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人教版高中英语同步练习:必修5 unit 5 period 1(含答案)

Unit 5 First aid Period 1 Warming Up Pre?reading & Reading 课时精练(人教版必修 5,课标通用)
时间:45 分钟 Ⅰ.介、副词填空 1.The mother was squeezing the juice ________ a lemon(柠檬)to feed her baby. 2.You'd better put things back ________ place . Otherwise , it will be difficult to find out. 3.After the doctor rubbed his legs ________ and ________ again ,he felt it less painful. 4.He got burnt so badly that his clothes stuck ________ his skin. 5.Whether we can go out depends ________ the weather. 6.A variety ________ food is sold at a supermarket. 7.Law and order is vital ________ a country. 8.I can not tell who's who when the women take ________ their makeup. 9.Heart attacks and strokes can be caused ________ many reasons. 10.She is buying a flat close ________ her office. 答案 1.out of 2.in 3.over;over 4.to 5.on 6.of 7.to 8.off 9.by 10.to Ⅱ.单词拼写 1.He was wounded in a________(重要的)part of his anatomy. 2.The human brain is a________(复杂的) system. 3.Poor health may be a________(阻碍)to success. 4.In the crash he suffered severe________(伤害) to the head and arms. 5.He's the________(最温和)man you could wish to meet. 6.She came quickly to his________(帮助). 7.The drawer is so________(紧的) that I can't open it. 8.The eye is the________(器官)of sight. 9.Don't sleep between________(潮湿的) sheets. 10.If you add too much________(液体),the mixture will not be thick enough. 答案 1.vital 2.complex 3.barrier 4.injuries 5.mildest 6.aid 7.tight 8.organ 9.damp

10.liquid Ⅲ.翻译与仿写 1.If possible,discuss what kind of first aid you should give in these situations. 翻译:________________________________________________________________________ 仿写:如果可能的话,明天早上 9 点在饭店餐厅会面如何? ________________________________________________________________________

2.First aid is a temporary form of help given to someone who suddenly falls ill or gets injured before a doctor can be found. 翻译:________________________________________________________________________ 仿写:电脑在教学中是有用的辅助工具。 ________________________________________________________________________ 3.It prevents your body from losing too much water. 翻译:________________________________________________________________________ 仿写:什么也不能阻止他照顾女儿。 ________________________________________________________________________ 4.Sam knocked over a kettle full of boiling water onto his legs. 翻译:________________________________________________________________________ 仿写:她想推翻桌子,去打他。 ________________________________________________________________________ 5.Her husband took off her blouse and picked off bits of the blouse stuck to the burn. 翻译:________________________________________________________________________ 仿写:园丁把所有凋谢的花朵摘了下来。 ________________________________________________________________________ 答案 1.如果可能的话,讨论一下在下列情形中,你应该采取哪种急救方式? If possible, why not we meet in the hotel restaurant at nine tomorrow morning? 2.急救就是在找到医生之前对突然生病或受伤的人提供的一种临时的救助。 A computer is a useful aid in teaching. 3.它可以阻止体内水分过多流失。 Nothing would prevent him from looking after his daughter. 4.萨姆踢倒了一个装满开水的水壶,水溅到了他的腿上。 She wanted to knock over the table and hit him. 5.她的丈夫脱下她的衬衣,还把粘在伤口上的碎布拉了下来。 The gardener picked off all the dead flowers. Ⅳ.语篇填词 The__1__is the largest organ of your body, which can protect against disease,__2__and so on. It has__3__functions. But when your skin gets burned it can be very serious,so it is very important to know the first aid for burns.A__4__of things can burn your skin,and there are three types of burns.The first degree burns are the less serious and the third are the most serious ones. If you've got burns,first,remove clothing using__5__if necessary. Then put your burned skin under cool but not icy water for about 10 minutes except the third degree burns. For the first degree burns,place cool, clean, wet cloths on them.For the second degree burns, keep cloths cool by putting them in a__6__of

cold water,__7__them out and placing them on the burned skin over and over__8__for an hour. Next ,dry the burned area gently,then cover the burned area with a dry ,clean__9__without sticking to the skin , and hold it in__10__with tape. If you've got the second or third degree burns , you'd better go to hospital at once. 答案 1.skin 2.poisons 3.complex 4.variety 5.scissors 6 . basin 7.squeezing 8.again

9.bandage 10.place Ⅴ.单项填空 1.—Daddy, my brother has cut his finger and he's bleeding. —Let him press a clean piece of cloth on the________first.I'll call the doctor immediately. A. hurt B. injury C. wound D. harm 答案 C [根据 my brother has cut his finger and he's bleeding. 可知是“刀伤”,应用 wound。 第二句意思是“让他先在伤口上按一块干净的布,我立刻给医生打电话”。] 2.Michael Joseph Jackson,________many of you remember,came from American. A.what B. that C.how D.as 答案 D 3.The gate of the park is________she met her boyfriend for the first time ten years ago. A.that B.what C.where D./ 答案 C [where 引导表语从句,且在从句中作地点状语。句意:这个公园的大门旁是 10 年 前她第一次见到她男朋友的地方。] 4.—Have you heard of the story of “The Lady of the Camellias”? —No. When and where does the story________? A.take off B.take on C.take up D.take place 答案 D [句意:——你听说过《茶花女》这个故事吗?——没有,这个故事发生在何时何

地?take off 起飞,脱下;take on 呈现;take up 占据,开始从事;take place 发生。] 5.I suggest you take it seriously and see a doctor as soon as possible because fever is a________of many illness. A.message B.symptom C.label D.clue 答案 B [句意: 因为发烧是很多疾病的征兆, 所以我建议你认真对待, 尽早去看医生。 message 信息;symptom 征兆,预兆;label 标签;clue 线索。] 6.Sam________some knowledge of the computer just by watching others working on it. A.picked up B.pick off C.picked out D.picked on 答案 A [考查动词短语辨析。句意:萨姆只是凭借看别人操作电脑就学到了一些电脑知识。 pick up 学会,捡起;pick off 摘掉,撕开,取走,拿掉;pick out 选出,挑出,拣出;pick on 选中。] 7.I want to have a short walk with you. Could you accompany me________?

A.if necessary B.if possible C.if so D.even if so 答案 B [句意:我想和你散一会儿步。如果可能,你能陪我吗? if necessary 如果需要;if possible 如果可能;if so 如果这样。] 8.The teacher has warned you________not to do that but you didn't listen to him. A.over and over again B.once again C.over again D.again 答案 A [句意:老师一再告诚你不要那样做,可你就是不听。A 项意为“反复地,再三地”, B 项意为“再次”;C 项意为“再次,重新”;D 项意为“又,再”。由句意可知选 A。] 9.There is a wide________of mooncakes to choose from in China when Mid Autumn Day is coming. A.extension B.mixture 答案 C C.variety D.combination


择。extension 扩展;mixture 混合物;variety 不同种类;combination 结合。] 10.My grandpa is deaf,so he has to use a hearing________. A.help B.machine C.aid D.assist

答案 C [句意:我爷爷耳聋,所以他不得不使用助听器。a hearing aid 助听器。] 11.He was prevented________alone because he was too young. A.to swim B.swim C.from swiming D.swimming

答案 C [prevent sb from doing sth 意为“阻止某人干某事”,在主动语态中 from 可以省略,但 用于被动语态时,from 不可省去,所以 C 项正确。] 12 . My deskmate really made me embarrassed yesterday.What would you feel if you were________? A.in place B.in my place C.in your place D.out of place 答案 B [in place 在适当的位置;in my place 处于我的境地;in your place 处于你的境地;out of place 不合适; 句意: 昨天我同桌真地让我很尴尬。 如果你处于我的境地, 你会有什么感受?] 13.More often than not,proper first aid could save one's life,especially when he or she is heavily ______or deeply________. A.bleeding;poisoning C.bleeding;poisoned B.bled;poisoned D.bled;poisoning

答案 C [句意:经常的,恰当的急救能挽救一个人的生命,尤其是当他(她)大量流血或中毒 很深的时候。bleed 流血;poison 使中毒。] 14.The lemon looks dry ,but you may be able to________a few drops. A.squeeze out B.give out C.send out D.wear out 答案 A [squeeze out 挤出;give out 发出,分发;send out 散发出,发送出; wear out 穿破, 用坏,使疲惫。句意:这个柠檬看上去干瘪了,但你也许能挤出少量汁液。]

15.Everybody in the world knows that Thomas Edison invented the________lamp. A.electrical B.electronic C.electric D.electricity 答案 C [句意:世上每个人都知道是爱迪生发明了电灯。electric 表示“用电的”,常与电器

名称连用。electrical 电的;electronic 电子的;eletricity n.电。 ] Ⅵ.完形填空 Tong Shiqiang rushed into a kindergarten behind his primary school several times, carrying a__1__of kids each time he rushed out of their classroom on that fateful(灾难的)day. Only 14 years old and 1.5m tall, Tong can now__2__a national bravery award for saving seven children. The grade6 student was__3__a Chinese language class in Zhongwang Primary School in Qishan village of Longnan city, one of the worsthit areas in Gansu province,__4__the deadly quake struck on May 12,2008. There were 49__5__students in his class at the time. “Window panes began rattling( 嘎 嘎 响 )and it__6__lots of bees were singing

underground,”__7__Tong Shuangxi, Tong Shiqiang's teacher and uncle. “The sound grew__8__... and then I__9__it was an earthquake.” The teacher cried:“__10__out.” All the students ran out of the room immediately.__11__outside, Tong Shuangxi rushed toward the kindergarten where the children__12__a nap. Tong Shiqiang ran with him. Only three of the kids had__13__to run out of their room when they__14__the building. The rest were crying, too__15__to move. It__16__less than three minutes for them to carry out all the fiveandsix year olds to__17__. __18__whether all the kids had been saved, Tong and his nephew had__19__begun checking the rolls when the classroom's walls fell down.“That's the only time I was scared,” said Tong Shiqiang. The 14yearold child is__20__to be nominated (提名) for the child hero award, to be given by the

Ministry of Education and the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Youth League. 【解题导语】 年仅 14 岁的少年童世强在 5.12 地震发生时,救出了 7 名孩童。 1.A.couple B.dozen C.lot D.number 答案 A [根据下文,不难发现他们总共救出 7 名儿童,应选表“一些、几个”意思的词组。a couple of“几个”;a dozen of“一打”;a lot of“许多”;a number of“许多”,故答案 A。] 2.A.find B.give C.show D.win

答案 D [“获得”……奖项,应用 win,本句中又是主动语态,故答案 D。] 3.A.listening B.hearing C.attending D.giving

答案 C [ 表“上课”, 我们可以使用 have a lesson/class 或 attend a. ..lesson/class, attend 有“参 加、出席”之意,其他几个单词均无此意;故答案 C。] 4.A.while B.when C.where D.which

答案 B [结合前句,构成 be doing...when 结构,故正确答案 B。] 5.A.other B.another C.others D.the other 答案 A [不定代词和数词连用时,应注意它们的位置关系: another+数词,数词+ other;

others“表其他的人(物)”,the other“两者中的另一个”,故答案 A。] 6.A.looked B.seemed C.appeared D.turned 答案 B [表示“看样子、看起来”时,我们往往用 it seems as if/从句 ...或 it looks as if...表示, 用 it appear+从句“显得,似乎”,turn“改变、旋转”,本句中用于描述地震前的情形,有 “看样子,看起来”之意,故答案 B。] 7.A.remembers B.remains C.reminds D.remarks 答案 A [本句是在回忆地震时的情况,所以应用“记得、记起”,B 项“留下”;C 项“提醒”; D 项“评论、谈论”,故答案 A。] 8.A.alouder B.weaker C.louder D.clearer 答案 C [此处叙述地震时声音愈来愈大,应使用形容词的比较级,aloud 为副词“出声地,高 声地,大声地”;loud“响亮的,大声的”,weak“虚弱的”,clear“清楚的,明白的”,故答案 C。] 9.A.thought B.found C.realized D.recognized 答案 C [此句应表示“意识到”地震将要发生, 并非“想到、 发现、 认出”等意思, 所以答案 C。 ] 10.A.Nobody B.Anybody C.Somebody D.Everybody 答案 D [根据生活常识,发生地震时,老师应命令“每个人”逃生,所以答案 D。] 11.A.After B.Before C.Since D.Once 答案 D [根据句意“一跑出去,他们便朝孩子们正在小睡的幼儿园跑去”,可知答案 D。] 12.A.had B.have C.were having D.having had

答案 C [本句考查时态,应使用过去进行时,同时注意 have a nap“在小睡”,所以答案 C。] 13.A.tried B.managed C.wanted D.wondered 答案 B [句意:“他们到达时,只有三位孩子从幼儿园成功跑出来”,manage to do“设法(成 功)做某事” ;try to do“尽力做某事”,但结果未必成功;C、D 选项不合文意。] 14.A.arrived B.got C.reached D.escaped 答案 C [此处应使用表“到达”的及物动词,只有 C 项符合,其他三项均为不及物动词。] 15.A.frightened B.moved C.surprised D.excited 答案 A [结合上下文,此句表“在地震时(孩子们)由于太害怕而不能移动”,故答案 A。] 16.A.took B.spent C.carried D.paid 答案 A [本句考查 it takes sb some time to do...这一句型,故答案 A。] 17.A.hospital B.classroom C.yard D.safety

答案 D [地震中,应先把孩子转移到安全地带。所以答案 D。] 18.A.Not sure B.No wonder C.No problem D.Not nearly




实姓名。A 项“不能确信”;B 项“难怪”,C 项“没问题”;D 选项“远非、完全不”故答案 A。] 19.A.even B.ever C.never D.just 答案 D [表示“只好”之意,只有 just,] 20.A.lovely B.friendly C.kindly D.likely 答案 D [be likely to“可能的”,be friendly to“对……友好的”,be kindly to“对……友好的, 对……亲切的”,lovely“可爱的,美好的”。]

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