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人教版高中英语同步练习:必修5 unit 2 period 1(含答案)

Unit 2 The United Kingdom Period 1 Warming Up, Pre?reading & Reading 课时精练(人教版必修 5,课 标通用)
时间:45 分钟 Ⅰ.介、副词填空 1.The audience consisted mainly ________ teenagers. 2.________his credit, h

e is brave enough to save the little girl in the sea. 3.Bright colours are attractive ________ the children. 4.Which country is left ________? 5.You can see the movie ________ your convenience. 6.The novel is divided ________ eight sections. 7.He broke ________ from that lawless group years ago. 8.I referred ________ my watch for the exact time. 9.________ conveniece,I can pick you up at the school gate. 10.My colleague has broken ________the habit of smoking. 答案 1.of 2.To Ⅱ.单词拼写 1.The house ________ (组成) of six rooms. 2.If you ________(除) 30 by 5,the answer is 6. 3.The position of the house combines quietness and ________(便利). 4.The painting comes from his private ________(收藏品). 5.The whole country ________(联合) together and got through the storm in the 2008. 6.I will try to ________(澄清) this problem to him. 7.There was a ________(矛盾,冲突) between the accounts of the witnesses. 8.The task will be ________(完成) in a year. 9.He deserves ________(称赞) for what he has done for the city. 10.In the exhibition,this painting ________(吸引) many people. 答案 1.consists 2.divide 3.convenience 4.collections 5 . united 6.clarify 7.conflict 3.to 4.out 5.at 6.into 7.away 8.to 9.For 10.off

8.accomplished Ⅲ.翻译与仿写

9.credit 10.attracted

1. However, the southern part of Ireland was unwilling and broke away to form its own government. 翻译:________________________________________________________________________

仿写:我一下挣脱她,朝门口奔去。 ________________________________________________________________________ 2.England is the largest of the four countries, and for convenience it is divided roughly into three zones. 翻译:________________________________________________________________________ 仿写:我们大多数人都喜欢利用信用卡购物的便利。 ________________________________________________________________________ 3.You must keep your eyes open if you are going to make your trip to the United Kingdom enjoyable and worthwhile. 翻译:________________________________________________________________________ 仿写:做这个实验很值。 ________________________________________________________________________ 4.Now when people refer to England,you find Wales included as well. 翻译:________________________________________________________________________ 仿写:他发现自己朝海边走去。 ________________________________________________________________________ 5.It's a pity that the industrial cities built in the nineteenth century do not attract visitors. 翻译:________________________________________________________________________ 仿写:遗憾的是她没有接受这笔钱。 ________________________________________________________________________ 答案 1.然而,爱尔兰的南部却不情愿并且分离出去建立了自己的政府。 I broke away from her and raced for the door. 2.在这四个国家中,英格兰是最大的。为了方便,它大致可以划分为三个地区。 Most of us like the convenience of using credit cards to buy things. 3.如果你想使自己在英国的旅游不虚此行,一定要睁大你的眼睛好好观察。 It is worthwhile trying this experiment. 4.如今要是有人提起英格兰,你就会发现威尔士也是包括在内的。 He found himself walking in the direction of the sea. 5. 令人遗憾的是这些建于 19 世纪的工业城市并不能吸引游客。 It's a pity that she didn't accept the sum of money. Ⅳ.语篇填词 When asked why different words are used to describe these four countries: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, there's no need to debate any more.You can __1__this question if you study British history. Now when people refer to England you find Wales __2__as well.Great Britain was the name given when England and Wales were __3__Scotland. Just as they were going to get Ireland__4__to form

the United Kingdom,the southern part of that country __5__to form its own government. To their __6__the four countries do work together in some areas, but they still have very different __7__. England is the largest of the four countries and for __8__it is divided roughly into three zones.Most of the population settled in the south,but most of the large industrial cities in the Midlands and the North of England. London with its museums, art __9__, theatres, parks and buildings is the greatest historical treasure of all. It is the centre of national government and its __10__. 答案 1.clarify 2.included 3.joined to 4.connected 5.broke away 6.credit 7.institutions

8.convenience 9.collections 10.administration Ⅴ.单项填空 1.The teacher stressed again that the students should not ________any important details while retelling the story. A.bring out B.let out C.leave out D.make out 答案 C [句意:老师再次强调,同学们在复述这个故事时不要遗漏任何重要细节。leave out 省去,遗漏;不考虑;bring out 出版;生产;let out 放大;make out 声称;理解,辨认出。故 选 C。] 2 . In dealing with public relations , we should make every effort to prevent the________in personality. A.contact B.contrast C.connection D.conflict 答案 D [conflict“矛盾,冲突”;contact“联系,交往”;contrast“对比,对照”;connection“关 联,关系。”句意:在处理公共关系时,我们应努力避免个性方面的冲突。] 3.The professor________the perfect return of ShenzhouⅦ ________“the most exciting thing in history”in his speech. A.referred to;for B.referred;as C.referred to;as D.referred;for 答案 C [考查 refer 的用法。句意:教授在他的演讲中提到神舟七号的完美回归时,认为那 是历史上最令人兴奋的事情。refer to...as...表示“认为……是……”,故选 C。] 4.I hope that what I say will ________the situation. A.clarify B.clear C.clean D.state 答案 A [clarify“澄清,阐明”;clear“清除”;clean“弄干净”;state“陈述,表明”。句意:我

希望我所说的能澄清这一情况。] 5.It is uncertain__________side effect the medicine will bring about,although about two thousand patients have taken it. A.that B.what C.how D.whether 答案 B [考查名词性从句。此处是由 what 引导的主语从句,指代 it 的具体内容,it 是形式 主语,故选 B 项。]

6.The girl stood there, keeping her eyes________and her mouth________. A.close;open B.close;opened C.closed;opened D.closed;open 答案 D [句意:那个女孩站在那里,眼睛闭着,嘴巴张着。keep one's eyes closed and one's mouth open 中 closed 用过去分词,open 用形容词。] 7.When Tony came to himself,he found himself________to a big pole in a dark house. A.tying B.tie C.tied D.to be tied 答案 C [考查非谓语动词作宾语补足语。 主语 he 与宾语补足语之间为动宾关系, 所以用“find +宾语+过去分词(作宾语补足语)”结构,用过去分词表示被动的动作。] 8.We________the job________five parts, and each man did one part. A.divided;into B.separated;into C.divided; from D.separated;from

答案 A [separate,divide 都有“分”的意思,但 separate 与 from 连用,常指把原来连在一起 或靠近的东西分割开来;divide 和 into 连用,指把整体分成若干部分。本题中宾语为 job,可 判断应是把一个整体分成若干部分。] 9.The company is starting a new advertising campaign to________new customers to its stores. A.join B.attract C.persuade D.drive 答案 B [句意:这家公司发起了新一轮广告活动来吸引新的顾客到其商店来。 attract“吸引

(人)”,符合句意。join 加入,连接;persuade 劝说;drive 驱赶。] 10.He hasn't slept at all for three days.________he is tired out. A.There is no point B.There is no need C.It is no wonder D.It is no way 答案 C [It is no wonder“难怪,怪不得”;There is no point“没有理由”;There is no need“没有 必要”。句意:他已经三天未入眠了;难怪他精疲力竭了。] 11. It was wrong of you to ________from all your friends who helped you when you were in trouble. A.break away B.break down C.break into D.break out 答案 A [考查动词短语辨析。 句意: 和在困难的时候帮助过你的朋友们决裂是错误的。 break away from 脱离,背叛,符合句意,故选 A。] 12.The test________a number of multiple choice questions. A.consists of B.lies in C.makes of D.takes in 答案 A [consist of 由……组成。] 13.I don't believe that ridiculous program is________ of our serious consideration. A.worthless B.worthwhile C.worth D.worthy 答案 D [考查词义辨析。句意:我认为那个荒谬的节目不值得认真考虑。 be worthy of+

n.“有……价值的”,故选 D。] 14 . China's third manned spaceship Shenzhou Ⅶ successfully________the mission. was launched and three pilots

A.acquired B.accomplished C.achieved D.attained 答案 B [考查动词辨析。句意:中国第三艘载人飞船神舟七号已经发射,三个飞行员成功

地完成了任务。accomplish 表示达到预期的目的,符合语境,故选 B。] 15.If it is quite________to you,I will visit you next Tuesday. A.convenient B.fair C.easy D.comfortable 答案 A [if it is convenient to you...“如果你方便的话……”,故 A 项符合题意。] Ⅵ.完形填空 There are about fifteen hundred languages in the world. But__1__a few of them are very__2__.English is one of these.Many, many people use it, not only in England and the U.S.A.,but in other parts of the

world.About 200,000,000 people speak it as their own language.It is difficult to say how many people are learning it as a __3__language.Many millions are__4__to do so. Is it easy or difficult to learn English?Different people may have different__5__.Have you ever __6____the ads of this kind in the newspapers or magazines? “Learn English in six months,or your__7__back....” “Easy and funny?Our records and tapes__8__you master your English in a month.__9__the first day your __10__ will be excellent. Just send...”Of course,it never__11__quite like this. The only language that seems easy to learn is the mother tongue.We should__12__that we all learned our own language well when we were__13__.If we could learn English in the same way,it would not seem so difficult.__14__what a small child does. He listens to what people say. He tries what he hears.When he is using the language, talking in it,and __15__in it all the time,just imagine how much__16__that gets! So it is __17__to say that learning English is easy,because a good command of English__18__upon a lot of practice. And practice needs great effort and __19____much time.Good teachers, records, tapes,books,and dictionaries will __20__.But they cannot do the student's work for him. 【解题导语】 在世界上的 1 500 多种语言中,英语是使用最为广泛的。那么,如何学习英语 呢? 1.A.not B.quite C.only D.very 答案 C [only 意为“仅仅、只有”。句意:世界上约有一千五百种语言,但只有几种是最重要 的。] 2.A.difficult B.important C.necessary D.easy 答案 B [important 意为“重要的”,根据下文提到的像英语被广泛使用,说明了这几种语言

是重要的。故不宜选其他形容词。] 3.A.native B.foreign C.useful D.mother 答案 B [as a foreign language(外语)与前句中的 as their own language 相对应。] 4.A.learning B.enjoying C.trying D.liking

答案 C [are trying to do so=are trying to learn English 意为“在尽力学习英语”。] 5.A.questions B.problems C.ideas D.answers 答案 D [answer 意为“答案”,指回答前面问题的答案。句意:学习英语容易还是困难?不

同的人有不同的答案。] 6.A.found B.watched C.noticed D.known 答案 C [notice 意为“注意到”,根据不同的动词意义,只有 notice 切合句意。指注意到这些 广告。] 7.A.knowledge B.time C.money D.English 答案 C [这些广告的目的是为了收钱,故选 money。or your money back 意为:否则退钱。] 8.A.make B.help C.let D.allow

答案 B [help sb do sth 意为“帮助某人做某事”。而 make/let sb do sth 意为“使/让某人做某 事”。allow 不合该句句型。] 9.A.From B.On C.Since D.After 答案 A [from the first day 意为“从第一天起”。] 10.A.spelling B.grammar C.English D.pronunciation 答案 D [由于是指学习英语语言,应该是先学习发音,故选 pronunciation(发音)。] 11.A.happened B.knew C.seemed D.felt 答案 A [happen 意为“发生”,这里指上面广告中提到的“快速学好英语这件事情是决不会发 生的。”] 12.A.know B.remember C.understand D.think 答案 B [remember 意为“记得”。] 13.A.students B.children C.babies D.grownups 答案 B [children 与后面的 a small child 相对应,指小孩学说母语好。] 14.A.Imagine B.Mind C.Do D.Think of

答案 D [think of 意为“想一想”。] 15.A.using B.thinking C.trying D.practicing 答案 B [think 意为“思考”,此句意:用母语谈话,思考。] 16.A.time B.money C.language D.practice

答案 D [practice 意为“练习”。这里说明了孩子学说好母语是因为进行上述大量的练习的结 果。]

17.A.hard B.easy C.funny D.silly 答案 A [句意:说学习英语容易就难说了。] 18.A.demands B.tries C.has D.takes 答案 A [demand“需要”,句意:掌握好英语需要大量练习。] 19.A.uses B.takes C.gets D.costs 答案 B [take 意为“花费(时间)”。此句意:而练习需要付出极大的努力和花费大量的时间。] 20.A.do B.work C.help D.master 答案 C [这里是说:好教师、录音、磁带、书和词典将对学习英语有帮助。但这些都不能代


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