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M5U1 Getting along with others 第一课时 Welcome to the Unit 一.谚语配对。根据英文,从方框内找出相应的译文。 A. 友谊不能总是在一方。 ( ) 1. Without a friend, the world is wilderness. B. 富裕招致朋友,困苦考验朋友。 ( ) 2. Prosperity makes friends and adversity tries them. C. 没有朋友,世界成了荒野。 D. 朋友是时间的窃贼。 ( ) 3. A friend in need is a friend indeed. E. 没有缺点的朋友永不可得。 ( ) 4. A friend without faults will never be found. F.患难时的朋友才是真正的朋友。 ( ) 5. Friendship cannot stand always on one side. G.朋友之间不分彼此。 ( ) 6.Friends are thieves of time. H.真正的朋友心心相印。 ( ) 7. If you can buy a person’s friendship,it’s not worth having. I.人生没有朋友,犹如人生没有太阳。 ( ) 8.The best mirror is an old friend. . J.最好的镜子是老朋友。 ( ) 9. True friends have hearts that beat as one.. K.海内存知己, 天涯若比邻。 ( ) 10. Between friends all is common. L.如果你能买到一个人的友谊,它不 ( )11.A life without a friend is a life without a sun. 值得拥有。 ( )12.A bosom friend afar brings a distant land near. 重点句型 If you can buy a person’s friendship,it’s not worth having. 题目.1. It is ______ to read the books our teacher recommended , for they are well _____ reading. A. worthy; worthwhile B. worth; worthwhile C. worthwhile; worthy D. worthwhile; worth 2.It is said that the Slender West Lake is worthy ________. A. to visit B. of visit C. a visit D. of being visited 第二课时 Reading 预习检测 1. He would rather die than ________(背叛) his country. 2. He's a popular child, but not very a____________ at school. 3. Afterwards,I ______ (假装)to be cheerful, but Hannah sensed something was wrong. 4. Last weekend, at the school gate I met a stranger, who asked me how many students had been __________ (录取)into the school this year. 5.Mr. Wang knew that he had hurt his wife and ________ (恳求)her to pardon him. 6.She ___ ____ (发誓) that she had never seen him before. 7. I’ll never________ (原谅) you for what you said to me last night. 8.Ever since I had my son, my ________(焦点,重点) is not me, it’s on him 9. He is d________________ to take part in the international speech competition. 10. His school results are not very good because he is often (心不在焉的) in class. 11. As students, we should treat our teachers in a respectful m___________. 12. That crying boy was __________ (谴责) of lying by his teacher. 13.She felt g____________ about leaving her sick child alone and going to work. 14.The guests made a number of ______ (评论) about the service of the hotel. 15. The children were a__________about which programme to watch. 16.The things he said hurt me too, but he has not __________(道歉)to me. 17.Some children may be highly _________(敏感的)to sounds, smells, or touch. 18.If you ever got into a __________(不一致) with any one of your best friends, how would you deal with it? 重点短语 1.承认做了....admit__________sth 2.乞求某人做某事__________sb__________do sth 3.__________one’s secret 保守秘密 4.feel__________doing 想要做某事 5.遵守诺言 keep one’s__________ 6. belong__________属于 7.spy__________暗中监视,窥探 8.focus__________集中于 9.与...步调一致 keep pace__________ 10.由于,因为 as a result__________ 11.__________this manner 以这种方式 12.turn__________变成... 13.指控,指责__________sb__________ 14.make__________ __________对...进行评论 15.argue__________sb__________sth 与某人争论某事

16.apologize__________sb__________sth 为某事像某人道歉 17.情不自禁地做某事 cannot help__________sth 18.与某人争吵某事 quarrel__________sb__________sth 19.对....敏感 be__________ __________ 18.对...羞愧 be ashamed__________ 20.在于某人 lie__________sb 21.因...责备某人 blame sb__________sth 22.在公开场合__________public 23.避免做某事 avoid__________sth 24.对....感到愧疚 feel guilty__________ 25.在...有天赋 be__________ __________ 26.与...不一致,不同意 in disagreement__________ 27.与...一致,同意 in__________with 28.不久,很快__________long 课文讲解 1.betray (1).Sarah told me that she felt ______ (背叛) by her friend Hannah. (2). He shouldn’t b_________ his country to the enemy. (3)She said she was sorry, but her eyes b her secret delight. 2. Sometimes other children say we are no ___________because we are both very ____________ and like to study.We are both very ____________ and we both get good __________ at school. 3.昨天我们突然考了数学,在班级我取得了很好的分数。 (surprise) _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ 4.小测验之后, 我说起话来听上去一定洋洋自得, 说它实在太简单了, 我肯定能取得好成绩。 (P2 line8) I____________ ____________ ____________very proud of myself after the quiz, ____________how easy it was and how I was sure to get a good grade. (1) 情态动词 must 在句中表____________猜测,“____________”。 must+have done 表示对已经发生的行为或状态进行肯定猜测; must be doing...表示对正在发生的行为进行肯定猜测; must be + adj./n.+prep./ adv.表示对目前的状态或身份等进行肯定猜测。 例如:He must be tired,______ ______?他一定累了,是吗? He must be reading in the library,______ ______?他一定正在图书馆读书,是吗? He must have gone to Beijing,______ ______?他一定去了北京,是吗? He must have attended the meeting yesterday,______ ______? 题目:Jack his homework,for he is playing football outside. A.must have finished B.must finish C.can't have finished D.might have finished ----I knocked but nobody answered the door. ----They ________ asleep then and didn't hear you. A. should have been B. should be C. must have been D. must be (2) 句中的“saying...”为现在分词短语充当伴随状语,表示谓语动词发生的同时,该行为或状 态也同时出现。与逻辑主语 I 之间为主动关系。 He hurried to the bus station,hoping to catch the early bus. 他匆忙赶往车站,希望能赶上早班车。 题目. She hesitated at the gate of the canteen, _________ whether to enter or not. A. to wonder B. wondered C. wondering D. wonder 5.Afterwards, I ________ ________ ________cheerful, but Hannah sensed that something was wrong. 用法:(1)pretend to do 假装要做某事.....(2)pretend to be doing 假装正在做…… (3)pretend to have done 假装已经完成…… (4)pretend that-clause 假装.... 练习: (1)When I came in, Tom________ ________ ________ ________.(假装在读书) (2)When asked about the book, ________________________________(他假装已读过这本 书) 。 When I came into the room, he pretended________his homework. A.to do B.be doing C.doing D.to be doing When the father came in, he pretended________ hard.

A. working B. to work C. to be working D. to have worked 6.admit vt.承认,供认;准许(入场、入会、入学);容许,容纳 【课本原句】 We went to wash our hands in the girls' toilets before lunch and I admitted how badly I had done. (P2) ______________________________________________________________________________ 用法: (1)admit doing sth/to doing/having done 承认做了某事 (2) admit that-clause 承认…… (3)admit... to be... 承认……为..... (4) admit... into/to... 允许……进入…… (5) be admitted into/to... 接纳某人进入……;吸收某人参加…… 题目:1) Jim was not ______ to the club, because at that time he was not a member of it. A. allowed B. permitted C. admitted D. approved 2)John is the only one of the students in the class that never ______ a mistake even when it is pointed out to him. A.admit making B.admits making C.admit to make D. admits to make 7.我求她不要告诉别人,他也答应要为我保守秘密。 I__________her__________ __________anyone else,and she said she would__________ my__________. beg :1) He pretended to be disabled so that he could beg for money form passers-by . 2) I beg your pardon ? I didn’t quite catch you . 3) He begged me to take pity on him . 秘密地__________ 7.I was so upset that I felt like crying. 翻译:______________________________________________________________________ — I feel like ________ for a walk. Will you go with me? — If Mary goes, _________. A. to go; I also B. to go; so do I C. going; so will I D. going; so do I 8.我想汉娜肯定是出尔反尔,将我的分数透露给了大家。 I thought that Hanna__________ __________ __________my classmates about my grade after __________ __________ __________. [不定式的省略情况] 在动 ..hope,wish,need,like,tell,try,want,promise,mean,intend,plan;expect sb to,形容词 glad,willing,happy,ready,eager; 固定结构 ... ....have to,used to,be able to,ought to 等后的 不定式短语常被省略,只保留 to;如果不定式之后的动词时 be 和 have,在省略句中通常要保 留 be 和 have. 1) He didn’t show up at the party though he had wanted to . 2) She refused to accepted my advice though I advised her to . 3) ---Do you think I will be successful in the experiment ? ---- You are likely to be . 4) ---Has he handed in his essay ? --- No , but he ought to have . 题目:1)--- Why don’t you smoke ? --- OK, I promise ______. A to not do B not to C not to do D not 2) 虽然我们邀请了他,但他拒绝参加我们的聚会 He refused to attend our party though we had ________________ 3) 他经常在课堂上犯困, 但是过去不是这样的 He is often sleepy in class now , but he used ___________ 4)----汤姆英语考试没有及格。 ----可是他应该及格的 --- Tom didn’t pass his English exam . --- but he was supposed _______ 5)He is taller than he ______.A. used B. used to be C. used to D. used to do 6)In my opinion, life in the twenty-first century is much easier than A.that used to be B.it is used to C.it was used to D.it used to be 9.keep one's word 遵守诺言(=keep one's promise) 【课本原句】 I was so angry that I went straight to Hannah and told her we weren't going to be

friends any more because she couldn't keep her word.(P2)我实在太生气了直接走过去告诉汉 娜,我们以后再也不是朋友了,因为她不信守承诺。 【联想拓展】break one's word (=break one's promise ) 食言,违背诺言 eat one's words 认错,收回前言 in a /one word 总之,一句话 in other words 换句话说 in words 用语言 word for /by word 逐字逐句的 get in a word 插话 have a word with 和……说句话 have words with 和……吵架 Word came that... 有消息传来…… 10.swear to sb______________ swear to do sth.______________ swear to sth______________ swear at sb______________ 证人发誓要讲出真相。____________________________ I swear to God that I had nothing to do with the case.____________________________ Witnesses were required to swear on the Bible.____________________________ The man swore to the thing that happened in the shop.____________________________ 11.她说肯定有人在洗手间里监视我们。__________________________________________ 12.1) Why can’t you forgive him ? He meant no harm . 2) My advice is that it is best to forgive and forget . 3) Forgive me for interrupting , but I really don’t agree with that . 4) She just couldn’t forgive your swearing at her so much in public . 13.focus 你必须把所有的注意力集中在你的学习上。 ________________________________________________________ 我是如此的累以至于我无法集中在任何事上。 ________________________________________________________ 14.我下定决心要赢。____________________________ ______ never to come back before he could make a big fortune, Mike left home without saying a word. A. To be determined B. Determined C. Being determined D. To determine 15.与...步调一致____________________________ 16. 他跟不上比赛的节奏。由于他的漫不经心,我们输了球赛。 He could not keep pace with the game, and ______ _______ _______ of his careless playing we lost. the bad weather, most of the crops are rotted away. A. As the result of B. As a result of C. As a matter of fact D. As a result 17.他被惹火了,说如果他的球技不如我,那可不是他的错,还说我不该以这种方式和他说 话。(P3, L39-40) He got ______, ______it wasn’t his______if he couldn’t play______ ______ ______me, and that I shouldn’t talk to him ______this ______. 18.然后我们开始对彼此大喊,这变成了一次可怕的争吵。 Then we started shouting at each other and it__________ __________a horrible argument. 19.指责,控告______________ 1) The police accused him of murder .__________________________ 2) She accused him of stealing her watch .__________________________ 3) He accused his boss of having broken his word .__________________________ 4) He was charged with stealing a car .__________________________ 20.我感到确实很内疚,因为我也说了一些很无情的话。但是我就是不想看到我们队输球。 I feel really_____________because I made some cruel_____________too,but I_____________ seeing our team_____________. 翻译:I really feel guilty about forgetting her birthday again. The male is found guilty while the female is found innocent. 21.足球队我很重要,可友谊也很重要啊。 Football is very important to me,but_____________ _____________our friendship. 题目:He has never been to Beijing. __________________. A. Neither have I B. Neither shall I C. So am I D. So will I

I ignored the possibility that he might go to Paris to study for a year, and _______. A. so does she B. so did she C. so she did D. so she does 22.【课本原句】 The things he said hurt me too,but he has not_________to me .(P3) 他说的那些话也伤害了我,但是他还没向我道歉。 短语:apologize to sb 向某人道歉 apologize for sth 为某事道歉 apologize to sb for sth/doing sth 为某事向某人道歉 【联想拓展】 apology n.道歉;谢罪;认错 make /offer an apology to sb for sth/doing sth 为某事向某人道歉 offer sb an apology 向某人道歉 accept sb's apology 接受某人的道歉 owe sb an apology 应向某人道歉 I want to apologize / make an apology to Eric for being rude . 题目:(1).—Have you made an apology him breaking his window? —Yes,I have. A.for;to B.to;to C.for;for D.to;for (2).Victor apologized for __________ to inform me of the change in the plan. A. his being not able B. him not to be able C. his not being able D. him to be not able 23.I cannot help wondering if he wants Peter to be his best friend instead of me. 翻译:________________________________________________________________________ 仿写:当听到这个坏消息时,他情不自禁地哭了。 ________________________________________________________________________ 选择:can’t help to do sth. / doing sth. 1) When we saw a crowd of people gathering at the school gate , we couldn’t help __________( go) forward to see what was happening . 2) I know nothing about computers , so I cant help__________( figure) out what is wrong with your computer . She asked such a silly question that everyone couldn't help _________. A. to laugh B. laughing C. laugh D. being laughed 24.敏感的,灵敏的 1) He is sensitive about/to his failure . 2) Race relation is a sensitive issue . 3) She is sensitive to what people think of her . 4) In spring , some people are sensitive to flower powder . 5)My teeth are very sensitive to cold food. 25.你完全有权利感到被你的朋友背叛。 You ______ ______ _______ to feel ________ by your friend. 26.疑问,疑惑 doubt 【课本原句】 If you still have doubts,you should think about why you don't believe her.(P5) I doubt whether/if... 我怀疑是否…… I don't doubt that.../I have no doubt that...我不怀疑…… There is no doubt about sth/that-clause...是毫无疑问的 There is some doubt whether...对……有些疑问 without doubt 无疑地 in doubt 不确定 doubtful adj. 可疑的,疑心的 题目:(1).I have some doubt he will pass the driving test;he hasn't trained much. A.that B.whether C.what D.if (2).There is no doubt ____ we all trust him because he is an honest boy. A.whether B. that C. what D. Why (3)—Do you doubt ________ she has passed the examination? —I am not doubtful at all________ she has passed all the examinations. A. whether; whether B. that; that C. whether; that D. that; whether 27.(课本 P5 原句)If she really is your best friend, your should apologize for blaming her. 1) I am ready to take the blame for the mistake . 2)They blamed the secretary for the delay of the plan . 3)The police blamed the traffic accident on Jack’s careless driving . 4)The driver was not to blame for the traffic accident

5)But you are not to blame , I can’t put the blame on you . 题目:(1).George didn’t pass the final exam. He ________, while his parents blamed the failure _____ the teacher. A. was blamed, in B. was blamed, with C. was to blame, for D. was to blame, on (20. It is human activities on the earth that are to _______ global warming. A. be blamed for B. blame for C. take charge of D. be responsible with (3). Not only Jack but also his parents ________ the home accident. A. is to blame on B. are to blame for C. is blamed for D. are to be blamed for (4). I think it’s the driver rather than the passengers who _____ for the accident. A. are to blame B. is to blame C are to be blamed D should blame 短语:______________________因某事而责备某人 ________________ 把责任归咎于某人 ________________ 承担……的责任 ________________对...负有责任 28.If so,the problem lies with you. If you have let out your friend’s secret, the problem lies _______ you. You have no right to blame the quarrel _______ your friend. A. in, for B. with, with C. on, on D. with, on 29.Matthew probably felt guilty about losing the match,and bad about not being gifted at football as you are. 内疚的,有罪的____________对...内疚__________有...罪_____________ 你难道不为你所犯的错误感到内疚吗? Don’t you ________ _______ _______the mistake you have made ? 在...方面有天赋________________________ 对...有天赋________________________ 30.Don’t let a small disagreement destroy your friendship. 34.before long____________________ (1)How many more decades will have to pass ________scientists succeed in providing a cure for cancer? A. when B. before C. until D. since (2) How long do you think it is __________ we lost our way in the forest? A. before B. after C. when D. since (3)It was quite a long time ______ he really realized the serious situation. A.since B. when C. after D. before (4)I’m sorry you’ve been waiting so long, but it’ll still be some time ____Brian get back. A. before B. since C. till D. after (5).--- Why didn’t you ask the teacher the question? --- She had left the office ________ I had time to do it. A. as B. till C. after D. before 巩固练习 一.单词拼写 1. You have every reason to feel b_________ by your friends if they did let out your secrets to others. 2.It was no use p_________ that I had not seen him, so I waved to him 3. I couldn’t help_________(原谅)her after I learned the whole story. 4. There is no d____________ that they will agree with you on this matter.77. doubt 5.He probably felt guilty about losing the match, and bad about not being as ______(天赋) at football as you are. 6.Though he was in total d___________ with his wife about the matter, he chose to give in. 7. He is a person_________ (有才华的) with great talents. 8.George felt very g______ about forgetting to post the letter for his teacher. 9.I believe that you had better a__________ to her at once for having kept her waiting for one hour. 10. In general, girls are more __________ (敏感的) to what comments other people will make on them. 11.She was ___________(考上/录取) to Beijing University last year, which made us very proud. 12. Tom __________(发誓) that he would never cheat in the exam again. 13.You are a bit absent-minded ;You should f__________ your attention on your study. 14.Mr. Green stood up in defence of the 16-year-old boy, saying that he was not the one to

b_______. 二.选词填空 get along (on) keep one’s word forgive … for in trouble as a result (of) blame … for in public be proud of be sure to do feel like be determined to do turn into can’t help doing sth instead of can’t stand doing 1.You can’t shout ____________.It will bother others. 2.If you work hard ,you ______________ realize your dream. 3.Yesterday it rained very heavily.__________________, our journey was delayed. 4.Liu Xiang is a great athlete and has won a lot of gold medals. The Chinese people ____________________ him 5.Now he is very busy If it is convenient ,would you like to go ______________ him ? 6.Why didn’t you come yesterday ? Once you promise others ,you should _____________________. 7.People in that area often have words with each other. Sometimes the quarrels __________________ fights. 8.Are you thirsty ? Would you _____________ a cup of tea? 9.After many years of hard work ,he _______________ well with his job. 10.Don’t __________ him _______ his mistake .After all ,he is a small boy. 11.After the quarrel ,he asked her to __________ him __________his rudeness. 12.Don’t hesitate to come to me .Once you are _________, I will help you . 13.He hasn’t arrived .I ________________(wait) for him any longer. 14.The movie was very interesting .We ___________________(laugh) during the movie. 15.He has a strong will. Once he gets down to his work, he ___________________ stick to it. 三.同义句转换(每空一词) 1.When we were in primary school ,we were best friends ;now we are still best friends. We ________ _________ best friends __________ __________ school . 2.He is very happy .I guess he has passed the exam. He is very happy . He must _________ __________ the exam. 3.It is a shame that she cheated in the competition. She regretted that . She _________ ___________ that she cheated in the competition. 4.I noticed that my students were staring at me as I came into math class. I __________my students __________at me as I came into math class. 5.When I went to sit down,I was shocked to find a piece of paper that said,’Stupid Sarah got a D’. _________my_________,I found a piece of paper_________’Stupid Sarah got a D’when I went to sit down. 6.He was determined that he would face all difficulties with courage. He was ___________ _________ ________ all difficulties with courage. 7.Our psychological needs should develop at the same rate as our physical growth. Our psychological needs should __________ __________ __________ our physical growth. 8.It is said that John stole a car last week. If it is true, he will be charged with theft. It is said that John stole a car last week. If ________, he will be ________ ________ theft. 9. Doing enough exercise is important, and healthy diets are important, too. Doing enough exercise ________, and ________ ________ healthy diets. 10. A good Diet is very important for a person .Exercise is important ,too. A good diet is very important and ________ _________ exercise. 11.My friend thought I was to blame for the loss in the match. It was unfair. My friend _______ the loss in the match ______ me, ______ was unfair. 12.She blamed him for the failure of their marriage. However, maybe it was not the case. She _____ the failure of their marriage _____ him. However, maybe it was not the case. She thought he was _____ _____ for their marriage. However, maybe it was not the case. 13.I doubt his honesty.=I doubt ________ he is ___________. I have some doubt _______ he is ___________.

四.用适当的介、副词填空 1.True friends have hearts that beat ________ one. 2.What do you think is the most important quality ________ a friend? 3.What grade did Sarah get ________ the math quiz? 4.We have been best friends ________ primary school and spend almost every day with each other. 5.Last week,we had an important match ________ another school. 6.Afterwards,I got really angry ________ him. 7.Then we both started shouting at each other and it turned ________ a horrible argument. 8.The things he said hurt me too,but he has not apologized ________ me. 9.________ reading the letters,it is possible to find out just how the writer feels about the problem. 10.If so,the problem lies ________ you,not her. 11. Having been admitted _____ a big company , he felt very delighted . 12. All his efforts have been focused _____ this scientific research . 13. Even if he felt guilty ____ his irresponsibility , he pretended not to care much . 14. Some people are sensitive _____ their appearances . 15. Why are you talking ____ such a strange manner ? 16. He argued ____ Mary _____ the best place for a holiday . 17. The milk company apologized _____ the people who had been affected . 18. Her remarks _____ the employment question led to a heated discussion . 五.完成句子(每空一词) 1.经常和杰克吵架,我和他无法相处。 (get) Often arguing with Jack,I can't ______ ______ ______ him. 2.As senior students, we should develop the ability to ______ _______ _______ ______(融洽相 处) others, especially our teachers and classmates. 3.大家一定都在背后嘲笑我。 Everyone __________ have been laughing _________ my back! 4.那些不能信守诺言的人是不值得原谅的。 Those who can’t _____ _____ _____ are not _____ _____. 5.他答应不帮我们的对手窥探我们的训练,可是他食言了。 (spy;keep) He had promised that he would not ______ ______ our training for our opponent,but he failed to ______ ______ ______. 6.他发誓,他不是故意对我大喊大叫的。 He _____ that he _____ _____ _____ at me. 7.由于他忘记了时间,结果他错过了这场重要的比赛。 ______ ______ ______ of _____ _____ the time, he missed the important match. 8.家长为自己孩子的不良行为向老师道了歉, 希望老师能够原谅他的所作所为。 The parents __________ for their child __________ the teacher for his bad behavior, __________ that the teacher would __________ their child __________ what he had done. 9.他们肯定会因为冤枉了你而向你道歉的。 (apologize) They are sure ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ wronging you. 10.因为对说了 Josh 的风凉话感到很内疚,这孩子如今羞愧得不敢见他。 (guilty;ashamed) ______ ______ ______ making mean remarks about Josh, the kid is ______ ______ see him. 11.那家报纸被迫要求向公众道歉。 The paper was forced to________ ________ ________ ______ the public. 12.很惊奇地发现那个年轻人也在场,我想问他是如何知道有这个活动的。 (surprise;feel) ______ ______ ______ that the young man was also present, I ______ ______ asking him how he had found out that this activity would take place. 13.你是在指责我说谎吗?Are you _________ me of lying? 14.他非常痛苦,因为他被指控犯有偷窃罪。 He was in great pain due to the fact that he had been _____ _____ theft. 15. 昨天,我看见他和另一个男孩彼得说话,我忍不住想他是不是想让彼得取代我做他最好

的朋友。 Yesterday, I saw him talking to another boy, Peter, and I cannot __________ _______________if he wants Peter to be his best friend instead of me. 16.一个小小的分歧有可能演变成一场激烈的争吵。 A small disagreement might _____ _____ a horrible argument. 17. 每次出现什么问题,大家都把问题归咎于我。 Whenever something goes wrong, everyone ______________it ________ me. 六.动词的适当形式填空 1.When faced with the evidence, the factory had to admit __________ (pour) chemical waste into the lake. 2.The naughty boy pretended ________ (do) his homework when his mother went into his room. 3.Though he knew nothing about the book, he pretended __________ (read) it.to have read 4.__________ (determine) to protect the environment, the local government has closed most of the chemical plants around the lake. 5. He admitted__________(steal) her pencil. 6. She can’t put up with people (shout) at her. 7. His new car must__________ (cost) him a lot of money. 8. Tom is very clever to answer the most difficult question without_____________ (hesitate). 9.I feel like ___________ (tell) him what I think of him. 10. They look very tired. They must _______________ (work) all the day. 11. She_____________ (swear) that she hadn’t told anyone else what I had told her. 12. He must _____________ ( talk) behind me . When I stepped in ,he stopped . 13. What do you think the teenagers feels like _____________( do) in their spare time ? 14.If you refuse to admit _____________( break) the window , we will have to report it to your class teacher . 15. _____________( determine ) to lead a stable life , he gave up his job in the city . 16.He couldn’t help _____________( wonder )what he would do if the medicine couldn’t help _____________( reduce ) his sons pain . 17.I urge you to avoid _____________( get) involved in such a troublesome matter . 18.I knew clearly that you pretended _____________( read ) your texts when I passed by . 七.选择题 1.f you can buy a person’s friendship,it’s not worth________. A.to have B.having C.to be had D.have 2.Readers can _______ quite well without knowing the exact meaning of each word. A. get over B. get in C. get along D. get through 3.Harry was so outgoing that he _______ the other children very well in kindergarten. A. got along with B. put up with C. came up with D. dropped out of 4. We all need friends. Life is ______ without a_______ to share it with. A. not fun, company B. not funny, companion C. no fun, companion D. no fun, company 5.They must have finished the work by the end of last month, ______? A. hadn’t they B. mustn’t they C. haven’t they D. didn’t they 6.Mike found his missing car in the street outside his house,______newly cleaned and polished. A. looked B. to lookC. looking D. to be looking 7.The lawyer listened with full attention, to miss any point. A. not trying B. trying not C. to try not D. not to try 8.I felt so ashamed;I must be really stupid to________a simple math quiz! A.pass B.overcome C.fail D.get through 9. When passing me,he pretended ______ me. A. to see B. not having seen C. to have not seen D. not to have seen 10.Afterwards,I________cheerful,but Hannah sensed something was wrong. A.pretended B.pretended being C.pretended having been D.pretended to be

11. It ________ last night for the ground is wet. A. must have rained B. must rain C. might rain D. should have rained 12. You _______ the book. You know nothing about the story. A. must have read B. mustn’t have read C. can’t have read D. can’t read 13. He failed in the driving test again. He ________. A. must have disappointed B. must have been disappointed C. might be disappointed D. could have disappointed 14. He pretended ________ an important paper when the boss entered. A. reading B. being reading C. to be reading D. to read 15. Little Tom admitted__________ in the examination, __________ the teacher his word that he wouldn’t do that again. A. to cheat; to give B. cheating; kept C. having cheated; giving D. to have cheated; keeping 16. Children under six are not ________to school except those of extraordinary intelligence. A.permitted B.admitted C.accepted D.received 17.Now that he ______ that he had stolen the money,you should have forgiven him. A.excused B.suffered C.admitted D.offered 18.I was shocked to find a piece of paper on my desk that________ ,“Stupid Sarah got a D!” A.writing B.saying C.wrote D.said 19. Tom felt like _____ football after school, but his parents told him _____. A. playing, not to do B. playing, not to C. to play, do not to D. to play, not to do 20.I thought that Hannah must________my classmates about my grade after promising ________. A.tell;not B.have told;not to C.tell;not to do D.have told;not to tell 21.The boy wanted to play football in the street, but his parents told him ______. A. not to B not to do C. not do it D. do not to 22. You must ______ if you want to be believed in by your classmates . A. keep your secret B. keep your promise C. keep your words D. keep your ideas 23.I told her we weren’t going to be friends any more because she couldn’t ________ . A. keep her word B. have her word C. keep her words D. have her words 24. ________ to give up smoking , he threw away his _____ cigarettes. A. Determined; remained B. Determined; remaining C. Determining; remaining D. Determining; remained 25.The________look on the manager’s face suggested that he________to overcome the difficulty. A.determined;determine B.determined;determined C.determining;determine D.determining;determined 26.The girl complains that many of her clothes are out of date and can’t ________ the times. A. keep in with B. keep steps with C. keep pace with D. keep contact with 27. She made a big mistake, and, _________, lost her job. A. as a result B. as a result of C. as the result D. with the result 28. I can play at least _______, if not better than, Tom. A. as well B. as well as C. so well as D. so well 29.You were charged ___________neglecting your duty.Who accused you __________such a crime? A.with;to B.of with C.with;of D.for;of 30.The shy girl felt ____ and uncomfortable when she couldn’t answer her teacher’s questions. A. amazed B. awkward C. curious D. amused 31. --- I managed to pass the difficult but important exam the day before yesterday. --- _________ and ___________ . A. So you did, so Owen did B. So did you , so Owen did C. So you did, so did Owen D. So did you, so did Owen 32. ---He plays basketball very well and he is also a member of our school basketball team. --- _________. A. So it is with me. B. So does he. C. So do I. D. It is the same as me. 33.He could not keep pace with the game,and________his careless playing we lost.

A.as a result B.with the result C.as the result of D.as a result of 34.It’s bad _______ for a man to smoke in public places where smoking is not allowed. A. manners B. action C. movement D. manner 35.The shy girl felt__________and uncomfortable when she could not answer her teacher’s questions. A. amazed B. awkward C. curious D. amused 36. Everybody spoke with great enthusiasm at the meeting and there were no _______ silences. A. awkward B. greedy C. absurd D. horrible 37. I can’t stand ____ around me when I’m eating. A. people to smoke B. for people to smoke C. with people smoking D. people smoking 38. His wife can’t stand _________ around her when she is sleeping. A. there is any noise B. there be any noise C. there being any noise D. there to be any noise 39. I dislike ________ an email and I would appreciate _________ back this afternoon. A. checking; you to call B. to check; your calling C. checking; your calling D. to check; you’re calling 40. There was nothing he could do but ________ to him _________a good friend. A. apologize; to avoid losing B. apologize; for avoiding to lose C. to apologize; to avoid losing D. to apologize; for avoiding to lose 41. We don’t doubt ________ the boy can ________ the angry teacher. A. if; apologize for B. whether; apologize to C. that; apologize to D. what; apologize 42.I had ________ quarrel with my partner yesterday but she made ________ apology to me later. A. the; an B. a; the C. the; the D. a; an 43. Before the old man passed away, the old couple were married for 40 years and never once ____ with each other. A. they had quarreled B. they have quarreled C. have they quarreled D. had they quarreled 44. —What’s wrong with Linda? —She can’t help ______ when she can’t help ______ a problem. A.crying; solving B. cry; solving C. crying; solve D. cry; solve 45. While shopping , people sometimes can’t help__ into buying something they don’t really need. A. to persuade B. persuading C. being persuaded D. be persuaded 46. I am so busy with my homework that I have to say to my mother :”Mum, I cannot help _____ .” A. do some housework B. doing some housework C. to do some housework D.A or C 47. She is sensitive ______ my words and seems so unhappy that I really feel guilty ______ what I have said to her. A. with; of B. to; with C. to; of D. about; on 48. If you have let out your friend’s secret, the problem lies _______ you. You have no right to blame the quarrel _______ your friend. A. in, for B. with, with C. on, on D. with, on 49. What he impressed ____ me most is that he will never blame his failure _______ others. A. with ; to B. about; on C. on ; on D. on ; to 50. The drunken driver is ________ for the traffic jam ________ yesterday. A. to blame; occurred B. to blame; occurring C. to be blamed; occurred D. to be blamed; occurring 51. It is you rather than he_______ for this terrible accident. A. is blamed B. is to blame C. are to blame D. should blame 52. --- What a mess on the table here! --- It’s not he but I who _________ for it. A. am to blame B. is to blame C. am to be blamed D. is to be blamed 53.His daughter is always shy in________and she never dares to make a speech to________. A.the public;the public B.public;the public C.the public;public D.public;public

54.It seems that you need to apologize quickly ______ a good friend. A.avoiding to lose B.to avoid losing C.avoid losing D.to avoid to lose 55. We don’t doubt ________ the boy can ________ the angry teacher. A. if; apologize for B. whether; apologize to C. that; apologize to D. what; apologize 56. The problem doesn’t lie _____ us, but lies _____ they wouldn’t help us. A. in, in that B. in, with that C. with, in that D. with, in 57.The jury (陪审团) found this thin man ______ of murder and then he was sent to prison. A. mean B. awkward C. cruel D. guilty 58.Mrs Taylor has an 8-year-old daughter who has a(n) __________ for painting—she has won two national prizes. A. ability B. interest C. present D. gift 59.---It is a long time _________ I last saw you. ---Yes, and it will be another month __________ we can meet again. A. before; since B. when; before C. since; when D. since; before 60.He accused me________some really bad things just to hurt me. A.of B.about C.in D.on 第三课时 Grammar----Task 1. The idea that number “13” brings bad luck seems to quite________ (荒唐的). 2. The miller had invited all his relatives and ________ (熟人). 3.My parents d_______________ me from staying out late when I was young. 4. —I rang you several times yesterday, but couldn’t ________. —I’m sorry but my phone didn’t work. A. go through B. go over C. get through D. get across 5.Hardly could he ________ this amount of work in such a short time. A. get down B. get off C. get through D. get into 6. You will never _______ your tomorrow's exam if you don't fix your attention on it. A. get on with B. get back C. get through D. get in 7.除了看电视我们无事可做。 We had nothing to________ ________ watch TV. 8.我宁可去游泳也不去购物。 I________ ________ go swimming________go shopping. 9.他们除了等待别无选择。 They had no________ ________ ________wait. 10.我很遗憾地告诉你,航班已被取消。 I________ ________tell you that the flight has been________. 11.现在我什么也不想做。 I don’t________ ________doing anything now. 12.我后悔告诉他有关事故的情况。I________ ________him about the accident. 13.他离开时忘记去关门了。He________ ________close the door when he left. 14.我盼望着明天看到你。I________ ________ ________seeing you tomorrow. 15.你愿意给我提些克服这些问题的建议吗? Will you please offer me some advice on how to________these problems? 第四课时 Project (1) 1.Usually girls’ friendships are ___________ in shared feelings and support. (基于) 2. He achieved w___________ fame after he won the gold medal in the Olympic Games. 3.Whenever I get into trouble, he comes to my help without h_________. 4.She looked _________ (谨慎) around and then walked away from the house . 5. When asked ,the young usually hesitate before r________(回答). 6.A__________ towards older people and their role will have to change. 7. The law requires equal treatment for all, r__________ of race, religion or sex. 8.The dictionary is out of date, and it needs an urgent _______(修订) 9. He was a good worker who was________ (尽心尽力的) to his family as well as to his work.

10.I want you to show m________ to the child. He is so young that you shouldn’t ask him to behave like that. 11.If you don’t eat less, you’ll end up ________ (look) like a whale. 12. Almost all the Chinese people were shocked at the _____(残忍) of the Japanese invaders. 13. Harry was so outgoing that he _______ the other children very well in kindergarten. A. got along with B. put up with C. came up with D. dropped out of 14.When he comes back three and a half hours later,they’re still sitting on the sofa,_____________(continue)the same conversation on the same topic. 15.男孩和女孩对友谊有着不同的态度。 Boys and girls _________ _____________ ____________ towards friendship. 16. Friendships between girls are often ________ shared feelings, but friendships between boys are _______ shared activities or interests. A. anchoring in; based on B. anchored in; basing on C. anchored in; based on D. anchoring in; basing on 17..建立在相互帮助和支持的基础上的友谊是永远不会忘记的。 The friendship ________ ________ each other’s help and support will never be forgotten. 18.一个君子在独处时更应该谨言慎行。 A gentleman is expected to be more _____________ _____________ what he says and does when he is alone. 18. I am _______ about what I say because careless remarks are likely to hurt others’ feelings. A. enthusiastic B. concerned C. doubtful D.cautious 19.I believe that the government will not hesitate ________ tough measures against pollution. A. to take B. taking C. to have taken D. take 20. I offered him a drink but he didn’t________ to my offer. A. respond B. realize C. remove D. Respect 21.Boys share activities,while girls share feelings. ______________________________________________________________________________ 22.The qualities that boys and girls consider________a friend seem to be the same,___________ ___________the___________of these friendship. 23.. ______ young people were making efforts to make more exercise and eat healthily,

they are still putting on weight.

A. Because

B. Now that C. When

D. While

24.不管代价如何, 当地政府已经下定决心来治理太湖污染。 __________ __________ the cost, the local government has decided to improve the environment in Tai Lake. 25._____ what their friendships are based upon, the important thing to remember is _____ both of them are friends. A.Regardless, that B. despite of, what C. despite of, / D. Regardless of, that 26.要记住的重要的事是他们两者都是友谊。 The most important__________ __________is that both of them Project(2) 27. You can never imagine what great difficulty I have ______ your house.

A. found B. finding C. to find D. for finding 28.It is difficult to imagine his _______ the decision without any consideration. A. to accept B. accept C. accepting D. accepted 29.Friendship means not_______alone.(be) 30.At first,I didn’t mind_______alone(be),but then I saw all of the tourists_______ (have)my pictures_______(take)together,and I began_______sad(feel). 31.I ended up_______(returning)to the train station and spending the rest of the day in the waiting room
32.你要是处理得当,最终这个公司能归你掌管。 You could _______ _______ running this company if you play your cards right. 33.If you continue to waste money like this, you will soon run out of money and become a beggar at last.

If you continue to waste money like this, you will soon run out of money and __________ __________ __________. 34.生活,没有与之分享的同伴,是没有乐趣的。 Life is_______ _______without a companion to_______it_______. 35.友谊意味着有人可以依靠。 Friendship means_________someone I can _________ ________. 36. —How do you like Jim? —He is a person you can ________ and ask for help when you are in trouble. A. rely on B. focus on C. feed on D. base on 37. — I didn't mean ______ my mother. — But talking to her like that meant ______ her. A. hurting; hurting B. to hurt; hurting C. hurting; to hurt D. to hurt; to hurt 38.A man passing by sent me to a nearby hospital, and ________ his help, I received the medical treatment in time. A. according to B. regardless of C. along with D. thanks to 39.友谊意味着对其他人要坚定。 Friendship means_________ _________to others. 40.However, if we had ended our friendship, we would have learnt nothing. 翻译:______________________________________________________ _________ 41. After a long discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of the plan, they finally __________ a conclusion __________ it is relatively practical. A. came up, that B. came into, / C. came over, / D. came to, that

42.Young people like looking ahead at the future while the elderly tend to ________ the past. A. look down upon B. look back on C. look on D. look into


1.I must have sounded very proud of myself after the quiz. 翻译: ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 仿写:我的自行车肯定被偷了。我到处都找不到它。 __________________________________________.I can’t find it anywhere. 2.I was so upset that I felt like crying. 翻译: ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 仿写:天太冷了,我们都不想出去。 ________________________________________________________________________ 3.Football is very important to me,but so is our friendship. 翻译: ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 仿写:10 年前你在一所中学教书。她也是。 You taught in a middle school ten years ago.________________________. Ⅲ .单项填空 4.I begged her not to tell anyone else,and she said she________my secret. A.kept B.kept C.would keep D.will keep 7.I told her we weren’t going to be friends any more because she couldn’t________. A.keep her word B.have her word C.keep her words D.have her words 8.My best friend Matthew has stopped________me. A.to talk with B.to talk of C.talking to D.talking about Ⅰ .1.as 2.in 3.on 4.since 5.against 6.with 7.into 8.to 9.By 10.with Ⅱ .1.翻译:考试过后,我的口气听上去想必很是自鸣得意。 仿写:My bike must have been stolen 2.翻译:我当时太难过了,以致于都想哭出来。 仿写:It was so cold that none of us wanted to go out. 3.翻译:足球对我来说很重要,同样友谊对我也很重要。 仿写:So did she 4.翻译:我情不自禁地想,他是不是希望彼得取代我成为他的好朋友。 仿写:When he heard the bad news,he couldn’t help crying. Ⅲ .1.B [be worth doing sth.值得干某事。worth 用作表语,其后通常接动词的ing 形式, 一般用主动形式表被动意义。] 2.C [根据语境,此处应是“未能通过这项如此简单的数学测验”,故选 C 项。] 3.D [pretend 意为“假装”,其后接不定式作宾语,故选 D 项。] 4.C [从上下文语境可以推知,从句中应用过去将来时态。故选 C 项。] 5.D [that 后为其引导的一个限制性定语从句,应填的是谓语动词,故排除 A、B 两 项。“纸条上写着……”一般用 say 或 read,而不用 write,故选 D 项。] 6.B [must do 为对目前或将来的推测,must have done 为对过去的推测;第二个空为 not to tell my classmates about my grade 的省略形式 not to,故选 B 项。]

7.A [keep one’s word 信守诺言,其中 word 用单数形式。] 8.C [stop doing sth.停止干某事;stop to do sth.停下来去干另一件事。根据句意此处应 为“不再与我说话”,故选 C 项,而 talk about 意为“谈论”。] 9.D [as a result of...由于……的原因,后面跟名词或名词性短语,但不跟句子,符合 题意。as a result 因此,结果是,一般用逗号与后面的句子隔开;with the result 带来……的 结果;C 项中冠词不对。] 10.A [句意为:为了伤害我,他指责我做了一些非常不好的事情。accuse sb. of...指责 某人……,为固定搭配。] Period Two Language Points Ⅰ .语境填词 1.It means a friend has ________(背叛,出卖) your trust or let you down. 2.He felt ________(内疚的) when he was told the man he had knocked down had died. 3.Will you ________(发誓) not to tell anyone? 4.She would never ________(原谅) him. 5.Hold your knife and fork in this ________(方式). 6.That was a ________(恐怖的) sight. 7.Don’t be so ________(敏感的)!I was only joking. 8.There have been a few ________(分歧) between the two parties. Ⅱ .选词填空 can’t help,be determined to,keep pace with,feel like,proud of,in public,get along well with,keep one’s word 1.She found it hard to ________________________ him as he strode off. 2.My parents always ________________ going out for a walk after supper. 3.He ________________________ take part in the international speech competition. 4.He ________________ talking to his deskmate in class. 5.Try not to sound too ________________ yourself when discussing your marks in front of others. 6 . Tom is an easygoing type of person who ________________________________ everyone. 7.Do you think all pop music stars like to hear their fans scream when they appear ________________? 8.If you fail to ________________________________,he will never trust you. Ⅲ .同义词辨析 1.用 spend/take/cost/pay 的适当形式填空 (1)Careless driving may ________ you your life. (2)He ________ the taxi and hurried to the station. (3)She ________ her childhood with her grandparents in the countryside. (4)It ________ about 200 workers two months to finish this task. (5)You’ll have to ________ me ten dollars a week for your meals. 2.用 destroy/damage/ruin 的适当形式填空 (1)The accident did a lot of ________ to his car. (2)It poured with rain and my dress got ________. (3)The earthquake ________ almost the whole town. (4)His hope of being a writer was ________. (5)The house has fallen into ________. 3.用 can’t help doing sth./can’t help (to) do sth.的适当形式填空 (1)Mum,I’m so busy.So I can’t help ________(clean) the room today. (2)I can’t help him ________(be) so foolish. (3)I can’t help him ________(cheat) in the exam. (4)When I saw her,I couldn’t help ________(think) of my younger sister. Ⅳ .单项填空 1.There’s a man at the reception desk who seems very angry and I think he means ________trouble.

A.making B.to make C.to have made D.having made 4.I was late,________that I missed the opening celebration. A.as a result B.as a result of C.with the result D.with a result 5.She realized that one of her friends________her. A.can have betrayed B.must have betrayed C.must betray D.mustn’t have betrayed 6.—What caused the party to be put off? —________the invitations. A.Tom delayed sending B.Tom’s delaying sending C.Tom delaying to send D.Tom delayed to send 7.She is________careful girl________she makes few mistakes in exams. A.so;that B.such a;as C.a such;that D.such a;that 8.You say he works hard;________,and________. A.so he does;so do you B.so does he;so you do C.so does he;so do you D.so he does;so you do 9.Mr.Smith apologized for________to inform me of the change in the plan. A.his being not able B.him not to be able C.his not being able D.him to be not able 10.The thief admitted________the watch the other day. A.having stolen B.to have stolen C.to steal D.to be stolen Ⅰ .1.betrayed 2.guilty 3.swear 4.forgive 5.manner 6.horrible 7.sensitive 8.disagreements Ⅱ .1.keep pace with 2.feel like 3.is determined to 4.can’t help 5.proud of 6.gets along well with 7.in public 8.keep your word Ⅲ .1.(1)cost (2)paid (3)spent (4)took (5)pay 解析 spend 的主语必须是人,宾语可以是钱、精力、时间等。常见搭配: spend on sth./spend (in) doing sth.。 take 表示“花费”时, 主语一般是一件事, 表明“事情完成花费了……”。 常用“It takes(took) sb. some time to do sth.”结构。 cost 的主语必须是物或行为,意为“某物花费某人多少时间或金钱”,也可意为“某行为 丧失某人生命或财产等”。 pay 意为“支付”,作为及物动词,宾语可以是人或钱。pay for 的宾语为物或事。for 表 支付的原因。 2.(1)damage (2)ruined (3)destroyed/ruined (4)destroyed (5)ruin 解析 destroy 只能用作动词,指彻底破坏,以致不可能修复,常作“破坏,毁灭”讲, 也可以指希望、计划等被打破。 damage 指部分“损坏,损害”或指使用价值有所降低。它可以用作动词,也可以用作名 词,用作名词时常与 to sth.连用。 ruin 则表示破坏严重,以致不能修复。但这种破坏不像 destroy 那样毁灭某物,而是强 调致使该物的使用价值发生了问题。 试比较:The earthquake destroyed the whole town.地震毁灭了整个城镇。(房屋倒塌,街 道受阻等方面的严重破坏。)

The earthquake ruined the whole town.地震使整个城镇夷为废墟。 (城镇已不再是原来的样 子,变成废墟,无法居住和生活。) ruin 用作动词时,它作“使毁灭,使崩溃,弄糟”讲;而作名词时,它表示“毁灭,瓦解, 废墟”等抽象概念。 3.(1)(to) clean (2)being (3)(to) cheat (4)thinking 解析 can’t help doing sth.禁不住做某事,情不自禁地做某事;can’t help (to) do sth.不能 帮着干某事。 Ⅳ .1.B [mean doing sth.意味着必须要做某事或导致某种结果;mean to do sth.意欲、打 算干某事。根据句意“我认为他想找麻烦。”可知,B 项为正确答案。] 2.B [the determined look 坚定的表情;suggest 作“建议”讲时,其后面的宾语从句要用 虚拟语气,即主语+(should+)动词原形;而作“暗示,表明”讲时,宾语从句中谓语动词使 用相应的时态。根据句意,此处 suggest 意为“表明”,故 B 项为正确答案。] 3.B [in public 在公众场合;the public 公众。句意为:他女儿在公众场合很害羞,她 从来没对公众作过报告。] 4. C [with the result that...带来的结果是……, 后面跟从句, 符合句意。 as a result 因此, 结果是,一般用逗号与后面的句子隔开;as a result of 由于……的原因,后面跟名词或名词 性短语,但不跟句子;D 项中的冠词不对。] 5.B [考查情态动词表推测的用法。句意为:她意识到她的朋友中肯定有一个人出卖 了她。对过去的推测要用“情态动词+have done”形式。can 表推测时不用于肯定句。注意英 语中没有“mustn’t have done”这种表达法。] 6.B [本题既考查动名词作主语时前面的逻辑主语用名词所有格,又考查 delay 后跟 动词时须用动名词形式。若选 A 项,应在其前面加 that,构成主语从句。句意为:——什么 导致了晚会延期?——汤姆迟发了请帖。] 7.D [这里是 such a/an+adj.+n.+that 句型,that 引导结果状语从句,that 不充当句 子成分, 而 such...as...中的 as 为关系代词, 用以引导定语从句并在定语从句中充当句子成分。 上句中第二个空之所以选 that,是因为从句不缺主语或宾语。用 so 时,构成 so+adj.+a/an +n.+that 句型。] 8.A [“so+主语+be(do,have,其他助动词或情态动词)”结构中的“so”,表示上文所 说的情况“的确如此”,上下文所说的是同一人或物。so+be(do,have,其他助动词或情态动 词)+另一主语,指前面所说的肯定情况也适用于其他人或物。句意为:你说他学习刻苦; 他的确如此,你也很刻苦。] 9.C [本题考查介词后应接动名词形式作宾语。有 not 时 not 放在动名词之前,而动 名词的逻辑主语应放在最前面,因此 C 项为正确选项。] 10. A [admit 后不能接不定式作宾语, 只能接名词或是动名词作宾语。 admit having done 承认过去干了某事,故选 A 项。句意为:小偷承认几天前偷了那手表。]

1、男孩和女孩对待友谊有着不同的态度,女孩之间的友谊通常建立在共同的情感和互相支 持之上,而男孩之间的友谊则以共同的活动或兴趣为基础。 (P18,L9-11) Boys and girls have different attitudes towards friendship. Friendships between girls are usually anchored in shared feelings and support, but friendships between boys are based on shared activities or interests.


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