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福州市 2014 高考英语(2013 暑假)阅读理解训练(3)及答案 解析

2.数字细节题:这类考查的是学生对文中提供的数据与文中其他信息的关系的理解及加工 的能力。 How many of the seven ads are placed by people who want to hire someone for a certain job ? Four B.Three C.Two D.Five 答案:B. 解析:根据第一、二 、六段开头的信息,可知有三个广告招聘人。 *****************************************************结束



I believe that my country, Poland, is a perfect example for a place where food is particularly important. When we were little children, we began to understand how much a loaf of bread meant to our parents—to some it might sound silly but for me the custom of kissing bread before you started cutting it was simply amazing. It's not so common nowadays to treat food that way, since you hardly ever bake your own bread. Besides, everyone would call you crazy if you tried to kiss every bread roll before you ate them! But though we no longer make our food from scratch (起 点), some customs have been kept--that's why I feel so sorry every time I have to throw any food away—even though I no longer live with my parents and nob ody would blame me for this anymore! Many people of our nation are still working as farmers, eating what they grow and harvest and therefore enjoying everything more. It's widely known that you value more anything that needs your effort in the first place. In most homes in Poland, especially those of farmers, the whole family would try and have their meals together--extremely diffi cult now, but so rewarding (值得) ! You can share other members ' troubles and successes, give your children some attention, or just sit down for a moment instead of rushing through life aimlessly. Furthermore, your body, and stomach in particular will be very grateful (感激) for such a time! In Poland, a wedding, Christmas or even a birthday is celebrated with a great meal. Women in the house get together and cook, sometimes for a few days before the event, and the extremely

good or unusual food will be remembered and widely talked about. You cannot over-value the importance of food in the country. What's more, almost everyone in Poland will be as interested in the topic as I am. 56. When the writer was a child, he / she ________. A. found people were crazy about bread C. thought that cutting bread was amazing B. began to realize the importance of food D. learned pe ople hardly baked their own bread

57. The writer feels very sorry when he/she has to throw away any food because A. he/she makes food from scratch C. some customs still have effect on him/her farmers 58. From the text, we can learn that, in Poland, ________. A. most meals can be interesting topics for a long time B. the whole family often have meals together nowadays C. it's common for women to get together to cook for a few days D. family members can know more. about each other by having meals together B. his/her parents would blame him /her D. many people are still working hard as

5. 答案

56.B 57.C 58.D


Foreigners are likely to acquire(获得)more investment opportunities in china since the central government has passed a fresh regulation to Tuesday to attract foreign capital(资本) The regulation, which will take effect on April 1, out-lines how china will expand co-owned enterprises re-form(企业改革) According to the regulation, overseas investors are expected to become shareholders in the key state-owned enterprises. Overseas investors will even allowed to hold the controlling stake(控 股)in the large state-owned enterprises, except for those of key importance to national or economic security. “China’s WTO membersh ip has reduced the risks and costs for foreign investors, and more capital and advanced techniques and expert knowledge or skill are expected to flown in,”an official said.

In particular, the new regulation appeals(makes an ear-nest request) for capital for agricultural technology, transportation, energy and new material industry, The service industry, including banking, will gradually become another focal point of co-operation. The country hopes foreign investors start businesses in the western regions, where they will enjoy more favourable taxation policies for the nest 10years. 10.A great deal of foreign capital has come to china because A B the foreign investors have too much money there are too many enterprises in china .

C China is a large country D China’s reform will bring great benefit to the foreign investors 11.If foreign investors start their business in the west-ern regions, they will A pay more taxes B lose more benefit .

C offer more taxes D gain more advantages

12.which of the following statements is Not true? A.Foreign capital is appealed for to develop the new material industry. B.Foreign capital is appealed to take part in China’ C.Foreigners are encouraged to take part in China’s enterprises reform. D.Foreign investors can hold the controlling stake of all t he large state-owned enterprises. 13.From the passage we can infer that china’s service industry will A fall behind others in future.’

B. develop at the same speed as now C.be developed rapidly D.continue

co-operation with foreigners
[来源:学,科,网 Z,X,X,K]

【参考答案】C 10.推理题。 首先中国政府给外资提供了越来越多的投资机会, 同时如文章所说 “China’s WTO membership has reduced the risks and costs for foreign investors” 中国入世后给外国投资者降低 了风险、降低了费用。这就是给他们的利益。答案 D。 11.推理题。由于中国正在对西部进行开发,如果外国投资者去西部地区投资,机会肯定会 更多,其他几个选项与文章和题意都不符。答案 D 12.细节题。文章第三段说“Overseas investors will even be allowed to hold the controlling stake in the large state-owned enterprises, except for those of key importance to national or economic security.而 D 与该句话不一致。”答案 D

13.推理题。根据倒数第二段中“The service indust ry, including banking, telecommunication, insurance, and tourism, will gradually become another focal point of co-operation.” 一句话,可 以看出服务业将成为另一个合作的焦点,故服务业将在未来发展迅速。答案 C ********************************************************结束

3、(2010·河北省正定中学三模) Daredevil climber Alain Robert, known as the French Spiderman, stood strong winds and rain to climb the world's tallest skyscraper, Taipei 101, Saturday. Robert, dressed in red rain jacket, tights and climbing shoes, climbed up ropes hung down the side of the 101 storey, 1,667-foot office tower, reaching the top in around four hours."It was a very big moment and I felt a lot of satisfaction though I was so tired and nearly all of my muscles were painful.I felt completely eased." said Robert after taking the ride down in one of the tower's lifts, the world's fastest. Several hundred on-lookers and shoppers gathered at the base of the tower watching and cheering Robert's progress through live pictures on a large television screen.At times he disappeared from view as clouds passed by the top of the tower surrounding the upper stories. The 42-year-old Frenchman has covered scores of well-known structures ar ound the world including the Empire State Building and the Eiffel Tower——without permission or any safety equipment or ropes. This time Robert was wearing a harness (背带) fastened to safety ropes for the entire climb.He used the ropes to pull himself up most of the way, using his hands and feet to climb up the walls for only short sections.He said that the management had requested he wear the ropes and safety equipment, which had also become necessary due to the rain making the windows and frames very slippery.Robert said he would not carry his pity the next time. 57.The text mainly tells us that _________. A.another world record was broken by a Frenchman

B.The French Spiderman climbed the world's tallest building C.How Alain Robert got the name" Daredevil" D.Alain Robert was praised for his great success 58.During his climbing up Taipei 101, Alain Robert ________. A.never felt tired all the time B.never used his hands and feet C.stayed somewhere for a short rest D.was not seen on the television screen now and then 59.When Alain Robert climbed the Empire State Building, he was likely to ________. A.use only his hands and feet C.carry some safety equipment B.be 42 years old D.get permission of someone

60.According to the text, we can infer that Alain Robert ________. A.spent three hours climbing Taipei 101 B.chose a rainy day on purpose C.will climb Taipei 101 a second time D.got lots of help from on-lookers

3、参考答案--------- BDAC **************************************************************结束

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