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Book3 Unit 3 The Million Pound Bank Note


高一 B 段英语组导学案
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Book3 Unit 3 The Million Pound Bank Note
Period 5. Grammar Learning aims(学习目标): 1.Get the students to know more about Noun Clause 2.Have students learn Noun Clause as the object & predictive

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Important point and difficult point(重难点): Enable students to use clauses as the object and the predictive correctly and properly according to the context. Learning guide(学习指导): Task-based teaching and learning. Teaching procedures: Step1 Warming-up Fill in the blanks with the missing words or phrases according to the Reading. (A+B 级)(选词填空) (A)that (B) whether (C)what One day Henry, an American businessman, had an accident in a bay. It was lucky(1)______he was survived by a ship for London. The fact is (2)_____he arrived in London by working as an unpaid hands. Two old and wealthy brothers chose him for their bet. One doubted(3)______one can survive in the city for a month with only a million pound bank note. The other believed(4)______he could. They asked him(5)______he was doing in this country and (6)______his plans were. They found(7)______Henry was honest, penniless and hopeless. Henry started

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审核人: 劳国权


at(8)______was left of the brother’s dinner on table. The brothers gave Henry a letter with a bank-note in it and asked him not open it until 2 o’clock. Step2 Grammar: Noun clauses as the object and predicative 名词性从句相当于名词,可分别作主句的主语、表语、宾语和同位语。因此,名词 性从句可分为主语从句、表语从句 、宾语从句和同位语从句。 一.宾语从句:宾语从句就是在复合句中做宾语的名词性从句。通常放在主句谓语



动词(及物动词)或介词之后。宾语从句分为三类:动词后的宾语从句, 形容词后

超越自己,向自己挑战,向弱项挑战,向懒惰挑战,向陋习挑战!面对机遇,不 犹豫; 面对抉择,不彷徨;面对决战,不惧怕!



高一 B 段英语组导学案

的宾语从句和介词后的宾语从句。引导宾语从句词有连词 that,if,whether;连接
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代词 who,whose,what,which;连接副词 when,where,how, why 等。 Let me have a try!(A+B 级) (用适当的关系词填空) 1).I think ______ women can reach very high achievements in many fields of science. 2) I wonder ______ she remembered how many babies she had delivered. 3) Do you know ______Jack was speaking to? 4) He asked ______ car it was. 5) Pay attention to ______the doctor said. 6) Please tell me ______ the earthquake took place. 7) Will you tell me ______ I can keep fit and healthy? 知识拓展: 级) (B 1. 动词后的宾语从句 大多数及物动词后都可以跟宾语从句。但要注意: 1)在 demand, order, suggest, advise, insist, desire, request, command 等表示“要求、 命令、 建议、 决定” 等意义的动词后,宾语从句常要用“(should+)动词原形” The teacher suggested that we ____________(clean) the blackboard after class. The boss ordered that the task ___________(completed) by noon. 2)如果主句的谓语 find, feel, consider, make, believe 等,宾语从句常置于宾语补足 语之后,且用 it We all find it important that we make a quick decision. 3)有些动词接从句做宾语时要用 it 作形式宾语,这类动词主要有 hate, appreciate, owe, have 等。I hate _____when they talk with their mouths full of food. I will appreciate _____ if you can give me a hand. 4)在 I/We think( believe, suppose, expect...)后面的句子里,如果含有否定含义,往 往需要把否定词由句一到主句,这叫否定转移。 I don’t think you are right, are you? 我认为你不正确,对吗? 2. 形容词后的宾语从句 后 常跟 宾语 从句 的形容 词 有 sure, certain, glad, pleased, happy, sorry, afraid, satisfied, surprised 等这类形容词多是表示情感的形容词。如:

超越自己,向自己挑战,向弱项挑战,向懒惰挑战,向陋习挑战!面对机遇,不 犹豫; 面对抉择,不彷徨;面对决战,不惧怕!



高一 B 段英语组导学案

I am very glad(that)he has passed the exam. I am sorry (that) I have troubled you so long. 3.介词后的宾语从句 1)一般情况下,介词后常接 wh- 类连词引导的宾语从句。而 except, in, but, 等少数 介词后可接 that 引导的宾语从句。 We are talking about _____ we will do next 我们在讨论下一步干什么。 Your article is all right except ______ it is too long. ★ ★ 宾语从句的注意事项: ★ ★ 宾语从句的语序是____________________ ★ 时态:若主句是祈使句或主句是现在时,将来时,从句可根据句意选用合适的时 态; 若主句是过去时,从句用过去的某种时态, 但若从句表达的是客观事实、真 理、自然现象等,从句常用一般现在时。 ★ that 作宾语从句的引导词可以省略,但当一个句子有两个或多个并列的宾语从句 时,引导第二个和以后几个从句的 that 不可省略。 We must never think (that)we are good in everything and that others are good in nothing. 我们不能总是认为自己一切都好,别人一切都坏。 二. 表语从句: 放在系动词之后且在复合句中作表语的从句称作表语从句。 (A+B 级) 1.that 引导的表语从句 that 仅起连接作用,无意义,在句中不作任何成分,通常不可省略。这种从句往往 是对主句主语的内容起进一步解释的作用。 e.g. The chance is ______ one smoker in four will die from smoking.
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2. whether 引导的表语从句 连接词 whether 起连接作用, 意为“是否、究竟、到底”(注意:if 不能引导表语从 句) 在句中也不作任何成分。 3. what, which, who, whom, whose 引导的表语从句 连接代词 what,which,who,whom,whose 除在句子中起连接作用外,还可在从句中从 当主语、表语、定语,且各有各的词义。 e.g. Tom is no longer _______ he used to be. The problem is _______ is really fit for the hard job.

超越自己,向自己挑战,向弱项挑战,向懒惰挑战,向陋习挑战!面对机遇,不 犹豫; 面对抉择,不彷徨;面对决战,不惧怕!



高一 B 段英语组导学案

The important thing is _______ name should be put on the top of the list. 4. where, when, why, how 引导的表语从句
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连接副词 where, when, why, how 除在句中起连接作用外,在从句中还充当时间、地 点、方式、原因状语,本身具有词义。如: That's how she did it (方式状语) 她是这样做的。 Their difficulty is where they can raise enough money. (地点状语) 他们的困难是他们到那里筹集到足够的钱。 5. 表语从句的特殊句式 .This/That/It is because…表示“这/那是因为....” That's why ...表示“那就是... 的原因 The reason why ....is that... 表示 “....的原因是......”,why 引导的是________从句

修饰先行词________, that 引导_________从句. The reason______he was late was _____ it was raining heavily Step3【当堂检测】(B+C 级) 1.Go and get your coat. It's_______you left it. A.there B.where C.there were D.where there

2.The problem is_______ he has enough time. A.if B.whether C./ D.that

3. He said _____he had eaten nothing for a long time and ____ he was very angry. A. that; / B. /; that C. /; / D. what; what

4. As a new graduate, he doesn’t know _____ it takes to start a business here. A. how B. what C. when D.which

5. The reason ____he was absent from school was ____he had missed the train. A. why; that B. that ; because C. why; because D. / ; that

6. The true value of life is not in_____, but ________. A. which we get; what we give B. what we get; what we give

C. which do we get; what do we give D. How we get; that we get


超越自己,向自己挑战,向弱项挑战,向懒惰挑战,向陋习挑战!面对机遇,不 犹豫; 面对抉择,不彷徨;面对决战,不惧怕!



高一 B 段英语组导学案


超越自己,向自己挑战,向弱项挑战,向懒惰挑战,向陋习挑战!面对机遇,不 犹豫; 面对抉择,不彷徨;面对决战,不惧怕!


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