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选修六 UNIT6训练案

选修六 UNIT3 训练案
第一节 单项填空 1.He was ready to take the________of being drowned himself to save the drowning child. A.risk B.trouble C.offer D.blame C.abusing D.taking A.certain B.due C.belong

D.owe 3.Bill was doing a lot of physical exercise to build up his________. C.strength D.mind A.ability B.force 4. The conference has been held to discuss the effects of tourism________the wildlife in the area. C.at D.with A.in B.on 5.It was reported yesterday that an official in the department of health was arrested for his________his power to get benefit for his relatives. A.protecting B.catching 2.That money is________to me,but I haven’t got it yet. 6. In fact, smokers know that smoking has a bad________on their health, but they just can’t stop it. A.result B.effect C.desperate D.awkward 7.There was a(n)________silence in the live interview,when on one knew what to say to the audience. A.ashamed B.disappointed C.aspect D.impress 8.The more English words you remember,the easier you will find________to read English articles. A.it B.you C.this D.that 9. Children who are________to computer games will waste a lot of time playing them on the Internet. C.closed D.come closely 10.He was given a special medal,for he reached his goal in sports________his disability both in legs and in eyes. A.in case of B.in terms of C.apart from D.in spite of A.make understand B.make sure

11.Please________when the train starts off. C.be sure D.be certain A.got close B.got closely 12.Because it’s very cold,the little girl________to her mother. A.addicted B.accustomed C.familiar D.similar 13.It is in Oxford University________he studied for 4 years________he got his graduate student degree. A.that;that B.that;where C.where;that D.where;when C.be staying D.have stayed A.until B.if C.when D.that A.be stayed B.stay 14.I would appreciate it________you call back this afternoon for the doctor’s appointment. A.until B.if C.when D.that 15.Why don’t you put the meat in the fridge?It will________fresh for several days. C.be staying D.have stayed A.be stayed B.stay

第二节 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 16~35 各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。 Dad taught me a lot about life,especially its hard times.I remembered one of his__16__one night when I was ready to quit (退出)a political campaign (运动) I was losing,and wrote about it in my diary. Tired,feeling the many months of__17__,I went up to my study to make some notes.I was looking for a pencil in the back of my desk drawer.When I__18__ up one of Dad’s old business cards that he was so proud of:Andrea Cuomo,Italian American Groceries Fine Imported Products.Then I thought about how he__19__with difficult situations,A lot of pictures appeared into my__20__,but one scene came sharply into view.We had just__21__to Holliswood, New York, we had our own house for the first time;it had some land around it,even__22__.One,in particular,was a great blue spruce (云杉)that must have been 40 feet tall. Less than a week after we moved in,there was a terrible__23__.We came home from the store that night to find the spruce__24__almost totally from the ground and thrown onto the street.When my brother Frankie and I saw the spruce , our hearts___25__ .But not Dad’s. The rain was__26__.Then he announced, “OK, we’ re going to push him up ! ” “What are you talking about,Dad?The roots are out of the ground! ” “Shut up, we’ re going to push him up, he’ s going to__27__again.” We couldn’ t say__28__to him.So we followed him into the house and we got what rope there was and we__29__the rope around the top of the tree that__30__on the street,and he stood up

by the house, with me__31__on the rope and Frankie in the street in the rain, helping to__32__up the great blue spruce.In no time at all.We had it standing up straight again!Dad drove stakes(桩)in the ground,tied rope from the__33__to the stakes, and said, “Don’t worry,he’s going to grow again...” I looked at the__34__and wanted to cry,I couldn’t__35__to get back into the campaign. 16.A.classes B.lectures C.lessons D.talks 17.A.struggle B.working C.battle D.defence 18.A.turned B.took C.came D.picked 19.A.kept B.worked C.dealt D.helped 20.A.heart B.mind C.head D.book 21.A.came B.left C.got D.moved 22.A.yard B.field C.flowers D.trees 23.A.storm B.rain C.snow D.wind 24.A.pushed B.pulled C.put D.struck 25.A.fell B.rose C.sank D.dropped 26.A.stopping B.falling C.coming D.going 27.A.stand B.plant C.die D.grow 28.A.no B.yes C.it D.nothing 29.A.made B.gave C.tied D.kept 30.A.put B.left C.placed D.lay 31.A.pulling B.pushing C.holding D.fixing 32.A.take B.put C.pull D.push 33.A.leaves B.roots C.trunk D.branches 34.A.picture B.card C.tree D.rain 35.A.wait B.stop C.leave D.stay 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。 A Take a trip across America, by way of an advice column (专栏), and you’ll find plenty worth celebrating.I once asked my readers in the Chicago SunTimes,where I took the place of Ann Landers,to name the person to whom they would say“I owe you one.”Victor La Porte,45,wrote to me from his hospital bed about his kid brother,Tony. For three years,Victor had been terribly sick,His arms were black and blue.He often passed out.His kidneys( 肾 ) had failed , and dialysis( 肾 透 析 ) wasn’t working.Victor was dying. Doctors said a transplant(移植) would help,and Tony kept offering his kidney, but Victor refused.He didn’t want to put his brother through the pain or the risk of living with one kidney.Tony insisted.“Hey,I love you,”he kept saying.Transplant doctors explained the reason God gave us two kidneys is that we can offer one.It took a long time to persuade Victor,but finally he agreed.Several times the brothers went to the hospital,only to have the operation put off because of Victor’s infections(感 染 ) . But Tony never thought of backing out.After each disappointment , he announced,“We’re coming back!”He even got Victor a Tshirt that read I’M

NO QUITTER. Finally the operations were arranged.The one on Tony was harder.Doctors had to remove part of his rib to get the kidney out.His recover took longer than Victor’s, and he had more pain. Victor wrote:“Because of Tony’s unselfishness,I have a chance to see my four children grow up.I’ll never know my brother’s pain,fears and feelings.All I know is the love we share.How can I tell him thanks?Maybe by letting everyone know I have the greatest brother in the world.” 36.The writer tells us that if you want to find something worth celebrating,you can________. A.read some newspapers B.listen to the radio C.travel around America D.watch TV 37.Which of the following is TRUE? A.Victor asked Tony to offer his kidney. B.A transplant may be the only way to save Victor. C.Tony gave his life to his brother. D.Victor knew his brother’s pain was not much more than his. 38.From this passage we know________. A.a person can live without kidneys B.God gives us each one kidney C.a person can hardly live with one kidney D.a person can live with one kidney 39.“I’M NO QUITTER.” means________. A.I’m not disappointed B.I won’t agree C.I won’t back out D.I’m coming back 书面表达(满分 25 分) 阅读下列材料, 谈谈你对减肥这一现象的认识和你认为较好的减肥方法,并 陈述理由。 减肥趋势 当今女性减肥已成为一种时尚 减肥方法 节食;运动;药物;手术 减肥药;减肥茶;减肥器械;减肥内 减肥产品 衣 减肥效果 效果不一,有的甚至带来副作用

选修六 UNIT3 训练案
参考答案:1-5 ABCBC 6-10 BDAAD 11-15 BACBB 16-20CAACB 21-25 DDABC 26-30 BDACD 31-35 ADCBA 36-39 ABDC
【参考范文】 Nowadays losing weight has become popular among young and middleaged women.In order to make themselves look pretty,they try many different ways of losing weight.Some go on a diet, some take exercise,some take medicine,and others even turn to operations for help.As a result, a lot of products have been created for losing weight.Provided in the markets are special medicine,tea and equipment,which are used in different ways and work differently,but some have side effects. In my opinion,it’s understandable that women seek beauty,but they should do it in a proper way.Eating a balanced diet and taking more exercise is the way that I most favor,as the other ways are likely to do harm to people’s health more or less.

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