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No.01 I like riding my bike. Though it is not very new, but it is ___________ my best friend. I find very convenient to go anywhere with a ___________ bike. Ride gives me not only exercise but also pleasure. I 3.____ _______ use my bike mostly on summer when the weather is warm ____ and dry. It can very unpleasant in winter when it is cold and 5. ___________ rain is pouring down. It can also be very danger. Of course ___________ I will be very careful on my bike. In facts, accidents are not 7. ___________ the only problem. One day I went to school and come back _______ to find his front wheel was missing. It was a long walk to 9.____ _______ the repairer’s shop. Now I have two strong locks. _ 【答案与解析】 1. 去掉 but。 汉语可说“虽然??但是??”,但英语习惯上不能相应地 说 though?but?。(注:不能去掉 though,因为这样还会涉及大小写的改动, 而高考短文改错每行只允许改动一处。) 2. find 后加 it。此 it 为形式宾语,真正的宾语是其后的不定式。 3. Ride 改为 Riding。动词原形不能用作主语,要改为动名词。 4. on 改为 in。表示在某个季节,用介词 in。 5. can 后加 be。此句缺谓语动词。 6. danger 改为 dangerous。用形容词作表语。 7. facts 改为 fact。in fact 为习语,意为“事实上”。 8. come 改为 came。came 与其前的 went 为并列谓语。 9. his 改为 my。前后使用代词应一致。 10. 此行无错。 10.__________ 8.____ 6. 4._______ 2. 1.

No.02 The English Corner in Zhongshan Park is where people ____ go to practise their speaking English. Every Sunday afternoon 2. ___________ they gather around, talk to each other in English. Among _______ they are students, teachers, doctors, and so on. I first went to an ___________ every Sunday and chat with some people in English. In the _______ past three years I had never been absent. I’m sure I’ve made 7. ___________ some progresses in my listening and speaking. And I have _______ made many friends there. The English Comer is really good _______ place. I hope that more friends will join in us. _ 【答案与解析】 1. 此行无错。 2. 把 speaking 改为 spoken。“英语口语”是 spoken English。 3. 把 talk 改为 talking。用现在分词作伴随状语。 4. 把 they 改为 them。人称代词作介词 among 的宾语,因此要用宾格。 这是个倒装句,among them 是表语,主语是 students, teachers?。 5. 去掉 on。在 every Sunday /week/ day 之类的时间状语前,不用介词。 6. 把 chat 改为 chatted。chatted 与 went 并列,指最初去英语角的情 况。 7. 把 had 改为 have。因为 in the past/last few years 常与现在完成时 连用。 8. 把 progresses 改为 progress。因为 progress 是不可数名词,没有复 数形式。 9. 在 is 后加上 a。后面的 place 是单数可数名词。 10. 去掉 join 后面的 in。 join in 是指参加某项活动(即以表示活动的名词 用其宾语); 表示加入到某个组织并成为其中的一员, 或与某人一起, 要用 join。 10.__________ 9.____ 8.____ 6.____ 4.___________ English Corner when I was in Junior Grade Two. I went there on 5. 3.____ 1._______

No.03 Behind my apartment, there is used to be a dirty and ____ messy comer. Bits of plastic bags hanged on the trees. 2._______ ____ Broken bottles were left laying here and there. There was _______ a damaging car in the center. The whole comer gave off an _______ unpleasant smell. One year ago, we decided to turn it in a 5.____ _______ beautiful park. Since then, great changes have been taken place 6.___________ in that comer. All the rubbish have been cleared away. Flowers 7. ___________ and young trees have planted all over. Now birds come ____ here to sing, children come here to play, and adults come here 9. ___________ to enjoy our peaceful life. It has taken on a new look. 10.______ _____ 【答案与解析】 1. 去掉 is。 根据下文是 “曾经有一位??” , 所以用 there used to be?。 2. hanged 改为 hung。因为 hang 作“悬挂”解,是不规则动词,其过去式 是 hung;作“绞死”解,才是规则动词,过去式是 hanged。 3. laying 改为 lying。此句是 leave?doing?(让??处于某种状态)的被 动式;表示状态的“在、位于”,用 lie,其现在分词是 lying;而 laying 是 及物动词 lay(放置)的现在分词。 4. damaging 改为 damaged。因为 car 与 damage 是被动关系,所以用过去分 词作定语。 5. in 改为 into。因为表示“把??变成??”是用短语 turn?into?。 6. 去掉 been。因为不去掉 been, 就是被动语态了,而 take place 是不及 物动词,无被动语态。 7. have 改为 has。因为主语 rubbish 是不可数名词,所以谓主用单数。 8. 在 planted 前加 been。因为谓语动词 plant 与主语是动宾关系,要用被 动语态。 9. 此行正确。 10. our 改为 their。因为在此指代的是 adults。 8._______ 4.____ 3.____ 1._______

No.04 It is important to do with the rubbish in cities. Rubbish must be 1._______ _ treated properly. Thus, it may cause a lot of problems. It may po llute 2._________ the air and water. When people breathe the polluted air or drink polluted 3._________ water, we may get ill. Our city has begun to pay attention to the roblem.4._____ As far as I know, some rubbish is sorted and sent to different fa ctory. 5._________ Rubbish, such as old newspapers and glass, are recycled. Some har mful 6._________ rubbish is sent to a certain place and buried. Waste air is clean ed after it7._____ goes into the air. Waste water is treated before it poured into r ivers. To 8._________ protect from the environment, the government has passed laws to 9._______ _ prevent people from throwing rubbish everywhere. We should do our 10.________ best to take good care of the environment and fight against pollu tion. 【答案与解析】 1. 把 do 改为 deal。do with 表示“处理”只能用于与 what 连用的疑问句 中,否则,它是“需要、想要、忍受”之意(常与 can, could 连用)。 2. 把 thus 改为 otherwise。前后不是因果关系,而是“否则”“如果不处 理好的话,就会?”。 3. 在 drink 后加 the。 the polluted air 与 the polluted air 是并列关系, 特指前句提到的那些被污染了的空气和水。 4. 把 we 改为 they。因为替代的是前面的 people。 5. 把 factory 改为 factories。不同的工厂,当然不只一家。 6. 把 are 改为 is。因为主语是 rubbish,是单数,当然用 is。 7. 把 after 改为 before。由前后意义的逻辑关系所知。 8. 在 poured 前面加 is。因为 it(waste water)与 pour(倒)是被动关系。 9. 去掉 protect 后面的 from。protect 本身是及物动词,protect?from? 意为“保护?免受?”。 10. 此行正确。

No.05 How many time do you spend with your parents? Your parents are your dearer people in the world when you are young. And they always care of you deep. But even though many children still love their ____ mum and dad, families may become more close families to get together. Have you ever thought of how you can show your parents that you love them? Find a chance and do something for them or to have ________ will be very happy. 【答案与解析】 1. 将 many 改为 much。修饰不可数名词(time)不能用 many。 2. 将 dearer 改为 dearest。与 in the world 连用,用最高级。 3. 将 of 改为 for。care for sb.= love sb.爱某人。 4. 将 deep 改 deeply 为。表示抽象意义“深深地”,用 deeply。 5. 将 more 改为 less。由 even though 和 still 可知,小孩随着年龄增大, 与父母的关系可能变得不及以前亲密。 6. 将 you 改为 they。因为是代替上文的 many children。 7. 去掉 of。think of 后面常接 sth.或 doing sth.,不接从句。 8. 此行正确。 9. 去掉 to。have 与前面的 find 并列,均为祈使句。 10. 在 sincere 前加上 a。have a talk with sb 是固定词组。 5.___________ 7.___________ 8.___________ 9.___________ 10.___ as you get older. The end of the year is a time for 6.___________ 1.___________ 2.___________ 3.___________ 4._______

sincere talk with them. If you can do this, your parents

No.06 Today is Sunday, The sky is full of sunshine, so does my life. 1. ___________ At about 9:00a.m, I go to the bookstore with my friends, there 2. ___________ was a lot of new books, I didn’t know which one to buy, because 3.___________ these books were all useful to me. At last, I chose two. _______ At 10:00, we went to the cinema, the film calling Titanic was 5. ___________ very popular. It took us about 3 hours to see. Having seen the 6. ___________ film, and everyone was deeply moved. Some friends even 7._______ ____ burst out tears. From the story, I understand that love is noble 8.___________ and valuable. That’s a really wonderful film, It is very worth 9.___________ seeing again. What a happy day! I hope tomorrow I will be even happy! 10.______ ______ 【答案与解析】 1. does→is。主语所陈述的内容与前一句主语所陈述的内容相同,用 so 连接并倒装。 2. go→went。文章的主导时态是陈述过去,故用一般过去时。 3. was→were。有很多书,故用复数。 4. √。 5. calling→called。表示“被叫做”,作定语修饰 film。 6. see 后加 it。作某事花去某人多少时间。 7. 去掉 and。前面部分为分词作状语,后面部分为主句。 8. out→into。词组 burst into tears 流泪。 9. very→well。 常说 be (well)worth doing(很)值得作某事,不用 very。 10. happy→happier。根据语境,该用含蓄比较级。 4.____

No.07 I like travel very much. I had been to most ____ don’t want other cold English summer. So I’ll go abroad for change this year. Where I’d like to is France, Spain, or Italy. Though going abroad has the trouble of changing money abroad. But when I just think of the sun I’d enjoy for, the new ____ places I’d see, the people I’d meet, I get excited. ____ In fact, which I’d really like to do is to practice my 9._______ ____ French and Spanish. It would do me a lot at work. _ 【答案与解析】 1. had 改为 have。指到目前为止已经去过英国的大部分有趣的地方,用现 在完成时。 2. interested 改为 interesting。指有趣的地方,而不是指人感到有趣, 所以要用 interesting。 3. other 改为 another。因为 summer 是单数,句意是:我不想再在英国度 过一个寒冷的夏天。 4. change 前加 a。for a change 是习语,意为“为了改变常规、为了变化 一下”。 5. to 后加 go。where I’d like to go 意为“我想去的地方”。 6. of 改为 with。表示“某事或做某事让人伤脑筋”用 trouble with sth or doing sth。 7. 去掉 for。I’d enjoy 是定语从句,前面省略了代替先行词 the sun 的 that;enjoy 是及物动词,直接说 enjoy the sun,所以 for 是多余的。 8. 此行正确。 9. which 改为 what。 因为用 which(哪一)句意不通; what=the thing that? 意为“(所)?的”。 10. do 改为 help。因为用 do,意思不通;help me a lot 意为“对我帮助 很大”。 10.__________ 8._______ 3.___________ 4.___________ 5.___________ 6.___________ 7._______ 1.___________ of the interested places in Britain already and I just 2._______

No.08 Yang Liwei was born from an ordinary family in Liaoning 1._______ _____ Province in 1965. He became the pilot in Chinese Air Force 2.____ ________ in 1987, spend 1,350 hours in the air. He has spent 5 years 3. ____________ training to become a spaceman. He sent into space at 9 a.m on 4. ____________ October 15th by China’s Shenzhou V spacecraft, that orbited 5. ____________ the earth 14 times. He landed safe at 6:23 a.m the next day, 6. ____________ making China the third country successfully sending a person 7. ____________ into space before the former Soviet Union and the USA. 8._______ _____ Yang Liwei comes back to the earth after a 21-hour trip 9._______ _____ to space. In space Yang recorded to everything he saw and 10.___ ________ showed China’s national flag to the people watching on TV. 【答案与解析】 1. from→in。“出生于什么家庭”应该是 be born in a ?family。 2. the→a。他成为了“一名”中国空军飞行员。 3. spend→spending。现在分词短语作状语。 4. sent 前加 was。他“被”神州五号送上天空。 5. that→which。非限制性定语从句不用 that 引导。 6.safe→safely。修饰动词应该用副词。 7. √。 8. before→after。中国发射载人飞船应该是在美国、苏联之后。 9. comes→came。“回来”这一动作明显发生在过去。 10. 去掉 to。record 是及物动词。

No.09 One day, did not feeling well, Mr. Smith went to the hospital 1. ____________ to have him examined. When he was given the test report, 2.____ ________ he was greatly shocked. “Am I dying?” He immediately 3._______ _____ was felt very ill. Filled with sadness, he went back home, 4.____ ________ taking a lot of pills and even wrote his will. “Maybe 5._______ _____ a doctor made a mistake”, Mr. Smith thought and 6.___________ _ went to the hospital to have more examination. To his 7._______ _____ great joy, the doctor really made a mistake but he didn’t 8.____ ________ have cancer in all! Again, the whole world seemed beautiful. 9. ____________ Mr. Smith went out for his favourite sport happily rather sadly. 10.__________ _ 【答案与解析】 1. 去掉 did,not feeling well 在句中充当状语。 2. him 改成 himself,表示“使自己怎么样”时,应该用反身代词。 3. 正确。 4. 去掉 was,felt 表示“感到”时,为不及物动词,没有被动形式。 5. taking 改成 took,and 连接的是三个动词 went、took、wrote,所以三 者在形式上保持一致。 6. a—the,上文中已经提到了这位大夫,所以在此应该予以特指。 7. more—another,another“再一次”。(from www.nmet168.com) 8. but—and,前后两句话为并列关系,不存在转折的意味。 9. in—at,本句话意思是“他根本没有得癌症”。at all“到底,根本”; in all“总共”。 10. rather 后加 than,rather than 为固定短语,连接两个并列成分。

No.10 Last Sunday morning when I got up, to me great surprise, 1.____ _______ I found that we had a big snowfall. I was very excited because 2. ___________ it was a long time that I had ever seen such a heavy snowfall. 3. ___________ So I decided to call my friends to go out to play snow together. 4.___________ We made up some snowmen and rolled some snowballs 5.___________ and we enjoyed the fun of playing fighting games. Just then 6. ___________ we noticed that the buses and cars move very slowly 7.___________ because the heavy snow. So we went to clean the snow so as to 8. ___________ help the traffic go safely. After the all morning’s hard work, 9.___________ we cleaned the snows on the road, and we went home happily. 1 0 . ___________ 【答案与解析】 1. 把 me 改为 my。因为“使某人吃惊的是??”的英语表达是 to one’s surprise。 2. 把 big 改为 heavy。英语中,表示大雪、大雨等中的“大”,习惯上用 h eavy,不用 big。 3. 把 that 改为 since。 句型 “It be + 时间段 + since 从句(延续性动词)” 表示“很久没有??了”。 4. 在 play 后加 with。“玩??”用 play with?。但表示玩游戏、打球等 却不要用 with。 5. 去掉 made 后面的 up。表示“做”雪人直接用 make;make up 是“虚构、 编造”之意。 6. 此行正确。(from www.nmet168.com) 7. 把 move 改为 moved。根据时态一致原则。此外,也可将 that 去掉,mov e?就成为一个作宾补的不定式。 8. 在 because 后加 of。因为后面接的是一个名词短语,不是从句。 9. 把 all 改为 whole。all 要放在冠词前面,在冠词后用 whole。 10. 把 snows 改为 snow。snow 一般作不可数名词;它只有表示“下雪、降 雪”时,才作可数名词。

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