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人教版普通高中课程标准实验教科书Book4 Unit 2单词

1. sunburnt adj 晒黑的 ______ ______ 发达国家 _____ _____烧开的水

他晒黑的皮肤看起来很健康。_________________________ 2. struggle v 斗争;拼搏;努力 e.g. They have struggled for years to free their country from t

he enemy. struggle against 与…斗争,为反对…而斗争, struggle for 为(争取)…而斗争 The slaves struggled against the rich. They were poor and had to struggle for a living. 他们很穷,必须为生活而挣扎。 3. super adj (infml) excellent; splendid e.g. You’ll like her. She’s super. You look super in your new clothes. It was super of you to help. super 可用做前缀,如 superstar, supermarket 等。 4. output n. 产量;输出 5. hunger n.& v. 饥饿; 渴望 die of hunger 饿死 某物 全世界的人都渴望和平。__________________________ 6. disturbing adj. 引起烦恼的;令人不安的 disturb vt. 搅乱,弄乱;打扰,干扰 input n. 输入 hungry adj. 饥饿的

satisfy one’s hunger 充饥 hunger for sth. 渴望

Don’t disturb the books on my desk. 就是他告诉了我那个令人不安的消息。 _____ _____ he ____ told me the _______ news. 不要打扰那个正在睡觉的孩子。______________________ disturbed adj. 心烦意乱的 7. expand v 使变大,扩大;伸展 expansion n. 扩大,扩充

e.g. Metals expand when (they are) heated. Why not try to expand your story into a novel? 8. circulate v 循环;流传 e.g. People who circulate false news are to be blamed. Yet reports of this kind ______ ____ _____ by our newspapers. Blood circulates through the body. 9. thanks to 表示―幸亏,多亏‖多用于表达正面意思, 相当于感谢, 在句 中作状语。 多亏你的帮助, 减少了许多麻烦。 _________, much trouble was saved. 多亏有新电脑,我们及时完成了这项任务。______________________ 10. battle 战役 war 战争

如: 在八年的抗日战争(Anti-Japanese War)里有许多场战役。 There were many battles in the Anti-Japanese War. 11. rid…of … 使…摆脱/清除…(rid—rid—ridding) rid oneself of debt 还清债务

rid _______ of ____ 清除室内老鼠

要改掉一个习惯是不容易的。________________________ get rid of 摆脱......; 清除…… 你怎样才能改掉坏习惯呢? _________________________ 12. be satisfied with… 对……感到满意/满足

他对这个结果满意吗?________________________ satisfy vt. 使(某人)满意/满足 The result satisfied him. satisfying adj. 令人满意的 The result is satisfying. to one’s satisfaction 令某人满意的是 To his parents’ satisfaction, he always works hard. 13. freedom n. 自由 free adj. 自由的

他们正在为自由而战。______________________ 14.would rather (do sth) 宁愿做 A 也不做 B would rather do A than do B would do A rather than do B prefer to do A rather than do B 他宁愿呆在家里也不去看电影。 ___________________________ 15. therefore adv. 因此;所以;因而(for that reason) 可以放句首,句中或句末,放句首时后面加逗号。 He missed the early bus. Therefore, he was late for school/work. 宁愿做……

与 so 的区别: so 是连词,可以连接两个句子,不需要加逗号隔开。 He missed the early bus, so he was late for school/work. 16. equip – eqipped – eqipped v. 配备;装备 equipment n. 装备,设备(不可数名词) equip A with B = equip B for A 用 B 去装备 A;给 A 配备 B

They _____ a pen and two books _____ the boy. Please______ yourself _______ a sharp pencil and a rubber for the exam. 17. export v 输出;出口

export ….to….向……出口……; import…from…从……进口…… e.g. India exports tea and cotton to many different countries. This company has a large home market but doesn’t export. 18.confuse vt. 使迷惑,使为难 confused adj. 糊涂的 confusing adj. 难以理解的 confuse sb. 使某人迷惑 confuse…with…混淆;搞错 他被奇怪的念头弄糊涂了。 He _________ _________ _________ a strange idea. 别把澳大利亚和奥地利混淆了。 Please don’t _____________ Australia __________ Austria. 19. regret (regretted, regretted) vt.& n. regret to do sth. 很遗憾地做…… (后面的动词常是 say, tell, speak, inform 等)

regret doing 后悔做过 to one’s regret 令人遗憾的是 1)她懊悔没能看上那场电影。 She _________ _________ ___________ the film. 2) 我很遗憾地说我不能接受你的建议。 I __________ __________ ________ I can’t accept your suggestion. 3) 使我感到很遗憾的是,我没有和他们一起去。 ___________ _________ ________ _________, I didn’t go with them. 20. build up 逐渐积聚; 增进,增强

路上的车辆越聚越多。 Traffic on the road is building up. build oneself/sb. up 使自己/某人健康或强壮

你需要多吃点来增强体质。___________________________ 21. lead to 导致; 通向/往 (led—led)

他的错误导致了他的失败。 His mistake led to his failure. 过量的工作和过少的休息会引起疾病。 Too much work and too little rest often _______ ______ _________. 这 条 路 是 通 向 火 车 站 的 。

____________________________________ 22. focus on 聚集;将(注意力等)集中于(某事物) focus one’s attention on sth./sb. 把注意力集中于某人/某事

学习时,他集中注意力于功课上。 When studying, he _______ _______ ________ ________ his lessons. 23. reduce vt. 缩减,减少,减小

她的体重由 70 公斤减少到 50 公斤。 She reduced her weight from 70 to 50 kilos. 她的体重减少了 20 公斤。 She reduced her weight by 20 kilos. 24. keep… free from/of (doing) sth.远离……;避免…… 请避免激动的反应 Please keep (yourself) free from emotional reactions. 运动能使我们摆脱疾病。___________________________ 25. comment n.&v. make some comments on/about…对……发表意见 comment on sth. 对……发表评论 不要评论别人。Don’t make comments on others. 人们总是对我妹妹的装扮评头品足。 People are always ______ _______ my sister ’s looks.

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