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M6 Unit5 Reading2

Using language

The Lake of Heaven

the Forbidden City the Summer Palace


the Temple of Heaven



the Ming Tombs the West Lake
the Nanxi River


the Old Town of Lijiang



Tourist attractions Places of interest

How to describe a tourist attraction.
●exact ●

sights, atmosphere, details about the place. ● your feelings about the place ● story or myth of the place How to use adjectives to describe a tourist attraction

location of the place

The Lake of Heaven





Listen to the passage and underline some adjectives.

summer spring The passage is probably from _____. A.A news reporter B.A tour guide C.A government official



2. Find out the main idea of each paragraph.
Paragraph1: The introduction of ChangBaiShan

Paragraph2: The introduction of TianChi

Paragraph3: A story about TianChi
Paragraph4: A romantic reason for visiting the lake

Para1 Changbaishan
Jilin Province, Northeast China Location kept in its natural state nature reserve China’s largest ______ ________

Varies from _____ ____ 700 meters above Height sea level to __ over 2,000 meters It is home to a great diversity of Rare animals plants and animals.
Among the rare animals are cranes, black bears, leopards and Siberian tigers

The aims of visitors To ______ the unique plants walk andstudy animals ;____ in the mountains; ____the
waterfalls;_____ pools see in the hot water bathe

The most popular attraction


Para2 Tianchi / the Lake of Heaven

Height 2,194 meters above sea level Depth more than 200 meters deep Winter The surface freezes over


It takes about an hour to climb from …to…

Scenery You are rewarded not only by the sight of …, but also by the view of …

Para3 Stories
There are many stories _______ about told Tianchi. The most well-known __________ concerns three young women from heaven. They were bathing in Tianchi……Havingswallowed ________ __________ pregnant and the fruit, the girl became ___________ gave birth to handsome some time later _____________a had a gift for boy. It is said that this boy, who language and persuasion ___________, is the father of the Manchu people.

Para4 Coin
lucky enough to visit the If you are ______________ Lake of Heaven with your loved ________one, don’t forget to drop _______ a coin into the clear, blue guarantee water to ____________ your love will as deep and lasting as be ____________________the lake itself.

attraction Tianchi is the most popular ______________in nature Changbaishan which is China’s largest _________ reserve When you arrive in Tianchi, you are ________. rewarded _________not only by the sight of the crystal Clear waters of the Lake of Heaven, but also the ________of the other 16 mountain peaks that view surround __________Tianchi. The most famous story about Tianchi __________ concerns 3 fairy ladies . In addition, there Is a romantic reason for your visit . That is, to _____ drop guarantee a coin into the water to ___________your love lasting as the lake itself. Will be as deep and _____

_________is a place of interest where tourists visit.

[A tourist attraction]

is a protected area of importance for wildlife.

[A nature reserve] This radio has a two-year guarantee. ●I guarantee that you'll enjoy yourself.

Key words

vary a great diversity of unique freeze view concern swallow guarantee

vary (v.) various (adj.)----________ ________ variety (n.)
从…到…不等 1.这些苹果的重量从3磅到5磅不等。

vary ( in sth.) from…to...

These apples vary in weight from 3 pounds to

2.Answers will vary.
3. 这些T恤衫各种颜色都有的买. are _________in available wide These T-shirts __ a_____ variety _______of colors.

freeze v. freezing/ frozen _______________________(adj.) frozen ●Shut the window I'm___________. frozen ●These ______foods are the most convenient of all . freezing (point) 零度以下 below _________ freezing temperature

give birth to (sb./sth) 生小孩;产仔
她昨晚生了个可爱的小男孩。 She gave birth to a lovely little boy last night. give birth to sth. /bear/be born
gave birth to 1.She ______________a daughter. 2.She __________him a son. bore 3.The apple tree ________ bears a lot of fruit. was born in 1981. 4. I _________

have/take a bath:


have a gift / talent for be good at
他在音乐方面有天赋。 He has a gift for music.

*make up *consist of

形成,组成 由…组成/构成

澳洲肉酱由碎牛肉.洋葱,西红柿,大蒜和佐料调 制而成. is made up of Australian sauce consists of minced beef, onion, tomatoes, garlic and seasoning.

茂密的森林 thick forest Phrases 自然保护区 nature reserve 从...到...不等 vary from…to 海平面 sea level ...的生长地/栖息地 be home to … rare animals 珍稀动物 unique plants and animals 独一无二的动植物 freeze over 全面结冰 crystal clear water 清如水晶的水 有...的天赋 have a gift for .. 生小孩 give birth to

The opera was deadly boring
Deadly用作副词时,也是表示“非常”、“极度”的意 思,一般用于负面意义,相当于very much和extremely.

His face turned deadly pale.


Be careful!This is a deadly poison.
与之经常搭配使用的词有:poison、weapon、 wound、enemy.

The view from the top of the mountain was most impressive.
View, scenery, scene,

指“怒视”,强调敌对或威胁的态度,与 at 连用 ●stare 指“睁大眼睛出神地看,注视、瞪视”,这种注视出 于惊讶、好奇、羡慕、恐惧,有时是粗鲁无礼,与 at 连用 ●glance 指“瞥视,匆匆一看”,与 at 连用

effort n.
1. effort 可用做不可数名词,表“力气” It took a lot effort to lift the boxes. 抬起那些箱子要花很大的力气。
2. effort 可用做可数名词,表“费劲的事” “尝 Despite all our efforts 试” ______________________, we failed. 尽管我们尽了力,我们还是失败了。 3. make an effort to do make (great) efforts to do 努力做某事


I find this small tea house an idea place to spend an afternoon in. I enjoy ① (sit) in a corner, seeing people coming in and ② and hearing them talking. The service here is very good. The waitress will never keep you ③ (wait). If you are lucky, you will be able to watch a waitress serve tea ④ the traditional way. When the tea is served, I like to hold my face above the cup, ⑤ (let) the steam warmth my face from under,

Complete the passage

⑥ my breath for a while and then ⑦ a deep breath. ⑧ smells so good. While ⑨ , I can feel the hot tea flowing down my throat. This helps me feel ⑩ (relax) ① sitting ② out ③waiting ④ in ⑤ letting ⑥ holding ⑦ taking ⑧ It ⑨ drinking ⑩ relaxed

1.Choose the adjectives to describe a tourist attraction.
Beautiful, mountainous area, unique , spectacular waterfall, Crystal clear water ,

2. How to talk about location

It is/ it lies/ It is located…. Province, county , city

Organization of the composition (文章结构) ●Introduction Paragraph 1 (general introduction: location, area, population)

Main Body Paragraphs 2, 3 Tourist attraction, features ..

Conclusion Final Paragraph Feelings and final thoughts about the place / + recommendation

Wenzhou A/an ___________city
Population: 7.802million Area : 11,784 平方公里 Location: 浙江东南
Tourist attraction : Yandang Mountain and Nanxi River Yandang Mountain :peaks, rocks, waterfalls.

Nanxi River : waters ,waterfalls ,villages

Wenzhou is located in the south-eastern coast of Zhejiang province with a total area of 11,784 sq.km. The population stood at 7.6 million by the end of 2006.
Wenzhou is a city of light industry and commerce. Wenzhou people are well-known for their entrepreneurship. They excel in the trading of light consumer goods and have taken the initiations in shaping a private sector as China opens up and moves towards a market economy.











Duan Qiao

BAi Suzhen and XuXian

Writing Write a short passage to introduce the
West Lake in Hangzhou according to some key words below.(discuss the outline)
capital of Zhejiang Province; Hangzhou old capital of six dynasties(六朝古都);

The West 60 square kilometers area; well known both for its picturesque landscape(风 Lake

景如画) and for cultural heritage wonderful ten-views of the West Lake(西湖十景) Xuxian and Bai Suzhen; a rainy day met on Duanqiao Bridge Bai Suzhen borrowed an umbrella from Xuxian, the boy she loved

White Snake Legend

? Try to find more information about the West Lake. ? suppose you were asked to write an e-mail to your foreign friends to introduce Hangzhou west lake, write the introduction to your friends.(100-120words)

Using words and expressions
入睡 极度无聊 全心全意 Wait impatiently 保持平静 到海外学习 给某人以自信/信心 参加比赛 观看比赛 Fall sleep Deadly boring Heart and soul 不耐烦地等 Stay calm Study overseas Give sb confidence Enter competition Watch game

Dictation Draw a conclusion Put forward A worried look Be bored with Burn to the ground Make one’s way Later study
Compared with
An exciting job

Feel alive

Scientific instruments Have a closer look at Protect …from

Human beings Boiling rock

Meet with local people

Put on

Enjoy doing

Be strict with sb

In the distance

与8年前的数字相比,当时只有20%的人 (买车),而现在有超过半数的家庭享受驾 私家车旅游.
Compared with which _______________the figure 8 years ago, _____ was only___ __ ___ ___ families ______ 20 _______, percent _____ over half of the enjoy their holiday by driving ______their________ ___. private cars


exciting news erupting volcano boiling water learning English boring movie

用法 Complete the following sentences
时间 原因 条件 _________(walk) along the street , I met Mary. Walking Being tired (tired), I stopped to take a rest. _________ ________(turn) to the left, you will find the Turning

school. ________(know) where I live, he never comes 让步 Knowing to see me. waiting for her. 伴随 I stood there, _________(wait)

主动 被动

__________________(finish) my work, I Having finished went home.

( Having been )written (write) in ___________________________
a hurry, the book has some mistakes.

形式的完成式所表示的时间在谓语 动词之前 ●表示被动,可直接用过去分词。


分词(短语)作状语是非谓语动词的一个重要用法, 也是高考考查的一个热点。

1.Seen from the top of the hill, the train looks like a snake. (表示被动,分词动作与句子谓语动作同时发生)

2.Having been told many times, he hasn’t remembered it.

过去分词作状语时,与句子主语(即过去分词 的逻辑主语)存在被动的关系.


Looking out of the window, I saw some students playing there.
Because she hadn’t received his letter for long, she felt a little worried.

Not having received his letter for long, she felt a little worried.


Seeing (see) from the mountain ,I can see my _______ hometown. Seen _____(see) from the mountain ,my hometown looks very beautiful.

________ time , he’ll make a first—class tennis player. A.Having given B. To give C. Giving D. Given
_________ in 1636, Harvard is one of the most famous universities in the United States. A.Being founded B. It was founded C. Founded D. Founding

We can’t go out in this weather," said Bob , ____ out of the window. A.looking B. to look C. looked D. having looked

________ with the size of the whole earth, the biggest ocean does not seem big at all. A. Compare B. When comparing C. Comparing D. When compared

______ the news,they jumped up and down with great joy. A. Heard B. Hearing C. Having heard D. To hear

____ the earth to be flat, many feared that Columbus would fall off the edge.
A.Having believed B. Believing C. Believed D. Being believed

Task 1 Group work 1. Try to underline the –ing form in the passage: P34 2. Number the underline sentences. 3. Pick out the sentences of same structure.

1, 6, 14



3, 10,




Basic sentence structures:

1. S. + Vi.
2. 3. 4. 5. S. +Vt. + O. S. +Link.V. + P. S. + Vt. + O. + C. S. + Vt. + O. + O.

Attributive (定) 修饰 n. Adverbial (状) 指时间、原因、条件、地点 等。
9 2 4,7,12 1, 6, 14 15 3, 10,


9. …began shaking … suggest,enjoy,mind,finish,practise, advise,risk,avoid,miss,excuse,pardon, delay,consider,escape,insist on,put off, can’t help + doing

1. I always enjoy listening to popular music in my spare time. 2. He spent a lot of money buying books and magazines.

Predicative (表语) 4. My job is collecting information about… 7. … is really exciting to watch… 12…. hot lava was was fountaining fountaining hundreds ...

表语:主语是什么或怎么样 进行时态:某个时候正在发生的动作

Attributive (定语) 1. …meet interesting people… 6. When boiling rock erupts from… 14. …looked down into the red, boiling centre.
3. I am a volcanologist working for the … I am a volcanologist, who work for …

10. …like a railway train passing outside… …like …. train which passed outside …

Adverbial (状语) 2. Sometimes working outdoors, … sometimes meeting with local people, sometimes using scientific instruments, I was never bored. Sometimes I worked outdoors, … sometimes I met with local people, sometimes I used scientific …

Adverbial (状语)

5. Having collected and evaluated… Because I have collected and evaluated …, I h 8. Having worked hard all day…

Because I have worked hard all day, I went to
11. Having experienced quite a few earthquakes … 13. Having earlier collected special clothes, 16. Having studied volcanoes now…

15. …but this being my first experience,…
…but because this is my first experience, I stayed at the top and watched them.

1. _____ the championship, he was awarded a million dollars. A. Won B. Winning C. Having won D. Being won 2. ______ only book knowledge, you will not be able to work well. A. Had B. Have C. Having D. To have 3. I saw a lot of children playing in the garden most of them _____ girls. A. are B. being C. were D. having

4. The old man could not sleep at night, his wrongs _____ him no peace. A. gave B. give C. being giving D. giving 5. The decision _____, what is to be done now is how to carry it out. A. made B. has been made C. having been made D. being made 6. ____ in the queen for half an hour, I suddenly realized that I had left my wallet at home. A. To wait B. Waiting C. Having waited D. To have waited

7. “We can’t go out in this winter,” said Ted, ____ out of the window. A. looking B. to look C. looked D. having looked 8. Finding her car stolen, _____. A. a police was asked to help B. the area was searched thoroughly C. it was looked for everywhere D. she hurried to a police for help 9. _____ a reply, he decided to write again. A. Not receiving B. Receiving not C. Not having received D. Having not received

10. ____ the room, I found the recorder stolen.
A. Entering B. To enter C. Enters D. Entered

11. “What on earth have you done?” mother said _____ to the broken vase on the ground. A. angrily pointing
C. angrily pointed A. Travel

B. and point angrily
D. and angrily pointing

12. _____ by car, we visited many places.
B. Traveling

C. To travel

D. Having travelled

One minute news headlines

Chaos…the Olympics flame was extinguished at least twice during protests in Paris and torch bearers were forced onto a bus… other people turned up to support Beijing and wave the flag.

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