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Unit 4 A Visit to the Moon 知识点导学案

Unit 4 A Visit to the Moon 知识点导学案 一. 预习案 翻译下列短语 1. 有机会去做某事 2.作一次太空旅行 3. 出发 4.靠近,接近 5. 感到高兴,振奋起来 6.跌倒,从…掉下来 7.过了一会儿 8.一点儿 二.导学案 学习目标:通过例句学习词,短语及句型的用法 (一).words 1. Last month I was lucky enough

to have a chance to make a trip into space with my friend Li Yanping, an astronomer. (1).I have enough time to do the work. (2).The boy is old enough to go to school. 2.li Yaping explained to me that….. (1).He explained to me that he had been cheated. /He explained the reasonto me. 3.(1). He gave a strong pull at the rope. (2). As we travel far from the earth, we gradually lose the pull of the earth’s gravity. (3). The little girl pulled her mother ’s sleeve. 和 pull 有关的短语: Pull on pull off (二).phrases 1. Then we were off. be off pull down pull up

与 off 相关的短语: see...off give off show off put off get off take off turn off pay off 2.When we get closer to the moon, we shall feel its gravity pulling us but it will not be as strong a pull as the earth’s. The school is close to the post office. get close to 3. I cheered up immediately. be close to

cheer up 当看到球队的到来,人群欢呼起来。when they saw the team arrive. 他带她去听音乐会来使她高兴。He took her _____________ to ____________. 4.…as fire broke outon the outside of the spaceship as the earth’s gravity increased. get the hang of break out (1)The American Civil War broke out in 1861./(2) A fire broke out in his house last night. 与 break 相关的短语 break down break in break away from break through break up break one's word/promise 5.I’ve been trying to get the hang of this new typewriter. I don’t quite get the hang of your argument. get hang of: (三).Sentence patterns 1. My weight will be less than on the earth. leaving the moon’s gravity was not as painful as leaving the earth’s. we shall feel its gravity pulling us,but it will not be as strong a pull as the earth’s. I found I was carried twice as far as on the earth and fell over.

1.比较级: 2.等级比较:和…一样… 3.倍数的表达方式: 学习例句:The black car is less expensive than the red one. This desk is as long as that one. Our neighbor has as big a house as ours. This tree is three times as tall as that one. The Yangtze River is almost twice longer thanthe Pearl River. The newly broadened square is four times the size of the previous one. 2.Now that you are busy, let me do it for you. now that 三.练习案 新课标短文改错练习 1 One afternoon on April,1912, a new ship set off from England to America on its first trip.It was one of the largest ship at that time.It was cold,but the trip was pleasant and people are enjoying themselves. The next day was even cold.people could see icebergs here or there.It was night.Suddenly the man onthe watch shouted,"Look out!Iceberg!"It was very late and the ship hit the iceberg and came to stop.There was a very big hole on the shipand the waterbegan to come.Slowly the ship started to go down. 2 A shopkeeper once found that a bag money had been stolen from his shop. He went to the judge(法官) and tell him about his loss(损失) .The judge ordered all people of the shop to come before him. He took a number of the sticks of equal length(长度) or gave one stick to each person. Then he said, “Come after me again tomorrow. I’ll then know which of you are the thief because the stick given to a thief will be one inch longer than the other. ” 3 Miss Evans taught physics in school in London.Last month she was explaining to one of her class about sound ,and she decide to test them to see how successful she had been in her work. She said to them, “Now I has a sister in Washington. If I was calling her by the phone, and you were on the other side of the street. Who would hear me first, my sister and you? And why?” A clever boy at once answered, “You sister, MissEvans, because the electricity travels much faster than sound waves. ” “Very well, ” Miss Evans praised. 4 It is interested to visit another country, but sometimes there are some questions when we don’ t know the language very well. It may be difficult to talk about the people there.We may not know how to use the telephone in the country which are visiting. We may not know what to buy the things we need. In a strange country we may not know where to eat and what to order in a restaurant. It is not easy to decide how many money to tip(付小费) waiters or taxi drivers. When we are helpless, we may not know how to ask help. After a short time later, however, we learn what to do and what to say. We learn to enjoy life in another country, and then we may be sorry to leave both the place and the people. 5 The Internet is playing a important part in our daily life. On the net, we can learn about news both home and abroad and some other informations as well. We can also make phone calls, send messages by e-mails, go to net schools, and learn foreign languages by ourselves. Beside,we can enjoy music,watch sports matches,and play the chess or cards. The net even help us do shopping, make a chat with others and make friends with them. In a word, the Internet has made our life more easier.


Now that everyone is here let’s start work.

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