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unit 14 lesson 4 job trends

Lesson 4 Job Trends


快速阅读课文“Survival of the Fittest”,以约 30 词概括文章
的大意。 提示:世界在飞速变化着,这影响了人们的工作倾向。工 作领域和工作方式也在变化,人们需要做些相应的改变才能够 生存。

The world is changing rapidly, which affects the job
trends.Job areas and the style of working are changing too.People will have to make some changes in order that they can survive.


仔细阅读课文“Survival of the Fittest”,选择正确答案。
1.Which statement about this passage is NOT true?____ C A.Alvin Toffler's idea in his book was that to keep up with the demand of change becomes more and more difficult. B . Laurence Lyons thought women will be envied in the future. C.Mark Hastings said that many men will have to be trained to improve communication skills. D.James Traeger was a famous spokesman.

2.What does the word “dynamic” mean (in Para.6)?____ A A.Energetic. B.Good. C.International.

3.What job will become less important according to the text?___ D A.The service industry. B.The media. C.Information technology. D.Heavy industry.

4 .Which is NOT the reason why many men will have to be trained in certain area?____ C A.To help men to communicate as well.

B.Women will be envied because they have an advantage in
communication. C.To make men more like women. D.Good communication skills will be extremely important.

5.This passage is mainly about ________. B A.people should change their job constantly B.in the future, people must improve themselves to keep up

with the demand for change in the world
C .compared to working for a big company, people prefer to work for a small one

D.because the speed of change is becoming increasingly fast,
people were willing to have a “job for life”

...citizens of the world's richest and most advanced nations will find it more and more difficult to keep up with the demand for change.(P28, Para.1)??这个世界最富有和最先进 的国家的公民都会感到越来越难以跟上变化的需要。 1.keep up with 跟上,赶上 典例 I had to walk fast to keep up with him. 我得走快点赶上他。

拓展 keep up 坚持,继续 catch up with 赶上 put up with 容忍 运用 完成句子 keep/catch up with (1)They walked so fast that I could not ________________

(跟上) them. kept up (2)We asked her to stop talking but she ________________

Take a deep breath and try to get a sense of the good

things the future has to offer.(P28, Para.2)深吸一口气,设想一
下未来会发生的好事情。 2.take a deep breath 做深呼吸 典例 Take a deep breath, and then you may feel relaxed.

拓展 hold/keep one's breath 屏息 out of breath 喘不过气来,上气不接下气

运用 完成句子 a deep breath ( 深 吸 一 口 气 ), you can stay (1)If you take ________________ underwater for more than a minute. (2)I ran to the theatre all along and was________________ out of breath (上气不接下气).

Jobs in farming, coal mining and heavy industry are decreasing rapidly.(P28, Para.3)农业、煤矿业和重工业的职位 迅速减少。 3.decrease v.减少,降低 n.减少;减少额 点拨 (1)既可作不及物动词,又可作及物动词,通常指在

数目、数量或强度方面减少或降低。其反义词为 increase。如:
Car sales are decreasing.汽车销售量正在下跌。 These measures will help decrease the cost of production.这些 措施将有助于降低生产成本。 (2)可作名词。如: There has been a decrease in our imports. 我们的进口减少了。

拓展 decrease to 减少到

decrease by 减少了
on the decrease 在减少中 运用 完成句子 (1)The number of students ________________ has decreased to ( 已 减 少 到 ) 1,000. has decreased by ( 已 减 少 了 ) 30 (2)The unemployment ________________ percent. a sharp decrease ( 急剧减少) (3)The new treatment led to ________________ in the number of deaths.

Without doubt, the number of jobs in information technology will multiply.(P28, Para.4)毫无疑问,信息技术领域 的工作职位将会大幅度地增加。 4.without doubt 毫无疑问 点拨 without doubt 为 介 词 短 语 , 相 当 于 undoubtedly,

doubtlessly, no doubt,常置于句首。如: Without doubt/No doubt she is qualified for the job. 毫 无 疑 问,她能胜任这份工作。

拓展 beyond doubt 无疑地(常作插入语) sb.have no doubt of...某人对??不怀疑

There is no doubt that...无疑??
运用 完成句子 (1)_______________________________ Without doubt/There is no doubt that (毫无疑问) we will . be successful (2)I have ________________ ( 不 怀 疑 ) their being happy no doubt of together.

...instead of working just for one division or branch of a company.(P28, Para.5)??而不会只服务于一家公司的一个部 门或分支机构。 5.branch n.分支,部门;树枝;支流,支线;(学科的)分科 典例 The bank has branches all over the country. 该银行在全国各地均有分行。 The river has three main branches. 这条河有三条主要的支流。

运用 完成句子

(1)The company located its ________________ (新分公司) in new branch
the suburbs. (2)You'll have to break the ________________ big branch (大树枝) away to get through the thick forest.

People will move around to do different jobs, rather than moving up in the company as before.(P28, Para.6) 人们不 会像从前那样在同一个公司里寻求提升,他们会多方去寻找不 同的工作。 6.rather than 宁愿,而不是 典例 I'll have a cold drink rather than hot water.


拓展 prefer to do sth.rather than (to) do sth. =would do sth.rather than do sth. =would rather do sth.than do sth. 宁愿做某事也不愿做某事 运用 完成句子 (1)I'd prefer to go in summer rather ________________ than in winter ( 而不是在 冬天). rather than go to school (也不愿去 (2)I prefer to get up early____________________ 学校)without breakfast. (3)I ___________________________________ would/prefer to; rather than或would rather die _____ than (宁愿??不愿??) disgrace myself.

Many more people will work for small, dynamic companies which can respond quickly to changes in the market.(P28, Para.6)很多人会供职于小且具有活力的公司,这

7.respond vi.反应;回复,回答 vt.以??回答

点拨 (1)作不及物动词,常与介词 to 连用,意为“对??

Has she responded to your letter?

(2)作及物动词,常与 that 从句连用。如: The doctor responded that he could not tell the name of the disease. 医生回答说他无法判断疾病的名字。

运用 完成句子
respond to (1)Would anyone care to ________________ ( 回答 ) the last

responded that (回答说) he wouldn't go. (2)He ________________

...women will be envied because they have an advantage in this area.(P28, Para.7)??女性将受人羡慕,因为她们在这一

8.envy vt.羡慕,妒忌 n.羡慕,妒忌

点拨 (1)作及物动词可接双宾语,表示“羡慕或妒忌某人
的某物”如: All her workmates envied her (for) her promotion. 所有的同事都羡慕她的晋升。

(2)作不可数名词。如: She said it out of envy.她出于妒忌说了这话。 拓展 feel envy at 对??感到羡慕/妒忌 out of envy 出于羡慕/妒忌 lost in envy 非常妒忌 be in envy of sb.'s success 羡慕/妒忌某人的成功 be/become the envy of sb.成为令某人羡慕/妒忌的事物

运用 完成句子
envy you (1)I ________________ (羡慕你) your good luck. the envy of (成为令人羡慕的事物) his (2)His talentbecomes ________________ colleagues. out of envy (3)He made the false witness ________________ (出于妒 忌) .

English will probably remain the international business language, so don't bother learning Russian or

Spanish.(P28, Para.8)英语可能还会是国际商业语言,所以不必
费心去学习俄语或西班牙语。 9.bother vt.烦扰;打扰 vi.烦恼;费心,麻烦 点拨 (1)作及物动词,表示“用某事麻烦某人”,常用于 短语 bother sb.with/about sth.。如: I can't bother him with my little affairs. 我不能因自己那点小事去打扰他。

(2)作不及物动词,后常接介词 with/about 或动词不定式。

Don't bother to do it.不要费心去做了。 运用 完成句子

bother you with/about (用??来麻 (1)I'm sorry that I have to__________________
烦你) this problem. (2)________________ (别麻烦) come and see me off. Don't bother to (3)Go on with what you are doing.___________________ Don't bother with/about ( 别

操心) this matter.

Work with more than one program in case you have to
use them at work, and try to read about new technology.(P28, Para.9)学习几种软件以备工作之需,努力了解最新的技术。 10.in case 以防万一;万一 点拨 in case 在此作连词,引导条件状语从句。它还可引


I'll take my raincoat in case it rains.

拓展 in case of 万一;如果 in any case 无论如何 in no case 决不 in the case of 就??来说;关于 in that/this case 要是那样/这样的话 运用 完成句子

(1)________________ ( 万 一 ) he arrives before I get back, In case please ask him to wait. (2)Well, ________________ (要是那样的话), I would prefer in that case to stay on the bus. (3)________________ ( 万 一 ) my not being here, ask my In case of brother to help you.

First of all, don't panic.(P29, Ex.2)首先,不要恐慌。 11.panic v.恐慌,惊惶 n.恐慌,惊惶 典例 Don't panic, boys.There's no danger. 不要慌,孩子们,没有危险。 The idea might panic the investors. 这个想法可能会使投资者惶恐不安。 There was a panic when the building caught fire. 大楼起火时,人们一片惊慌。

拓展 get into a panic 陷入恐慌状态
be seized/struck with (a) panic 惊慌失措

运用 完成句子
(1)There was no real sign of fire, but everyone on board began/started to panic _____________________ (开始恐慌起来). (2)When four banks failed in one day, there was

a panic ________________ (一片恐慌) among businessmen. got into a panic (3)After the tragic storm, the city ________________ (陷入恐 慌) without any help.

本课时单词 拓展词汇 judgement n.判 judge v.判断 断,判断力 n.法官 division n.部门, divide v.划分 分割 operate vi.运转, operation n.操 作;手术 运作 vt.操作 respond vi.回复, response n.回复 回答 comfort n.舒适,comfortable adj. 舒适的 安逸

构词法小结 1.________、________和 ________为名词后缀,表 示“性质,状态,动作, 结果”。如:movement 运 动; decision 决定; location 位置。 2.________为形容词后 缀,表示“可??的, 能??的”。如: knowable 可知的。

运用 用所给单词的适当形式填空

1.I have perfect trust in his judgement ________ (judge).
2.After World War Ⅱ, Germany was ___________ divided (division) into two and they remerged in 1990. 3.The compilers (编辑) agreed on a ________ division (divide) of the textbook into twelve units.

4.The intricate ( 复 杂 的 ) machine requires a skilled
operator (operate). ________

response (respond) to my question. 5.He made no ________
6.We tried to make our guests __________ comfortable (comfort).

1.So begins Alvin Toffler's book Future Shock, written back in
1970.(P28, Para.1)阿尔文· 托夫勒在 1970 年写的《未来的冲击》 一书是这样开头的。 点拨 so 意为“正是如此”,在本句中置于句首,引导完 全倒装句。如:

“I will never forget those days when I lived with Aunt Li in
the small village.” So begins Robinson's composition. “我永远不会忘记和李阿姨住在小村庄的那些日子。”罗 宾逊的作文是这样开头的。

拓展 类似地,such 位于句首时也引导完全倒装句。如: Such is my father, a simple man and the greatest hero in my heart. 这就是我的父亲,在我心中既是一个普通的人,也是最伟 大的英雄。 运用 完成句子

(1)________________ (他正是这样走去) to the Palace where So went he
the Sleeping Beauty lived. Such was the story (这就是那个故事) that I told her. (2)________________

2 . It's not about making men more like women, but helping men to communicate as well.(P28, Para.7)其目的不是使男性更 像女性,而是帮助他们形成和女性一样良好的沟通技巧。 点拨 not...but...意为“不是??而是??”,可用来连接 接两

两个并列的名词、形容词、副词、短语或分句等。连 个主语时,其谓语动词要遵循“就近原则”。如: Not he but I am wrong.不是他,而是我错了。 运用 完成句子 (1)Not you but he ________________ (被邀请了). was invited

(2)They need not money ________________ (而是时间). but time

3.For the citizens of these nations, the future can't arrive soon enough.(P28, Para.10)对于这些国家的居民来说,未来的到达越 快越好。 点拨 can't 和 too/enough 连用时有特殊的含义 ,表示

You can't be too careful when you cross the street. =You can't be careful enough when you cross the street.过马 路时,你再小心都不为过。 运用 完成句子 can't be too careful/can't be careful enough (越细心越好) One ___________________________________ in one's work.

1.精彩文段采撷 People will move around to do different jobs, rather than moving up in the company as before.Many more people will work for small, dynamic companies which can respond quickly to changes in the market.Other people will give up working for a boss and start their own businesses.All this means that companies will require people who are flexible and can work on their own.人们不 会像从前那样在同一个公司里寻求提升,他们会多方去寻找不 同的工作。很多人会供职于小且具有活力的公司,这样的公司 能对市场变化作出快速反应。还有一些人将放弃给老板打工, 而开始做自己的生意。所有这些都意味着公司需要的将是富有 灵活性和能够独立工作的员工。

主题句:People will move around to do different jobs, rather

than moving up in the company as before.
拓展句 1 :Many more people will work for small, dynamic companies which can respond quickly to changes in the market. 拓展句 2 :Other people will give up working for a boss and start their own businesses. 总 结 句 : All this means that companies will require people who are flexible and can work on their own.

原作文材料 主题句:睡眠对我们的工作和学习都很重要。 拓展句 1:如果我们休息得不好,我们在课堂上或是工作 时就会头疼。 拓展句 2:更糟糕的是,缺少睡眠会导致一些不好的事情。

总结句:因此,我们必须有一个很好的睡眠,必须有一个 合理的作息时间表。

拓展 主题句:睡眠对我们的工作和学习都很重要。 拓展句 1:如果我们休息得不好,我们在课堂上或是工作 时就会头疼。(次要拓展句)我们就不能够专心地做好我们正在

拓展句 2:更糟糕的是,缺少睡眠会导致一些不好的事情。 (次要拓展句)年轻人正是长身体的时候,如果他们没有充足的 睡眠,他们的身体就会变得越来越虚弱,并且最终无法抵抗疾 病,很容易生病。 总结句:因此,我们必须有一个很好的睡眠,必须有一个


Sleep is very important to our study and work.If we can't sleep well, we will get headaches when we are sitting in class or at work.We will not be able to focus on the work we are doing.What's worse, lack of sleep can cause accidents.Young people are growing, so if they can't get

enough sleep, their body may become weaker and weaker
and finally cannot resist diseases and they will get ill easily.So we must have good sleep and a good time schedule.

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