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Unit1 Ⅰ.阅读理解


Anyone who’s heard the story of the three little pigs might have some reservations about the use of wood as a building material. But architects and engineers are reusing wood as a quick and ecofriendly solution to modern construction—and not just for pioneerstyle log cabins. The recent completion of an eight?storey wooden office block in Austria and a nine?storey housing block in London shows how the “wooden building” is fast becoming a reality.The LCT One building is a building made from both wood and concrete and designed by Austrian architectural firm Cree. Cree claims that building the glulam (胶合层木)elements of the building offsite in advance cuts construction time by half , guarantees quality and reduces the buildings carbon footprint.Concrete gives off nearly its own weight in carbon dioxide as it’s produced;the raw material for wooden skyscrapers, by contrast, literally grows on trees and absorbs carbon from the air as it does so. Nabih Tahan, an architect, said: “ We want to make buildings like car companies make cars, or computer companies make computers,using an industrial process and a system’s approach.To get good performance out of buildings,you can’t keep making them wildly piece by piece on site,cutting things in the rain.You need to design them right and have a step?by?step organized process.” British architects Waugh Thistleton calculated that they avoided producing nearly 125 tons of carbon dioxide in building what is so far the world’s tallest modern wood structure,the nine? storey Stadthaus building. Architects are now competing to build everhigher,evergreener wooden buildings.Already construction has begun on a 10 ? floor residential block made from LCT in Melbourne , Australia.However,building regulations threaten to nip the growth of wooden structures in the bud. Many countries restrict the maximum height of wooden buildings.In Russia the limit is just four floors,in Canada it’s six,while in the U.S.and China it’s a mere five. 【文章大意】 这是一篇说明文, 主要介绍了建筑师们现在重新利用木头来建造房屋的 情况,并说明了该种房屋节省原料以及具有环保的作用等。 1.Why is the wooden building becoming popular? A.Because it has building materials prepared in advance. B.Because it doesn’t need concrete any more. C.Because it has the style of pioneers’ log cabins. D.Because it is environmentally friendly. 解析: 选 D。 考查细节理解。 根据文章第二段内容、 第四段的“Concrete gives off nearly its own weight in carbon dioxide...as it does so.”和倒数第三段的内容可知,木头建筑受欢迎是因 为它环保,故选 D。

2.According to Nabih Tahan,making buildings________. A.adopts a way of the production line B.needs the help of the computer companies C.is a performance of architects on site D.has to cut things piece by piece 解析:选 A。考查细节理解。根据第五段的内容可知,他认为这种房子,可以像生产汽 车或生产电脑一样,采取流水线的方式,因此选 A。 3.The underlined word“nip”in the passage may mean“________”. A.prevent B.promote C.achieve D.maintain 解析:选 A。考查词义猜测。根据该词前后的内容“building regulations threaten”和“the growth of wooden structures in the bud”以及最后一段内容可推知,这个词在这里表示“阻 碍”的意思。 4.What’s the main idea of the passage? A.Concrete is used less in modern skyscrapers. B.Wooden building materials have greater strength. C.New wooden buildings promise eco?friendly buildings. D.More wood is used in buildings to save time. 解析:选 C。考查主旨大意。本文主要介绍了建筑师们利用木头来建造房屋的情况,该 种房屋不但省时省力,而且还具有环保的作用,因此 C 项最能概括本文主旨。 Ⅱ.七选五补缺题 Two years ago my husband bought me a bicycle.If you live in a town,it is often faster than a car and you don’t have to worry about parking.1.________ As it has a seat at the back and a basket at the front, I can take my little daughter to school and the library, and I can go shopping to any place in fact.2.________ It can be very unpleasant in winter when the weather is cold and rainy.It can also be very dangerous.3.________Accidents are not the only problem.One day I went shopping and came back to find my front wheel was missing.4.________Now I have three strong locks.My husband uses my bicycle sometimes for an outing.He is not good at riding a bicycle,but he says it is better than waiting for a bus.5.________ I think all day sitting down in a car is making him fatter and fatter.On my bicycle I get a lot of exercise and fresh air, and riding makes me feel a lot younger. A. You can enjoy the fresh air and the scenery on your bicycle. B.You should of course be careful on a bicycle. C.I use it most in summer when the weather is warm and dry. D.Bicycles are a useful means of transport. E.It was a long walk to the bicycle shop! F.You can leave it in any place you like. G.He still likes his car best. 答案:1~5 FCBEG Ⅲ.完形填空

With excitement and enthusiasm we started our small business.No longer were we __1__to have a weekly paycheck(工资).We now were on our own to __2__ an income to provide us with the money to live.I was a little __3__about our ability to do this.But,Byron believed in our products,and believed in our ability to__4__. We invested heavily in producing a number of products, __5__ none of them are popular with customers.The market gave us so heavy a __6__ that we hardly made enough money to pay our expenses. We now had our money __7__ in the booth(货摊) that we had rented for the summer and fall months.We had a lot of money __8__ up in materials.So we did not have enough money to __9__our monthly bills.We were discouraged,and the thoughts of failure ran through our heads. As we discussed our __10__,I happened to read the words by Mary Pickford:“If you have made mistakes...there is always another chance for you...you may have a __11__start any moment you choose,for this thing we call ‘Failure’ is not falling down,but __12__down.” The words strengthen my determination and Byron’s __13__ that we could succeed.We did fall down,but we were __14__not to stay down! So,we stepped back and refocused.We came up with new products using remaining __15__. We redesigned our booth.We reconsidered our pricing system.And,we started making enough money to pay our __16__. If we had done nothing,if we allowed ourselves to “stay down” ,then we would have __17__.But we made the choice to learn from our __18__,and we moved forward with more determination.These words __19__ a much better idea on failure—a chance for a fresh start! The most important point here is “choice” because you decide how you __20__ your failure,you decide if you stay down. 【文章大意】 本文是一篇夹叙夹议文。 文章主要描述了作者失败的经历, 并告诉我们: 失败并不可怕,只要从失败中吸取教训,另辟蹊径,就会获得最终的成功。 1.A.happy B.willing C.safe D.ready 解析: 选 C。 happy“高兴”; willing“心甘情愿的”; safe“安全的”; ready“乐意的”。 “我们”自己开办了小企业,所以“我们”现在可以独自供应自己的生活开支,但是“我 们”不再有稳定的工资,即“我们”不再有安全(工资)保障。故选 C 项。 2.A.receive B.produce C.win D.save 解析:选 B。receive“接收”;produce“生产,制造”;win“获得”;save“节省”。 “我们”现在靠自己创收来供应生活开支。故选 B 项。 3.A.patient B.fond C.proud D.worried 解析: 选 D。 patient“耐心的”; fond“喜欢的”; proud“骄傲的”; worried“担心的”。 由于自己开公司, 自己盈利来供养自己的生活, 所以“我”有点担心“我们”的能力是否能 做到。be worried about sth.意为“担心??”。故选 D 项。 4.A.work B.survive

C.compete D.succeed 解析:选 D。work“工作”;survive“幸存”;compete“完成”;succeed“成功”。 虽然“我”担心“我们”的能力, 但是 Byron 相信“我们”的产品, 信任“我们”有能力成 功。故选 D 项。 5.A.unless B.but C.so D.though 解析:选 B。unless“除非”;but“但是”;so“因此”;though“尽管”。“我们” 在生产产品上投资很多,但是没有一个产品在顾客中受欢迎。根据句意可知,前后句表示转 折关系。故选 B 项。 6.A.surprise B.gift C.pleasure D.blow 解析:选 D。surprise“惊讶”;gift“礼物,天赋”;pleasure“愉快”;blow“打击, 吹”。由于投资大,但是没有市场,所以市场给了“我们”重重的一击,以至于“我们”几 乎没有足够的钱来支付“我们”的开支。故选 D 项。 7.A.spent B.lent C.wasted D.lost 解析:选 A。spend“花费”;lend“借”;waste“浪费”;lose“丢失”。“我们”现 在把钱都花在了“我们”租赁的货摊上。故选 A 项。 8.A.put B.tied C.taken D.used 解析:选 B。“我们”的许多钱都被用在了材料上。tie up 意为“占用”,符合语境。 故选 B 项。put up“张贴,建造”,take up“开始从事”,use up“用完”,均不符合语境, 故排除。 9.A.print B.cover C.write D.send 解析:选 B。print“打印”;cover“覆盖,足够支付”;write“写”,send“送”。由 于许多钱都花在材料上了,因此“我们”没有钱来支付“我们”每月的账单。故选 B 项。 10.A.holidays B.choices C.expectations D.trips 解析:选 B。holiday“假期”;choice“选择”;expectation“期望”;trip“旅程”。 由于生意不景气,没有了生活的来源,所以“我们”开始讨论“我们”的选择。与最后一段 第二句中的“But we made the choice”相照应,故选 B 项。 11.A.fresh B.good C.natural D.sudden 解析:选 A。fresh“新鲜的,清新的,无经验的”;good“好的”;natural“自然的”; sudden“突然的”。 当“我们”讨论“我们”的选择时, “我”碰巧看到 Mary Pickford 的话: 如果你犯错了,总会有另外一个机会在等着你,你或许有一个新的开始,因为我们称这样的 事是“失败不是倒塌,而是沉沦”。与最后一段倒数第二句中的“a chance for a fresh start”相 照应,故选 A 项。 12.A.lying B.falling C.staying D.turning 解析:选 C。lie“躺,撒谎,位于”;fall“落下,减弱”;stay“逗留”;turn“转弯”。 根据下文中的“________not to stay down”可知,应选 C 项。 13.A.suggestion B.imagination

C.belief D.requirement 解析: 选 C。 suggestion“建议”; imagination “想象”; belief“信仰”; requirement“要 求”。这些话增强了“我”的决心,而且根据上文中提到 Byron 信任“我们”的产品可知, Byron 对于“我们”会成功很有信心。与第一段最后一句“...Byron believed in our products, and believed in our...”相呼应;故选 C 项。 14.A.reminded B.supposed C.determined D.prepared 解析:选 C。remind“提醒”;suppose“猜想,假设,认为”;determine“决定”; prepare“准备”。“我们”确实失败了,但是我们下定决心不再沉沦下去。be determined to do sth.为固定结构,意为“决定做某事”。故选 C 项。 15.A.tools B.machines C.materials D.goods 解析:选 C。tool“工具”;machine“机器”;material“材料”;goods“货物”。“我 们”后退一步,重新聚焦“我们”的产品, “我们”使用剩余的材料想出了新的产品。与第 三段第二句“...in materials”相照应,故选 C 项。 16.A.debts B.bills C.products D.prices 解析:选 B。debt“债务”;bill“账单”;product“产品”;price“价格”。“我们” 重新设计了“我们”的货摊, 重新考虑价格体系, 而且“我们”开始了挣足够的钱来付“我 们”的账单。根据第三段第三句“So we did not have enough money to ________ our monthly bills.”可知,应选 B 项。 17.A.died B.hurt C.slept D.failed 解析:选 D。die“死”;hurt“伤害”;sleep“睡觉”;fail“失败,缺乏,衰退”。 如果“我们”什么也没做,如果“我们”使自己沉沦下去,那时“我们”终将失败。故选 D 项。 18.A.mistakes B.dreams C.performances D.promises 解析: 选 A。 mistake“错误”; dream“梦想”; performance“演出, 履行”; promise“许 诺”。但是, “我们”做出了选择来更透彻地理解了“我们”所犯的错误,而且“我们”更 有决心继续向前。故选 A 项。 19.A.explain B.create C.offer D.prove 解析:选 C。explain“解释”;create“创造”;offer“提供”;prove“证明”。这些 话让我们对失败有了更深刻的理解,失败是一个重新开始的机会。故选 C 项。 20.A.explore B.prevent C.forget D.view 解析:选 D。explore“探索”;prevent“阻止”;forget“忘记”;view“看待”。最 重要的是选择,因为你在决定你自己如何看待你的失败,你决定了你自己是否沉沦下去。故 选 D 项。 Ⅳ.语法填空 Mary:Bob,do you know who I 1.________ (see) the other day? Old Jake is looking 2.________ (terrible) sad.Did he get pensioned off at last? Bob:Yes.They made him retire 3.________ 50 years at sea.He is pretty upset 4.________ it.

Mary:He is all 5.________,isn’t he? Bob: Yes, his wife 6.________(die) for years.They had one daughter, Daisy.7.________ she went off to town as soon as she left school.And he hasn’t heard 8.________ her since.I hear she is making good money as a model. Mary:Maybe someone could get in touch with her.Get her 9.________(come) back for a while to help. Bob:I don’t suppose she’ll come.She never got on with her father.He is a bit of 10.________ tough character and she is rather selfish.Oh, I expect old Jake will get by.He is healthy at least, and comes into a clinic for a check regularly. 1.解析:考查时态。由 the other day“前几天”可知,要用一般过去时。 答案:saw 2.解析:考查副词。修饰后面的形容词 sad,因此用副词形式。 答案:terribly 3.解析:考查介词。此处表示“在海上 50 年后,他们让他退休。”。 答案:after 4.解析:考查短语搭配。be upset about 表示“对??感到心烦意乱的”。 答案:about 5.解析:考查语境填词。根据后面对话,他妻子死了,女儿离开了,因此是“孤单一 人”。 答案:alone 6.解析:考查时态和词形变换。后面 for years 是表示一段时间的状语,因此必须用表 示状态的词。 答案:has been dead 7.解析:考查并列连词。此处用 but 表示“转折”。 答案:But 8.解析:考查动词短语。hear from sb.表示“收到某人的来信”。 答案:from 9.解析:考查非谓语动词。get sb.to do sth.使某人干某事。 答案:to come 10.解析:考查冠词。名词 tough character 前缺少限定词,故用冠词 a 表示泛指。 答案:a Ⅴ.课文语法填空 阅读下面课文缩写材料,在空白处填入适当的内容或括号内单词的正确形式(不多于 3 个单词)。 At the time they were created, the Impressionist paintings were controversial, but today they are accepted as the beginning of what we call “modern art (20th century to today)”.This is ______1_______ the Impressionists encouraged ______2______ (art) to look at their environment ______3_______ new ways.There are scores of modern art styles,______4______ without the Impressionists,many of these painting styles might not exist. On the one hand,some modern art is abstract;that is,the painter does not attempt ______5______ (paint) objects ______6_______ we see them with our eyes , but instead concentrates ______7______ certain qualities of the objects,______8_______ (use) colour,line and shape to represent ______9______. On the other hand , some paintings of modern art are so realistic that they look like

photographs.These styles are so different.Who can predict ______10______ painting styles will be in the future? 答案:1.because 2.artists 3.in 4.but 5.to paint 6.as 7.on 8.using 9.them 10.what

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