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高一英语必修3 Unit1单元练习

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高一英语必修 3 Unit1 单元练习 班级 姓名 单项选择 1.The government tried its best to _____ the people’s needs, but the people were still not_________. In fact, what the governm

ent did was not___________. A. satisfy; satisfied; satisfying B. satisfy; satisfying; satisfied C. satisfied; satisfied; satisfying D. satisfying; satisfied; satisfied 2. This memorial was built____ those heroes who laid down their lives for the liberation of the poor people. A. in memory of B. to remember C. for the memory of D. to the memory of 3. ---I need some fresh air, so I’m going out for a walk. ----___________. A. Have fun B. With pleasure C. You’d better not D. It’s none of my business 4. The storm left, _________ a lot of damage to this area. A. caused B. to have caused C. to cause D. having caused 5. -----Do you know where David is ? I couldn’t find him anywhere. ------Well. He ________have gone far-----his coat’s still here. A. shouldn’t B. mustn’t C. can’t D. wouldn’t 6. ----I’ll tell Mary about her new job tomorrow. ------ You_____ her last week. A. ought to tell B. would have told C. must tell D. should have told 7. How ________ you say that you really understand the whole story if you have covered only part of the article? A. can B. must C. need D. may 8. — The room is so dirty. ________ we clean it? — Of course. A. Will B. Shall C. Would D. Do 9. My English-Chinese dictionary has disappeared. Who ________ have taken it? A. should B. must C. could D. would 10. He is looking forward __________his father. A. of receiving B. of hearing from C. to hearing from D. to hear from 11..Missing the flight means _______ for another three hours. A.waiting B.to wait C.wait D.to be waiting 12.We’re going to _______ with some friends for a picnic. Would you like to join us ? A.get in B.get over C.get along D.get together 13. ---- It’s a pity that Mr. Smith died last night. ---- Really? The police may never discover what ______ that night, for he was the only eyewitness (目击者). A. happened B. took place C. was happened D. was taken place 14. ---- Do you know Tom, ______ father is an engineer? ---- Yes, quite well. He ______ always be the first to offer me help when I meet with prolems. A. the; would B. which; used to C. that; used to D. whose; would 15. We arranged to meet at 8:00, but she never ______. A. turn down B. turn off C. turn over D. turn up

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二.请从下面方框中选择适当的单词或短语并用其正确形式填空。 agriculture, decorate, energy, religion, society, play tricks on, in memory of look forward to, day and night, as though, dress up, took place, in the shape of 1. You don’t need to ________, just to go to the pub — jeans and a T-shirt will do. 2. The police may never discover what ________ that night, because Mr Smith, the only eyewitness, died last night. 3. I hate the smell of paint when I’m ________. 4. Luckily, help arrived ________ a police officer. 5. It’s acceptable to ________ your friends on April 1st. 6. The government set up a monument ________ the heroes who died in the war. 7. I’m ________ hearing from you. 8. He behaved ________ he hadn’t known anything about it. 9. Those workers worked ________ to finish the task. 10. The country’s economy is mainly ________ and depends on crops like coffee. 11. Most British schools organize ________ events for the students. 12. I tried aerobics (有氧运动) but it was too ________ for me. 13. He’s deeply ________ and goes to church twice a week. 三.完形填空. Mr.West intended to buy his wife a Christmas present,but he was always very busy,so he was never 21 to find time to go to the shops.At last,when it was the week 22 Christmas,and the shops were very crowded,he 23 that he could not wait any longer.He worked in an office,and 24 had lunch in a restaurant,but one day he bought some sandwiches,ate them quickly and went out to a big shop near his office during his lunch 25 .The shop was full of women,who were also buying presents during their lunch hour. Mr.West stood politely at the edge(边)of a crowd of women who were 26 forward to try to get to the people who were 27 necklaces and earrings.He tried to move forward slowly,taking his turn with the others,but more and more women were 28 into the shop the whole time and pushing selfishly past him. After half an hour,he was just as far from the people who were selling the necklaces as he had been 29 he came in,and his lunch hour was coming to an end,so he decided to change his 30 of doing things:he put his head down, 31 a sudden loud shout and started to push his way towards the 32 of the crowd as hard as he could. The women around him became very 33 when they saw what he was doing,and began to scold him.―Why can’t you behave like a gentleman?‖they shouted. ―Ladies,‖he 34 them,―I have been behaving like a gentleman for the past half hour,and it has done me no 35 ,so now I am starting to behave like a lady!‖ 1.A.sure B.certain C.able D.possible 2.A.before B.after C.till D.within 3.A.promised B.decided C.agreed D.insisted 4.A.never B.sometimes C.seldom D.usually 5.A.hour B.moment C.minute D.second

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6.A.pulling 7.A.selling 8.A.going 9.A.where 10.A.habit 11.A.caught 12.A.center 13.A.patient 14.A.hated 15.A.treasure

B.pushing B.buying B.entering B.until B.way B.made B.end B.angry B.waved B.good

C.gathering C.choosing C.fetching C.when C.action C.blew C.front C.surprised C.explained C.respect

D.managing D.seizing D.coming D.even if D.sign D.gave D.back D.nervous D.answered D.present



Unit 1 Festivals around the world 一、请根据各句上下文的意义,选择正确的单词填入空白处。 第一组:beauty, harvest, celebration, starve, origin, religious, ancestor, feast, belief, arrival 1 Mum, I am _______. Is dinner ready? 2 In China Tomb-sweeping Day(清明节) is a day to be in memory of their _______. 3 They held a grand wedding ________ at a five-star hotel. More than 500 guests were invited. 4 Do you know the _________ of the earth? 5 On my _________ home I found the front door open. 6 –What’s your _________ belief? – Christian. 7 That foreign couple were so struck by the _________ of Hangzhou that they decided to stay for another two days. 8 During the Chinese new year people across the country hold kinds of __________. 9 Farmers are often extremely busy during the _________ season. 10 There is a general __________ that things will soon get better. 第二组:gain, gather, agriculture, award, rooster, admire, energetic, Christian, custom, fool 11 China didn’t ________ its independence until 1949. 12 The central government has made a series of _________ policies to encourage farmers to work the land. 13 _________ has the same meaning as cock. 14 The students are asked to __________ at the school gate at 7 a.m.. 15 Those who believe in Christianity are called _________. 16 I _________ him for his bravery and determination. He made it in the end. 17 To get the job done, one should be ________ and dynamic(动力的). 18 He was ________ the Hero of the City for having saved a boy from the big fire. 19 You were ________ enough to believe him. 20 While travelling abroad just follow the local _________. 第 三 组 : permission, apologize, drown, obvious, wipe, weep, forgive, poet, worldwide, independence 21 America declared its _________ on July 4, 1776. 22 If you do something wrong you should ________ to others. 23 Without my ________ anyone is not allowed to enter.

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24 It was very _________ that he showed no interest in our plan. 25 I ________ to see him looking so sick. 26 Please ________ me for coming late. 27 He jumped into the river to save the _________ boy. 28 As is known to us, Li Bai was a great _________ during the Tang Dynasty. 29 After dinner I _________ the table and then did the washing-up. 30 The 9.11 Event attracted __________ attention. 二、把下列短语填入每个句子的空白处(注意所填短语的形式变化) : take place in memory of dress up look forward to day and night as though have fun with keep one’s word hold one’s breath play a trick on turn up set off remind…of 1 Children often __________ the arrival of a holiday. 2 Mom, don’t worry about me. I am ___________ other boys. 3 The Olympic Games _________ every four years. 4 There is to be a get-together tonight. Please __________ for it. 5 That school was founded ___________ the famous scientist. 6 The couple worked ___________ to pay back their debt. 7 It looks ___________ it’s going to rain soon. 8 I ___________ to visit him the next day. 9 ___________ and count 1 to 10. 10 The old photo ___________ me __________ my college days. 11 He said he would come at 6.30 PM but he hasn’t __________ yet. 12 It is rude to ___________ those disabled people. 13 After work I ___________ for home but was caught in a traffic jam.


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