutor told her did she learn that she couldn't copy exactly what other people had said 9___________acknowledging them and that she should give her own opinion and explain it by referring to other authors. Now she is trying to have a balance between study and social life though she 10___________ (occupy) with work.

X8U1 A land of diversity
California is the third 1___________ (large) state in the USA but has the largest population. It is the most multicultural state in the US. This is not 2___________ (surprise) when you know the history of California 3___________ has attracted people from nearly every country in the world. No one really knows what time the first 4___________ (settle) arrived in 5___________ we now know as California. The scientists believe that the Native Americans reached Alaska 6___________means of a land bridge. In the 18th century, California was ruled by Spain. Of the first Spanish to go to California, the majority were religious men. In 1848, gold 7___________ (discover) in California and the dream of becoming rich quickly attracted people from all over the world. In fact, few achieved their dream, but most remained in California to make a life for themselves. In more recent decades, California 8___________ (become) home to people from Asia. 9___________is believed that before long the mix of nationalities will be 10___________ great that there will be no major racial or cultural groups.

X8U2 Cloning
Cloning is a way of 1___________ (make) an exact copy of another animal or plant. 2___________has two major uses. One is 3___________gardeners use it to produce commercial quantities of plants. The other is that it is valuable for research on new species and for medical research on animals. 4___________, the process of cloning is difficult 5___________ (undertake). Many attempts to clone mammals failed. The first successful clone, Dolly the sheep, made the whole 6___________ (science) world follow its process, though it had 7___________

problems than the normal sheep. On the other hand, Dolly's appearance 8___________ (raise) a storm of objections and had a great impact 9___________ the media and public 10___________ (imagine). Different people have different opinions on it. However, scientists still wonder whether cloning will help or harm us where it is leading us.

X8U3 Inventors and inventions
1___________ the writer called up her mother in the country on the phone, she learned that snakes came near their house and that they seemed 2___________ (make) their home near their house. The writer felt proud and considered 3___________ a chance for her to distinguish 4___________ by inventing something 5___________ would catch snakes but not harm them. She set about 6___________ (research) the habits of snakes. She decided to cool them so that they could be 7___________ (easy) caught. However, her first two plans were not successful. As a result, she had to attempt a 8___________ (three) time, which helped her fulfill her aim successfully. She was 9___________delighted that she was determined to send her 10___________ (invent) to the patent office to get recognition for her successful idea.

X8U4 Pygmalion
My Fair Lady was the title of a successful musical and later a film 1___________ (base) on Bernard Shaw's classical Pygmalion. In the musical, Professor Higgins takes 2___________ bet from Colonel Pickering 3___________ he can transfer an unrefined 4___________ (dirt) flower girl Eliza Doolittle 5___________ a lady, and fool everyone into 6___________ (think) she really is. He does, and thus young aristocrat Freddy Eynsford-Hill falls 7___________ (mad) in love with her. When Higgins takes all the credit and forgets to acknowledge her efforts. Eliza angrily leaves him for Freddy. Only then 8___________ Higgins realize he 9___________ (accustom) to her face and can't live___________ her.

X8U5 Meeting your ancestors
A group of students from England has come to the Zhoukoudian Cave for a visit. 1___________ archaeologist is showing them around. The archaeologists 2___________ (excavate) here for many years. After finding human and animal bones in those caves higher up the hill as well as tools and ornaments, they think 3___________ reasonable to assume some of the earliest people lived in these caves, 4___________ the cold. They discovered fireplaces in the center of the caves 5___________ they constructed fires. Some evidence suggests that our ancestors 6___________ wear clothes 7___________ (make) from animal skins. The archaeologist also shows the students a primitive necklace 8___________ (preserve) quite well. In deed, as the botanical analysis has been 9___________ (special) showing us, all the fields around here used to be part of a large shallow lake. Perhaps there was trade between early people 10___________they traveled to the seaside on their journeys.

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