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1 1. Her _______ writing style is so popular with young women that her books always sell well. A. elegant B. delighted C. skilled D. potential 2. My grandfather is as ____ as a young man and hates sitting around doing nothing all day . A. e nthusiastic B. energetic C. talkative D. sensitive 3. - How is she getting along with her workmates? - Quite well. She is very __________ to other people ’ s feelings. A. active B. simple C. sensible D. sensitive 4. Gardening is a more _____ exercises for older women than jogging or swimming. A. mental B. physical C. effective D. efficient 5. — Don ’ t you agree with what he said? — Yes, ________! It can ’ t be better. A. approximately B. absolutely C. relatively D. appropriately 6. Sugar is not an i mportant element in bread, but flour is _____. A. unique B. essential C. natural D. adequate 7. The secret of his success is that he does everyt hing _____. A. efficiently B. curiously C. anxiously D. sufficiently 8. Broadly speaking, I would agree with Shirley, though not _____. A. widely B. thoroughly C. entirely D. extensively 9. In _____ Chinese culture, marriage decisions were often made by parents for their children. A. traditional B. historic C. remote D. initial 10. Most people on this island are recreational fishers, and _____, fishing forms an actual part of their leisure time. A. accidentally B. purposefully C. obviously D. formally 11. There was such long queue for coffee at the interval that we _____ gave up. A. eventually B. unfortunately C. generously D. purposefully 12. I don ’ t think that car is _____ the money you paid for it. A. satisfactory B. worth C. deserving D. profitable 13. When he was 18, he was completely _____ and received no money from his family. A. independent B. confident C. considerate D. thoughtful 14. The isolated village seemed to be _____ to visitors as very little was known about it and its inhabitants appeared somewhat hostile to strangers. A. inaccessible B. unavailable C. inadaptable D. profitable 15. It was _____ of you to turn away when a stranger wanted to sell a gold watch cheap to you. A. generous B. sensitive C. unbelievable D. sensible 16. The hero told the students a bullet _____ missed his heart and he was seriously wounded durin g the Korean War. A. narrowly B. dangerously C. thoroughly D. clearly 17. Because there was not enough evidence to prove he was guilty, the jury claimed that he was__ ___ A. lawful B. legal C. innocent D. logical 18. If you take a(n) _____ attitude towards life, you will live happily and longer. A. positive B. negative C. sensitive D. responsible 19. When the president of the company was asked whether he had cheated in the election, he felt

quite _____. A. would B. timid C. embarrassed D. refreshed 20. When the couple saw the fire star in their house, Susan tried to get in the door; _____, her husband tried to climb in through the window. A. later B. previously C. meanwhile D. afterwar ds 21. The victim could only give a _____ description of what happened during the earthquake as he himself was knocked unconscious by something unknown. A. clear B. tough C. vague D. detai led 22. _______ quarrels with his wife doesn’ t affect his relationship with her. He is a good-tempered husband. A. Frequent B. Occasional C. Usual D. Regular 23. The newly-developed dried blood is made from donated human blood, which________ has a shelf life of 42 days. A. normally B. commonly C. regularly D. formally 24. Mrs Smith was so _________ about everything that no servants could please her . A. precise B. particular C. special D. specific 25. Our most _______ customer is Cruise. There’s never a day when he does not come in to buy something. A. regular B. common C. normal D. traditional 26. I have only 20 dollars, which is not ______ enough for my journey. I shall need much more. A. almost B. nearly C. hardly D. scarcely 27. The old man sat on the bench, ______ as statues. A. quiet B. still C. silent D. calm 28. _______ popular belief that classical music is too complex, it achieves a simplicity that only a genius can create. A. Subject to B. Contrary to C. Familiar to D. Similar to 29. She trusted him till he proved to be a ______ friend. A. faithful B. faulty C. true D. false 30. The young singer is very ______ about her success; She says it ’ s as much the result of good luck as of her own talent. A. confident B. modest C. proud D. timid 31. At first she thought he was joking. It took him a long time to make her believe that he was _____. A. true B. real C. actual D. serious 32. When a person loses his reputation, you can say he is as ______ as dead. A. well B. far C. good D. sound 33. Money is the ______ thing she wants, and you won ’ t succeed in winning her heart with money. A. very B. last C. first D. only 34. The man replied in accented English that he preferred a non-smoking section ________. A. badly B. heavily C. seriously D. violently 35. Lacking food supply and wanted by the police, the terrorists from Indonesia made a________ attempt to hi-jack a plane to Iran. A. harmful B. desperate C. serious D. brave 36. When we plan our vacation, mother often offers _______ suggestions. A. careful B. practical C. effective D. acceptable 37. After the meeting, the leaders had a ___________ discussion about it. A. far B. farther C. further D. farthest

38. As we know, ______ medical examination will help us find out health problems as early as possible. A. normal B. general C. regular D. common 39. The plane was ______ to arrive at9:30, but it was an hour late. A. certain B. likely C. abo ut D. supposed 40. — How do you like the film? — There was nothing special --- it was only ____. A. average B. usual C. normal D. common 41. I am sure this painting is not by Picasso. It’s only an unsuccessful fake(赝品)and so it’s ______. A. priceless B. invaluable C. worthless D. precious 42. They were brave enough to attack the enemy ____during the battle. A. fiercely B. tightly C . actively D. superbly 43. Ronald was ____of the latest development in the political situation because he had been in hospital for two months. A. robbed B. ignorant C. incapable D. assured 44. Not ____, the process of choosing names varies widely from culture to culture. A. normally B. particularly C. surprisingly D. obviously 45. After a heavy meal he slept ___throughout the afternoon. A. soundly B. terribly C. badly D. loudly 46. He was very ___in his treatment of his guests. A. generous B. grateful C. general D. gloriou s 47. He was so rich that he just took a ____look at the watch and bought it for 10,000 dollars. A. careful B. casual C. inadequate D. Ineffective 48. This kind of flower is very ____to light; it prefers the shade. A. flexible B. sensible C. sensi tive D. active 49. Tanet didn’t explain it clearly —______, I didn’t understand. A. constantly B. consequently C. conveniently D. concretely 50. When writing about the argument, he tried to be ____without favouring either side. A. impre ssive B. reflective C. objective D. active 51. While we are making more use of nuclear power to meet the energy demand, we should never neglect the _______effects it can have on our living environment. A. contrary B. oppressive C. negative D. extensive 52. Irving was very popular with those who could vote, and he was ____that he could win the election. A. adequate B. sensitive C. confident D. doubtful 53. They want to go to Beijing University for further study because it had a perfect____atmospher e. A. athletic B. artificial C. academic D. abstract 54. The relationship between employers and employees has been studied ____. A. originally B. violently C. extremely D. closely 55. He was ____of deciding anything for himself. A. incapable B. ineffective C. unable D. un believable 56. He preferred to continue his work ____rest on his achievements. A. other than B. rather than C. better than D. more than 57. She made a chocolate cake ____for my daughter. A. particularly B. peculiarly C. especially

D. specially 58. The researches show that our body defense system will become ____if we lack enough sleep. A. impractical B. inadequate C. unpleasant D. abnormal 59. I don ’ t think we ’ ve met before. You are ____me up with someone else. A. confusing B. puzzling C. mixing D. s haring 60. Business letters must always be written ____, but we should write in a natural way to friends. A. typically B. commonly C. formally D. normally 61. The West Lake is so beautiful that it is ____worth visiting. A. very B. more C. much D. well 62. The boy had a(n) ____escape when he ran across the road in front of the bus. A. close B. sh ort C. evil D. narrow 63. The old man was ____asleep in his chair. A. quite B. completely C. well D. fast 64. I cannot thank you ___much for your help. A. too B. very C. so D. quite 65. Anyone who has spent time with children is aware of the difference in the way boys and girls respond to ____situations. A. similar B. alike C. same D. likely 66. I go to the cinema ____, at least once a week. A. definitely B. purposefully C. frequently D. occasionally 67. Jane is a very ____person with lots of friends. A. remarkable B. competitive C. sociable D. excellent 68. Many foreigners like to eat traditional Chinese food because of its ____smell. A. charming B. inviting C. interesting D. demanding 69. He prefers ____sports to collective ones. A. private B. secret C. individual D. personal 70. Don ’ t be so ____as to believe everything he says. A. innocent B. impatient C. reliable D. upset 71. Our bodies are strengthened by taking exercise. ____our minds are developed by learning. A . Similarly B. Probably C. Likely D. Generally 72. In ____, the northerners are keen on dumpling while the southerners are fond of rice. A. com mon B. total C. general D. particular 73. He sends his ____wishes for your future happiness. A. honest B. true C. sincere D. hopef ul 74. To be ____, I couldn ’ t understand what he was getting at. A. sincere B. frank C. modest D. timid 75. I wonder how he managed to make himself understood with his ____English. A. incomplete B. broken C. backward D. inexact 76. It is good for old people to be ____involved in their communities. A. actively B. strictly C. anxiously D. patiently 77. My ____plan was to study computer science in English but I didn ’ t succeed. A. traditional B. objective C. occupational D. original 78. The woman sitting on the sofa was ____Charlie ’ s wife. A. apparently B. usually C. reasonably D. vividly 79. The young people are not ____with this subject. A. famous B. frank C. familiar D. similar 80. She asked for ____classes at home because she thought she would learn Japanese more quickl y

that way. A. personal B. private C. particular D. Unique 81. The climate of China can ____be spoken as a whole, because it is too large. A. nearly B. ea sily C. hardly D. mainly 82. He ’ d like to sleep with the window _____ at night. A. open wide B. open widely C. wide open D. o pened wide 83. She was talking about her family but _____ about her son, who was studying abroad. A. most B. almost C. mostly D. nearly 84. Li Pin works very hard at his lessons. He didn’t get the first place in the exam, ___. A. however B. yet C. though D. although 85. There was a very __________ response to the products we gave out to the market; people seemed very pleased with it. A. negative B. passive C. positive D. active 86. You couldn ’ t help admiring the __________ way she stood up to speak to the big crowd. A. self- conscious B. self-confident C. self-sufficient D. self-satisfied 87. In general, the amount that a student spends for clothing and food should be held to one-third o f the total __________ for living expenses. A. applicable B. acceptable C. available D. advisable 88. There is __________ fog on the motorway; therefore motorist should drive more carefully. A . big B. deep C. heavy D. serious 89. This entrance is in __________ use; don ’ t block it. A. timely B. usual C. constant D. essential 90.90. Is wealth __________ to happiness? A. basic B. essential C. primary D. elementary 91. All of us are working hard to prepare for our __________ examinations. A. last B. latest C . eventual D. final 92. The matter is not __________; it can wait until tomorrow. A. tense B. nervous C. urgent D. tight 93. The book gave a __________ description on the life of some African tribes. A. living B. liv e C. lively D. Alive 94. The young actress was wearing a __________ dress at her birthday party. A. lovely B. livel y C. likely D. lonely 95. Who ’ s ________ for this terrible mess? A. reliable B. responsible C. dependable D. available 96. The man was severely injured in last month ’ s car accident and died _________ afterwards. A. mostly B. shortly C. hardly D. nearly 97. -What do you think of the movie Spielberg directed last year? - I don ’ t like the story in it very much, but I think _______of the music. A. a great deal B. a go od many C. quite a few D. a large number 98. She can ’ t go to Australia this year but she ’ ll go ____. A. by and by B. now and then C. little by little D. step by step 99. After two years’ research, we now have a ____ better understanding of the disease. A. very B. far C. fairly D. quite

100. Speaking of all the songs he has written, I think this is probably his ____ one. A. better-kno wn B. well-known C. best-known D. most-known 101. John was dismissed last week because of his ______ attitude towards his job. A. informal B. casual C. determined D. earnest 102. Since Tom ______ downloaded a virus into his computer, he can not open the file now. A. r eadily B. horribly C. accidentally D. irregularly 103. It is not socially _______ for parents to leave children unattended at that age. A. accessible B. adorable C. adaptable D. acceptable 104. The school' s music group will be giving a big show tomorrow night and two _________on th e weekend. A. more B. other C. else D. another 105. The new group of students is better-behaved than the other group who stayed here ___. A. early B. earlier C. earliest D. the earliest 106. —Do you need any help, Lucy? — Yes, The job is__________ I could do myself. A. less than B. more than C. no more than D. no t more than 107. She devoted herself ________ to her research and it earned her a good reputation in her field. A. strongly B. extremely C. entirely D. freely 108. He began to take political science__________ only when he left school. A. strictly B. truly C. carefully D. seriously 109. This magazine is very__________ with young people, who like its content and style. A. familiar B. popular C. similar D. particular 110. Water can absorb and give off a lot of heat without big changes in temperature, thus creating a _______ environment. A. peaceful B. sensitive C. common D. stable 111. It ’ s hard for him playing against me. I ’ ve got nothing to play for, but for him, he needs to win so ________. A. far B. well C. little D. badly 112. With April 18 ’ s railway speedup, highway and air transport will have to compete with ______ service for passengers. A. good B. better C. best D. the best 113. The melon the Smiths served at dinner would have tasted _____if it had been put in the fridge for a little while. A. good B. better C. best D. well 114. Although the country has had political independence for over a century, _________it needs th e support of its neighbors. A. naturally B. economically C. especially D. luckily 115. The study surveyed 500 families and found the main ________ problem people suffered was tiredness, followed by loneliness and anxiety. A. domestic B. public C. psychological D. biolo

gical 116. Of the two coats, I'd choose the ________ one to spare some money for a book. A. cheape st B. cheaper C. more expensive D. most expensive 117. A new ________ bus service to Tianjin Airport started to operate two months ago. A. normal B. usual C. regular D. common 118. Work gets done ______ when people do it together, and the rewards are higher too. A. easil y B. very easy C. more easily D. easier 119. The final score of the basketball match was 93-94.We were only ________ beaten. A. nearly B. slightly C. narrowly D. Lightly

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