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Unit1 Great scientists
阅读课文 JOHN SNOW DEFEATS “KING CHOLERA”,回答下列问 题。 1.According to John Snow’s view, ________ A. Queen Victoria suffered a lot from bad health B. a cure had been found for cholera before his time C. cholera’s cause had to be discovered in order to control it. D. thousands of terrified people knew what they should do. 2. Which of the following theories did John Snow believe in ? A. A cloud of dangerous gas would float around until it found its victims B. People absorbed cholera into their bodies with their meals . C. People got infected with cholera because of cold and hunger. D. People suffered from cholera because they were not clean. 3. Before 1854, when cholera broke out , _____. A. many thousands of people died. B. people with cholera could be cured. C. John Snow began to know its cause. D. John Snow became inspired. 4. How did John Snow find out the cause of the disease? A. By living in the area where cholera broke out. B. By marking a map where all the dead people had lived.

C. By telling the terrified people how to prevent it . D. By saving the dying people defeat “King Cholera”? 5. How did people defeat “King Cholera”? A. By not polluting the river again . B. By eating healthy diets. C. By delivering the water from other rivers. D. By stopping drinking the polluted water. 6. What’s the main idea of the passage? A. John Snow was a well-known doctor in London . B. The cause of cholera was the polluted water. C. The source of all drinking water supplies should be examined. D. How John Snow collected, analysed data found the cause of cholera and defeated it .

阅读文章 COPERNICUS’ REVOLUTIONARY THEORY ,回答下列 问题。 1. What did Nicolaus copernicus’ mathematical calculations lead to ? ____________________________________________________ 2. Why couldn’t Nicolaus Copernicus tell others about his discovery ? _________________________________________________________ 3. When did Nicolaus Copernicus publish his ideas ? ________________________________________________________

4. Did Christian Church support Nicolaus Copernicus theory ? _________________________________________________________ 5. How many scientists are mentioned in this passage ? Who are they? _______________________________________________________

Unit 2 The United Kingdom
阅读课文 PUZZLES IN GEOGRAPHY , 回答下列问题。 1. What is mainly talked about in this passage? A. The history of the United Kingdom . B. The geography of the United Kingdom . C. The people of the United Kingdom . D. The politics of the United Kingdom. 2. When people speak of England now , they usually refer to England and _______. A. Scotland B. Ireland C. the United Kingdom D. Wales

3. How many countries is the United Kingdom made up of ? A. One B. Two C. Three D. Four

4. Where do most of the people settle in England ? A. The zone nearest France . B. The Zone nearest Scotland . C. The Midlands.

D. The North of England . 5. Which invader influenced the British words for food ? A. The Romans C. The Normans B. The Vikings D. The Anglo-Saxons.

阅读文章 SIGHTSEEING IN LONDON 回答下列问题。 1. Which place did Zhang Pingyu want to visit first ? A. The Tower C. Buckingham Palace B. St Paul’s Cathedral D. Greenwich.

2. According to the first parapraph , _____ built the Tower . A. the Roman invaders C. the English people B. the Norman invader D. Queen Elizabeth

3. What did Pingyu see in Westminster Abbey ? A. Some statues of English kings . B. Some statues of dead famous soldiers C. Some statues of political leaders . D. Some statues of dead poets and writers . 4. What interested Pingyu most in Greenwich? A. The famous clock. C. The longitude B. Its old ships D. Its beautiful scenery.

5. Which of the following is NOT in London ? A. Westminster Abbey C. Karl Marx’s statue B. Windsor Castle D. St Paul’s Cathedral.

Unit 3 Life in the future
First impression 阅读课文回答下列问题 1. Why did Li Qiang suffer from “time lag” ? A. Because he took up his prize that he won the year before . B. Because he didn’t like the year 3008. C. Because hw was unsettled for the first few days during the journey . D. Because he often suffered from “jet lag”. 2. How did Li Qiang enter the future ? A. By bus capsule 3. When Li Qiang was in the new surroundings , what happened to him ? A. He had a car accident C. He kept on breathing fresh air B. He had a headache D. He bought a new a new car B. By plane C. By spaceship D. By time

4. Which of the following statements is true about the hovering carriage ? A. They are running along much wider roads . B. They are much larger and faster. C. They are floating above the ground . D. They are running by themselves. 5. What did the trees provide for the room ?

A. Oxygen

B. Food

C. Fruits

D. Furniture

I have seen amazing things 阅读文章,回答下列问题 1. Why does the space station spin slowly in space ? A. To look more beautiful B. To look for something worth researching C. To imitate the full of the pull of the earth’s gravity D. To get away from the pull of the earth’s gravity. 2. How do the space citizens send their message ? A. By using a typewriter C. By using postcards . B. By using letter D. By using a “thoughtpad ”

3. Which of the following shows the right order to use a “thoughtpad”? a. Clear your mind b. The message is sent . c. You place the metal band over your head d. Press the sending button . e. Think your message . A. a, c,b,e,d B. c,a,d,e,b C. C,a,e,d,b D. A, b,c,d,e \

4. It can be inferred from the passage that in the 31st century _______ A. no rubbish will be produced B. the environment will become better C. there will be no desert

D. people can use plastic bags without limits 5. Who will take the place of the workers in the 31st century ? A. The robots. spaceships. B. The managers . C. The spacemen. D. The

Unit 4 Making the news
My first work assignment 1. According to the passage ,what left a strong impression on Zhou Yang ? A. His experiences of looking for a job B. His discussion with his new boss for the first time C. His quarrel with his new boss , Hu Xin . D. His first failure in his new job. 2. What’s Zhou Yang’s first job with the English newspaper ? A. An editor C. An assistant journalist B. An important journalist D.A photographer

3. What helps Zhou Yang’s first job ? A. That he took an amateur course at university . B. That he learned English at school . C. That he was a monitor at university D. That he often got full marks in his course . 4. What plays the most important part when a journalist interviews a

person? A. Talking B. Listening C. Reading D. Writing \

5. The writer mainly tells us something about _________. A. an unforgettable person B. a good job C. an important newspaper D. the first unforgettable assignment.

Unit 5 First aid 1. What is your body’s largest organ ? A. The head C. The leg B. The skin D. The arm

2. How many types of burns are there altogether ? A. One B. Two C. Three D. Four

3. Burns caused by hot liquids are usually thought to be ______. A. first degree burns C. third degree burns B. second degree burns D. the most severe burns

4. What are characteristics of first burns? A. Black and white and charred . B. Rough , red and swollen. C. rough , red and dry D. Dry , red and mildly swollen.

5. When someone is burned , what should be done first ? A. Remove clothing B. Dry the burned area gently C. cool burns immediately D. Get the victim to the doctor or hospital 阅读文航 HEROIC TEENAGER RECEIVES AWARD, 题 1. What was John doing when he heard the screaming ? _______________________________________________________ 2. What happened to Anne ? ________________________________________________________ 3. What saved Ms Slade’s life ? _________________________________________________________ 4.What first aid did John perform Anne ? _______________________________________________________ 5. What adjectives would you use to describe John’s actions ?Give at least three . 回答下列问



Unit 1 CBABDD 1.They led to a conclusion :that the earth was not the centre of the solar system. 2. Because the powerful Christian Church would have punished him for even suggesting such an idea . 3. As he lay dying in 1543. 4. No , it didn’t . Instead , it rejected his theory . 5. Four scientists. Nicolaus Copernicus , Isaac Newton , Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. Unit 2 BDDAC ABDCB Unit 3 CDBCA CDBBA Unit4 BCABD Unit5 BCBDA 1. Don’t move the broken leg if possible. 2. He tried to save the people buried in the ruins as others.

3.Carry the heavy box for the old man . 4. Had we gone to the party , we would have known the fact . 5. Do you know the gentleman our teacher is talking with?

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