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【优化方案】2014届高考英语(大纲版)一轮复习配套课件:Unit20 Archaeology(必修2)

Unit 20 Archaeology 考古学



基 础 盘 点 自 测 自 评

考 点 串 讲 讲 练 互 动

强 化 训 练 知 能 闯 关

monument 1.They set

up a ____________(纪念碑)to soldiers killed in
the war. tend 2.People____________(趋向)to get fat as they grow older. link 3.Research has established a ____________(联系)between smoking and lung cancer. spare 4.I can’t __________(抽出)the time for a holiday at present. Accompanied 5.____________(陪伴)by many classmates,the frightened girl felt safe. emperor 6.The teacher explained to the students that____________( 皇帝)is the ruler of an empire.

dozens 7.She has got ____________(许多的)of suits but none of

them is fashionable.
average 8.The____________(平均的)age of the boys in this class is fourteen. 9.用decorate的适当形式填空: decorated (1)All the walls of his room are ____________with pictures of

rock singers
decorations (2)We put Christmas ____________on the tree.


10.用curious的适当形式填空: Curiously (1)____________enough,he seems to have known what we
would do next. curious (2)Children are naturally ____________about everything around them. curiosity (3)There are some who show great ____________about other people’s affairs.


be curious about 1.________________ 对??感到好奇 dozens of 2.________________ 许多 tend to 3.________________ 朝某方向;趋于 on average 4.________________ 平均 have a hand in 5.________________ 参与;插手;对某事负部分责任 in terms of 6.________________ 就??而言 in the eyes of 7.________________ 在??看来 lend a hand 8.________________ 帮助 serve as 9.________________ 作为;当作 remind sb.of 10.________________ 提醒某人某事

dig up 11.________________ 挖出;掘起

Next to them lay a cushion stone 1.____________________________,upon which the man could work metal.在它们的旁边放着一块垫东西的石头,这 个人有可能在上面锻造金属。 a time when 2.This was ________________the first metals were brought to Britain,and this man was buried with ______________two gold earrings which are the oldest gold ever found in Britain. 第一批金属就是在那个时期运到英国来的,而这个人的随葬

品中有两个金耳环,是英国迄今为止发现的最古老的黄金。 in what was called 3.Iron came later,______________________the Iron Age.

it was thought that 4.At first ____________________the skills to make copper and bronze objects spread to Britain through war and armed it is believed to conflict,but________now ________________have happened through trade and cultural links. 起初,人们认为是战争和武装冲突把制造黄铜和青铜器的技

的这一使命。 It was when 5.___________four o’clock in the afternoon ________he and

his grandpa reached the museum in Guanghan,where an
official warmly received them. 下午四点他与爷爷到达了广汉博物馆,一位官员热情地接待


1.curiosity n. 好奇(心);古玩 (教材 P73)Practise expressing curiosity. 练习表达好奇。

?from/out of curiosity出于好奇 ? ?meet/satisfy one’s curiosity满足某人的好奇心 ?with curiosity=curiously好奇地 ?
①Children often show curiosity about something that they first see.儿童常常对第一次看见的事物显露出好奇心。 ②The letter wasn’t addressed to him but he opened it out of curiosity. 那封信不是写给他的,然而他却出于好奇把它拆开了。

归纳拓展 curious adj.好奇的;有求知欲的 be curious about对??好奇 be curious to do sth.渴望去做某事 It is curious+that从句??是奇怪的 curiously adv.好奇地;奇妙地


③ ( 牛 津 P489)He is such a curious boy , always asking questions.他这个孩子求知欲很高,总是爱提问。 ④Don’t be too curious about the things you’re not supposed

to know.不该知道的事别去打听。
⑤(牛津P489)I was curious to find out what she had said. 我真想弄清楚她说了些什么。 ⑥(牛津P489)Curiously enough,a year later exactly the same thing happened again. 说来也怪,一模一样的事情在一年以后又发生了。

[即境活用] 1.If you are________about Australian cities,just read the book written by Dr.Johnson. A.interested B.anxious



解析:选D。考查形容词词义及用法辨析。be interested in对 ??感兴趣;be anxious about渴望做某事,对某事担忧;be upset about对??感到不安;be curious about对??感到好 奇。从句子的意思分析,此处选D项。


2.spare ( 教 材 P75)It was all that a person would need to survive—clothing, tools, weapons, pottery and spare materials to make new tools.这些都是一个人能生存下来所需要的物品 ——衣服,工具,武器,陶器和能制造新工具的备用材料。 (1)adj.备用的,额外的,空闲的 ①In my spare time,I will take part in different kinds of school activities.业余时间,我会参加各种校园活动。 (2)v.挤出,匀出,抽出

?spare no expense不惜工本 ? ?spare no pains doing/to do sth.不遗余力地干某事 ?spare no effort to do sth./in ?doing?sth.不遗余力地干某事 ?
spare one’s time/money节省某人时间/金钱

②(牛津P1927)I’d love to have a break,but I can’t spare the time just now.我是想休息一下,可眼下找不出时间。 ③(牛津P1927)Could you spare one of your staff to help us out? 你能不能从你手下抽一个人过来帮我们? ④(牛津P1927)He spared no effort to make her happy again.



[即境活用] 2.(2013· 南昌一模)No trouble ________to make sure the

guests enjoyed themselves.
A.was caused C.was made B.was spared D.was shared

解析:选B。考查动词辨析。句意:为了让客人开心,不 怕任何麻烦。句中spare表示“节省,节约”,可结合

spare no effort (不遗余力)来理解这种用法。


3.accompany vt. 陪伴;陪同 (教材 P79)In 1953,Yan Kaizong accompanied his grandfather when he gave the relics from the ruins to the state.1953 年,严 开宗陪同他的祖父把从遗址发现的这些文物送给了国家。

?accompany sb.to... 陪某人到???to为介词? ? ?be accompanied by 由??伴奏/伴随 ?accompany sb.at/on sth. ?尤指用钢琴?为??伴奏 ?
①Our trained leaders will accompany you and tell you everything you need to know.我们受过培训的带队人员会陪伴 着你,告诉你需要知道的一切。 ②(朗文 P12)John has decided to accompany me on my trip to India.约翰已决定陪我去印度。 ③The singer was accompanied on the piano by her sister. 女歌手由她姐姐钢琴伴奏。

?company n. 陪伴;交往;公司;商号 ? (1)? ? ?keep sb.company 陪伴某人

(2)companion n. 同伴,伙伴

④I’ll stay here and keep you company. 我留下来陪你。


[即境活用] 3.It is said that dogs will keep you ________for as long as you want when you are feeling lonely. A.safety B.company



解析:选B。考查短语keep sb.company “陪伴某人,给某 人做伴。”


4.average (教材 P76)But the smaller blue stones,still weighing four tons on average,came from west Wales.但是较小的蓝石头,仍平 均有四吨重,它们是从威尔士西部运来的。 (1)adj.平均的;普遍的 ①(牛津 P118)I was just an average sort of student. 我只是一个普通的学生。 (2)n.平均数;标准;平常

?below ?the?average在平均水平以下 ? ?on ?the/an?average平均 up to the average达到平均水平 ?the average of...??的平均数 ?

above ?the?average在平均水平以上

②On average,people who don’t smoke are healthier than people who do.通常,不吸烟的人比吸烟者健康。 ③Tom’s work at school is above the average,while Harry’s is below the average.汤姆的学业成绩在平均水准以上,而哈 里的却在平均水准以下。


[即境活用] 4.Don’t expect too much of him.After all,he is a child of________intelligence. A.average B.slight



解析:选A。根据前句“不要对他期望太大”,可以推断, 这个孩子智力水平一般。


5.quantity n. 量;数量 (教材P79)Since then,archaeologists have found more than a thousand artefacts,including gold,jade,bronze and stone objects as well as a large quantity of ivory that must have

come from at least 500 elephants.从那以后,考古学家发现了
一千多件人工制品,包括金器,翡翠,青铜器,石器和大量 的象牙,这些象牙可能来自至少500头大象。


①It was a bad year for films in terms of both quantity and
quality. 今年的电影无论从数量上还是质量上都说不上好。 ②( 朗 文 P1667)The cards are cheaper if you buy them in quantity.大批量购买这些卡片要便宜些。

③Large quantities of information have been collected.
已经收集了大量信息。 ④A large quantity of good earth is being washed away in this area every year. 每年这个地区大量沃土被冲走。

【温馨提示】 a quantity of后同样可接不可数名词或可数名 词的复数形式。但当它作主语时谓语动词一般根据其所修饰 的名词而定,而quantities of作主语时,不论其后的名词为可



[即境活用] 5.Last year the number of students who graduated with a driving license reached 200,000, a (n)________ of 40,000 per year. A.average C.amount B.number D.quantity

解析:选A。考查名词。句意:去年持有驾照毕业的学生达到 了20万,平均每年4万。average平均数; a number of 许多, 修饰可数名词;an amount of 修饰不可数名词;a quantity of



6.in the eyes of(=in sb.’s eyes) 在??看来;
在??心目中;从??来看 (教材P76)The King of Stonehenge came with the skills to make metal,and that would have given him a high status in the eyes of local people.巨石王带来了制造金属的技术,这为他在

①(牛津P711)She can do no wrong,in her father’s eyes. 在她父亲的眼里,她是不会做错事的。 ②Tom was the best student in the eyes of all the teachers. 在所有的老师的眼中,汤姆是最好的学生。

归纳拓展 keep an eye on sb.留神;看守;看管 look sb.in the eye 目不转睛地看某人 keep one’s eyes open 留心看;密切注意 ③(牛津P711)Can you look me in the eye and tell me you’re not lying?你能问心无愧地看着我说你没撒谎吗?

④(牛津P711)We’ve asked the neighbours to keep an eye on the
house for us while we are away. 我们已请邻居在我们离开时帮我们照看一下房子。


[即境活用] 6.I will be sixteen next month,but________my parents,

I’m forever a child.
A.in the eyes of B.in the eye of

C.with an eye to

D.with an eye on

解析:选A。in the eyes of sb.在某人看来;在某人心目中。


7.serve as 充当;担任

(教材P79)The ivory and animal bones that were found will serve
as important materials for the study of local geography, climate and the environment in ancient times.

环境的重要材料。 ①In a way,I’m glad you made that mistake,for it will serve

as warning to you.在某种意义上来说,你犯那个错误我倒很高
兴,因为它会对你起警告作用。 ②(牛津P1820)She was elected to serve as secretary of the local party.她当选为地方党组织的书记。 ③When you sleep in the open,old newspapers can serve as a blanket.在野外睡觉时,旧报纸可当作毛毯用。

serve on/in 在??任职;是??的成员 serve up端上(食物、饮料等) serve sb.(with)sth.=serve sth.to sb.拿出某物款待某人


7.There are two buildings in the beach,of which the smaller________a hotel. A.regards as C.acts out B.serves as D.works as

解析:选B。serve as “用作??”。work as通常只有“担
任??工作”之意。句意:海滩上有两座楼房,小一点的 用作宾馆。


1. (教材P76)Iron came later,in what was called the Iron Age.
后来,也就是在所谓的铁器时代,出现了铁器。 [句法分析] what is/was called或what people call/called是习惯说法,意为 “所谓的;人们常说的”,相当于socalled。 ①He graduated from what was called a key high school. 他毕业于一所所谓的重点高中。 ②We now live in what is called the Information Age. 我们现在生活在所谓的信息时代。 ③They arrived at what was called America. 他们到达了被称为“美洲”的地方。

[即境活用] 8.Choosing the right dictionary depends on________you want to use it for. A.what C.how B.why D.whether

解析:选A。由句子结构看depend on后的宾语从句中缺
少介词for的宾语,故用what引导宾语从句,同时在从句 中作宾语。


2.(教材P76)In terms of technical development,people were
going from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age. 就技术发展而言,人们正从石器时代过渡到青铜器时代。

in terms of 就??而言;从??角度;根据;按照 ①In terms of natural resources,it is one of the poorest

countries in Western Europe.
从自然资源来看,它是西欧最穷的国家之一。 ②In terms of money I’m quite rich,but not in terms of happiness.金钱,我富有,幸福,我缺乏。 ③Let each child read in terms of his own tastes and choices. 让每一个孩子根据自己的兴趣爱好选择书籍阅读。

归纳拓展 in the long/short term 就长/短期而言 be on good/bad terms with sb.与某人交情好/不好 come to terms with 甘心忍受(某种不愉快的处境)

④(牛津P2084)Such a development seems unlikely,at least in
the short term. 发生这样的情况看来可能性不大,起码短期之内应当如此。


9.I think I am probably quite different from Harry.But I think we’re both quite reserved________how much we show our feelings. A.in terms of C.in place of B.in need of D.in spite of

解析:选A。考查介词短语辨析。句意:我认为我可能与 Harry 有很大的不同。但我认为我们在克制情感的表达这一 点上倒有几分相似。in terms of 意为“就??来说,从?? 角度”。in need of 需要;in place of 代替,顶替;in spite of 尽管,虽然。

学习并不总是那么简单,但从长远看它总是有益的。 Learning is not always easy , but it is always beneficial in the long term ___________________.






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