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Book 1 Unit 3 Celebration

Book 1

Unit 3


1.occasion n.时刻;场合 ________ adv.偶尔;间或 归纳拓展 on occasion有时;偶尔 on this/that occasion在这个/那个时候 Occasions are quite rare when I have the time to spend a day with my kids. 我有时间和我的孩子们度过一天的机会是很少的。 活学活用 (1)He ________________ makes small mistakes.他有时犯点小错误。 (2)I seem to remember that ________________________ he was with his wife. 我好像记得那个时候他和他的妻子在一起。 (3)I saw Bob play the piano at John’s party and on that________ he was simply brilliant. A.scene B.circumstance C.occasion D.situation 2.include vt.包括,包含;把??包括在内 归纳拓展

included adj.包括在内的?用于名词之后? including prep.包括,包含?用于名词前? This image includes the way you look,the way you act,the way you talk and the way you think. 这种形象包括你看问题的方式,你做事的方式,你说话和思考的方式。 活学活用 (1)I’m ordering some extra office equipment, ________ some new desks and a word processor. 我准备额外订购一些办公室设备,包括一些新办公桌和一台文字处理机。 (2)This atlas ________ fifty maps,________ six of North America.(2011· 安阳月考) A.contains;including B.contains;included C.includes;containing D.includes;including 3.serve vt.招待;服务;供应;提供;vi.服役 ________ n.服务,贡献 归纳拓展 ?1?serve sb.为某人服务 ?2?at the service of sb.=at sb.’s service听??差遣;随时准备为??做事 All the dishes in this menu,unless otherwise stated,will serve two to three people. 除非有特别的说明,要不然这个菜单上的所有菜只供 2~3 人食用。 活学活用 (1)句型转换

Who will serve lunch to us? ?Who will serve ________ ________? (2)The box can ________________ a desk. 那个箱子能当桌子用。 (3)How many years have you________ in the army? A.attended B.joined C.served D.taken part 4.apply v.申请;涂;专心;应用,运用 ________ n.申请人 ________ n.申请 归纳拓展 apply ?to sb.? for sth.?向某人?申请某物 apply to sb./sth.适用于某人/某物 apply sth.to sth.把某物应用/涂抹于某物 apply oneself to致力于/集中精力做某事 (1)Ninetyfive publiclyfunded theatres could apply for funding under the twoyear plan. (2009· 天津, 阅读理解 C) 95 个公共资助的剧院可以申请为期两年的融资计划。 (2)Apply some medicine to his wound. 给他的伤口上点药吧。 活学活用 (1)These regulations only ________________ children.这些规定只适用于小孩。 (2)After 15 years in the USA , he has finally decided to________American citizenship.(2010· 晋江四校联考) A.concentrate on B.apply for C.look out for D.appeal to (3)用 apply 的相关短语填空。 In order to know whether his plan was practical,he first ①________________(把它应用 于)his work,and he also ②________________________(向??申请一项调查) to his company about it.Then he ③________________(专心于)it and made necessary changes. 5.attend vt.出席,参加;上(学);到场;照料,护理 归纳拓展 attend school/class/church上学/上课/上教堂 attend on/upon sb.伺候某人,照顾某人 attend to处理;对付;照料 (1)Recently,I flew to Las Vegas to attend a meeting.(2010· 四川,完形填空) 最近,我飞往拉斯维加斯参加了一个会议。 (2)The patients are well attended on in the hospital. 病人在医院里得到很好的照料。 活学活用 (1)Could you ____________________________ immediately ?你能不能立刻处理这件 事? (2)When I got to know him,he________the Party. A.had attended B.had joined C.had taken part in D.had joined in (3)用 attend,join,take part in 的适当形式填空 He has all the lectures and ________ the other members ______________ all the activities given by the organization since he ________ it. 6.contribute v.捐献;贡献;捐助;投稿 ________ n.捐献物;贡献;捐款;稿件

归纳拓展 (1)contribute...to...把??贡献给?? contribute to(=result in/lead to)为??作出贡献;把时间投入??;有助于;导致 (2)make a contribution/contributions to 对??作出贡献 Many graduates clearly do contribute to national wealth,but so do all the businesses that invest(投资) and create jobs. (2010· 北京,阅读理解 D) 许多毕业生显然对国家财富做出了贡献,但所有投资和创造工作的企业也是如此。 活学活用 (1)Various factors ________________________________________ his downfall. 各种因素导致了他的垮台。 (2)Would you like to ________________________________ the hospital building fund? 你愿意为医院建设基金捐款吗? (3)Eating too much fat can________ heart diseases and cause high blood pressure.(2011· 许 昌模拟) A.result from B.contribute to C.attend to D.devote to 7.power n.权力;影响力;力量,能量;v.驱动,推动 归纳拓展 come to/into power执政,掌权,上台 beyond/out of/not within one’s power 某人不能胜任的,力所不及 活学活用 (1)She lost the________ of speaking. (2010· 合肥月考) A.power B.force C.strength D.energy (1)Batteries can power anything from small sensors to large systems.(2010· 山东,阅读理解 D) 电池可以给小到传感器大到系统的任何东西供能。 (2)She did everything in her power to help us. 她尽力帮助了我们。 (3)The party came into power at the last election. 这个政党是在上次大选中当选执政的。 (2)用 energy,power,force,strength 填空 ①I have hardly enough ________ left to move my feet. ②Each year Americans consume a high percentage of the world’s ________. ③If you drop something,the ________ of gravity will pull it to the floor. ④Some animals have the ________ to see in the dark. 8.burn down 烧毁;火力变弱 归纳拓展 burn...to the ground把??烧光;把??烧成平地 burn up烧光,烧毁?强调烧毁建筑物?;烧得更旺/亮;消耗 The building was burnt down and only ashes were left.那座楼烧得只剩下灰烬。 活学活用 (1)The fire ________________________________________.大火把整座楼烧成平地。 (2)While you are at school or walking home, your body is________100 calories of energy an hour. A.burning down B.burnt down C.burning up D.burnt up 9.depend on 视??而定;取决于;依赖于;依靠 归纳拓展

depend on/upon sb./sth.依靠?相信?某人/某事 depend on/upon sb.to do/one’s doing sth.指望某人做某事 It/That ?all? depends.那得看情况。 depending on...取决于??,决定于??,根据?? (1)Most of them depend on animals to eat their fruits and spread their seeds. 很多植物要依靠动物吃它们的果实来传播种子。 (2)Whether we will go or not is dependent on the weather.我们是不是要去取决于天气。 (3)He is the sort of person you can depend on. 他这个人你是可以信赖的。 活学活用 (1)It takes about 30 minutes to go there by car,________________________.开车到那里大 约需要 30 分钟,视交通情况而定。 (2)—Can we get the TV set before Friday? —Well,________.If you live downtown,we can deliver it to you on Thursday. A.it depends B.sounds great C.with pleasure D.all right (3)用 depend 的相关单词或短语填空 To Anne’s great joy,she was finally ①________________ (独立于) Jack—her husband. After many years’ struggle , she gained her ②________ ( 自 立 ) and could totally ③____________ (依赖) herself to lead a new life. 10.put up 举起;建造;住宿;张贴 归纳拓展 put off拖延 put out伸出;熄灭 A notice was put up in order to remind the students of the changed lecture time.(2009· 陕西, 15) 为了提醒学生讲座时间变了,张贴了一则通知。 活学活用 (1)You can ______________________________. 你可以在这儿过夜。 (2)A big building has been________in my hometown. A.put away B.put into C.put out D.put up 11.carry on 继续;坚持 归纳拓展 carry away拿走;冲走;掠走;吸引住?某人? carry out搬出;实施,执行,履行;完成 The meal over, the managers went back to the meeting room to carry on their discussion. 吃完饭,经理们回到会议室继续讨论。 活学活用 (1)A surprise attack ______________________ there by the Japanese in 1941. 1941 年日军在那里发起了出其不意的攻击。 (2)It is difficult for us to________ a conversation with all this noise around us.(2011· 焦作 模拟) A.carry on B.account for C.bring up D.get across 12.If a friend gets an invitation to a wedding, you can go with him/her, even if you don’t receive an invitation yourself. 译文: ________________________________________________________________________

__________________________________________________________________ 句式提取:even if/though+从句 归纳拓展 even if/though 即使,尽管,引导让步状语从句,叙述的是假设或不大把握的事情,有 时动词可用虚拟语气。 Tim is in good shape physically even though/if he doesn’t get much exercise.(2010· 湖南) Tim 尽管不怎么锻炼,但体型很好。 活学活用 (1)We have decided to visit the museum ________________________ tomorrow. 即使明天下雨,我们也决定去参观博物馆。 (2)He will never be dishonest ________________________________________________. 即使陷入贫困,他也绝不会不诚实。 (3)You should allow your children to express their own opinions, ________ they are different from yours. A.if B.even if C.even D.even so 13.It was believed that any village that did not give food would have bad luck... 译文:_________________________________________________________________ 句式提取:It was believed that... 归纳拓展 It is/was believed that...表示“人们相信”的意思,相当于“people believe that...”。该结构 还可以改变成 sb.is believed to do/be doing/have done...结构。类似用法: It is thought that...大家认为?? It is said that...据说?? It is reported that...据报道?? It is supposed that...据推测?? Because there is no rainfall in these areas, such reserves can only decrease, and it is believed that fifty years of pumping will see them run dry. (2010· 安徽,阅读理解 E) 因为在这些地区没有降雨, 这样地下水储备只能减少, 并且人们相信五十年的抽水将会 让它们干涸。 活学活用 (1)句型转换 He is supposed to be working in that big company. ?________ ________ ________ ________ he is working in that big company. (2)________________________ he wrote a new book.据说他写了一本新书。 (3)—Is Bob still working in your school? —I’m afraid not.He is said________ and________ in a private school recently.(2011· 安庆 模拟) A.to resign;to teach B.to have resigned;teaching C.having resigned;to be teaching D.to have resigned;to be teaching 14. We tried to stay awake as long as possible to see Father Christmas but the next thing we knew it was morning. 译文:___________________________________________________________________ 句式提取:as long as possible... 归纳拓展 ?adj./adv.?原级? ? ?1?as+?adj.+a/an+单数名词?+as...


? ? ?

? ?many/much+名词

as...as one can/could=as...as possible 尽可能?? (2)用表示倍数的词或其他程度副词作修饰语时,放在 as 的前面。其结构是:倍数+as +adj./adv.(原级)+as。 I can carry as much paper as you can. 你能搬多少纸我就能搬多少。 活学活用 (1)This is ________________________________ the other is. 这个例子和另一个例子一样好。 (2)You are ________________________ he is. 你对我和他对我一样友好。 (3)After the new equipment was introduced,they produced________machines last year as the year before. (2010· 许昌模拟) A.as twice many B.as many twice C.twice as many D.twice many as

Unit 3

答案 Celebration

课堂活动区 1.occasionally 活学活用 (1)on occasion (2)on that occasion (3)C [句意为:……在那个时候,他非常优秀。on that occasion 在那个时候,固定搭 配。] 2.活学活用 (1)including (2)A 3.service 活学活用 (1)us lunch (2)serve as (3)C [serve 服役,可以与时间段搭配。] 4.applicant application 活学活用 (1)apply to (2)B [由句意“他已最后决定申请美国国籍”可知,选 B 项。apply for 申请……。] (3)①applied it to ②applied for a study ③applied himself to 5.活学活用 (1)attend to this matter (2)B [“成为……的一员”应用 join。] (3)attended joined in taking part in joined attend,join,join in,take part in (1)attend 表示出席或参加会议、仪式、典礼;也可表示上课、上学、听报告等。 (2)join 表示加入某一组织,并成为其中的一员,如:加入党派、组织、社团、俱乐部等。 其宾语也可以是人。 (3)join in 表示参加正在进行的活动,也可用于 join sb. in (doing) sth.表示加入某人一起 做某事。 (4)take part in 表示参加活动, 侧重说明主语参加并发挥一定的作用, part 前若有修饰语, 要用不定冠词。 6.contribution 活学活用 (1)contributed to/resulted in/led to (2)make a contribution to

(3)B [句意为:吃太多的脂肪会导致心脏病和引起高血压。contribute to 导致,符合 句意。] 7.活学活用 (1)A [the power of doing sth.做某事的能力,固定用法。] (2)①strength ②energy ③force ④power energy,power,force,strength (1)energy 指物理上的“能量”,也指人生理上的“精力”,也可指“能源”。 (2)power 多指比喻性的力气、精神力量,如“权力;本领”。 (3)force 意为“力量”, 侧重于外力, 指“力”所产生的效果, 也可指军事力量或强迫(暴) 力。 (4)strength 指固有的潜在力量。指人时,着重指力气;就物而言,着重指强度、潜力等。 8.活学活用 (1)burnt the whole building to the ground (2)C 9.活学活用 (1)depending on the traffic (2)A [由语境可知,该句意思应是“那得看情况,如果你住在……”;it depends 那得看 情况。] (3)①independent of ②independence ③depend on 10.活学活用 (1)put up here for the night (2)D [put up 建造。] 11.活学活用 (1)was carried out (2)A [由句意可知,“要继续谈话很难”;carry on sth.继续某事,符合句意。] 12.假如你的朋友收到婚礼请柬,即使你没有收到,也可以跟他(她)一起去。 活学活用 (1)even if/though it rains (2)even if/though he should be reduced to poverty (3)B [后半句意为:即使他们不同于你的意见。even if 即使。] 13.人们相信,任何不愿给予食物的村庄将会遭到厄运?? 活学活用 (1)It is supposed that (2)It is said that (3)D [句意为:据说他已辞职,正在一所私立学校教书。sb.be said to have done 某人 据说已做了……;sb.be said to be doing 某人据说正在做……。故选 D 项。] 14.我们尽量不让自己入睡,想亲眼看看圣诞老人,但当我们醒来时,已经是第二天清 晨。 活学活用 (1)as good an example as (2)as friendly to me as (3)C [该题考查的是倍数表达法,其结构应为:倍数+as...as...,故选 C 项。]

Book 1 Unit 3


Ⅰ.语境填词 1. The graduation ________ (仪式) was held in the ________ (decorate) hall yesterday.Many old alumni received ________ (invite) and ________ (参加) it. 2.In the ________ (黑暗),the ________ (retire) teacher was trapped in the flood and was drowned. 3.The ________ (接待员) greeted us with ________ (tradition) customs,which was surprising. 4.The ________ (青少年) in the high school studied hard and won ________ (奖学金) many times. 5.This factory has ________ (生产) many kinds of ________ (产品) and made great ________ (contribute) to the economic. Ⅱ.选词填空 on duty;put out;dress up;get married;be particular about 1.Chris and Debbie ________________ last summer. 2.Would you mind ________ your cigarette ________,please? 3.She ________________ her appearance. 4.What time are you ________________? 5.Small children usually love ________________ in their mothers’ clothes. Ⅲ.完成句子 1.你没必要亲自前往。 You_____________________________________________________________________ 2.“出去”,他指着门口生气地说。 “Go out,” he said angrily,____________________. 3.那正是我要说的。 That’s ________________________________. Ⅳ.单项填空 1.—I prefer shutting myself in and listening to music all day on Sundays. —That’s________I don’t agree.You should have a more active life. (江苏高考) A.where B.how C.when D.what 2.Part of the reason why Charles Dickens loved his own novel,David Copperfield, was________it was rather closely modeled on his own life. (北京高考) A.what B.that C.why D.whether 3.The flu is believed________ by viruses that can reproduce in the cells inside the human nose and throat. (2011· 焦作质检) A.causing B.being caused C.to be caused D.to have caused 4.The lady walked around the shops,________an eye out for bargains.(江西高考) A.keep B.kept C.keeping D.to keep

5.The lawyer listened with full attention,________to miss any point.(四川高考) A.not trying B.trying not C.to try not D.not to try 6.The Christmas tree________lights and other small objects. A.decorated with B.was decorated with C.had decorated with D.has decorated with 7.You can cook dinner if you promise not to________a mess in the kitchen. A.make B.have C.do D.get 8.I always have so many things to________when I come back to the company after a trip abroad. A.add to B.contribute to C.attend to D.appeal to 9.Some laidoff workers delightedly took up the work to________ patients in hospitals. A.take on B.look on C.depend on D.wait on 10.He began to take politics________only when he left school. A.carefully B.gravely C.seriously D.honestly 11.I smell something ________ in the kitchen.Can I call you back in a minute? A.burning B.burnt C.being burnt D.to be burnt 12.Will you________us________her fiftieth birthday? A.join;in celebrating B.join in;celebrating C.take part in;celebrating D.join;celebrated 13.Allow children the space to voice their opinions,________they are different from our own. A.until B.even if C.unless D.as though 14.—Why did she spend so much time searching shop after shop for a blouse? —Oh,she was very________about her clothes. A.special B.particular C.especial D.unusual 15.________,I lost heart in English learning,but my teacher often said to me,“Keep on studying hard,and you’ll succeed________”. A.At a time;in time B.At a time;on time C.At one time;in time D.At one time;on time Ⅴ.完形填空

One of my father’s favorite sayings as I was growing up was “Try it!” I couldn’t say I didn’t like __1__,whatever it might be,__2__ I tried it.Over the years I’ve come to __3__ how much of my success I owe to my __4__ of those words as one of my values.My __5__ job was just one I decided to try for a couple of years until I __6__ what I wanted to do as a career(职 业).__7__ I believed I would work for a few years,get married,stay home and raise a family, so I didn’t think the job I took __8__ that much.I couldn’t have been more __9__.I mastered the skills of that beginning level position and I was given the opportunity(机会) to __10__ through

the company into different __11__.I accepted each new opportunity with the __12__,“Well,I’ll try it;if I don’t like it I can always go back to my __13__ position.”But I was with the same company for the past 28 years,and I’ve __14__ every career change I’ve made.I’ve discovered I __15__ a large number of different talents(才能) and skills that I never would have thought were within me had it not been for my being __16__ trying new opportunities.I’ve also discovered that if I __17__ what I’m doing and work hard at achieving my __18__,I will succeed.That’s why I’m so __19__ to be a part of CareerFables.com.I think __20__ has come and I am determined to make it a success. (2011· 平顶山模拟) 1.A.everything C.everybody 2.A.until after C.so that 3.A.consider C.include 4.A.suggestion C.acceptance 5.A.hard 6.A.determined C.experienced 7.A.Actually C.Finally 8.A.helped C.expressed 9.A.careful C.interested 10.A.look up C.move up 11.A.situations C.directions 12.A.thought 13.A.easier 14.A.permitted C.organized 15.A.show 16.A.lucky for C.open to 17.A.think of C.believe in 18.A.business C.fortune 19.A.excited C.surprised 20.A.dream Ⅵ.阅读理解 B.something D.somebody B.ever since D.long before B.argue D.realize B.explanation D.discussion B.best B.examined D.introduced B.Gradually D.Usually B.required D.mattered B.mistaken D.prepared B.take up D.put up B.choices D.positions B.reply B.newer B.counted D.enjoyed B.possess B.slow at D.afraid of B.give away D.turn into B.goal D.growth B.curious D.helpful B.time



C.action C.earlier

D.advice D.higher



C.power A


Europe’s bestknown landmarks—including the Eiffel Tower , Big Ben and Rome’s Colosseum( 角斗场 )—fell dark on Saturday , following Sydney Opera House and Beijing’s Forbidden City in protest(抗议) against a global climate change, as lights were switched off across the world to mark the Earth Hour event. In the United States,the lights went out at the Empire State Building in New York,the National Cathedral in Washington,and the CocaCola headquarters in Atlanta. Millions were expected to turn off lights and appliances for an hour from 8∶30 pm in a gesture to highlight environmental concerns and to call for a binding(有法律约束力的) agreement to cut greenhouse gas emission (排放).This year was the fourth annual Earth Hour,organized by the World Wildlife Fund. “I think it’s great to see that hundreds of millions of people share this common value of lowering our carbon footprint,”said Dan Forman,a spokesman for WWF in Washington. “Some 4,000 cities in more than 120 countries—starting with the remote Chatham Islands off the coast of New Zealand—voluntarily switched off on Saturday to reduce energy consumption,though traffic lights and other safety features were unaffected,” organizers said. “We have everyone from Casablanca to the safari (游猎) camps of Namibia and Tanzania take part,” said Greg Bourne,CEO of WWF in Australia,which started Earth Hour in 2007 in Sydney before it spread to every continent. “It’s saying to our politicians—you can’t give up on climate change,” said WWF spokeswoman Debbie Chapman in the UK. Buckingham Palace and the British Parliament building went dark to support the campaign, along with other famed London landmarks including St. Paul’s Cathedral and Edinburgh Castle in Scotland. Researchers at the Davis Station,in Antarctica,also joined the campaign—shutting off the lights at the base. Last year,some 88 cities took part in Earth Hour,which is backed by the United Nations as well as global corporations,nonprofit groups,schools,scientists and celebrities.(2011· 郑州模 拟) 1.The wellknown landmarks all over the world turned off their lights ________. A.as a sign for world peace B.as a signal of being united C.to protest against warming climate D.to call for efforts to fight global warming 2.The underlined word “highlight” in Paragraph 3 probably means ________. A.emphasize B.involve C.show D.encourage 3.What is Dan Forman’s attitude towards “Earth Hour”? A.Neutral. B.Negative. C.Curious. D.Appreciative. 4.What do we know from the text? A.Traffic lights were turned off during Earth Hour. B.Earth Hour started from Australia in 2007. C.All African countries took part in the activity. D.Some politicians have given up on climate change. 5.The last three paragraphs are intended to show us ________. A.Earth Hour is widely supported

B.the English are in support of the activity C.Earth Hour even spreads to Antarctica D.Earth Hour reached to more cities this year B The classroom is a man’s world,where boys get two thirds of the teachers’ attention—even when they are in a minority—taunt(辱骂) the girls without punishment,and receive praise for careless work that would not be tolerated(容忍) from girls.They are accustomed to being teachers’ pets,and if girls get anything like equal treatment,they will protest eagerly. These claims are made in a book out this week,written by Dale Spender,a lecturer at the London University Institute of Education.She argues that discrimination against girls is so deeply in coeducational schools that singlegender classes are the only answer. Her case is based on taperecordings of her own and other teachers’ lessons.Many of them, like Spender,had deliberately set out to give girls a fair chance.“Sometimes,” said Spender, “I have even thought I have gone too far and have spent more time with the girls than the boys.” The tapes proved otherwise.In 10 taped lessons (in secondary school and college),Spender never gave the girls more than 42 percent of her attention(the average was 38 percent) and gave the boys less than 58 percent.There were similar results for other teachers,both male and female.In other words, when teachers give girls more than a third of their time, they feel that they are cheating the boys of their rightful share.And so do the boys themselves.“She always asks the girls all the questions,” said one boy in a classroom where 34 percent of the teachers’ time was given to girls.A boy in another class said his gender got 63 percent of the teachers’ attention. Boys regarded twothirds of the teachers’ time as fair deal,and when they got less they caused trouble in class and even complained to higher authority.“It is important to keep their attention,” said one teacher.“Otherwise,they play you up(制造麻烦) something awful.” Spender concludes that, in mixed classes, if the girls are as boisterous and pushy as the boys, they are considered “unladylike”;if they are quiet,they are ignored. 6.If girls are better treated in class,________ would be better. A.singlegender classes and coeducational classes B.coeducational classes C.singlegender classes D.none of the above 7.What are the boys’ reactions when girls are given more attention? A.They will keep the teachers’ attention again. B.They will make more trouble and complain to the headmaster. C.They will not listen to the teachers. D.They will feel they are cheated by the teachers. 8.The underlined word “boisterous” in the last paragraph probably means ________. A.rough B.brave C.terrible D.encouraging 9.The best title for this paragraph would be ________. A.Boys Are Teachers’ Pets B.Boys Do Better in Coeducational Classes C.Singlegender Classes Are Better than Coeducational Classes D.Girls Do Better than Boys Ⅶ.书面表达 目前,学校存在少数学生考试作弊的现象。某英文杂志社拟对此现象向中学生征文,标 题为“My Opinion on Cheating in Examinations”。 请根据下列提示用英语写一篇征文稿。 作弊的 主要原因 考试偏多、偏难

不用功,懒惰 取悦父母、老师 个人看法 作弊不对,违反校规 要诚实,努力学习 ?? 注意:1.短文必须包括所有内容要点,可适当发挥; 2.短文标题与开头已写好,但不计入总词数; 3.词数 100 左右。 My Opinion on Cheating in Examinations Nowadays more and more students are found to cheat in the exams.____________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

课外练习区 Ⅰ.1.ceremony decorated invitations attended 2.dark retired 3.receptionist traditional 4.teenager scholarship 5.produced products contributions Ⅱ.1.got married 2.putting out 3.is particular about 4.on duty 5.dressing up Ⅲ.1.don’t have to go there by yourself 2.pointing to the doorway 3.what I want to say Ⅳ. 1. A [“这就是我不同意的地方”。 agree 是不及物动词, 所以用 where 引导表语从句。 ] 2. B [从句不缺成分, 因此用 that 来引导。 句意为: 狄更斯喜欢他自己的小说 《大卫· 科 波菲尔》的部分原因是小说创作非常贴近他本人的真实生活。] 3.C [sth.be believed to do sth.为常用结构,由于 cause 和 flu 之间为动宾关系,故 选 C 项。] 4.C [句意为:这位女士在各家商店逛来逛去,时刻注意着廉价商品。keeping an eye out for bargains 为现在分词短语作伴随状语,其逻辑主语为 the lady。] 5.B [句意为:律师全神贯注地听着,尽量不漏掉任何一个要点。空格处应是伴随状 语, 与主句动作 listen 同时发生, 应用现在分词形式, 排除 C、 D 两项; A 项是现在分词 trying 的否定形式,意为“不努力……”;B 项意为“努力不……”。由句意知,应选 B 项。] 6.B [decorate sth.with sth.用某物装饰某物。decorate 同 the Christmas tree 之间存 在着被动关系。]

7.A [句意为:只要你保证不把厨房搞乱,你就可以在这儿做晚餐。make a mess 弄 乱。] 8.C [句意为:当我每次出国回到公司时,我总有很多事要处理。attend to 处理,符 合句意。add to 增加;contribute to 起作用;appeal to 恳求,请求,都不符合句意。] 9.D [句意为:一些下岗工人愿意去从事照顾病人的工作。wait on 照顾,照料。] 10.C [take sth.seriously 认真看待,认真对待。] 11.A [现在分词短语作宾补。] 12.A [take part in 后接活动;join in 可替代 take part in,表示参加某项活动,尤其 是娱乐活动。 join 后常接某个团体、 组织, 表示“加入并成为其中一员”, 宾语常用 party, the army,team,club,group 或 sb.。] 13.B [句意为:即使孩子们的观点与我们的不同,也要给他们发表意见的机会。until 直到……;unless 除非;as though 好像,似乎,都不符合句意。] 14.B [答语句意为:——她对衣服非常讲究。be particular about 对……挑剔,固定 短语。] 15.C [考查由 time 构成的固定搭配的用法。句意为:曾一度,我对英语学习失去信 心, 但老师常对我说: “坚持不懈地努力, 最终会铸就你的成功”。 at a time 每次; at one time 曾经, 一度, 相当于 once; in time 及时, 迟早, 作“迟早”讲时相当于 sooner or later; on time 按时,准时。由句意,C 项正确。] Ⅴ. 内容解读 作者在父亲话语的影响下改变了自己最初的人生规划, 抓住每一次机遇去挑战自己, 在 公司中不断升迁,同时培养了自己的多种才能和技能。成功之路让作者无比陶醉,又踌躇满 志地投入到了工作中。 1.B [考查语境中不定代词的辨析。不管是什么事情,“我”尝试过之后才会说是否喜 欢。此处 something“某事”,指不确定的事情,符合题意。everything 每一件事,语意不恰 当;根据本句中的 it 可知此处指的是“事情”,而不是“人”,由此可排除 C、D 两项。] 2.A [考查固定句型。本句是“not...until...”句型,表示“直到……才……”。此处是指直到 尝试过之后“我”才会说是否喜欢某事。ever since 自从;so that 用来引导目的或结果状语从 句;long before 很久以前,都不符合语境。] 3.D [考查语境中动词的辨析。多年以来,“我”开始“意识到”自己的成功在很大程度上 应该归功于父亲传授给“我”的价值观。结合本句中的“Over the years”和“come to”可知此处是 指“我”逐渐意识到的过程,因此 A 项在语意上不恰当;include 包括;argue 争论,与语意 不符。] 4.C [考查语境选词。“我”后来意识到自己取得成功的主要原因是把父亲的话作为了 自己的价值观之一。此处强调的是“我”对父亲的那些话的接受,故答案选 C。] 5. D [考查上下文暗示。 根据本句中的“until”可知“我”在选定职业之前只是想先找一份 工作暂时工作两三年,由此可判断此处是指“我”的“第一”份工作。文章中没有提“我”此前已 经有了一份工作,所以 C 项不正确。] 6.A [考查语境中动词的辨析。“我”决定先暂时尝试一份工作,工作两三年后再“决定” 自己的职业。后三项分别表示“检查”、“经历”、“介绍”,都不符合语境。] 7.A [考查语境中副词的辨析。结合上一句中的“a couple of years”和本句中的“a few years”可知,“我”“实际上”认为自己会一直工作若干年,然后结婚生子,养家糊口。B、C、D 三项均不符合上下文逻辑。] 8. D [考查语境中动词的辨析。 由上文可知, “我”认为自己所从事的工作并不太“重要”, 此处 matter 表示“要紧,有重大影响”。A、B、C 三项分别表示“帮助”、“要求”、“表达”,不 符合语境。] 9.B [考查上下文逻辑。下文提到“我”不断尝试新的挑战,从而掌握了不同的技能。 由此可推断“我”当时的想法是极其“错误的”。本句中否定词与比较级连用表示最高级含义。]

10.C [考查语境中动词短语的辨析。“我”掌握了岗位要求的技能后又得到了“升迁”的 机会,此处 move up 表示“提升”。look up 查阅,抬头看;take up 占用,从事,接受;put up 举起,张贴,都不符合语境。] 11.D [考查生活常识。因为“我”敢于尝试新的挑战,所以在公司中被提升到不同的“职 位”,此处 position 表示“职位,岗位”。前三项分别表示“情况”、“选择”、“方向”,都与所给 语境不符。] 12.A [考查上下文照应。根据本句后半句引号中的内容可知这是 “我”当时内心的“想 法”。文章中没有提到“我”需要回答别人的询问,所以 B 项不正确;此处显然也不是给别人 的建议,因此 D 项错误;action 行动,与后面引号中的内容不符。] 13.C [考查上下文逻辑。“我”当时抓住机会去尝试,心想如果不喜欢所从事的工作, 总可以回到“先前的”岗位上去。此处没有提到工作的难易,所以 A 项不恰当。] 14.D [考查语境选词。由上下文可知“我”在同一个公司工作了 28 年,并在不同的岗 位学到很多不同的技巧。由此可知“我”非常“喜欢”每一次职业改变。前三项分别表示“允许”、 “数”、“组织”,都不符合语境。] 15.B [考查语境中动词的辨析。上文提到“我”在公司中不断升迁,从事过很多岗位的 工作,由此可知“我”“拥有”了不同的才能和技能。此处是指“我”在不同的工作岗位上得到了 锻炼,所以 A 项的语义不恰当。] 16. C [考查语境中形容词短语的辨析。 “我”之所以拥有了不同的才能和技能是因为“我” 敢于尝试新的挑战,此处 open to 表示“思想开明的”。上文提到父亲的话对“我”产生了重要 影响,所以此处强调的不是幸运,因此 A 项不恰当。] 17.C [考查语境中动词短语的辨析。此处是指“我”“相信”自己所从事的工作。think of 想起;give away 泄露,赠送;turn into 变成,都与所给语境不符。] 18.B [考查语境中名词的辨析。“我”认为如果相信自己所从事的工作并持之以恒地为 实现目标而奋斗,就可以成功。achieve one’s goal 表示“实现目标”。business 商业,生意; growth 增长,语义不恰当;fortune 财富,不是文章的侧重点。] 19.A [考查语境中形容词的辨析。由上文可知“我”此时已经是一名成功人士,此处表 示“我”为目前的成就感到无比“兴奋”。B、C 两项是同义词,可排除;D 项侧重个人的作用, 不符合语境。] 20.B [考查逻辑推理。“我”认为“时机”已经来临并决定在工作中取得成功。dream 在 文章中没有信息支持。power 权力;honor 荣誉,都与所给语境不符。] Ⅵ. 1.D [细节理解题。根据第一段内容可知,世界各地的人们纷纷熄灯,目的是支持抵 御全球气候变暖的活动。] 2.A [词义猜测题。在“地球一小时”活动的当晚,许多人关掉电灯和电器一小时以示 响应。 该活动旨在加强人们的环保意识, 并呼吁制定一个减少温室气体排放的有法律约束力 的协议。画线单词 highlight 意为“强调,突出”,在句中表示加强的意义,故答案为 A。] 3.D [推理判断题。根据第四段中世界自然基金会华盛顿分会的发言人丹· 弗尔曼说的 话“看到全球亿万民众都持有减少碳足迹的共同价值观,真是件好事 ”可知,他对“地球一小 时”活动非常赞赏。] 4.B [细节理解题。根据第六段可知,“地球一小时”活动于 2007 年在悉尼首次发起, 之后发展成为一项全球性的活动。] 5.A [主旨大意题。最后的三段说明世界各地各行各业的人们都支持“地球一小时”活 动,可见这项活动受到广泛的支持。] 6.C [细节理解题。根据文章第二段最后“She argues that discrimination against girls is so deeply in coeducational schools that singlegender classes are the only answer ”可得 出答案。] 7.B [细节理解题。根据第五段第一句“...when they got less they caused trouble in class and even complained to higher authority”可知当男生受到老师的关注减少时,他们会在课堂上

制造麻烦,甚至会向校领导抱怨。因此 B 项正确。] 8.A [词义猜测题。根据画词所在句子及上下文语境可知,该词是贬义词,故排除 B、 D 两项;C 项词义明显不合句意,所以答案选 A。] 9.A [主旨大意题。概括全文可知,本文主要阐述了男生在课堂处于主导地位、备受 老师青睐和关注这一事实。因此 A 项作为本文标题最为恰当和生动。] Ⅶ. 参考范文 My Opinion on Cheating in Examinations Nowadays more and more students are found to cheat in the exams.Reasons may vary from person to person.Anyway, they can be generalized as follows: To begin with, with endless examinations flooding in, some students may have difficulty working them out.Also, some students are too lazy to focus their attention on their studies.Besides, others cheat for high scores to please their parents and teachers. Personally,I think it is wrong to cheat in the exams,for one thing,it goes against the rules of schools; for another,it’ll result in the crisis of one’s honesty.Therefore, we should devote ourselves to study and try to make progress with our own efforts.

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