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完形填空。阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从各题所给的四个选项 A、B、C 和 D 中,选出最佳答案。 A lady and her husband stepped off the train in Boston. They walked without an appointment(预约)into the outer 1 of Harvard’s president. But they were 2 by

his secretary and kept waiting. For hours, the secretary took no notice of them, 3 that the couple would finally become 4 and go away. But they didn’t. The secretary . face. The

finally decided to disturb the president, though5

A few minutes later, the president walked towards the couple with a 6 lady told him, “We had a son that 7 8

Harvard for one year. He loved Harvard. He was

here. But about a year ago, he was accidentally killed. My husband and I would a memorial(纪念物)to him, somewhere on campus.”

like to 9

The president wasn’t 10 . Instead, he was shocked. “Madam,” he said, “we can’t put up a statue for every person who studied at Harvard and died. If we did, this 11 would look like a cemetery(墓地),” “Oh, no,” the lady 12 quickly “We don’t want to put up a statue. We would like to give a 13 to Harvard.” The president rolled his eyes and 14 at the couple and then exclaimed,” A building! Do you have any 15 how

much a building costs? We have spent over $7 500 000 on the campus building at Harvard.” For a moment the lady was silent. The president was 16 ,because he could

get rid of them now. Then the lady turned to her husband and said quietly, “Is that all it costs to start a 17 ? Why don’t we just start our own?” Her husband nodded. 18

their offer was turned down, Mr. and Mrs. Stanford traveled to California where they founded the University that bears their19 longer 20 ( ) 1.A.lab 答案:D ( ) 2.A.watched 答案:B ( ) 3.A.hoping 答案:A ( ) 4.A.surprised B. disappointed

,a memorial to a son that Harvard no

about. B. library C. hall D. office

B. stopped

C. followed

D. interviewed

B. finding

C. realizing

D. imagining

C. worried

D. troubled

答案:B ( ) 5.A.hopelessly 答案:D ( ) 6.A.pleasant 答案:C ( ) 7.A.attended 答案:A ( ) 8.A.clever 答案:D ( ) 9.A.set about 答案:B ( ) 10.A.satisfied 答案:C ( ) 11.A.house 答案:D ( ) 12.A.explained 答案:A ( ) 13.A.building 答案:A ( ) 14.A.laughed 答案:C ( ) 15.A.suggestion 答案:B ( ) 16.A.bored 答案:D ( ) 17.A.department 答案:B ( ) 18.A.Once 答案:C ( ) 19.A.name B. character

B. carefully

C. unexpectedly

D. unwillingly

B. funny

C. cold

D. sad

B. visited

C. studied

D. served

B. brave

C. proud

D. happy

B. set up

C. take down

D. take over

B. excited

C. moved

D. ashamed




B. expressed

C. refused

D. admitted

B. yard

C. playground

D. square

B. shouted

C. glanced

D. called

B. idea

C. thought

D. opinion

B. astonished

C. interested

D. pleased

B. university

C. business

D. club

B. While

C. Since

D. Though

C. picture

D. sign

答案:A ( ) 20.A.talked 答案:D 1. 提示:夫妇二人来到的地方是哈佛大学校长的……, 根据后文中提到了秘书, 结合 常识,应知他们到达的地方应是校长办公室的外间。 2. 提示:从后文中的“keep waiting”与前文中的“without appointment”可推知他们应 该被秘书挡住了。 3. 提示:从“For hours, the secretary took no notice of them”及后文中的 go away 可 知,秘书是希望他们走开。 4. 提示:夫妇两人会因为等的时间过长而变得无望,从而自己走开。 5. 提示:从文中可知秘书希望他们自己因无望而离开,但夫妇二人的坚持使之无奈 地去找校长,自然,这样做是不情愿的,故用 unwillingly。 6. 提示:从上下文中的没有预约,可知校长是不情愿地接见夫妇二人,脸色自然不 好,态度不热情,故用 cold“冷漠的”。 7. 提示:从后文可知他们的儿子是在哈佛学习,应该用 study in Harvard 或 attend Harvard。 8. 提示:用 clever 或 brave 不符合上下文语境,用 proud 后需加 of 构成 be proud of 结构。因此可推知他们的孩子在哈佛生活、学习得很愉快,故用 happy。 9. 提示:为儿子建立一个纪念物。建立应用 set up。set about 开始做……;take down 取下;拿下;take over 接收;接管。 10. 提示:从文意来看,校长并没有被夫妇二人的话打动,相反的是感到震惊并拒 绝了他们的请求。 11. 提示:“If we did”,意为“如果我们同意在哈佛校园为你们的儿子建立纪念物的 话”,由此可知下文提到的是哈佛这个地方。 12. 提示:后文是那位女士对校长的解释,故用 explain。 13. 提示:从后文中校长所说的话:“A building!...”可知。 14. 提示:从上文中“rolled his eyes”及下文中的话可知,校长不相信夫妇二人能负担 得起盖一座楼,因此看他们也使用轻视的目光,故用 glance。laugh at 意为“嘲笑”; shout at 意为 “对……大喊大叫”; call at 意为“拜访 (某地) ”。 而 exclaim 为“大声说”, B. knew C. heard D. cared


因此排除 laugh 与 shout。 15. 提示:idea 主意,概念;suggestion 建议,提议;thought 想法;opinion 观点。 根据语境应用 idea。 16. 提示:从上下文可知,那女子不说话了,校长认为能“get rid of them”,自然地, 他会感到高兴。 17. 提示 : 从上文 “We have spent over $7 500 000 on the campus building at Harvard.”可知,此处应是创办一所大学。 18. 提示:上下文为因果关系,故用 since。 19. 提示:bear one’s name“用……的名字”。从常识也应该知道,美国加利福尼亚出 名的大学是斯坦福大学,文中又提到了 Stanford 夫妇,故可知 A 项正确。 20. 提示:take about 谈论;know about 了解;hear about 听说;care about 在乎; 在意。

【阅读理解】社会生活类 Some people believe that a Robin Hood is at work, others that a wealthy person simply wants to distribute his or her fortune before dying. But the donator who started sending envelopes with cash to deserving causes, accompanied by an article from the local paper, has made a northern German city believe in fairytales(童话). The first envelope was sent to a victim support group. It contained 10,000 with a

cutting from the Braunschweiger Zeitung about how the group supported a woman who was robbed of her handbag; similar plain white anonymous(匿名) envelopes, each containing 10,000, then arrived at a kindergarten and a church. 190, 000 has been distributed. Last

The envelops keep coming, and so far at least

month, one of them was sent to the newspaper's own office. It came after a story it published about Tom, a 14yearold boy who was severely disabled in a swimming accident. The receptionist at the Braunschweiger Zeitung opened an anonymous white envelope to find 20 notes of family was underlined. “I was driving when I heard the news,”Claudia Neumann, the boy's mother, told Der 500 inside, with a copy of the article.The name of the


Spiegel magazine.“I had to park on the side of the road; I was speechless.” The money will be used to make the entrance to their house wheelchairaccessible and for a course of treatment that their insurance company refused to pay for. “For someone to act so selflessly, for this to happen in such a society in which everyone thinks of himself, was astonishing,” Mrs.Neumann said. Her family wonder whether the donator is a Robin Hood character, taking from banks to give to the needy. Henning Noske, the editor of the Braunschweiger Zeitung, said:“Maybe it is an old person who is about to die. We just do not know.”However, he has told his reporters not to look for the city's hero, for fear that discovery may stop the donations. 1.The Braunschweiger Zeitung is the name of ________. A.a church B.a bank C.a newspaper D.a magazine

2.Which of the following is TRUE about the donation to Tom? A.The donation amounted to 190, 000.

B.The donation was sent directly to his house. C.The money will be used for his education. D.His mother felt astonished at the donation. 3.It can be inferred from the passage that ________. A.the donator is a rich old man B.the donation will continue to come C.the donation comes from the newspaper D.the donator will soon be found out 4.What would be the best title for the passage? A.Money Is Raised by the Newspaper B.Newspaper Distributes Money to the Needy C.Unknown Hero Spreads Love in Envelopes D.Robin Hood Returns to the City 【要点综述】本文是一篇记叙文。介绍了城市英雄以匿名信封的形式在经济上帮 助需要帮助的人。 1. C 推理判断题。 从第一段“But the donator who started sending envelopes with cash


to deserving causes, accompanied by an article from the local paper”和第二段“with a cutting from the Braunschweiger Zeitung”可推出 Braunschweiger Zeitung 是当地一家 报纸。 2. D 细节理解题。从倒数第二段 Tom 的妈妈所说的话可知答案。 3. B 推理判断题。 从最后一段“he has told his reporters not to look for the city’s hero, for fear that discovery may stop the donations.”可知捐赠还会继续。 4. C 主旨大意题。 本文介绍了城市英雄以匿名信封的形式在经济上帮助需要帮助


阅读理解。 Can dogs and cats live in perfect harmony in the same home? People who are thinking about adopting a dog as a friend for their cats are worried that they will fight. A recent research has found a new recipe of success. According to the study, if the cat is adopted before the dog, and if they are introduced when still young (less than 6 months for cats, a year for dogs), it is highly probable that the two pets will get along swimmingly. Two-thirds of the homes interviewed reported a positive relationship between their cat and dog. However, it wasn’t all sweetness and light. There was a reported coldness between the cat and dog in 25% of the homes, while aggression and fighting were observed in 10% of the homes. One reason for this is probably that some of their body signals were just opposite. For example, when a cat turns its head away it signals aggression, while a dog doing the same signals submission. In homes with cats and dogs living peacefully, researchers observed a surprising behavior. They are learning how to talk each other’s language. It is a surprise that cats can learn how to talk ‘dog’, and dogs can learn how to talk ‘Cat’. What’s interesting is that both cats and dogs have appeared to develop their intelligence.

They can learn how to read each other’s body signals, suggesting that the two may have more in common than we previously suspected. Once familiar with each other’s presence and body language, cats and dogs can play together, greet each other nose to nose, and enjoy sleeping together on the sofa. They can easily share the same water bowl and in some cases groom (梳理) each other. The significance of the research on cats and dogs may go beyond pets-to people who don’t get along, including neighbors, colleagues at work, and even world superpowers. If cats and dogs can learn to get along, surely people have a good chance. ( ) 1. The underlined word swimmingly in Paragraph 1 is closest in meaning to ______. A. early B. sweetly C. quickly D. smoothly

( ) 2. Some cats and dogs may fight when ______. A. they are cold to each other B. they look away from each other C. they misunderstood each other’s signals D. they are introduced at an early age ( ) 3. What is found surprising about cats and dogs? A. They eat and sleep each other. B. They observe each other’s behaviors. C. They learn to speak each other’s language. D. They know something from each other’s voices. ( ) 4. It is suggested in Paragraph 4 that cats and dogs ______. A. have common interests B. are less different than was thought C. have a common body language D. are less intelligent than was expected ( ) 5. What can we human beings learn from cats and dogs? A. We should learn to live in harmony. B. We should know more about animals. C. We should live in peace with animals. D. We should learn more body languages.

这是一篇说明文,通过对猫狗和平相处的研究,让我们知道,人类应该和谐相处。 1. D 词意猜测题。 根据“A recent research has found a new recipe of success.”以 及“Two-thirds of the homes interviewed reported a positive relationship between their cat and dog.”不难得出,此处应该是说猫和狗相处得很好,所以选 D,意为“流畅 地, 顺利地” 。 此题易错选 B, 因为第二段第一句话中 sweet,但是 “sweetness and light” 意为“其乐融融” 。 2. C 细节理解题,根据第二段“One reason for this is probably that some of their body signals were just opposite. For example, when a cat turns its head away it signals aggression, while a dog doing the same signals submission”不难得出答案。 3. C 细节理解题, 根据第三段 “They are learning how to talk each other’s language. It is a surprise that cats can learn how to talk ‘dog’, and dogs can learn how to talk ‘Cat’. ” 不难得出答案, 此题易错选 B, 因为理解错了这句话 “researchers observed a surprising behavior.” 4. B 细节理解题 此处的 suggest 意为 “暗示” , 根据第四段 “suggesting that the two may have more in common than we previously suspected.”可以得出答案。 5. A 主旨大意题 根据全文尤其是最后一段不难得出答案。

阅读理解。 I think it was my mother who taught me the meaning of honesty. Not because she actually was honest, but because she lied all the time. She felt that the easiest way out of any given situation was generally the best way out. And, for her, that generally meant telling a “little white lie.” As a young child I thought it was kind of cool. And, naturally, when I would come to her with a concern or question wondering what I should do, she generally advised me to lie. “Mom, I told Theresa that I would go over to her house, but now I would rather go to Sue’s house to play.” “Tell Theresa you’re sick,” she would advise. And generally I did. But I didn’t seem blessed with her lack of conscience. On many painful occasions Theresa would find out that I really went to Sue’s house without her. These occasions taught me that it is more painful to be caught in a lie than it is to tell the truth in the first place. I wondered how it was possible that my mother had never


learned that lesson. I started thinking of all the lies that I’d heard her tell. I remembered the time she told someone that her favorite restaurant had closed, because she didn’t want to see them there anymore. Or the time she told Dad that she loved the lawn-mower he gave her for her birthday. Or when she claimed that our phone lines had been down when she was trying to explain why she hadn’t been in touch with a friend of hers for weeks. And what bothered me even more were all the times she had involved me into her lies. Like the time she told my guidance counselor that I had to miss school for exploratory surgery, when she really needed me to babysit. And it even started to bother me when someone would call for her and she would ask me to tell them that she wasn’t there. So, I started my own personal fight against her dishonesty. When I answered the phone and it was someone my mother didn’t want to talk to, I said, “Louise, mom is here, but she doesn’t want to talk to you.” The first time I did it, she punished me, but I refused to apologize. I told her that I had decided that it was wrong to lie. And the next time it happened I did the same thing. Finally, she approached me and said, “I agree that lying is not the best thing to do, but we need to find a way to be honest without being rude.” She admitted that her methods weren’t right, and I admitted that mine were a bit too extreme. Over the past few years, the two of us have worked together to be honest—and yet kind. Honesty should mean more than not lying. It should mean speaking the truth in kindness. Though I started by trying to teach my mom the importance of honesty, I ended up gaining a deeper understanding of the meaning of the term. 1. The author’s mother __________. A. thought white lies were not lies B. helped the author get out of trouble with white lies C. told the author to lie when in trouble D. taught the author the importance of being honest 2. The author __________. A. was thankful to her mother’s advice B. felt more awkward when being caught lying C. found that telling the truth hurt more than telling a lie

D. felt guilty when hurting people with her honesty 3. It can be inferred that the author’s mother __________. A. met her friends in the same restaurant regularly B. didn’t get along with the author’s teachers C. was not popular among her friends D. wanted to have something else for her birthday 4. Finally the author and her mother agreed that __________. A. kind-heartedness is more important than honesty B. appropriate methods are the key to telling a good lie C. honesty is defined as kindness as well as truthfulness D. absolute honesty is basic to good interpersonal relationships 【参考答案】1—4、CBDC

- 10 -

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