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Book 8 Unit 2 News Words 单词

Book 8 Unit 2 News Words
编者:陈春萍 1. differ v.不同,相异 differ from differ in adj. ______________ 与……不同 在……方面不同 _____________________ _______________________ _________________________ 不同 浦楚悠 n. _______________

differ with sb. on / about / over sth be different from make a/no/some difference (to sb) tell the difference between ... and ...

The boy differed from his sister in character. 在孩子的教育问题上年轻夫妇总是和老人意见不一致。 Young couple always differ ______________________________________________ 你是否同意我的观点不重要。 _____________________________________________whether you agree with me. 2. undertake a task / project ______________________

undertake to do sth / that... _______________________ He undertook to finish the job by Friday. 政府应该承担责任来提高当地人的生活水平。 _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 3. pay off ? pay off all the debts ___________________________ ? All my hard work has paid off. ____________________________ 最后他的努力得到回报,并在研究上取得了重大突破。 _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 拓展: pay (sb) for sth 4. cast down ? They bowed their heads and cast down their eyes. ? He was cast down by the sad news. 不能获奖的这个消息让他很沮丧。 _____________________________________________________________________ _______________________ ________________________ 因......而付钱 pay back 还钱,报复


5. altogether ? You owe me 100 yuan altogether. ? I don’t altogether agree with you. ? Altogether, our efforts paid off. 6. object to sb/ sth / doing sth raise an objection to ... ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ 同义词: ___________________ 反对...

反对,不赞同 提出异议

make / have / take an objection to (doing) sth 我对他在会议上提出的观点提出异议。

____________________________________________________________________ 我们不赞同与他们合作。 _____________________________________________________________________ 7. ?Interest has made a great impact on our modern life. ___________________ ?The great impact strongly damaged the car. ?How did the war impact on the country? ___________________ ___________________

这座新建的工厂给当地的环境带来巨大的影响,这点令我们很担忧。 _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 8. obtain (尤指经过努力)获得,赢得 同义词:__________________________

obtain knowledge / money/a scholarship / a degree 他的所作所为为他赢得了全体学生的尊重。 _____________________________________________________________________ △ attain 获得,到达(水平、年龄、状况) He attained 5 “A” grades in the exams. 9. owe vt. 欠(账、钱、人情) ;归功于 owe sb sth = owe sth to sb owe sb sth (for) sth owe sth to sb / sth owing to 因为,由于 欠...... 因......而欠...... 归功于......

You owe me an explanation / an apology.


当被问到成功的秘诀时,他总是把这归功于他的勤奋和坚持不懈。 _____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 10. bother v. / n. bother to do 打扰,麻烦 ____________________________ ______________________________ ___________________ bother sb (about / with sth) ___________________________ __________________________, (不好意思麻烦你)but could you do me a favor? He didn’t even bother to say thank you. I don’t want to bother my parents with my problems. 11. assumption n. 假设,设想

v. ________________

?Only time can prove how unreliable his assumption is. ___________________ ?I’ll treat you to an ice cream on the assumption that you win the game. __________________________ ? I assume that he had gone for a jog. _____________________ ④Assuming that it’s true, what should we do next? (固定搭配) ______________ 假如我有钱和时间,我会去夏威夷度假。 _____________________________________________________________________ 12. vain adj. 虚荣的,自大的,徒劳的 Day after day, she waited in vain for his call. in vain ____________________ ________________

I was singing in a vain effort to cheer him up. __________________ She is vain about her looks. ___________________ 为挽救那个患癌症的男孩的所有努力都白费了。 _____________________________________________________________________ 过多的赞扬会让人自高自大。 _____________________________________________________________________ 13. resist v 抵抗,抵制,反对 n. _____________ adj. ___________________ resist sth / doing sth ___________________

can’t resist doing sth _____________________ A healthy body can resist disease. I can’t resist the temptation (诱惑)to eat delicious food. 学生应当抵制上网的诱惑。 _____________________________________________________________________


14. (be) in good/ bad condition = be in a good / bad state _____________________ in / under this / that condition on / under no condition _______________out of condition ______________ on condition that... _______________ ______________

I promise to return your bicycle in good condition. 我可以允许你上一个小时的网,条件是你先完成作业。 _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 语法填空: 1. Rick hasn’t changed. He looks ________ (exact) the same as he did at school. 2. If you undertake the project, you are bound _______ (meet) many difficulties. 3. He was shut in a black room and ______(forbid) to read books. 4. What impact the air crash had _________ Chinese people. 5. A heavy storm ________(strike) south of China and caused great damage. 6. John _______________(late) again made the teacher angry. 7. Along with the letter was his promise ________ he would visit me this coming Christmas. 8. He owed his success more _______ luck than ________ ability. 9. She wants to find a job in the kindergarten because she adores ________ (work) with children. 10. Please present your ________(object) to the plan if you don’t agree to it. 11. I had no idea _________ the meeting will be put off because of the bad weather. 12. Children do not know the _________(differ) between right and wrong. Finishing their shopping at the supermarket, a middle-aged couple found their new car 1__________ (steal) . They filed a report 2__________the police station and a detective drove them back 3___________ the parking lot to look for evidence. To their 4__________ (amaze) , the car had been returned 5_________ there was a note in it that said: “I apologize for taking your car. My wife 6 _____________(have) a baby and I had to send her to the hospital as soon as possible. Please forget the inconvenience. There are two tickets 7__________ tonight's Rowan Atkinson concert.”Their faith in humanity restored(恢复). The couple attended 8_________ concert. But when they returned home, they immediately found that their house 9___________ (be) ransacked (洗劫) . On the bathroom mirror was 10__________ note: “I have to put my kid through college somehow, don't I?

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