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高度仿真练析 说明文

(31) Ballpoint pens have made life easier for millions of people. At one time schools did not like their students to write with pen. Perhaps it was 16 because ______ pens can leak and it is easy to spill the ink. And 17 __ it is hard to write on thin or cheap paper with them.
16. 根据前后句的因果关系可知填because 引导原因从句。 17. 作形式主语替代后面的不定式。

worked Ladislao Biro 18 _______(work) for a newspaper in Budapest. He spent all day at his desk. Day in and day out, he corrected pages of thin, cheap paper 19 ____ with a pen and ink. He often had to stop to fill his pen and it did not write 20 ____(good) on the well thin paper.
18. 由上下文可知用一般过去时。 19. 介词with这里意为“用”。 20. 副词作状语, 修饰write。

He and his brother George began some experiments. They wanted a pen 21 _____ that/ ______ which did not leak, with ink that did not spill. Why not use a little ball 22 ___the end? at Two Englishmen, Henry Martin and Frederick Miles, liked 23 the ___ idea. 21. 引导定语从句修饰前面的pen。 22. 根据搭配, at the end“在末端”。 23. 指代上文提到的想法。

It was the time of the Second World War. The Air Force needed a non-leak, non-spill pen for the men 24 to _______(write) with on write planes. Martin and Miles made 25 ____sold and many thousands of Biro “writing-sticks” to the Air Force. 24. 不定式作补语。 25. 前后动词为先后关系, 故填and。

(32) Suppose you are going to Boston, and you have never visited the city before. If someone tells you about the interesting places in the city, you begin to get some ideas 16 ___what you will see. But don’t of have 17 ___clear idea of where these places a are or of how to find them. 16. 因idea 后接of说明idea的内容。 17. 不定冠词表示“一个”。

However, 18 __ if someone has a map of the city and shows you the main roads and buildings, you may say, “Oh, now I see. I can find my way with no trouble at all.” 19 Working (work) at math is somewhat like ________ trying to find your way to a new city.
18. 根据前后句的条件关系可知填if引导条 件从句。 19. 动名词作主语。

Perhaps the words may tell you some 20 ___________(inform) and you have thought information it over, 21 ____ but you can’t see any clear road to the answers. you Maybe 22 ____need to have a kind of map of the main roads in maths to help you find your way. 20. 名词作宾语。 21. 前后为转折关系, 故填but。 22. 根据句中的to help you可知。

Explore what lies 23 __ in maths, and try your best to find the main roads. They 24 ________ will lead (lead) you to the answer. If you can find the “map”, the maths problems will 25 __________(work) out be worked easily.
23. 介词in此处意为“在……里面”。 24. 由上下文可知用一般将来时。 25. 由主语可知用被动语态。

(33) The computer plays an important part in our everyday life. It is one of the great 16 _________(invent) in the world in the inventions twentieth century. It works for us not only at home, in offices, in big shops, but also at schools. Today it is used 17 __many ways. It in really brings the world large wealth 18 and ___ happiness.
16. 名词作表语, 根据句中的one of可知用复数。 17. 根据后面的ways可知填in。 18. 前后为并列关系, 故填and。

19 The ____first computer in the world 20 ________ was called (call) Enid. It was built in America in 1946. It was large and heavy. Since it was been developing born, it 21 has __________________(develop) very fast. Until now it has gone through four periods and changed a lot.

19. 定冠词的基本用法, 序数词前用the表顺序。 20. 由主语可知用被动。 21. 根据前面的since短语可知。

There’re many kinds of computers. Computers are getting smaller and smaller and computing faster and faster. So 22 ____are becoming more they and more helpful. The computer can do most of the things for people.
22. 指代前面的computers。

It can help us 23 ________(know) about the to know real world more quickly, to learn 24 what _____ we want to learn and to think for ourselves. 25 ___a As student in the twenty-first century, you must work hard at it.
23. 不定式作us的补语, 后面并列的不定式有to,所 以这里也不省略to。 24. 引导宾语从句, 作从句的宾语。 25. 介词as此处意为“作为”。

(34) The computer is fast, and never makes a mistake, while people are too slow, and full of mistakes sometimes. That’s 16 what ____ people often say when they talk about computers. For over a quarter of a century, been making (make) better scientists 17 have _______________ and better computers.
16. 引导表语从句, 作从句的宾语。 17. 根据句首的时间状语可知用完成进行 时态。

Now a computer can do a lot of everyday jobs wonderfully. 18 It __is widely used in factories, hospitals, post offices and airports. A computer can report, decide and control in almost every field. Many computer scientists are thinking of making the computer “think” like a man. 19 With ___ the help of a person, a computer can draw pictures, write music, talk with people, play chess, recognize voices, translate languages and so on.
18. 指代前面的a computer。 19. 固定搭配, with the help of“在……的帮 助下”。

Perhaps computers will one day 20 _____ really (real) think and feel. Do you think the when they find people will be afraid 21 _____ that the computer is too clever 22 _____ to listen (listen) to and serve the people?
20. 副词作状语修饰动词think 和 feel。 21. 根据前后句的时间关系可知填when引导时间 从句。 22. 固定搭配, too...to do“太……而不能”。

No, people will make 23 _____ better (good) use of the computers in the future. Man is always 24 ___master of the computer. The the computer works only with the help of man. of man. It cannot take the place 25 __
23. 隐含比较级, 根据句末的in the future推出。 24. 有表示限制的介词短语of the computer修饰, 表示特指。 25. 固定搭配, take the place of“代替”。

(35) Life in the 21st century will be very different. Many changes will take place, but what will the changes be? is growing (grow) fast. The population 16 __________ There will be many people in the world and most of them will live longer 17 than ____ people in the 20th century.
16. 根据句意要用现在进行时。 17. 根据空前的longer可推出填than。

Computers will be much smaller and more useful and there will be at least one 18 ___ in every home. And computer studies will be 19 one ___ of the important subjects in school then. People will work 20 fewer _____(few) hours and they will have more free time for sports, watching TV and traveling.
18. 因home前有限定词时前面要用in。 19. 根据句意及空后内容可知。 20. 根据more free time可推出。

Traveling will be much easier and cheaper, 21 and ____many more people will go to other for countries 22 ___holidays. There will be changes in our food, too. Maybe no one will eat meat every day. Instead, they eat more fruit and vegetables.

21. 前后是完整的单句, 且为并列关系, 故填and。 22. 介词for表目的。

Maybe people will be healthier. Work in the future will be 23 ________(differ), too. different Dangerous and hard work can be done by robots. Because of this, many people will not have enough work 24 _____(do). This to do will be 25 __ a problem.
23. 形容词作表语。 24. 不定式作定语。 25. 不定冠词表示“一个”。

(36) Overhead bridges can be seen in many parts of Singapore, in places where traffic is very heavy and crossing the road is not safe. These bridges can make people cross roads safely. Overhead bridges 16 _____ are used (use) in much the same way 17 ___zebra as crossings.
16. 由主语可知用被动语态。 17. 根据前面的the same可以推出填as。

though They are more efficient, 18 ______less convenient because people have to climb up inconvenient a lot of steps. This is 19 ____________ (convenience) to the old. When people use an overhead bridge, they do not hold up a traffic. But when they cross 20 __busy road using a zebra crossing, traffic is held up.
18. 前后为转折关系, 故填though。 19. 形容词作表语。根据句意用反义词。 20. 不定冠词表示“一条”。

This is why the government 21___ has ____(build) many overhead bridges built to help people and keep traffic moving 22 ___ at the same time.

21. 由上下文可知用现在完成时。 22. 固定搭配, at the same time“同时”。

Old people may find it a little difficult climbing up and down the steps, but 23 ___ it walking (walk) is still much safer than 24 _______ across the road with all the moving traffic. People, both old and young, should always which use overhead bridges, 25 ______will stop accidents from happening.
23. 指代前面的climbing up and down the steps。 24. 动名词作主语。 25. 引导定语从句修饰前面的主句。

(37) You may think there is only sand in the desert of the world, but it is not true. In as we know, there is a little the desert, 16 __ rainbut it is not enough 17 ___ for most plants. Still we can see some plants live in the desert.
16. 引导从句前置的定语从句。as“正如”。 17. 介词for此处意为“对于”。

There is water in some places in the desert. call We 18 ____(call) these places oases(绿洲). In the oases, there are villages and towns. People grow all kinds of crops in 19 ____ the fields there. People also live outside the oases. They sheep (sheep) and other have camels, 20 ______ animals.
18. 由上下文可知用一般过去时。 19. 特指那个地方的fields, there 作定语。 20. 根据前后一致原则, 用复数。注意sheep是单 复同形的名词。

on These animals depend 21 ___the desert plants for their food and do not need much water. The animals are useful to the desert people in many ways. 22 _____eat the meat They and drink the milk of the animals. They use carrying the camels for 23 ________(carry) water, food, tents and something else.
21. 固定搭配, depend on“依靠; 依赖”。 22. 指代前面的The animals。 23. 根据空前的for可知, 作介词的宾语。

The people of the desert have to keep moving from place to place. They must always look for grass or desert plants for their animals. 24 ______there is no When more food for their animals, they move another place. to 25 _______
24. 根据前后句的时间关系可知填when引导 时间从句。 25. 根据前面的from place to place可推出填 another。

(38) The water and the land are thought part of the earth surface. The air is usually thought a kind of blanket around the earth. But it is more than that. Maybe you have been in 16 __ a cave deep. Did you think /which was in the cave? about the air 17 that _________ The land has some air 18 ______(mix) in it. mixed

16. 不定冠词表示“一个”。 17. 引导定语从句并在从句中作主语, 先行词是物。 18. 因air与mix是被动关系, 用过去分词作定语。

with Air is even mixed 19 ____the water in the sea. Some air is below the earth’s surface as it well as above 20 __. Men once thought that there were four basic things from which everything else 21 was made __________(make).
19. 因mix后常接with, 表示“与……混合”。 20. 指代前面的surface。 21. 一般过去时的被动语态。

They called these things earth, fire, air and water. 22 ___man made more observations, As they decided that fire was not an element. At last they concluded that land, air and water were not elements, either. In fact, there are more than 100 elements 23 ______which scientists believe all things from are made.
22. 引导时间状语从句, 表示“随着”。 23. 根据从句中的made可知。

Though land, air and water are not elements, they are three main parts of 24 ______(man) environment. You 25 man’s _________(know) more about them as will know you study the earth.
24. 名词所有格作定语。 25. 由上下文可知用一般将来时。

(39) Crocodiles lay their eggs and leave them under leaves or sand. Baby crocodiles use their 16 teeth _____(tooth) to break their way out of the shells. Crocodiles only live where it is hot. They 17 are _______ found(find) in Australia and America. lying They spend most of their time 18 _____(lie) around in the rivers.
16. 名词作宾语。tooth的复数是teeth。 17. 由主语可知用被动语态。 18. 由spend time (in)doing可知。

The crocodiles’ long tail is used when the animal is swimming. It is 19 ___excellent an weapon. It can be used to strike the enemy. One blow will knock down a man 20 __ or even a big animal at once. The crocodile has a hard neck.

19. 不定冠词表类别。 20. 前后句之间为选择关系, 故填or。

It cannot turn its head from side to side, 21 __ so it can only see things in front of itself. The crocodile 22 has ___(have) its teeth cleaned by the crocodile bird. For its food this bird takes the bits 23 ___the crocodile’s mouth. in
21. 根据前后句之间的因果关系可知填so。 22. 由上下文可知用一般现在时。 23. 介词in表示“在……里面”。

This helps the crocodile a lot because 24 __ it cannot move its tongue up and down. 25With ____ its terrible teeth it catches its food. The food may be a fish, an animal, or even a careless man.
24. 指代the crocodile。 25. 介词with此处意为“用”。

(40) Farley worked for the Canadian was told government. One day, he 16 ________(tell) to learn more about wolves, so he was taken to a faraway place by plane. The plane put him down and 17 ____(fly) away. flew There were no houses or people here. But there were lots of animals, including wolves.
16. 根据句意及后文的was taken可知要用过去时 的被动语态。 17. 根据前后内容可知用一般过去时, 注意:fly (flew, flown)。

People tell terrible stories about wolves. They say wolves like 18 _____ to kill (kill) and eat people. Farley remembered these stories, 19 and ____he was afraid. Therefore, he had his gun with him all the time. Then one day, he saw a group of wolves. There was a mother wolf with four baby wolves.
18. 不定式作like的宾语, 由与之并列的eat 可知填to kill。 19. 前后是完整的单句, 且为顺承关系, 故 填and。

A father wolf and another young wolf lived with 20 them ____. Farley watched these wolves every day. The mother was a very good mother. She babies gave milk to her 21 ______(baby). She gave them lessons about life. They learned 22 ____to get food. how
20. 指代前面的a mother wolf with four baby wolves, 因此填them。 21. 上段有four baby wolves, 这里自然要用复数。 22. 根据句意及后面的不定式可知填how。

The father wolf hunted food for the mother. The young wolf played 23 ____ with the children. They were a nice, happy family — wolf family! In 24 __ a short time, he got on well with for the family. Farley watched them 25 ____ five months. He learned that many stories about wolves were not true.

23. 根据句意应填with, 这里意为“与……一起”。 24. 短语搭配, in a short time“没多久”。 25. 一段时间前一般用介词for。

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