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高二英语综合检测一(I 卷)试卷讲评
2015. 1.6 李炳花
★Teaching objectives: Knowledge objectives: To master some important words, phrases and sentences Ability objectives: To strengthen the reading skil

ls and Emotion objectives: To arouse interest and build confidence in English study. Teaching key points: the difficult questions in the text paper Teaching difficult points: the tips of reading and cloze Teaching Procedures: Step1. Warming up ---- key words in the test paper 1. position 职位;位置 2. primary 主要的 3. previous 先前的 4. rare 稀有的 5. opposite 相反的 6. astonishing 令人震惊的 7. appreciate 欣赏,感激 8. virtue 美德 9. technique 技巧 10. plain 极普通的 11. be beneficial to 对……有益 Step 2. Reading: Task 1: Discuss the following questions No. 21 23 24 31 type the title question the fact question the fact question the judgment question reasons

Task 2:Tips of reading: A 篇 21-----主旨大意 The text is meant to _____. A. leave a note B. send an invitation C. present a document D. carry an ad ? Position: Volunteer Social Care Assistant ? Place: Manchester Hours: Part Time ? Role: You will provide… ? Skills and Experience Required: Tip: Pay attention to subtitles (小标题) 23----事实细节 23. The volunteers' primary responsibility is to help people with learning disabilities ____. A. to get some financial support

B. to properly protect themselves C. to learn some new living skills D. to realize their own importance ------But your primary concern is to let them know they are valued. Tip: Locate the relative information and deal with it properly. A 篇 广告等应用类文章 1. 先看问题再读文章, 带着问题阅读,多注意细节。 2. 一般采取跳读、略读等快速阅读法,快速浏览信息,搜索对比。 3. 关注小标题或者黑体词快速获取大意。 Enjoy beautiful sentences in reading A 1. Do you want to get home from work knowing you have made a real difference in someone‘s life? 2. We arc now looking for volunteers to support people with learning disabilities to live active lives! C 篇 31-----推理判断 31. What’s the author’s attitude towards he scientists’ idea? Tips:1. 判断有据, 推论有理, 忠实原文。 2. 善于揣摩作者思路。 Translate: A feeling of being bored, anger, anxiety, tenseness, worry, a feeling of not being appreciated---those are the emotions that tire sitting workers. Step 3. Reading 七选五 Task 1:Calm yourself. 37 You can take a couple of breaths and think of something that gives you pleasure: … F. To make your anger die away, try a simple stress-management technique. Task 2: Tips and introduction 主要考查:对文章的整体内容和结构以及上 下文逻辑意义的理解和掌握。 (考试说明) 设空位置: 1. 段首 (主旨;过渡) 2. 段中(分析段中句子之间的关系) 3. 段尾 (结论;过渡) 解题步骤: 1) 跳读了解大意。---36 2) 快速阅读七个选项,排除不可能的选项。 3) 先易后难(代入法和排除法;把有把握的划掉) 4) 重新阅读复查,及时修改。 七选五解题方法: 1. 逻辑关系 (并列;转折;因果;递进等) 2. 提示词语 (原词复现、近义、反义词等) 3. 句型结构 Task 3: 现场练兵: Business management is a term used to describe the techniques of planning, direction, and control of the operations of a business. ________..... Direction is concerned …..____________.

A. Planning in business management has three main aspects. B. Control includes the use of records and reports to compare actual work with the set standards for work. 2 .______ There are many ways to express thoughts and ideas---music, acting,… A. Being able to communicate ideas in a meaningful way is a valuable skill. B. We can give kids to think about materials. 3. You won’t love every subject that you study. _______ And you won’t necessarily succeed at everything the first time your try. A. You will find it hard to get along with others. B. You won’t get along well with every teacher that you have. Step 4. Cloze Task 1:Skim for some key information about the story 1. Who 2. Where she lived/ where she desired to live 3. How she felt Task 2: The clue (线索)---Her emotional changes: 1. desired …dreamed… wonderful and exciting 2. disappointed …so sad and heart-broken …plain and rather dirty 3. she realized that she had been living in her golden house filled with love and care. Task 3: Discuss the following questions. No. 41 44 46 48 56 58 考点分析 情态动词 would 意思 it 用法 ? 动词辨析 动词短语辨析 形容词辨析 动词短语辨析

Task 4. Useful expressions in cloze would do sth 1. 过去通常做…… desire to do 2. 渴望做某事 beg sb. for sth. 3. 向某人恳求某物 insist on sb’s doing 4. 坚持让某人做某事 turn around 5. 转过头 cheer sb. up 6. 使……高兴 settle down 7. 定居 Task 5.What message (寓意) can you learn from the passage? 1. We should cherish (珍惜) what we have, as what we have is the best. 2. We shouldn’t envy others blindly…. Step 5. Homework 1. Review the test paper and recite the key points. 2. Prepare for the rest of the paper


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