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阅读技巧---猜词题(最新的题目+最权威的北京市中考考法体现)by Jerry I. 猜单词意思和短语的意思 1. 解释: 1) The teachers also say that iPads allow students to learn at their own pace: Some students might listen to a dialogue only once and understand it, so they can save time for doing other things. Other students, however, might need to listen to the same dialogue again and again to understand it. (2015 年中考 D) A. According to their own timetable. B. Without their teachers’ help C. Because of their wonderful goals. D. Against their parents’ hope. 2) The healthy materials and fairly reasonable prices of the products are appealing to Asian customers. More and more Asians start to use American-made chopsticks at their tables.(2015 东城一模 D) A. normal B. necessary C. attractive D. surprising 3) Do you know what a “territory” is? A territory is an area that an animal, usually the male, claims(声称)as its own. (2005 湖北高考) A. A place where families of other species are not accepted. B. A place where a bird may shout at the top of its voice. C. An area for which birds fight against each other. D. An area which a bird considers to be its own . 表示解释关系的提示:

2. 逻辑: (转折,因果) 1) These observations showed a process called fact retrieval. Rather than using their fingers to count, or scrawling out equations(列算式)on a piece of paper, the students pulled the answers from memory. (2015 海淀二模 D) A. picking out results by working together with their partners B. trying out ways of dealing with problems by attending training C. finding out answers based on practicing carefully and patiently D. working out problems according to what they have remembered 2) Instead of considering working after school a hindrance, it should be looked at as real-world education. (2014 年东城二模 D) A. something that encourages teens to study B. something that helps teens improve study C. something that prevents teens from study D. something that makes teens lose interest in study

3) Some scientists believe that stripes may be an adaptation by zebras to defend themselves from the horseflies that follow zebras. The cooler temperature theory holds merit here too, since disease-carrying flies like it hot. (2015 年西城一模 C) A. works well B. sounds unreasonable C. causes disagreement D. needs supporting facts 4) In fact, it really annoys me when I see somebody has written nasty things about another person! (2015 丰台一模 D) A. critical B. private C. unpleasant D. impolite 表示转折关系的连词:


3. 并列/ 同义词/ 反义词 1) For 200 years, pessimists (people who believe that terrible things will happen in future) have had all the headlines---even though optimists have far more often been right.(2015 朝阳一模 D) A. people who are brave enough to face anything terrible. B. People who can always tell good things from bad ones. C. People who have hopeful and happy feelings about life. D. People who don’t easily believe what they’re told about. 2) Several days ago I had a business lunch with a man who showed objectionable table manners. My first feeling was to judge him as rude. A. unbelievable B. unforgettable C. unacceptable D. unreasonable 3) One of the biggest problems in our society today is obesity, and it’s not just a problem with adults. More and more kids are becoming overweight. (2015 丰台二模 D) A. feeling very lonely B. taking less exercise C. having too much body fat D. having too much pressure 4) However, in our increasingly technology-driven world, have we become addicted to technology? (2015 东城二模 C) A. skillful at B. interested in C. dependent on D. disappointed at 4. 构词法 We want this to be clearly communicated so customers are not misinterpreting the

information and wasting a lot of food.(2014 丰台二模) A. paying attention to B. taking no notice of C. making guesses about D. having a wrong idea about 常见词缀: 1) 前缀: (dis-, im-, in-, ir-, mis-, non-, un-, re-, co-, en) 猜出以下词语的意思 disorder irreplaceable nonsense recall incomplete mislead enrich cooperate

2) 后缀:(-less, -en, -fy, -ize, -ment, -tion, -ist, -ful, -ive, -ous, -able) 猜出以下词语的意思 breathless beautify progressively educationist shorten generalize continuous adaptable

5. 指代 The researchers studied cultural differences in the understanding of facial expressions by recording the eye movements of 13 Western Caucasian and 13 East Asian people while they observed pictures of expressive faces and put them into different categories: happy, sad, surprised, fearful, angry. They compared how correctly people who took part in the research read those facial expressions by using their eye movements. It turned out that Easterners focused much greater attention on the eyes and made more mistakes than Westerners did. “The cultural difference in eye movements that they show is probably a reflection(反射)of cultural difference in facial expressions.” (2013 年石景山初三毕业考试) A. The researchers who took the study. B. The mistakes made during the study.

C. The people who took part in the study. D. The Easterners who made more mistakes. 指代题一定要往找提示。

II. 猜句子意思 1) All forms of entertainment are okay if we know what we’re doing. And more importantly, we have complete control over when entertainment comes to an end. (2015 年西城一模 D) A. We can stop entertaining when we want to. B. It’s more important to control our daily life. C. Entertainment leads to the loss of self-control. D. We need to learn about all forms of entertainment. 2) MrJaycox thinks that within five years, 3D printing technology could become more user friendly. A. Make users’ life better. B. Make friends with users. C. Make 3D printers easy to use. D. Use 3D printers to make money. 3) Depression crosses racial and socioeconomic lines. Anyone can suffer from it, and those that do are not “crazy” or “weak”. They have a serious yet highly treatable disease. (2013 海淀第二学期期中考试) A. there is a depression line between different groups and societies B. people at a higher social position may tend to suffer from depression. C. people who are living with depression could connect with each other. D. anyone can get depression whatever their economic states and backgrounds are 上述方法+代入法

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