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短文改错专题练习一 The Internet is playing a important part in our daily life. On the net, we can learn about news both home and abroad and some other informations as well. We can also make phone calls,send message by e-mail, go to net schools,and learn foreign languages by ourself.Beside,we can enjoy music,watch sports matches,and play the chess or cards.The net even help us do shopping,have a chat with others and make friend with them.In a word,the Internet has made our life more easier. 答案: 1. a→an 2. home 前加 at 3. informations→information 4. Messages 5.ourselves 6.Beside→Besides 7.去掉 the 8.help→helps 9.make friends with 10.more→much

短文改错专题练习二 During the weekend I traveled by air the first time in my life. I generally travel by train and bus. It is both cheaper and safe. But this was short journey. In the beginning I did not feel very happily, but this feeling did not last long. The journey was very excited. I was soon high up in the sky among the cloud. The views of mountains, fields and rivers was interesting. I enjoyed my short and comfortable journey very much. This experience has shown that traveling in air is actually the safest way of make journeys. 答案:1.在 the first time 前加 for 2. and →or 3. safe→safer 4. a short journey 5.happily→happy 6.excited-exciting 7.cloud→ clouds 8.was-were 9. in→by 10. make→ making

短文改错专题练习三 One day, I was cooking in the kitchen as the telephone rings. I went to answer it immediate. She was my close friend, Lisa. When we were talking on a phone, the fire alarm sounded. I ran back to the kitchen. The room full of smoke and the beef was badly burnt. I quickly turned off the gas, opening all the windows, and then went out the house. In my surprise, two fire engines were outside my house. I was rather worried. I told about the firemen that it was my careless cooking which caused the heavy smoke. 答案:1.as---when 2.rings---rang 3.immediately 4.a---the 5.was full 6.opening –opened 10.which---that 7.went out of 8.In---To 9.about 去掉

短文改错专题练习四 I live in a small town in the south. This is typical Chinese town. There are not only two main streets which across in the middle of the town. Around the town stand a high wall, which was built long ago, and it is still possibly to walk along it. No motorcars allowed in the business streets, which makes shopping very easier and safer. On warm days some small restaurants put table and chairs outside the houses to let people to take a rest and have some tea or ice-cream. There is no tall buildings but some beautiful parks. 答案:1.typical 前加 a 2.去掉 not 3.across→cross 4.stand→stands 5.possibly→possible 6.allowed 前加 are 7.very→much 8.table→tables 9.去掉 to 10.are

Last Sunday my father and I went fishing along a river. We found the water very dirty that we could hardly catch any fish in it. A lot of factories along the river always poured their waste water and rubbish straightly into the river, which made the river polluting. In this way most of the fish in the river was killed. Unless the rivers all over the country are polluted like this, no living things will be exist in the water. As we all know, environmental pollution do great harm to living things. Now more and more people have realized what serious this problem is. Our government is doing her best to take measure to fight against pollution. We expect that water in every river will be made cleaner and cleaner before long. 答案 :very →so straightly →straight polluting →polluted was →were Unless →If be →be do →does what →how measure →measures water →the water

1 A few days before, I saw an interesting program on TV. It was about the problem of the traffic in our cities. It seemed that a great deal of damage had done by traffic. But now our cities are still suffered from riffs problem. Some buildings are actually falling to piece. It is often faster to walk than to go by car or bus, The problem has been getting worse for long time. This is only one problem among thousands others in our cities. All sorts of terrible things have happened with our cities. And the biggest question is “What can we do about it?” Our roads have ever been designed for such a heavy traffic.

Key:1.将 before 改为 ago。before 用于过去完成时,ago 用过 去时。2.去掉 traf-fic 前的冠词 the。traffic 指车辆。为不可数名 词。3.had 后加 been。为被动语态。4.suffered 改为 suffedng。 为进行时。 5. pmce 改为 pmces。 fall to pieces 倒塌。 6. 正确。 7. 在 long 之前加。a。for a long time 为固定用法。8.在 to。thousands 后加 of。thousands of 为惯用法,表示“数千的”。9.将 with 改为 To。 happen to 为固定用法。 10. 根据句意将 ever 改为 nevcr。

2 Most Americans don’t like to get advices from members of their family. When they are in a trouble and need advice, they write letters for newspapers or magazines. Most newspapers print letters from readers with problems. Along with the Letters there have answers written by people who are was first grown in which is now part of the United States. Columbus, Who discovered America, saw the Indians smoking. Soon the drying leaves were transported to Europe where smoking began to catch on. At the late 1800s, the Turks made cigarettes popular. Smoking cigarettes is danger. The US Public Health Service stated that the smoking cigarettes is the reason of lung cancer and several other deadly diseases. The US government now requires that each package of cigarettes bears a special warning against the danger of smoking. Key: 2. 在 for 后加 a。 for a long time 很久。 2. 将 that 改为 which。 为非限制性定语从句。3. which 改为 that。为名词性从句,“就 是在现在美洲的地方”。4. 正确。5. drying 改为 dried。意为“晒 干的” 。 6. At 改为 In。 在……年代用 in。 7. dan-ger 改为 dangerous。 8. 去掉 smoking 前的 the。动名词做主语。9. reason 改为 cause。 reason 理由,cause 导致……的原因,起因。10. bears 改为 bear。 require 后的宾语从句应用 should+动词的虚拟结构,should 可省 略。

3 Sandy is seventeen years old. And she is much busy. Sbe never has enough time for that she wants to do. Like many other girls about her age, she spends hours on the telephone, talks to her friends. She often goes out on the weekends, and she looks after children for other families to get some money. But, of course, during the school years she herself has a lot homework to do. During the football season, Sandy is more busier than usual She and other pretty girls are cheer leaders. They jump up and down together, cheering when the team have played well. When the team is not playing so well, the girls try their best encourage the players. The cheers are usually not long, but it takes a long time to practise shouting them together.

Key: 3. 把 much 改为 very。 much 多与-ed 的形容词连用。 2. that 改为 what 或 all。what she wants to do 她想做的事。all (that) =what。 3. talks 改为 talking, 为 spend b time+ doing...句式。 4. 去 掉 weekends 前的 the。on weekends 在周末。5.But 改为 And。 根据下文判断。6.在 a lot 后加 of。a lot of 许多。7.去掉 more 或把 nlore 改为 much。busier 为比较级。8.正确。9.have 改为 has。 team 为集合名词, 作整体看时, 谓语用单数。 10. 在 encourage 前加 too try one’s best to do 尽最大努力去做。

4 After I finished the school this year, I began to took for work. Now several month later, I still hadn’t found tbe job that I was interested. Last Sunday nmrning I received a phone call from a man calling him Mr Smith. He said to me on the phone, “I hear you do very well in your studies, I may havc a job for you.” I entered his office with a beaten heart. How I hoped that I will go through the joh hunting talk today and he would take nm on as a lab assistant. But to my surprised, what he said disappointing. He only needed a model.

Key;4.去掉 school 前的 the,finishschool 毕业。2.month 改 为 months。 3. mterest-ed 后加 in。 be interested in 为固定短语。 4. him 改为 himself。表“自称为……”用反身代词。5.正确。6.在 I 之前加 so。从上下文的逻辑关系可知。7.heaten 改为 beating。 意为“一颗在跳动的心”。beat 作“跳动”解时,为不及物动词。 8. will 改为 would。 应用过去式。 9. surprised 改为 surprise。 to one’s surprise 为固定用法。10.在 disappointing 前加 was。意为“他所 说的是令人失望的。”

5 Calvin Coolidge, 30th president of the United States, was famous for a man of few words. He knew what he should talk and when he should not. It was very hard of anyone to enjoy talking with him. One evening he was inviting to dinner. A lady sitting next to him past the sugar for his coffee. “Mr President,” she said.”Today a friend of me said that I couldn’t get much than two words out of you. I said I can, and we made a bet.” “You lose,” answered the president.

Key: 5. 在 30th 前加 the。序数词前应加定冠词。2. for 改为 as。 be famous for ...为……而出名;be famous as ...作为……而出名。 3. what 改为 when。从下文 and when 的信息可知。4. 把 of 改为 for。It is +adj. +for sb. to do...为固定用法。5. 将 inviting 改为 invited。 应为被动语态。 6. past 改为 passed。 pass 为动词, 而 past 为介词。 7. 将 me 改为 mine。 我的一个朋友, 应说 a friend of mine。 8. 把 much 改成 more than 为搭配。9. can 改为 could。为时态错, 从 said 可知。10. 正确。

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