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外研社高中英语BOOK7 Module 3词汇单


Module 3

1.novelist:n. a person who writes novels 小说家 2.scene:n. 1) a part of a film/movie ,play or book in which the action happens 场面,镜头 e.g. I got very nervous before my big scene.在那场重头戏之前,我非 常紧张。 2) the place where sth. happens ,especially sth unpleasant 地点 现场 e.g. the scene of the accident /attack /crime 事故/袭击/犯罪现场 firefighters wre on the scene immediately.消防员立即赶到现场 3.cruel: adj. Having a desire to cause pain and suffering 冷酷的 残暴的 e.g. I can’t stand people who are cruel to animals.我无法容忍虐待 动物的人。 联想:cruelty n. 4.feed: v. to give food to a person or a animal 喂养;为??提供食品 Phrase: feed sb./sth. (on) sth feed sth to sb./sth. e.g. The cattle are fed on barley. ____________________________________________________ 5.pot: n. a deep round container used for cooking things in 锅 e.g. pots and pans 锅碗瓢盆 6.warden: n. a person who is responsible for taking care of a particular place and making sure that the rules are obeyed.管理人 看守人;监护人 7.serve v. 1) to give sb food or drink ,for example ,at a restaurant or during a meal 端上(饭菜)(给某人)提供 ; Phrase:serve (with) sth. Serve sth. to sb. Serve sb. sth. E.g.They served a wonderful meal to more than fifty delegates. 他们招待五十多位代表吃下美味佳肴。 2)to work or perform duties for a person ,an organization,a country,etc. 为??工作;服务 Phrase:serve sb as sth Serve in /on/ with sth Serve under/with sb e.g. She was elected to serve as secretary of the local party.她当选 为地方党组织的书记。

8.eager: adj. Very interested and excited by sth that is going to happen or about sth you want to do .热切的,渴望的。 Phrase:be eager for sth/to do sth E.g. Everyone in the class seems eager to learn . _______________________________________________________ 联想 eagerly adv.________ eagerness n._______ 9.appetite :n. physical desire for food 食欲 胃口 Phrase:appetite for sth.强烈欲望 E.g. The public have an insatiable appetite for scandal. 公众对丑事总是喜闻乐道。 He suffered from headaches and loss of appetite. ________________________________________________________ 10.whisper:v. to speak very quietly to sb so that other people cannot hear what you are saying.低声的说;耳语 E.g.有人私下说他将不久于人世,他果然死了。 _________________________________________________________ n. 耳语;低语声 Phrase: in whispers 11.nudge: v. to push sb gently,especially with your elbow, in order to get their attention.推开 e.g.He nudged me and whispered ,“look who’s just come in .” 他用胳膊肘碰了我一下,低声说: “瞧,谁来了?” 12.desperate:adj.giving little hope of success ;tired when everything else has failed .绝望的,孤注一掷的 E.g. a desperate bid for freedom.孤注一掷争取自由的努力。 Phrase: be desperate about sth. 联想:desperately adv. 极其地 13.healthy:adj.having good health and not likely to become ill/sick 健康的 E.g. a healthy child /animal /tree 健康的孩子/动物/树 14. in astonishment 惊讶地 E.g. He stared in astonishment at the stranger. 他惊讶的看着陌生人。 联想 astonish v.使惊讶 astonished adj.感到十分惊讶 astonishing adj.令人感到十分惊讶的 15.support: n.a thing that holds sth and prevents it from failing .支撑物 E.g. The supports under the bridge were starting to bend .桥下的支柱 开始弯曲 联想 support v.支持;资助;支撑

16.in a ?voice 用?声音(说) ;?声地 E.g. to speak in a deep /soft voice 低沉地说/轻柔地说 翻译:1.to speak in a loud /quiet voice __________ 2. “I promise ,”she said in a small voice.____________________________ 17.no sooner ...than ... 刚一?就 E.g.No sooner had she said it than she burst into tears. 她刚一说完,泪水便夺眶而出。 翻译:No sooner had we set down at the table than the phone rang . _______________________________________________________________________ 联想:Hardly...,when... Scarcel...,when... 18.seize:v. to take sb/sth.in you hand suddenly and using force.抓住;夺 E.g.She try to seize the gun from him .她试图夺他的枪。 Phrase: seize on /upon sth. 突然大为关注,抓住(可利用的事) seize up 停止运转;出故障;(身体)发僵 19.hang:v. to kill sb,usually as a publishment ,by tying a rope around their neck and allowing them to drop .绞死 E.g.He was the last man to be hanged for murder . 他是最后一个被处以绞刑的谋杀犯。 翻译:She had committed suicide by hanging herself from a beam . __________________________________________________________________________ 联想 hang-hung-hung v.悬挂;垂下 Hang-hanged-hanged v.绞死 20.lock :v.to fasten sth with a lock 用锁锁(起来) E.g.Did you lock the door? 你锁门了吗? 翻译:This suitcase doesn’t lock .___________________________________________ 21.workhouse n.(in Britain in the past )a building where very poor people were rent to live and given work to do.(英国昔日的)济贫院,贫民习艺所 22.reward :1)n. a thing that you are giving because you have done something good ,worked hard .酬谢,奖赏;赏金 E.g. a reward for good bahaviour 优秀行为奖 2)v. to give sth.to sb.because they had done sth.good ,work hard. 23.scream :v. to shout sth.in loud ,high voice 尖叫,高声喊叫 E.g. The kids were screaming with excitement . 24.collar :n. the part around the neck of a shir ,coat ,etc 衣领

25.rough:adj . 1)where there is a lot of violence or crime 多暴力的;犯罪率高的 E.g. the roughest neighborhood in the city 城市最危险的街区 2)having a surface that is not smooth .粗糙的;不平滑的;高低不 平的 E.g. rough ground 高低不平的地面 Rough skin 粗糙的皮肤 3)not exact ;not including all details 粗略的;大致的 E.g. At a rough estimate ,there were about 8000 students at Dayi middle school. 据粗略估计,约有八千名学生在大邑中学。 4)(of weather) wild and with storms.恶劣的,有暴风雨的 26.drag :v.to pull sb./sth. along with effort and difficulty 拖;拉;硬拽 27.naughty:adj behaving badly ;not willing to obey 淘气的;调皮的 E.g. a naughty boy/girl 28.rascal:n. a person who shows a lack of respect.恶棍;无赖 E.g. Come there ,you little rascal!过来,你这个小坏蛋! 29.orphan:n. a child whose parentsare dead .孤儿 E.g.He was an orphan and lived with his uncle . 他是一个孤儿,和他叔叔生活在一起。 30.convict:n. a person who has been sent to prison 囚犯 E.g.an escaped convict 越狱犯 31.escape :v.1) to get away from a place where you are not allowed to leave 逃跑 E.g. He escaped from prison this morning .他今天早上从监狱逃跑了。 She managed to escape from the buring car .她设法从燃烧的汽车 里逃出来。 2)to avoid sth unpleasant or dangerous.避开,避免 E.g. He narrowly escaped being killed.他险些丧命 She was lucky to escape punishment.她逃避惩罚真是幸运 32.prison:n. a building where people are kept as a punishiment for a crime 监狱 Phrase:in prison 坐牢 In the prison 在监狱里 be sent to prison be released from prison 被释放出狱 E.g.He fought for black people and was in prison for almost 30years. 他为黑人而战并坐了将近三十年的牢. 33.wedding:n. a marriage ceremony 婚礼 E.g.attend wedding 参加婚礼 wedding anniversary 结婚纪念日

34.intend :v. to have a plan , result or purpose in your mind when you do sth. 打算;计划;想要 Phrase:had intended to U ___________________ intend doing /to do sth ________________ intend sb./sth.to do sth._______________ intend that?? E.g. I had intended work go on a trip but my car has broken down. _____________________________________________________________ 35.illegally :adv. in a way that is not allowed by the law 违法的,非法的 E.g.an illegally parked car 违章停放的汽车 联想: leagal adj. illegality n. 36.repay: v.1)to give sth.to sb. or do sth for them in return for sth. that they’ve done for you 报答,回答 Phrase:repay sb.for sth. / repay sth (with sth). E.g.How can I repay you for your generosity ? 你对我这样慷慨,我该怎么才能报答你呢? Their trust was repaid with fierce loyalty. 他们信任获得的回报是衷心耿耿。 2)to pay back the money that you have borrowed from sb.偿还,归还 E.g. repay a debt 偿还债务 Phrase:repay sb.(sth.) repay sth.(to sb.) 37.cast :n.all the people who act in a play or film .演员阵容,全体演员 E.g. a cast list 演员表 the supporting cast 配角演员 38.distribute:v.1) to give things to a large number of people 分发,分配,分送 Phrase: distribute sth(to/among sb./sth.) E.g. The organisation distributed food to the earthquake victims . 这个机构向地震灾民分发了食物。 2)to send goods to shops and business so that they can be sold 分销 E.g.Who distributes our products in the UK? 谁在英国经销我们的产品? 3) (often passive)to spread sth,or different parts of sth,over an area. 使散开;使分布。 39.chapter:n.a separate section of a book ,usually with a number or fifle. (书的)章,回,篇 E.g.Have you read the chapter on the legal system? 你读了论述法律制度那一章吗? 40.filthy adj.very dirty and unpleasant 肮脏的,污秽的

41.sparrow n. a small brown and grey bird,common in many parts of the world.麻雀 42.seagull n.海鸥 43.pipe 1)c.n.a tube through whicth liquids and gases can flow 管子;管道 2)v. to send water ,gas,oil,ect.through a pipe from one place to another . 用管道输送 44.smog: n. a form of air pollution that is or looks like a mixture of smoke and fog, especially in cities.烟雾 E.g.attempts to reduce smog caused by traffic fumes.旨在降低车辆尾气 造成的烟雾的措施。 45.choke.v. to be unable to breathe because the passage to your lungs is blocked or you cannot get enough air; to make somebody unable to breathe.窒息,哽咽 E.g.He was choking on a piece of toast。他被一块面包噎得透不过气来。 46.swallow. v.1)to make food, drink, etc. go down your throat into your stomach 吞下,咽下。 2)to take somebody/something in or completely cover it so that they cannot be seen or no longer exist separately 吞没,淹没,侵吞 3)to accept that something is true; to believe something 相信,信以 为真 E.g.The pills should be swallowed whole.这些药要吞服。 47.rag. n. a piece of old, often torn, cloth used especially for cleaning things 抹布,旧布 E.g.in rags 衣衫褴褛 From rags to riches 从赤贫到巨富 lose your rag 发怒 生气 48.dustbin: a large container with a lid, used for putting rubbish/garbage in, usually kept outside the house 垃圾桶 59.attain: v. to succeed in getting something, usually after a lot of effort 获 得,得到;达到 E.g.Most of our students attained five ‘A’ grades in their exams 我们多数学生的考试成绩都是五个优。 50. nutrition: n. the process by which living things receive the food necessary for them to grow and be healthy 营养,滋养 51.starvation:n. the state of suffering and death caused by having no food 饿死; 挨饿 E.g.Millions will face starvation next year as a result of the drought.

由于发生旱灾,明年将有数百万人面临饥饿的威胁。 52.welfare: n.. the general health, happiness and safety of a person, an animal or a group 幸福,福祉;健康 e.g We are concerned about the child's welfare.我们关注那个孩子的福祉。 53.concern. n. a feeling of worry 担心 忧虑 v. to be about sth 与?.有关,涉及 to worry sb. 让某人担心 Phrase:be concerned with sth.与?有关 As/so far as I’m concerned E.g. She hasn’t been seen for four days and there is concern for her safety. 她已四天不见踪影,大家对她的安全很担心。 54.faxpayer:n.纳税人 55. compass:n.. an instrument for finding direction, with a needle that always points to the north。罗盘;指南针 56.anchor:n.. a heavy metal object that is attached to a rope or chain and dropped over the side of a ship or boat to keep it in one place 锚 57.inn:n. a pub, usually in the country and often one where people can stay the night 小酒店;小旅馆 58.carrier:n. a person or thing that carries something 运送人 运输工具 59. accumulate:v. to gradually get more and more of something over a period of time 积累 E.g.I seem to have accumulated a lot of books.我好像已经收集了很 多书。 联想:accumulation 积累 60 corporation:n. a large business company 公司 企业 E.g.You have to be a big corporation with a big budget to afford tele vision ads.

61.navy:n. the part of a country's armed forces that fights at sea, and the ships that it uses 海军 E.g. He joined the navy 他参加了海军 联想:army 陆军 air force 空军 62.pile:n. a number of things that have been placed on top of each other 摞; 垛

E.g. a pile of books/clothes/bricks 一摞书籍/衣物/砖块 翻译:She looked in horror at the mounting pile of letters on her desk。 _____________________________________________________________ Phrase:piles of sth.大量的 许多 v.to put things on top of another 堆 Phrase:pile sth. up 堆起 Pile A with B 装进,放进 63. trial:n.1) a formal examination of evidence in court by a judge and often a jury, to decide if somebody accused of a crime is guilty or not 审理;审判 E.g. He's on trial for murder. _________________________________________ 2) the process of testing the ability, quality or performance of somebody/something, especially before you make a final decision about them 试用,试验 E.g. The system was introduced on a trial basis for one month 这个制度已经被引进试用一个月了。 64.pump:n. a machine that is used to force liquid, gas or air into or out of something 抽水机,泵 E.g. She washed her face at the pump in front of the inn.她正在水泵前 洗脸 v.to make water, air,gas,flow in a particular clirection 输送 E.g.The heart pumps blood around the body.心脏把血液输送至全身。 65.fountain:n. 1)a structure from which water is sent up into the air by a pump, used to decorate parks and gardens/yards 喷水池 2)a strong flow of liquid or of another substance that is forced into the air 喷泉 66.pub:n. a building where people go to drink and meet their friends.酒吧 67.mail:n. a female servant in a house or hotel.女仆 68. bunch:n. a number of things of the same type which are growing or fastened together 一串/一束 Phrase:a bunch of 一串 大量的 E.g. a bunch of keys /flowers 一串钥匙/一束鲜花 翻译:I have a whole bunch of stuff to do this morning. ___________________________________________ 69.Misstress:n..the female head of a house 女主人 70. accomplish:n. to succeed in doing or completing something 完成

E.g. The first part of the plan has been safely accomplished. 这个计划的第一部分已经顺利完成 联想:accomplishment accomplished 71. ambassador : n. an official who lives in a foreign country as the senior representative there of his or her own country 大使 E.g. The best ambassadors for the sport are the players.这项运动最 好的大使是运动员。

72.humble:1)adj. showing you do not think that you are as important as other people 谦虚的,谦逊的 E.g. Be humble enough to learn from your mistakes.要虚心地从自己 的错误中学习。 2)v. to make sb feel that they are not as good as they thought they were . 贬低,使感到卑微 E.g.Humble yourself.虚心点! 73.pedestrain:n.步行者 74.lantern.:n.a lamp in a transparent case, often a metal case with glass sides, that has a handle, so that you can carry it outside 灯笼 75.mourn: v. to show sadness because sb, died 悼念 Phrase:mourn for sb ./sth. 为?悼念 E.g. He was still mourning for his brother’death. 76.a huge amount of 大量 E.g. We’re had a huge amount of help from others.我们得到了人们的大力 帮助 联想:a large amount of + u.n + 谓语动词(单数) Large amount of + u.n + 谓语动词(复数) 77.bring sth. to the attention of sb. 使某人关注。 E.g.The news brought the traffic problem to the attention of people. 这则新闻引起了人们对交通问题的关注。 联想: draw attention to 吸引?注意力 Pay attention to 注意 with attention 专心致志地 fix one’s attention on = fix on 集中注意力于?.

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