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2014 永州四中高二英语第二次月考

(本试卷分为四个部分,包括听力、语言知识运用、阅读和书面表达。) 时量 120 分钟 满分 150 分 PART I LISTENING COMPREHENSION (30 marks) Section A Directions: In this section, you’ll hear 6 conversations between 2 speakers. For each conversation, there are several questions and each question is followed by 3 choices. Listen to the conversations carefully and then answer the questions by marking the corresponding letter (A, B or C) on the question booklet. You will hear each conversation TWICE. Conversation 1 1. What problem does the woman?s TV set have? A. It wastes electricity. B. The picture is not clear. C. The sound quality is bad. 2. What will the woman probably do? A. Buy a new TV set soon. B. Return her TV set. C. Sell her TV set. Conversation 2 3. How does the woman probably feel now? A. Thirsty. B. Hungry. C. Tired. 4. What does the man think of owning a car? A. It?s important for him. B. It?s unnecessary for him. C. It?s too costly for him. Conversation 3 5. What does Mona Lisa look like in The Isleworth Mona Lisa? A. Younger and happier. B. Older and sadder. C. Older and happier. 6. When was The Isleworth Mona Lisa first discovered? A. In the late 18th century. B. Shortly before World War I. C. In the early 16th century. Conversation 4 7. Which of the following activities does the man prefer? A. Football. B. Surfing. C. Tennis. 8. How often does the woman play golf? A. Twice a month. B. Once a week. C. Once a month. 9. When will the two speakers meet next Sunday? A. At 1:30 pm. B. At 11:30 am. C. At 2:30 pm. Conversation 5 10. What is the woman?s plan for the summer? A. To teach in a language school. B. To go sightseeing in Beijing. C. To visit her cousin?s family. 11. What is the man interested in seeing in the Egyptian Museum?

A. Ancient coins. B. Old furniture. C. Famous paintings. 12. Where are the things from the final two dynasties of Ancient Egypt displayed? A. On the second floor. B. On the third floor. C. On the first floor. Conversation 6 13. How often do people in the man?s club meet? A. Twice a week. B. Twice a month. C. Once a week. 14. When do the book club?s meeting usually end? A. At 8:00 pm. B. At 9:00 pm. C. At 9:30 pm. 15. What will the woman do on Saturday evenings over the next six weeks? A. Watch a movie. B. Read at home. C. Do physical exercise. Section B Directions: In this section, you’ll hear a mini-talk. Listen carefully and then fill in the numbered blanks with the information you’ve got. Fill in each blank with NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS. You’ll hear the mini-talk TWICE. My childhood school days About The place of the school In the 16 . the The number of pupils 17 . school Lunch Eaten in the 18 of the trees. About I couldn?t 19 . me I was 20 . Part II Language Knowledge (45 marks) Section A (15 marks) Directions: For each of the following unfinished sentences there are four choices marked A, B, C, and D. Choose the one that best completes the sentence. 21. _____ you start eating in a healthier way, weight control will become much easier. A. Although B. Once C. Unless D. Before 22. Only when you can find peace in your heart ______ good relationships with others. A. you will find B. you kept C. will you keep D. did you keep 23. ______ nearly all our money, we couldn?t afford to stay at a hotel. A. Having spent B. To spend C. Spent D. To have spen 24. ______ the difficult maths problems, I have consulted Professor Russell several times. A. Work out B. Worked out C. Working out D. To work out 25. I?d appreciate ______ if you could let me know in advance whether or not you will come. A. it B. you C.one D. this 26. I?ve ordered some pizza, so we ______ worry about cooking when we get home tired. A. can?t B. needn?t C. may not D. dare not 27. which university to attend, the girl asked her teacher for advice.

A. Knowing not B. Not known C. Not knowing D. Known not 28. ---- Is it true that Mike refused an offer from Yale University yesterday? ---- Yeah, but I have no idea ______ he did it; that?s one of his favorite universities. A. why B. how C. when D. that 29. ______ the course very difficult, she decided to move to a lower level. A.Find B. Finding C. To find D. Found 30. It was the culture, rather than the language, ______ made it hard for him to adapt to the new environment abroad. A. why B. what C. that D. where 31. ---- Hi, let?s go skating. ---- Sorry, I?m busy right now. I ______ in an application form for a new job. A. have filled B. am filling C. will fill D. fill 32. Jane is in a hurry because the train to the airport leaves ______ half an hour. A. in B. for C. until D. by 33. Last night, there were millions of people ______ the opening ceremony live on TV. A. to watch B. watched C. watching D. watch 34. ______ carefully if any change occurs when doing experiments in the lab. A. To observe B. Observed C. Observe D. Observing 35. There are still many problems ______ before we are ready for a long stay on the Moon. A. solved B. to be solved C. solving D. being solved Section B (18 marks) Directions: For each blank in the following passage there are four words or phrases marked A, B, C and D. Fill in each blank with the word or phrase that best fits the context. “Where?s the light?” my dad used to ask me that when I was little. It?s one of those questions that parents use to find out how smart their young children are. Whenever he asked me, I always 36 him. My dad, a good provider and guide, has always 37 with us the value of living an honest life. He did not grow up in a close-knit family like the one he has with us. His father died when he was very young and his mother was too busy to be with him, so my dad found himself alone and felt 38 --- lacking nurturing and love, short of family happiness. My father is a self-made man. Many hurdles(障碍) lay in his path, but his dream of a better life kept him 39 . At 14, he began taking part-time jobs to support himself. 40 the demands on his time, he graduated from high school at the top of his class. Dad loved reading, and always looked for opportunities to 41 himself. One day, when he was sitting under a tree 42 in a book, a kind-hearted man saw him and asked him why he wasn?t in school. Dad replied that he had no money for college.

The man saw his 43 to study, and recommended him to Baguio College as a working student. Thanks to this man, Dad got his Bachelor of Arts degree, then went on to study Law and became a successful lawyer. He wrote a 44 read textbook on Philippine law. Looking at my father now, I can see that he is 45 a hardworking and determined man, pouring his energy into his career but without forgetting his family. When I was at school he never 46 to attend parent-teacher meetings or come to singing contests that I took part in. He put me and my brother through college and 47 us in our chosen careers. He gives us encouragement and tells us that education is the key to achieving any goal. 36. A. pointed out B. pointed at C. pointed to D. pointed in 37. A. shared B. combined C. agreed D. associated 38. A. conflicted B. puzzled C. separated D. ignored 39. A. hesitating B. wandering C. going D. waiting 40. A. In view of B. In search of C. In regard to D. In spite of 41. A. behave B. express C. educate D. satisfy 42. A. concentrated B. absorbed C. devoted D. committed 43. A. ability B. purpose C. rule D. desire 44. A. widely B. wildly C. deeply D. heavily 45. A. by accident B. by nature C. by education D. by profession 46. A.failed B. intended C. requested D. tried 47. A. critisized B.guided C. commented D. Judged Section C (12 marks) Directions: Complete the following passage by filling in each blank with ONE word that best fits the context. Teenagers live very busy lives now and often forget to think about their diets and exercise. 48 , the truth is, healthy eating along with regular exercise is the only way to keep fit. During your teenage years, it is important to give your body the energy it needs. Teenager girls need about 2,200 calories 49 day and boys need a bit more --doctors suggest 2,800 for teenage boys. 50% of your calories should come 50 rice, bread, vegetables and fruit. You need to drink a lot of water, 6 to 8 glasses a day. Drinking 51 water will improve your skin and give you healthy hair. Exercise is something 52 can help to make you look good, feel 53 and be healthy. Experts suggest that teenagers spend at least 30 minutes exercising, five times a week. _____54 you exercise, your body produces something that makes you feel relaxed. It can even help you sleep better at night and let you be 55 attentive when you study. PART III Reading Comprehension (30 marks) Directions: Read the following three passages. Each passage is followed by several questions or unfinished statement. For each of them there are four choices

marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that fits best according to the information given in the passage. A At just six years old, Joey Kilpatrick is Australia?s unofficial hide -and-seek champion after he hid in a bedroom cupboard for eight hours while playing his favourite game, causing a massive rescue operation. The determined little boy?s disappearing act led to a full-scale search, including nine police officers, five State Emergency Service volunteers, tracker dogs and almost all of the residents(居民) of the town of Goombungee. His mother, Chris, says she called the police when Joey disappeared one afternoon after telling his older brother, Lachlan, 14, that he was off to play hide-and-seek. “I called the two boys for dinner, ” Chris says. “After about 20 minutes I started to worry. I was shouting to Joey, ?OK, we can?t find you, time to come out!? ” But there was no sign of her little boy. Within minutes of Chris calling the authorities, the police started on of the biggest ground searches in the town?s history. “I was really scared. I rang my husband, Kris, who works out of town, and he immediately hit the road, calling me every 10 minutes, ” Chris recalls. “They searched the house from top to bottom; everyone was out looking for him. When a neighbour asked if I?d checked the water tank, that?s when reality hit. I was terrified.” After hours of searching the town, confused police decided to search the house one more time. “I just sat there waiting, ” Chris says. “Then a strange feeling came over me , and I wandered into the bedroom and put my hand on a pile of blankets in the cupboard. As I pulled them out, there he was --- asleep and completely unaware of what was going on! I?ve never hugged him so hard. Senior constable(巡警), Chris Brameld, from Goombungee police, says he is glad that Joey?s game had a happy ending: “When we realized he was safe, we agreed that it doesn?t get much better than that!” And young Joey promises that next time he won?t be so intent on finding t he best hiding place. “I want to say sorry to the policemen and to Mummy for scaring them, ” he says. “ I promise next time I?ll hide where they can find me and I won?t fall asleep!” 56. Why did the boy hide in a bedroom cupboard? A. He is Australia?s unofficial hide-and-seek champion. B.He wanted to start a massive rescue operation. C.He thought it was good place to sleep. D. He didn?t think he could be easily found there. 57. What did the boy?s mother do the moment she couldn?t find her son? A. She called the police and her husband. B.She searched the town from top to bottom. C. She turned to her neighbours for help. D.She checked the water tank. 58. What can we learn from the passage?

A. The mother was very grateful to find her boy. B. The boy knew clearly what was going on. C.The mother usually hugged her boy very hard. D. The boy felt very cold when he was found. 59. How did the boy feel after he found out what had happened? A. Scared. B. Funny. C.Guilty. D. Pitiful. 60. According to the passage, what was the best thing in the end about what happened? A. The boy found the best hiding place. B. The boy fell asleep. C. The boy won the championship. D. The boy was found safe. B Memo(备忘录) To: Parents / Guardians of all students from Kindergarten to Grade 6 Memo From: The School Administration Topic: Upcoming Events and School News Date: December 13, 2010 Professional Development Day --- Friday, December 17th Staff( 全 体 员 工 ) at St. Augustine?s will be participating in a Professional Development day on Friday, December 17th, dealing with problems related to School Development. Therefore there will be NO CLASSES for students on that day. When children return on Monday, December 20th, it will be Day 3. Christmas Ticket Draw: Please return all tickets stubs (存根) and money as soon as possible. The draw will take place on Monday evening, December 20th, at the conclusion of our Christmas concert. Thank you for your attention to this matter. School Christmas Concert. The school Christmas concert will take place on Monday, December 20th at 7:00 p.m., featuring all our students from Kindergarten to Grade Six. The admission cost is $3.00 per adult and $2.00 per child. Each child must be accompanied by an adult. All students are required to arrive at the school no later than 6:30 p.m. It will be quite a busy time and this will allow us to be organized and prepared for the exciting show ahead. Primary students are asked to go to their classrooms and elementary choir(合唱团) students are asked to go to the music room upon arrival at the school. The attire for the Elementary Choir will be a red or green shirt and dark trousers (preferably black). We are very excited about the upcoming concert and so are the students! We are looking forward to sharing the spirit of the Christmas season! Lunch Program Service for Wednesday, December 22nd will be provided as usual. Kindergarten Information Due to the early dismissal on Wednesday, December 22nd, all kindergarten students will come to school for the morning session. Your child will be dismissed at the usual time, which is 11:20 a.m. Christmas Dismissal / Break: School buses will be at our building on Wednesday, December 22nd at 12:45 p.m.

for early dismissal at 1:00p.m. The children will return to school after the Christmas holidays on Tuesday, January 4th, 2011. It will be DAY 1 on the student?s schedule. Final Note: At this time the Saff of St.Augustine?s would like to thank you for your continued cooperation and support of your child?s school and education. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 61. How much would a couple with twins pay for the Christmas concert? A. $5.00. B. $7.00. C. $8.00. D. $10.00. 62. According to the memo, on December 20th, primary students had to__________. A. wear a red or green shirt and dark trousers B.bring lunch by themselves C. gather in their classrooms first D. arrive at least one hour before the concert 63. From the passage, we know that__________. A. the teachers were busy on December 17th B. a ticket draw took place on December 21st C. students had no classes on December 22nd D. No food was supplied nd December 22 64. For the Christmas holidays, the students had__________. . A. 9 days off B. 10 days off C. 12 days off D. 15 days off 65. Which of the following is TRUE, according to the passage? A. Students had classes on December 17th. B. Students went home as usual on December 20th. C. School buses arrived at 1: 00 p.m. on December 22nd. D. Parents had to return the Christmas ticket stubs. C Among all the fast growing science and technology, the research of human genes, or biological engineering as people call it, is drawing more and more attention now. Sometimes it is a hot topic discussed by people. The greatest thing that gene technology can do is to cure serious diseases that doctors at present can almost do nothing with, such as cancer and heart disease. Every year, millions of people are murdered by these two killers. And to date, doctors have not found an effective way to cure them. But if the gene technology is applied, not only these two diseases can be cured completely, bringing happiness and more living days to the patients, but also the great amount of money people spend on curing their diseases can be saved, therefore it benefits the economy as well. In addition, human life span(寿命)can be prolonged. Gene technology can help people to give birth to more healthy and clever children. Some families, with the English imperial family being a good example, have hereditary diseases. This means their children will for sure have the family disease, which is a great trouble for these families. In the past, doctors could do nothing about hereditary diseases. But gene technology can solve this problem perfectly. The scientist just need to find the wrong gene and correct it, and a healthy child will be

born. Some people are worrying that the gene research can be used to manufacture human beings in large quantities. In the past few years, scientists have succeeded in cloning a sheep, therefore these people predict that human babies would soon be cloned. But I believe cloned babies will not come out in large quantities, for most couples in the world can have babies in very normal way. Of course, the governments muse take care to control gene technology. 66. What does “these two killers” in the second paragraph refer to? A Gene technology and another treatment of the two diseases B Hereditary diseases and cancer. C The two murderers who killed the cloned baby. D The two diseases of cancer and heart disease 67. What?s the main idea of the third paragraph? A Gene technology can help people to give birth to a baby. B Gene technology can help the English imperial family out. C How gene technology can be applied in the field of treating hereditary diseases. D Gene technology can be used to clone human babies 68. In what way gene technology can help to treat hereditary diseases? A Using gene technology, scientist finds the wrong gene and corrects it. B Using gene technology, human babies can be cloned. C Using gene technology, people with hereditary diseases can have more living days. D Doctors can cure cancer and heart disease with the help of gene technology. 69. What is the main purpose of writing this passage? A Telling people the advantages of gene technology. B Explaining that gene technology will also do harm to the humanity C Telling the readers that gene technology will not benefit people D Expressing the writer?s idea that gene technology will benefit people 70. Which of the following worries people by using this technology? A Scientists have already successfully cloned sheep B The government will take action to control it . C A good number of babies will be cloned D Most couple will normally give birth to babies. PART IV WRITING (45 marks) Section A (10 marks) Directions: Read the following passage. Complete the diagram by using the information from the passage. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer. Most people think of a green house as a special glass building used to grow plants all year long. Now there is another definition. A green house is the result of an effort to produce houses that are less harmful to the environment than other houses. Recent films, books, magazines and newspapers have reported serious threat to the environment. Changes in climate, increasing pollution, rising energy demands and

decreasing supplies of water are worldwide problems. Designers and builders around the world are reacting to there environment concerns. Green houses are designed to be sustainable. Something that is sustainable provides people with what they need, without using up or damaging the natural resources that people will need in the future. Green houses use much fewer fossil fuels --- oil, gas and coal --- for energy. The houses are on the land so the sun warm them during cold months and are blocked during hot months. The houses have plenty of windows that open to let in cooling air. They have special equipment that uses a lot less water. Green houses are made of wood from fast-growing trees, so old growth forests do not have to be cut. They include recycled materials so old things are reused, not thrown away as waste. The houses are healthier for people to live in. Materials used in them are not processed with strong chemicals that can produce harmful gases. Houses that are environmentally friendly are not new. For years, architects(建筑 师)in many parts of the world have designed and built them for environmental activists. But now, rapidly rising energy costs are increasing the demand worldwide for houses that use less energy and other resources. Title: 71. Old: 73. used to grow plants all year long 72. New: Houses that are less harmful to the environment than others ? Changes in climate Worldwide ? 74. environmental ? Rising energy demands problems ? Decreasing supplies of water ? Being sustainable ------ saving 76. For future use ? Using sunshine for warming ------ saving 77. ? Having special equipment ------ saving water 75. ? Using wood from 78. ------ saving more forest ? Using recycled materials ------ reuse old things ? Using materials not processed with strong chemicals -----keeping people healthy Green houses are 80. , using less energy and 79. other resources

Section B (10 marks) Directions: Read the following passage.Answer the questions according to the information given in the passage and the required words limit. Sometimes it?s dangerous for you to adventure out on a mountain with no company. It?s not just wild animals, the harsh(恶劣的)environment you have to deal

with, but the fact that climate in the mountain can change rapidly, from being sunny one moment to being foggy and then rainy the very next. Therefore, you need to learn some strategies for surviving in the mountains when you are alone. An important skill you should be good at when surviving alone on a mountain is building a campfire. Not only does it protect you from the cold, but you also can use it for cooking, as well as frightening away dangerous animals. Next, you should be good at rope management. Learn the technique of tying various knots which will help you while rappelling(绕绳下降). And don?t allow the ropes to get wet. Building a shelter quickly is also important. For this, practice building a lean-to(单 坡屋顶) using two trees next to each other. Ensure the lean-to doesn?t face the wind. And you can spread a layer(层) of leaves over the ground inside the lean-to, so you don?t come in direct contact with the cold ground. In addition, you should be informed on how to deal with wild animals. Animals generally don?t hunt humans, but they may follow you, so be careful. Leftover trash and food is the main reason animals approach humans. If you come across an animal in the wild, don?t do anything to provoke(惹起) it further. Leave a good space between the animal and keep calm, till the animal wanders off. Being mentally prepared is as important as being physically prepared. Be aware of your own limitations and fears. In life-threatening situations, weigh the pros and cons and act accordingly. Practice all the skills that are important to your survival especially when you?re alone. All this will help you survive alone in a mountain! 81. What can cause dangers to you when you are adventuring alone in a mountain? (No more than 10 words) 82. Why do you build a campfire when you?re alone in a mountain? (No more than 12 words) 83. Why are you advised to spread leaves over the ground in the lean-to? (No more than 8 words) 84. What is the passage mainly about? (No more than 8 words)

Section C (25 marks) Directions: Write an English composition according to the instructions given below. 假定你是某中学生英语报的小记者,以下漫画内容是你的所见所闻,请根据 要求写一篇英语短文投稿。内容要求: 1、描述漫画内容;2、发表个人感想。


注意: 1、短文标题与开头已给出,不计入总词数; 2、考生可适当发挥,使文章内容充实、连贯; 3、词数 120 左右; 4、文中不能出现考生的具体信息。 参考词汇:告示牌 sign Mind Your Behavior in Public places Last Sunday, I went sightseeing with my friends in the Fairy Lake Park.

_____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________


附参考答案: 1-5.BACBA 6-10. BCBAB 11-15. AABCC 16. woods 17. 24 18. shade 19. smoke 20. left-hand 21-25. BCADA 26-30. BCABC 31-35. BACCB 36-40. BADCD 41-45. CBDAB 46-47. AB 48. However 49. a/per/every/each 51. enough 52. that 53. good/nice 55. more 56-60. DAACD 61-65. DCACD 66-70. DCAAC 71. Green Houses 72.Different definitions 73. Special glass building 74.Increasing pollution 75. Advantages 76. natural resources 77. fossil fuels 78. fast growing trees 79. Conclusion 80. environmental friendly 81. Wild animals, the harsh environment and rapid climate changes. 82. To keep warm, cook and frighten away dangerous animals. 83. To avoid direct contact with the cold ground. 84. How to survive alone in a mountain.

50. from 54. When

Mind Your Behavior in Public Places Last Sunday, I went sightseeing with my friends in the Fairy Lake Park. The park was full of freshness and beauty of spring, with the sun shining and birds singing. When I was enjoying the fantastic scenery around, something unpleasant caught my eyes. A young couple in a boat were eating, talking and laughing loudly as if they were the only people in the world. What’s worse, they spat and even threw rubbish into the lake, totally ignoring the noticeable sign “No littering” nearby. What a shame! Such behavior left me deep in thought. If all visitors to the Fairy Lake Park do as the couple did, the lake will be severely polluted and soon turned into a huge dustbin. I think all of us should mind our behavior in public places. Only in this way can we live in more comfortable and beautiful surroundings.


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