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It 的用法及练习

It 的用法 1. it 常用作形式主语代替真正的主语不定式、动名词或从句。 ● It +be+ adj. + (for sb) +to do sth ※此处adj. 通常为描述事件的形容词:easy,difficult,hard,necessary,possible,likely,right,wrong,important, polite,clear,obvious,certain,useful,useless,dangerous? ●It +be+ adj + of sb+to do sth = sb be +adj to do sth

※take it for granted that 从句 “认为…理所当然” ※see to it that 从句 = make sure that 从句 “务必 ,确保。。 。” ※depend on it that 从句 rely on it that 从句 “指望… 放心… 相信…”count on it that 从句

※put it that 从句 = say that 从句 eg: I think it necessary to discuss with him about this. I owe it to you that I have survived the disaster. We shall leave it to him to settle the matter.

※此处adj. 通常为描述人的品质形容词:kind,nice,rude,cruel ,considerate,thoughtful,careful,careless, silly,foolish,stupid,clever,crazy, wise… ● It + be +no use/ good/ useless + doing eg: It is a waste of time talking to him. ●It + be + adj./ n. /v p. p. /ving+ that- clause ※It is (amazing/surprisng/shocking/astonishing/disppointing…)that…“令人吃惊/失望的是…” ※It is clear(obvious,true, certain…)that… ※It is/ was +adj (important/ necessary/ urgent/ essential/ natural/ vital )+that 从句(should do) ※It is a pity/a shame/no wonder/strange+that 从句 表示“失望 、惊奇、可惜、 怀疑”等, should+v should 不可 省略 ※It is suggested/ordered/desired/requested/required/insisted/proposed/demanded/commanded/advised/ recommended/urged+ that 从句 (shoud)+v ※It is +v-ed+ that从句…=sb./sth. is + v-ed + to do /to be doing/to have done It is said (reported/learned/believed/thought/known/told/hoped/proved/universally acknowledged/ universally accepted/ universally recognized.....) that ... eg: It is said that he will go abroad . = He is said to go abroad. It is said that Bell invented the first telephone in the world. = Bell is said to have invented the first telephone in the world. It is universally acknowledged that dogs have an acute sense of smell. It is important for us to master a second language. It is considerate of you to turn down the radio when the baby is asleep. It is no use crying over spilt milk. It is a fact that English is being accepted as an international language. It needs further discussion whether we’ll build a lab-oratory or not. It is shocking that people in those areas should live in such overcrowded slums. It is suggested that he not go there alone. It is important that we should speak politely. It is no wonder that he should have made progress.(失望) It is a shame that he should break his promise.(责备) It is a pity that he should miss a wonderful film.(失望) It is strange that he should marry her.(惊奇) 2. it 作形式宾语,代替后面的真正宾语不定式、动名词或从句。 ※ find/ think/ feel/ make/ consider +it +adj. /n.(for sb) +to do sth/that 从句. ※ like/love/hate/appreciate + it + 从句 It is a waste of time/money doing sth

He saw to it that the work was finished on time. The teacher made it clear that the students should follow the instructions in the lab. I would appreciate it if you could help me with my English. I like it in the autumn when the weather is clear and bright. You may depend upon it that we'll never desert you. She took it for grounded that her own son would study medicine. I'm counting on it that you will come. I put it to you that Robert offered you money for that information. 3. It +takes +sth +to do sth “做某事需要??” It takes sb +时间+to do sth eg: ①It takes much patience to do the work. ②It took us two hours to get there on foot. 4. It +be +(high/about) time +(that)?? did /should do “ (早)是该做某事的时候了” eg: It is time that you went to school. It is time that you should go to school. 5. It +is+the first (second?)time +that? It +was+the first (second?)time +that? have/has done had done “是某人第一(二,?)次做某事”

(其中 It 可换成 This 或 That,要特别注意此句型中主、从句的时态。 ) 6. It is / has been+段时间+since??(从句用一般过去时) “自从??已有多长时间了” eg: It is almost five years since we saw each other last time. 7. It +is/ takes +long(段时间)+ before?? It + will take/will be+时间段+before+一般现在时 “ 要过很久…才” It + won’t take/won’t be+时间段+before+一般现在 “不久…就” It didn't take/wasn't+时间段+before+一般过去时 “没过多久…就” It took/was+时间段+before+一般过去时 “过了很久…才” eg: It will be a long time before we finish the dictionary. It was not long before the thief was caught. 8. It 用于强调句型中: It is/ was +被强调部分+that +?? It is/ was +not until… +that +?? It was not until you told me that I had any idea of the plan. It was not until midnight that he got back home 9. It +be +up to sb +to do sth “由某人负责做某事”

10. It +be +one’s turn + to do sth “轮到某人做某事” 11 It is likely that 从句 It is possible that 从句 It is probable that 从句 “…有可能” “…有可能” It is likely to do sth “做…有可能”

有人强烈建议我们每天应该做锻炼。 12. I found 我觉得与他争辩没用。他不会听的。 13. In fact for the police to keep order in an important football match. (hard) with him. He won’t listen. (use)

It is possible for sb to do sth “某人做…有可能”


12 It happens/happened that 从句 “碰巧…” 13 It occurs/occurred to sb that 从句 “某人突然想起…” It strikes/struck sb that 从句 “某人突然想起…”

事实上,在一场重要的足球赛上维持秩序对警觉来说是项艰巨的工作。 14. It was about noon 大约在中午时我们到达了目的地。 15. It was the second time I 那是我第二次参观长城。 16. Don’t most successful. (grand) 不要想当然地认为那些在入学考试中获得好分数的人将会证明是非常成功的。 17. I if you could turn down the radio. (appreciate) all those who get good grades in the entrance examination will prove to be the Great Wall. (visit) the destination. (arrive)

14 It looks/seems as if/as though+从句 Mary talked about Rome as if she had been there. When a pencil is partly in a glass of water, it looks as if it were broken. It seems as if Ken will winthe race. 15 It seems/seemed/appears/appeared+that It seems that it is going to rain. 16 It makes no/much difference… It makes no difference my being here. 17 It doesn’t matter… It doesn’t matter what he says. 实战演练: 1. not all the government officials are honest. (seem) 在我看来并非所有的政府官员都诚实。 2. She 她已表明得很清楚,她将不会出席会议。 3. I don’t think master a foreign language without much memory work. (it) she will not attend the meeting. (make)

如果你能把收音机音量调小,我会感激不尽。 18. It is the ability to do the job not where you come from or what you are. (matter)

有影响的是你做这份工作的能力,而不是你来自哪儿或是干什么的。 参考答案: 1. It seems to me that 2. has made it clear that 3. it (is) possible to 4. hate it when 5. what it will take 6. It wasn’t 7. It doesn’t make any difference to make a successful career there. (take) 8. that counts 9. It was not until 10. where it was that 11. It was strongly recommended that 12. it (is) no use arguing whether be will come or not tomorrow. (difference) 13. it is a hard job. 14. when we arrived at . (count) 15. had visited 16. take it for granted that 17. would appreciate it 18. that matters. I had lost the wallet. (it)

我认为没有大量的记忆工作是不可掌握一门外语的。 4. I 我讨厌人们满足嘴食物说话。 5. I have no idea 我不知道在那儿开拓成功的事业需要什么。 6. 没过三年他就回来了。 7. 他明天来不来没有任何影响。 8. It is not what you’ve said but what you’ve done 重要的不是你所说的,而是你所做的。 9. his father returned that the boy began to prepare his lessons. (it) 直到他父亲回来那个男孩才开始准备功课。 10. He asked me 他问我到底是在哪儿把钱包弄丢的。 11. we should take exercise every day. (recommend) three years before he came back. (be) people talk with their mouths full. (hate)

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