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Ⅰ.多项选择 1.I am really proud of my team who were honoured though defeated because they gave up the chance for a gold medal to help someone __________. A.in favour C.in fact B.in love D.in need<

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解析:选 D。考查介词短语辨析。句意:我真的为我的队员感到自豪,他们虽败犹荣, 因为他们放弃了赢得金牌的机会去帮助处在困难中的人。in need 意为“在困难中,在危急 中”。in favour(of sb./sth.)赞同,支持;in fact 事实上;in love 在恋爱中。 2.The criminal,as well as some __________ people,was arrested by the police yesterday.

A.relevant C.released

B.skilled D.lucky

解析: 选 A。relevant 相关的。句意:那个罪犯,连同一些相关的人昨天被警方逮捕了。 3.—Would you like to see a film with us this evening? —I’d like to.But I can’t__________the time because I have to finish my composition. A.pass C.afford B.take D.spend

解析:选 C。本题考查动词辨析。根据上下文,第二个人的意思是“我想(跟你)去(看 电影),但我抽不出时间,因为我得完成我的作文”。afford the money/the time“负担得 起这笔钱/这段时间”。pass the time“打发时间”;take/spend the time“花时间”。 4.It’s an old photo of my fath er.I__________it when I was looking for my passport the other day. A.came into C.came across B.came about D.came on

解析:选 C。come across“偶然遇到或发现”,符合题意。come into“继承;承受(财 产)”;come about“发生,造成”;come on“进行,进展”。 5.I know you are busy,but do you think you could spare us a few hours?We

are________hear your experiences abroad. A.managing to C.leading to B.dying to D.lying to

解析:选 B。be dying to 急切地做??;manage to 设法完成;lead to 导致;be lying to 向??撒谎,后面跟名词。句意:我知道你很忙,但你能给我们几个小时吗?我们急切 地想听一听你在国外的经历。 6.Everyone can receive education.That is to say,education is taken as a right rather than a(n)__________. A.privilege C.assistance B.encouragement D.dignity

解析:选 A。privilege 意为“特权,特别优待”。句意:人人都可以接受教育,也就 是说,教育是一种权利而不是一种特权。encouragement 鼓励,鼓舞;assistance 协助,援 助;dignity 尊严,高贵的品质。 7.I asked her opinion,but she just asked me a question__________. A.in need C.in turn B.in fact D.in return

解析:选 D。in return 意为“作为回报,作为回应”。句意:我征求她的意见,她却 只是反问了我一句。in need 在困难中,在危急中;in fact 事实上;in turn 轮流,依次。 8.—Put the top back on that felt-tip pen or it will __________. —OK.I will. A.fade out C.dry out B.turn out D.give out

解析:选 C。考查动词短语辨析。dry out“(使)干透”。句意:给毡头笔套上笔帽, 不然就干了。fade out“褪色”;turn out“结果是”;give out“分发,散发”。 9.She went through a period of emotional __________ after her company fell into ruins and she finally decided to find a new job. A.control C.outburst B.adjustment D.improvement

解析:选 B。考查名词词义辨析。adjustment“调整,调节”。句意:她的公司破产之 后,她经历了一段相当长的时间的感情调整期,最后终于下定决心找了一份新的工作。

10.(2010 年湖北省重点中学联考)According to experts,China needs to __________ its one - child family planning policy to fight against a worsening gender ( 性 别)imbalance and an aging population. A.arrange C.adjust B.apply D.adapt

解析:选 C。考查动词词义辨析。句意:根据专家的建议,中国有必要调整独生子女政 策,以应对不断恶化的性别失衡以及老龄化问题。arrange“安排,整理”;apply“应用, 申请”;adjust“调整,调节”;adapt“使适应,改编,改写”。根据句意选择 C,表示 “调整”。 Ⅱ.完成句子 1.All of the flowers now raised here have developed from those ______________(一 度生长在深林里的).(grow) 解析: 考查定语从句。 从句缺少主语, 这里的先行词是 those, 所以关系词用 that; “长 在深林里”应表达为 grow in the forest,据此可知答案。 答案:that once grew in the forest 2.If times ________________(变了),have our ways of thinking changed too? (change)
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解析:考查时态及主谓一致。根据汉语提示中的“了”,说明事情已经发生且对以后有 影响,应使用现在完成时,times 作主语,谓语应使用 have。 答案:have changed 3.He hurried to the hospital leaving ________________(早饭未吃完).(unfinish) 解析:考查 leave 的复合结构。由句意可知,finish 与 his breakfast 之间成被动结 构。 答案:his breakfast unfinished

4.We could have a good view of the lake __________(从我们住的地方).(where) 解析:考查状语从句。“我们住的地方”应表达为 where we lived,其中 where 引导 的从句还要做介词 from 的宾语。 答案:from where we lived 5 .You can’t see through the telescope ______________(直到调整好 ) to your eyes.(adjust)

解析:考查状语从句。由语境可知连词应为 not...until;本句强调 adjust 的动作先 于主句而发生,故用完成时。 答案:(until it has been) adjusted 6 . Mary as well as her classmates ________________( 一 直 在 做 准 备 ) for an important examination recently.(prepare) 解析: 考查主谓一致及时态。 短语 as well as 不影响主语, 故谓语动词的单复数由 Mary 来决定。由提示语“一直在做准备”可知是完成进行时。 答案:has been preparing 7. We ________________(本来可以完成任务)on time, but the traffic delay destroyed all our plan.(complete) 解析: 考查情态动词的用法。 might have done 意为“本来可以做??而实际未做??” 表示。 答案:might have completed the task 8.It is widely acknowledged that never ______________(中国参加)in any nuclear arms race and never deployed nuclear weapons abroad.(participate) 解析:考查倒装结构。否定副词 never 置于句首,主句部分倒装。 答案:has China participated 9.The mother rat her than the twins ________________(在动手术)by Doctor Thomas now.(operate) 解析:考查主谓一致及时态、语态。rather than 不影响主语,故谓语动词的单复数由 主语 the mother 来决定。由“现在正在动手术”可知要用现在进行时的被动。 答案:is being operated on 10.The deed ________________(她两次捐款)to the Hope Project inspires all the people in her neighbourhood.(donate) 解析:考查同位语从句。由句式可知本题是 deed 引导的同位语从句,再由提示语“两 次”可知应用完成时。 答案:that she has donated twice Ⅲ.完形填空 Words:332 难度系数:☆☆ 建议用时:12′ (2011 年济南模拟)I can still remember when I met my best friend.She had just

moved into the neighborhood and her grandmother brought her down to__1__me.I hid behind my mother and she hid behind her grandmother,__2__to look at each other.Soon we lost the__3__and started playing with each other. In the 7th grade,I first lost touch with her.She was__4__family problems and I deserted her to be with the__5__people.None of my new friends liked her as much as I did because they knew she had__6__.However,every summer we__7__always sit at each other’s house and watch soap operas,and talk about all the boys we liked. It was last year when I noticed the problem.I guess I was__8__devoted in high school to__9__she needed someone there for her.Anyway,she made a new best friend and so did I.Then I didn’t know why,__10__she started cutting herself! She then was diagnosed( 诊 断 ) with clinical depression.At first , I was very__11__,but we still stayed in__12__.I wanted to be there for her since her new best friend basically__13__her and people were calling her__14__. Yesterday she came to me and said,“I never knew what a best friend was__15__you were the only person that would stop me cutting.I__16__you so much,and you didn’t even know you were__17__me.” We both cried.And I g uess a kind of__18__from my life so far is never to give up on your friends.Even if they aren’ t as cool as others,or people think they are crazy,they need__19__there.If you desert them,you will only be__20__ yourself. 【解题导语】 本文是一篇记叙文,讲的是关于我和好朋友之间的友谊的故事,并阐述 了珍视友谊的重要性。 1.A.follow C.join B.meet D.support

解析:选 B。本题考查动词。根据上面的第一句话可知她是刚刚搬来,故她的奶奶把她 带下来见我。故选 B。 2.A.scared C.worried B.annoyed D.delighted

解析:选 A。本题考查动词。根据常识可知,小孩子初次见面的时候,往往因为感到陌 生而害怕。故选 A。 3.A.temper B.interest



解析:选 D。根据文章的前后我们可知,开始的时候觉得生,后来熟悉了,就不害羞了。 故选 D。 4.A.taking up C.going through B.getting through D.making up

解析:选 C。本题考查短语。根据后面朋友都把她看成是有问题的人,可知她正经受家 庭问题。A.举起,从事;B.做完,通过;C.经受;D.弥补,组成。 5.A.happier C.stronger B.cooler D.cleverer

解析:选 B。本题考查形容词。由最后一段中的“as cool as other”可知答案应选 B。 6.A.problems C.partners B.shortcomings D.disabilities

解析:选 A。文章前面有暗示“family problems”可知她属于有问题的人,故应选 A。 7.A.should C.would B.could D.might

解析:选 C。本题考查情态动词。根据后面的 always,这儿应选的是 would 表示“过去 常常”。 8.A.much C.only B.too D.just

解析:选 B。副词修饰形容词,根据句意,太投入于高中的学习中。too...to 太??以 致于。故选 B。 9.A.admit C.consider B.accept D.realize

解析:选 D。根据句意,我想我是太投入于高中学习而没有意识到她需要一个人来帮助 她。可知选 D。 10.A.but C.or B.for D.so

解析 :选 A。这里与上句是转折关系,故选 A。 11.A.calm C.upset B.considerate D.helpful

解析:选 C。朋友生病了,作者肯定是难过和不安,故选 C。 12.A.place C.control B.touch D.mood

解析:选 B。根据上文内容可知,作者和朋友之间是有联系的。故选 B。 13.A.confused C.reminded B.bothered D.deserted

解析: 选 D。 根据前面的“I wanted to be there for her”和后面她朋友的话“you were the only person that would stop me cutting.”可知她的新朋友抛弃了她。故选 D。 14.A.crazy C.clumsy B.stubborn D.stupid

解析:选 A。上面提到作者的朋友在自残,故周围的人应该把她看作是疯子。故选 A。 15.A.unless C.until B.as D.that

解析: 选 C。 本句句意为“直到只有你一个人帮我的时候我才知道什么是最好的朋友”。 故选 C。 16.A.expect C.appreciate B.influence D.demand

解析:选 C。因为作者的帮助,她的朋友非常感激。appreciate 感激。故选 C。 17.A.urging C.helping B.blaming D.hurting

解析:选 C。本句句意为“你甚至不知道你正在帮助我。”故选 C。 18.A.honour C.pleasure B.favour D.lesson

解析:选 D。根据文章的句意,我想来自我的经历的这一课会告诉你永远不要抛弃你的 朋友。故选 D。 19.A.someone C.anyone B.something D.everything

解析: 选 A。 本题考查不定代词。 根据句意可知, 他们需 要有个真心待他们的人。 someone 某个人,由第三段中“she needed someone”也可得到暗示。故选 A。 20.A.innocent B.successful



解析:选 C。本题考查名词。句意:如果抛弃他们,你自己也会很内疚的。A.无辜的; B.成功的;C.内疚的;D.依 赖的。根据句意,应选 C。 Ⅳ.阅读理解 Words:453 难度系数:☆☆ 建议用时:7′ Andra Rush,a member of the Mohawk Indian tribe (部落) of Ontario,Canada, was raised 30 miles outside Detroit,not far from her grandparents an d their Ontario reservation (印第安人保留地).When the teenage Rush visited the reservation for the first time,she was struck by the poverty and lack of hope.“I really wanted to make a difference,”she says. She graduated from the University of Michigan in 1982 and took a nursing job.But she was disappointed with the low pay,and within a year she was pursuing an MBA.That summer,she interned (作实习生) at an air freight (货运) company,where the speed of package pickups and deliveries drove profits.“I thought I could do that better, ” Rush says. She used her credit cards and borrowed $5,000 from her parents to buy a van and two used pickup trucks.She accepted every delivery job that came her way,and worked nursing shifts on weekends. Within six months,Rush had ten employees,and customers like Ford and GM were paying her to fetch small packages from the airport.Ford was the first to offer her a job trucking parts between its plants and suppliers. Rush_kept_a_single-minded_focus_on_meeting_deadlines—no matter what.In the wake of 9·11,when increased security stalled (拖延) traffic for hours on Detroit’s largest bridge,she hired shi ps to get her trucks across the De troit River. By 2001, many of Rush’s 1,000 employees were Native Americans, working alongside people of every background.But she felt she hadn’t done enough.So she joined forces with a Canadian parts maker to design and fit auto parts.She located the plants near reservations,creating opportunities where they were needed most.By 2009,her auto parts business was bringing in $370 million. Rush is 49 now and still working hard.“I love my job,”she says.“I like the

fact that you can keep challenging yourself—and then suddenly you lift your head and it’s been 25 years.” 【解题导语】 本文介绍了一位美国女企业家, 她的企业致力于帮助在保留地居住的印 第安人。 1.When first visiting the reservation,young Rush felt__________. A.sorry C.nervous B.pleased D.curious

解析:选 A。推理判断题。根据第一段第二句 When the teenage Rush visited the reservation for the first time,she was struck by the poverty and lack of hope. 可推知,十几岁的 Rush 第一次参观印第安人保留地时,看到的景象让她心里很难过。 2.After her internship at the air freight company,Rush__________. A.acquired an MBA B.started a transport business C.worked as a full-time nurse D.became a worker at the airport 解析:选 B。细节理解题。根据第三段可知,实习之后,Rush 开办了一家运输公司。 3.The underlined part in Paragraph 5 means that__________. A.Rush was never late for meetings B.Rush believed in the importance of meetings C.Rush tried hard to guarantee on-time deliveries D.Rush would accept every delivery job 解析:选 C。句意理解题。根据第五段可知,Rush 总是努力保证准时完成货运任务。本 段第二句话的意思是:9·11 事件之后,安全措施的加强导致底特律最大的桥上交通不畅, 她就雇船让她的卡车渡过底特律河。 4.We learn from the passage that Rush__________. A.only employs Native Americans in h er company B.is the owner of a famous international auto maker C.believes she would do better if she had better opportunities D.tries hard to help Native Americans on reservations 解析:选 D。推理判断题。根据第一段和第六段可知,Rush 的企业致力于帮助在保留地

居住的印第安人。 5.The underlined word “they” in Paragraph 6 refers to__________. A.Native Americans C.reservations B.parts D.opportuni ties

解析:选 D。代词指代题。 creating opportunities where they were needed most 的意思是:为最需要就业机会的地方提供了机会。故 they 指代的是 opportunities。

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