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南宁市 2014 高考英语完形填空、阅读理解训练题(12)及答案
阅读理解 A

Millions of girls grow up with the hope of becoming a famous singer. Some even win local talent competitions as children, but only a few such early successes and dreams turn into reality. Jessica Andrews is one of the few whose dreams have come true. Andrews, first taste of success came at the age of 10. She won a talent competition in her home town of Huntingdon, Tennessee, singing I Will Always Love You, originally sung by Whitney Houston. Houston's version of the song appeared on The Bodyguard sound track, which happened to be the first album Andrews ever bought. Within two years, talk of Andrews had spread to Nashville and caught the attention of producer Byron Gallimore, whose credits include work with Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, and Jo Dee Messina. With Gallimore signed on to produce, Andrews soon had a recording contract (合同)with Dream Works' Nashville label. Andrews' professional career was launched with 1999's Heart Shaped World, recorded when she was 14 years old. The album included the country hit I Will Be There For You, which also appeared on The Prince Of Egypt. She followed up the release of the album by touring as a support act for such country superstars as Faith Hill and Trisha Yearwood. With the release of 2001’s Who I Am, Andrews became a star in her own right. The album

was certified (证明)gold for sales of 500,000 copies. Andrews returned in April 2003 with Now, an album tha t she promised would show a new side of the young artist. "This album has a very different feeling for me," she said. "It's a lot more personal and there's a confidence that wasn't quite there on the first two. I feel especially connected to this group of songs." 56. What's the meaning of the underlined word “launched”in the fourth paragraph? A. Aimed. B. Sent. C. Started. D. Set.

57. Which of the following statements is WRONG according to the passage? A. The Bodyguard was the first album Andrews ever bought. B. After Andrews sang Who I Am,she became a star in her own right.

C. I Will Always Love You was originally sung by Whitney Houston. D. Now expresses a new feeling of Andrews. 58. Which of the following may NOT be Andrews' album? A. Now. B. Heart Shaped World. C. The Prince of Egypt. D. Who I Am.

59. Which of the following is the best title of the passage? A. Jessica Andrews' Life C. Jessica Andrews' Songs B. Jessica Andrews' Dream D. Jessica Andrews' Success as a Singer

参考答案 56-59 CBCD ************************************************结束

The iPhone, the iPad, each of Apple’s products sounds cool and has become a fad (时尚). Apple ha s cleverly taken advantage of the power of the letter “i” – and many other br ands are following suit. The BBC’s iPlayer – which allows Web users to watch TV programs on the Internet –adopted the title in 2008. A lovely bear – popular in the US and UK – that plays music and video is called “iTeddy”. A slimmed-down version of London’s Independent newspaper was launched last week under the name “i”. In general, single-letter prefixes have been popular since the 1990s, when terms such as e-mail and e-commerce first came into use. Most “i” products are targeted at young people and considering the major readers of Independent’s “i”, it’s no surprise that they’ve selected this fashionable name.

But it’s hard to see what’s so special about the letter “i”. Why not use “a”, “b”, or “c” instead? According to Tony Thorne, head of the Language Center at King’s College, London, “i” works because its m eaning has become ambiguous. When Apple uses “i”, no one knows whether it means Internet, information, individual or interactive, Thorne told BBC Magazines. “Even when Apple created the iPod, it seems it didn’t have one clear definition,” he says. “However, thanks to Apple, the term is now associated with portability .”adds Thorne.

Clearly the letter “i” also agrees with the idea that the Western World is centered on the individual. Each person believes they have their own needs, and we love personalized products for this reason. Along with “Google” and “blog”, readers of BBC Ma gazines voted “i” as one o f the top 20 words that have come to define the last decade. But as history shows, people grow tired of fads. From the 1900s to 1990s, products with “2000” in their names became fashionable as the year was associated with all things advanced and modern. However, as we entered the new century, the trend inevitably disappeared. 60.People use iPlayer to ______. A.listen to music C.read newspapers B.make a call D.watch TV programs online

61.We can infer that the Independent’s “i” is aimed at ______. A.old readers B.young readers C.fashionable women D.engineers

62.Nowadays, the “i” term often reminds people of the products which are ______. A.portable C.advanced 63.The writer suggests that ______. A.“i” products are often of high quality B.iTedd y is a live bear C.the popularity of “i” products may not last long D.the letter “b” replace letter “i” to name the products B.environmentally friendly D.recyclable

The ho use itself had been sold that morning. Now it was the collectors, and bargain-hunters moved around 2


of the contents in it. The crowd of dealers, 3 round

this and that and generally having a last 4

before the excitement of the chase. Every piece was The 5 was to take place in the sitting room. 6

and listed, and everyone had a copy of the list.

The salesman was trained to notice the which might signal a bid (叫价).

movement of a hand, eyes or even eyebrows (眉毛),



The salesman came in the climbed to his stand. His staff


him in and took their places.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” the salesman said, “I have been instructed to tell you that everything must be sold this

afternoon. No are now 12


is too low or too high for everything, 13


a price I must


for everything. We 14

to begin, and we do so

Lot (Article) Number One …” At this point two men

onto the central table a large wooden chest. “Now what am I bid for this fine old chest? Do I hear ? No? ? then. 20? 10 so make me an 16 .” His eyes swung round the room. 15 . The wood alone is worth ? 40,

“ One p ound.” A woman’s voice called. “One pound I’m bid,” said the salesman I hear two?
[来源:学*科*网 Z*X*X*K]

17 , “for this chest, any 20


on ? now? One pound I’m bid. Do 1 sharply onto his desk.


at ? then.” He brought his wooden hammer 1

1. A. chance 2. A. watching 3. A. show 4. A. colored 5. A. turn 6. A. slightest 7. A. none 8. A. showed 9. A. chair 10. A. though 11. A. care 12. A. ready 13. A. on 14. A. stepped 15. A. Go on 16. A. offer 17. A. proudly 18. A. change 19. A. Working 20. A. up

B. turn B. asking B. stay B. served B. examination B. simplest B. some B. followed B. price B. because B. have B. sure B. in B. climbed B. Hurry up B. excuse B. angrily B. advance B. Coming B. down

C. list C. selling C. look C. lined C. content C. quickest C. any C. let C. one C. but C. pay C. able C. for C. pulled C. Come along C. answer C. eagerly C. man C. Getting C. back

D. price D. examining D. examination D. numbered D. sale D. strangest D. all D. called D. furniture D. unless D. look D. eager D. with D. lifted D. Go ahead D. effort D. surprisingly D. offer D. Going D. out
[来源:学|科|网 Z|X|X|K]

参考答案 1~5 BDCDD 11~15 BADDC 6~10 ACBBC 16~20 ACBDB

****************************************************** ********结束

重点单词 Mosquito [m??ski?t??] n.蚊子 most (much或many 的最高级) [m??st; (US) m??st] a. & ad.最多 n.大部分,大多数 mother [?m???(r)] n. 母亲 motherland [?m???l ? nd] n. 祖国 motivation [m??t?'ve??n] n. (做事的)动机 motor [?m??t?(r)] n. 发动机,马达 motorbike [?m??t?ba?k] n. 摩托车 motorcycle ['m??t?saikl] n. 摩托车 motto [?m?t??] n. 箴言,格言 mountain(s) [?ma?nt?n(z)] n. 山,山脉 mountainous [?ma?nt?n?s] a. 多山的 mourn [m??n] vt. 哀痛; 哀悼 mouse (复mice) [ma?s] n. 鼠,耗子; (计算机)鼠标 moustache [m?s'tɑ:?] n. 小胡子


mouth [ma?θ] n. 嘴,口 mouthful [?ma?θf?l] n. 满口,一口

from mouth to mouth ad. 口口相传;人传人地 move [mu?v] v. 移动,搬动,搬家 movement [?mu?vm?nt] n. 运动,活动 movie [?mu?v?] n.(口语)电影 Mr. (mister) [?m?st?(r)] n. 先生(用 于姓名前) Mrs. (mistress) [?m?s?z] n. 夫人, 太太(称呼已婚妇女) Ms. [m?z] n. 女士(用在婚姻状况不明的女子姓名前) much (more,most) [m?t?] a. 许多的,大量的 ad. 非常;更加 n. 许多,大量,非常 mud [m?d] n. 泥, 泥浆 muddy [?m?d?] a. 泥泞的 multiply [?m?lt?pla?] vt. 乘;使相乘 murder [?m??d?(r)] vt. 谋杀 museum [mju??z??m] n. 博物馆,博物院 mushroom [?m??r?m] n. 蘑菇 music [?mju?z?k] n. 音乐,乐曲 musical [?mju?z?k(?)l] a. 音乐的,爱好音乐的 n. 音乐片 musician [mju??z??(?)n] n. 音乐家,乐师

重点短语 last but one 倒数第二 last but not least 最后但同样重要的 minutes late 晚了分钟 be late for (the meeting) 会议迟到

be late with (the rent) 交租金晚了 better late than never 晚做总比不做好 in the late 80s 在 80 年代末 late husband 已故的丈夫 in later years/ life 在晚年 later on 后来 the latest news 最新的消息 laugh at 嘲笑 have a good laugh 哄堂大笑 burst into laughter 突然笑起来 launch an attack 发动进攻 launch a satellite 发射卫星 break the law 违法 obey the law 守法 law and order 法治 lay the foundations;建立基础 lay/ place/ put emphasis on 强调 lie-lied-lied-lying;撒谎 lie-lay-lain-lying;位于,躺 lay-laid-laid-laying 放,下蛋 lead to 导致/通向 lead sb to do 导致 sb 做 sth lead a happy life 过着开心的生活 All roads lead to Rome. 条条大道通罗马 under sb’s leadership 在 sb 的带领下 turn over a new leaf 洗心革面 at least 至少 not the least/ not in the least 根本不 leave (A) for B 离开 a 地去 b 地 leave sb alone 使 sb 独处 leave sb to do 使 sb 去做 sth ask for leave 请假

give/ deliver a lecture (on/ about sth) 关于 sth 发表演说 go to/ attend a lecture 去听讲座 on one’s left 在 sb 的左边 on the left side of sth 在 sth 的左边 lend sth to sb= lend sb sth 把 sth 借给 sb lend (sb) a hand 帮助 sb


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