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高考英语总复习—Section 7 情态动词和虚拟语气

Section 7


考点 1


1.(2016· 浙江高考)George ________ (go)too far.His coffee is still warm. 2.(2016· 江苏高考)If it ________ for his invitation the other day,I should not be here now. 3.(2016· 天津高考)It was really annoying; I ________ get access to the data bank you had recommended. 4.(2016· 北京高考)I love the weekend,because I Saturdays and Sundays. 5.(2016· 全国Ⅰ)A code uses symbols to replace words,phrases,or sentences.To read the message of a real code,you________have a code book. 考点 2 虚拟语气 ________ get up early on

6 . (2016· 天津高考 )I was wearing a seatbelt.If I hadn’t been wearing one , I ________ (injure). 7.(2016· 天津高考)I told her she shouldn’t swim after a whole night’s coughing, but she refused to give up and insisted she ________ (go). 8.(2016· 浙江高考) Had the governments and scientists not worked together, AIDS-related deaths ________(fall) since their highest in 2005. 9.(2016· 浙江高考)I ________ (be)a different person if my mom hadn’t turned a silly bicycle accessory into a life lesson I carry with me today. 10. (2016· 北京高考 )Why didn’t you tell me about your trouble last week? If you________(tell)me,I could have helped. 11.(2016· 全国Ⅰ)If it________ for Rachel Carson,the environmental movement might not exist today.

考点 1


1.(2015· 北京高考)—Can’t you stay a little longer? —It’s getting late.I really ________ go now.My daughter is home alone. 2.(2015· 浙江高考)It was so noisy that we ________ not hear ourselves speak. 3.(2015· 重庆高考)You ________ be Carol.You haven’t changed a bit after all these years. 4.(2015· 陕西高考)You ________ feel all the training a waste of time, but I’m a hundred percent sure later you’ll be grateful you did it. 5.(2015· 四川高考)You ________ be careful with the camera.It costs! 6.(2015· 福建高考)—Sorry, Mum! I failed the job interview again. —Oh, it’s too bad.You ________ have made full preparations. 7.(2015· 天津高考)I ________have worried before I came to the new school, for my classmates here are very friendly to me. 8 . (2014· 重庆高考 )I’ve ordered some pizza , so we cooking when we get home tired. 9.(2014· 江苏高考)It was sad to me that they,so poor themselves,________ bring me food. 10.(2014· 江西高考)Life is unpredictable;even the poorest ________ become the richest. 11.(2014· 陕西高考)My book,The House of Hades,is missing.Who ______ have taken it? 12 . (2014· 四川高考 )I still remember my happy childhood when my mother ________ take me to Disneyland at weekends. 13 . (2014· 大纲卷 )Although you ________ find bargains in London , it’s not generally a cheap place to shop. 14.(2014· 北京高考)________ I have a word with you?It won’t take long. 15.(2014· 湖南高考)—I’ve prepared all kinds of food for the picnic. —Do you mean we ________ bring anything with us? 考点 2 虚拟语气 ________ worry about

16 . (2015· 北京高考 )If I ________(see)it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it.

17 . (2015· 重 庆 高 考 )Without





________(write)his famous novel A Farewell to Arms. 18.(2015· 陕西高考)Ellen is a fantastic dancer.I wish I ________(dance)as well as her. 19.(2015· 天津高考)I wish I ________ (be)at my sister’s wedding last Tuesday, but I was on a business trip in New York then. 20.(2015· 安徽高考)It is lucky we booked a room, or we________(have)nowhere to stay now. 21.(2014· 湖南高考)If Mr.Dewey ________(be) present,he would have offered any possible assistance to the people there. 22.(2014· 陕西高考)We would rather our daughter ________(stay) at home with us,but it is her choice,and she is not a child any longer. 23.(2014· 浙江高考)They were abroad during the months when we were carrying out the investigation,or they ________(come) to our help. 24.(2014· 北京高考)We ________(be) back in the hotel now if you didn’t lose the map. 25.(2014· 天津高考)Had he________(catch) have been late for the meeting. 26.(2014· 重庆高考)It was John who broke the window.Why are you talking to me as if I________ (do) it? 27.(2014· 福建高考)________(be) there no modern telecommunications, we would have to wait for weeks to get news from around the world. 28.(2014· 安徽高考)People are recycling many things which they ________(throw) away in the past. the morning train ,he would not

考点 1


1.(2016· 吉林市普通中学摸底)—How about your trip to Hawaii? —Wonderful! I ________ have enjoyed myself more.

2.(2016· 浙江象山普通高中一模)Sometimes smiles around the world ________ be false,hiding other feelings like anger,fear or worry. 3.(2016· 陕西宝鸡中学模拟)—Who ________ it be that left the door unlocked? —It might be Mike.He is always forgetting things. 4.(2016· 福州一中模拟)—Tell me your secret. —I ________.It wouldn’t be a secret if I told you. 5.(2016· 甘肃省三模)—Can I go now,sir? —If you ________ leave,do it quietly. 6.(2016· 唐山一中调研)When he was there,he ________ go to that coffee shop at the street corner after work every day. 7.(2016· 安徽六校素质测试)—Why didn’t you put your cellphone in your overcoat pocket? —I ________ have,but I was afraid it would be stolen. 8.(2016· 河南十校考前仿真)—The deadline is drawing,but I failed to challenge the task a third time. — ________ my brother have a try? 9 . (2016· 安徽安庆望江中学月考 )Jack , look! Everybody is doing homework quietly. ________ you make a noise in class?

10.(2016· 江苏启东中学月考一)You________have bought the book for me, but thank you all the same. 11.(2016· 河北衡水中学调研)Liza________well not want to go on the trip-she hates traveling. 12.(2016· 四川资阳一次诊断)—Do you know where David is?I couldn’t find him anywhere. —Well, he________ have gone far-his coat’s still here. 13.(2016· 云南昆明一次摸底)—Will the book I ordered arrive on time? —It________,if there is no traffic jam. 14.(2016· 河南开封二模)—Have you heard of the news that Britain’s former Prime Minister, Baroness Thatcher, died on April 18? —Yes.________she rest in peace.

15.(2016· 四川石室中学一模)—Is Jack on duty today? —It________be him.It’s his turn tomorrow. 16.(2016· 银川一中二模)The school rules state that no child________be allowed out of the school during the day, unless accompanied by an adult. 17. (2016· 浙江高考最后冲刺卷 )You________worry about my studies—I know quite clearly what to do at school. 18.(2016· 江西红色六校联考一)—It’s no easy task to catch a ticket on a website that receives 1 billion clicks daily. —I can’t agree with you more. There ________be errors for every step. 19 . (2016· 四 川 成 都 二 模 )Can you image that a well - behaved gentleman________be so rude to a lady? 20.(2016· 辽宁沈阳一模)We can’t imagine that two children ________be killed by the washing machine of their house. 21.(2016· 辽宁葫芦岛调研)One of our rules is that every student________wear school uniform while at school. 22.(2016· 东北四校协作体联考)You________get the machine repaired this week. I won’t need it until next month. 23.(2016· 吉林延边质检)— These grapes look really beautiful. —They________!See the price $3.99 a pound. Very expensive, aren’t they? 24.(2016· 陕西西北工大附高六模)—I heard they went skiing in the mountains last winter. —It________(be) true because there was little snow there. 25.(2016· 浙江高考最后冲刺卷)No person________carry a mobile phone into the examination room during the national college entrance examinations. 考点 2 虚拟语气

26 . (2016· 浙江金丽衢十二校联考 )But for the encouraging cheers from the audience,our team ________ (win)such an important match. 27.(2016· 浙江名校联盟联考)You ________ (take)so much cash with you,you know—that shop accepted checks.

28 . (2016· 湖南怀化二模 )But for those interruptions , the meeting (finish)half an hour ago.


29.(2016· 浙江温州十校联考)The upset mother thought to herself,“If only I ________ (know)what’s going on in my little boy’s head right now.” 30.(2016· 安徽阜阳一中模拟)If you had listened to me,we ________ (be)at the party.Move over.I’ll drive. 31.(2016· 北京昌平统考二)—Well,I missed the early train to Suzhou. —But had you hurried,you ________ . 32 . (2016· 浙 江 省 高 三 第 二 次 五 校 联 考 )That night , trapped alone in the mountain,she felt cold,hungry and scared.She ________ (cry). 33.(2016· 杭州高级中学月考)If he ________ (insist)that he ________ (go)to work there,everything would be OK now. 34.(2016· 四川凉山三诊)—Without your help,we ________ (finish)this task on time. —My pleasure. 35.(2016· 三峡名校联盟联考)I would rather graduation , but my father would rather I education. 36.(2016· 北京海淀一模)—Jeff, what’s up?You are not yourself today. —Oh,Mom. I really wish I ________(get) the chance but I failed. 37 . (2016·四 川 绵 阳 南 山 中 学 调 研 )The weather turned out to be fine.I________(not take) the trouble to carry the umbrella with me. 38.(2016· 山东 4 月模拟冲刺) Don’t be angry with us. We________(eat)out with you together, but we were busy with our final reports when you called in. 39 . (2016·浙 江 高 考 最 后 冲 刺 卷 )It is required by law that enough evidence________(provide) to prove one is innocent of a crime. 40.(2016· 江西大联考)But for the fact that China________(be) also affected by the global economic crisis, we ________(have) fewer unemployed workers now. 41.(2016· 江西宜春二模)—How dangerous it was! ________ ________ (go)to work after my (go)abroad for further

—Yes, but for the passer-by’s quick action, the girl could________(drown). 42.(2016· 湖南衡阳八中月考)—Our company will organize a trip to Hong Kong next month. I am taking my mother there. —I’d rather you________(do not).After all she has just and she still feels weak. 43. (2016· 湖南长沙雅礼中学月考 )We________(not finish) the project on time without your timely help. 44.(2016· 陕西西安长安一中一模)—I stayed at a hotel while in New York. —Oh,did you?You________(stay) with Barbara. 45.(2016· 浙江金华十校三模)If it ________(be)not for the climate,I would stay here much longer. 46.(2016· 辽宁沈阳一模)—It________(be) cool if I won this contest. I don’t think I’m good enough, though. —Give it a shot. You never know. 47.(2016· 辽宁大连三中期末)—Did you make it at last? —Yes.But for your help,it________(cause) a serious loss. 48.(2016· 湖南湘中名校一联)—Max looks nervous. —So________you if you had so fierce a competition. 49.(2016· 浙江湖州八校二次联考)—It’s a shame that you missed the lecture on the British culture given by Thompson. —I________(attend)it, but I was busy preparing for the coming exam. 50.(2016· 湖南师大附中一次月考)They could have escaped from the big fire, but unfortunately, someone ________(lock) the door. recovered from her illness

考点 1


1.(2015· 江苏启东中学月考一)—What have you learned from your experience in the USA? —Well, meeting people from another culture________be very difficult. 2 . (2015· 陕西西工大附中月考 )Some young people these days, especially the

homebodies, just________not go out of their homes to experience the real world. 3.(2015· 江西六校联考一)—Mum, can I go on a holiday with my classmates this summer vacation? —OK.You________have a chance if you get along well with your studies. 4.(2015· 徐州质检三)—I think I saw Mr. Smith at yesterday’s party. —He ________(be) there. He is now on a business trip in Greece. And he left the day before yesterday. 5.(2015· 江西六校联考)You ________pay too much attention to your reading skill, as it is so important. 6.(2015· 北京昌平统考二)—What are you going to do this weekend? —I don’t know.I________go to Beihai Park. 7 . (2015· 安徽 “ 江南十校 ” 联考 )—The deadline is drawing, but I failed to challenge the task a third time. —________my brother have a try? 8 . (2015· 黑龙江双鸭山一中月考 )Tom : Sandy.It seems that only half of the students passed the final exam. Sandy:Really? The exam ________ have been very difficult this time. 9.(2015· 山西康杰中学月考)All the students ________ put on masks before going to school in case they are infected with flu virus. 10.(2015· 辽宁省实验中学月考)If you will stay here longer,you may.But you ________ leave before this weekend. 11.(2015· 黑龙江哈九中月考)Tom:Did you visit the famous cultural relics last month? Mary:No,we ________(visit) it,but we spent too much time shopping. 12.(2015· 河南开封市冲刺模拟)And a similar number of students believe that a good university ________ produce graduates who are particularly sought after by employers. 13 . (2015· 黑 龙 江 哈 三 中 二 模 )Curiosity sometimes ________be foolish or wrong.Some people with nothing to do are full of curiosity about what their neighbors are doing.

14.(2015· 辽宁锦州市质量检测一)________ you please help me get him back into his wheelchair? 15.(2015· 湖南怀化市一模)Joseph Addison once said,“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” I am sure you ________ have heard this quote. 16.(2015· 湖南十三校联考一)Only by pursuing our dreams ________we enjoy a meaningful and fulfilled life. 17.(2015· 湖南长沙实验中学模拟)Therefore,when you are going on a trip,you ________ make a good preparation.Firstly,you must have clear information about the weather. 18.(2015· 云南昆明三中月考)John:She looks happy.She ________ have passed the exam. Joan:I guess so. It’s not difficult after all. 19 . (2015· 山东聊城联考 )I’m Captain John Blanchard.You ________ be Miss Hollis.I am glad to meet you here. 20.(2015· 山东烟台一模)Every time she was in trouble,she went to him for help,as he said he ________ do anything for her. 考点 2 虚拟语气

21.(2015· 江苏南京调研)—What’s your comment on the match? —We ________(score), but today was not our day. 22 . (2015·四 川 雅 安 中 学 期 中 )I forget where I learned the saying , or I________(show) it to you now. 23.(2015· 安徽六校联考一)It’s a pity you were late, otherwise you________(see) the film star Rain from Korea. 24.(2015· 福建福州八中质检二)Had the government limited the sales of cars much earlier, traffic jam and pollution ________(be) so serious now. 25 . (2015· 安徽安庆望江中学月考 )—I failed again, I wish I________(work) harder. —But you didn’t. 26.(2015· 重庆巴蜀中学月考)— How was your trip to London? —Great. I was helped by an organization. Otherwise, I________(not afford) it.

27.(2015· 湖南益阳一中等三校联考)________it rain tomorrow, we would have to cancel the football match. 28.(2015· 重庆南开中学模拟)—I spent three hours buying a train ticket at the railway station the other day. —Why?You________(buy) one on the Internet or by phone. 29.(2015· 吉林延边二中月考)He commanded that all the gates ________ (shut) when it was getting dark in case thieves came in. 30.(2015· 广西桂林中学月考)It is necessary that the government ________ (find) solutions for the problems of air pollution to create a clear environment. 31.(2015· 海南中学月考)It has been suggested the sports meeting ________(put) off till the smog is not so severe. 32.(2015· 黑龙江哈三中二模)Columbus could never have found America if he ________(not be) curious. 33.(2015· 湖南澧县一中、益阳市一中、桃源县一中联考)The tone of the letter should be personal,as if you ________ speaking face to face to the donor. 34 . (2015· 广 东 肇 庆 二 模 )I paid a fine of 200 yuan for speeding.If only I________(respect) the traffic rules! 35.(2015· 山东烟台模拟)He walked in as if he ________(buy) the school,and the word quickly got around that he was from New York City. 36.(2015· 广西桂林中学月考)I recommend that you ________(try) Baihe.com. 37.(2015· 江苏盐城中学模拟)Actually,if Van Gogh ________ (die) at the age of twenty,no one would have connected him with failure or mental illness. 38.(2015· 江西大联考)Seeing the girl in green walk quickly away,John felt as if he ________ (split) in two.

Section 7
【高考真题演练】 1.2016 年高考真题 1.can’t have gone


[ 句意:乔治不可能走得太远了。他的咖啡仍然是温的。

can’t have done 是对过去的否定推测,意为“不可能做了某事”。] 2.had not been [考查虚拟语气的用法。句意:如果不是他前几天邀请我,我

现在就不会在这里。根据句子结构和句意可知,此处为虚拟语气,再结合时间 状语 the other day 可知,这是发生在过去的行为,故 if 从句要用过去完成时。] 3.couldn’t 能。] 4.needn’t 5.must [ 句意:我当时系着安全带。如果我没有系安全 [句意:这真令人生气;我不能进入你推荐的数据库。 couldn’t 不

6 . would have been injured

带,我就会受伤。考查虚拟语气。根据 if 条件句用的 had done 可知,主句应用 would have done 表示对过去情况的虚拟,而且 I 和 injure 是被动关系。] 7 . go [ 句意:我告诉她咳嗽了一夜后不能游泳,但她拒绝放弃并且坚持要

去。 insist 作 “ 坚持 ” 讲时,其所跟宾语从句要用虚拟语气,即动词形式为 “should+do”,should 可以省略。] 8.would not have fallen [句意:如果政府和科学家不共同努力,艾滋病相关的

死亡就不会从 2005 年的最高点下降。考查虚拟语气。 if 条件句时态为过去完成 时,省略了 if,将 had 提前,主句用 would have done 表示对过去情况的虚拟。] 9.would be [该句为错综时间条件句的虚拟语气,从句时间为过去时间,时态 为过去完成时,主句为现在时间,用“would +动词原形”。] 10.had told 11.weren’t

2.经典高考真题 1.must [句意:——你不能再多待一会儿吗?——天要黑了,我真的现在必

须走了,我的女儿独自呆在家里。must 必须。] 2.could [句意:太吵闹了,我们连自己说的话都听不到。can/could 表示“能

力,能够”。根据前面的 was 可知,此处要用过去时 could。] 3.must [句意:你一定是 Carol,这些年以来你一点都没变。must 一定,表示

推测,符合句意。] 4.may [句意:你也许会认为所有的培训都是浪费时间,但是我百分之百保证 你以后会感激你所做的事情。根据后文的描述可以看出此处培训还没有结束, 是一种不肯定的推测语气。] 5.must [句意:你必须非常小心地使用这台照相机,它很昂贵。根据下文的 it

costs 可知, must 必须,表示“命令或要求”。] 6.should [句意:——很抱歉,妈妈,我的面试又失败了。——噢,真是太糟

糕了,你本应该做好充分准备的。should have done 本应该做但是没有做。] 7.needn’t [句意:在来到新学校前我本不必担心,因为在新学校我的同班同

学对我很友好。needn’t have done...本不必做的事做了。] 8.needn’t [句意:我已经预订了一些比萨饼,所以当我们到家感到累的时候

就不必担心做饭的事了。本题考查情态动词。根据句意可知答案为 needn’t。] 9.should [句意:让我难过的是,他们自己那么贫穷,竟然还给我带来食物。

本题考查情态动词。情态动词 should 可以表示说话人惊讶的语气,意为 “ 竟 然”。] 10. might [ 句意:生活是不可预测的;即使是最穷的人也有可能成为最富有

的人。在这里表示不确定性,所以用表达可能性最小的情态动词 might。] 11.could [句意:我的书籍《哈迪斯小屋》不见了。谁可能把它拿走呢?could

表示可能的推测,所以答案是 could。] 12.would [句意:我仍然记得我幸福的童年时光,那时我的妈妈带着我在周

末的时候去 Disneyland 。表示过去的时候经常或常常做某事,所以答案是 would。] 13. can [句意:虽然你在伦敦可能会买到减价品,但通常那儿不是一个能买

到便宜货的地方。考查情态动词。can 在此处表示“可能性”。] 14.Can/May [句意:我能和你说句话吗?不会花很长时间的。本题考查情态

动词的基本用法。can/may 可以,表请求允许。] 15.needn’t [题干意思是:我已经准备好了野餐要带的各种食物。你的意思是

我们不必带任何食物了吗?由此可知,所填词意思是“不必”,答案是 needn’t。]

16.hadn’t seen


的谓语动词 wouldn’t have believed 可知是对过去情况的虚拟,虚拟条件句的谓 语动词用过去完成时。] 17.wouldn’t have written [句意:要是没有战争经历的话,海明威就不会写出

他著名的小说《永别了,武器》。根据句中的 without his wartime experiences 可 知描述的是过去的事情,对过去的假设主句部分用 would/could/should/might+ have done。根据句意要用否定形式,故答案为 wouldn’t have written。] 18 . danced [ 句意:艾伦是一位出色的舞者,我希望我能像他跳得一样好。

wish 后跟宾语从句时,从句中需要用虚拟语气,从句中用 did 表示对现在事实的 虚拟。] 19.had been [句意:我希望上个星期二我出席了姐姐的婚礼,但那时我正在

纽约出差中。wish 后的宾语从句要用虚拟语气,对过去发生过的事情的虚拟要 用过去完成时。] 20 . would have [ 句意:很幸运我们订了一个房间,否则我们现在将无处可

住。or 后面是主句,相当于 if we hadn’t booked a room, we would have nowhere to stay now,根据“now”可知,是对现在进行虚拟,因此用 would+动词原形。] 21.had been [句意:如果 Mr.Dewey 在现场的话,他会对在那儿的人提供任何

可能的援助。根据句意可知,题干表示与过去的事实相反,故从句谓语动词用 “had+过去分词”,答案是 had been。] 22 . stayed [ 句意:我们宁愿我们的女儿和我们待在家里,但是那是她的选

择,而且她不再是一个孩子了。would rather 后的宾语从句要采用虚拟语气,从 is 这个动词的使用看,是与现在事实相反,则从句用一般过去时表示与现在事 实相反,答案用 stayed。] 23.would have come [句意:当我们进行调查的那几个月期间他们正在国外,

否则他们会来帮助我们的。这里表达的是与过去事实相反的虚拟语气,用 would have come。] 24.should/could/would/might be [句意:如果你没有丢掉地图,我们现在就回

到宾馆了。本题考查虚拟语气。根据句意可知, if 引导的从句是对过去事实的 阐述,而主句表示与现在事实相反的虚拟,其谓语动词应为:

would/should/could/might+do 结构。] 25.caught [句意:要是他赶上了早晨的火车,那他就不会开会迟到了。本题

考查虚拟语气。根据句意,此处是与过去事实相反的假设,条件状语从句应该 用过去完成时。本题为省略 if 的虚拟条件句,应把助动词 had 提到句首,变为倒 装句式。] 26.had done [句意:是约翰打坏的窗户,你为什么和我说呢?好像是我打坏

的一样。本题考查虚拟语气。第一句已经说明是 John 打坏的窗户,所以第二句 中 as if 后面要用虚拟语气,而且是对过去的虚拟,故填 had done。] 27.Were [句意:要是没有现代化的通讯工具,我们要等上几周才能获取世界

各地的新闻。本题考查虚拟语气。根据主句谓语结构 would have to 可知设空处 表示与现在事实相反的假设, if 条件从句谓语应为 “ 动词的过去式 ” ,即 If there were...,在虚拟条件句中可以省略 if,把 were 提到句首。] 28.would have thrown [句意:人们正在回收在过去他们本来会扔掉的许多东

西。表示“过去本来会做(结果却没有这样做)”,用 would have done 结构,所 以答案用 would have thrown。] 【模拟试题精练】 1.2016 年模拟试题 1.couldn’t [考查情态动词。根据“Wonderful”可知,此处意为“我不可能过得

比那更愉快了”,暗指当时过得最愉快。“can’t/couldn’t...+比较级”可表达最 高级含义。] 2.can [考查情态动词。句意:世界各地的微笑有时候未必都是真的,它可能

隐藏着其他诸如愤怒、恐惧或担心之类的情感。情态动词 can 可以表示理论上 的可能性,意为“有时候会”。] 3.could [句意:——会是谁没锁门呢?——可能是迈克,因为他总是忘事。

could 表示推测时,常用于否定句或疑问句中。] 4.won’t [考查情态动词。句意:——把你的秘密告诉我吧。——我不会告诉

你的。如果告诉你了,这就不是秘密了。这里表示说话人的意愿,故用 won’t。] 5.must [ 考查情态动词。句意: —— 先生,我可以走吗? ——如果你必须离

开,悄悄地走。must 必须,一定。] 6.would [would 可用来表示过去经常性、习惯性的动作。句意:当他在那儿

时,他每天下班后都经常到街道拐角处的咖啡店。] 7.would [由语境可知,答话人本来想把手机放在大衣口袋里,但害怕被偷,

所以未放。would have done 表示本想做,但未做。] 8 . Shall [ 句意: —— 截止日期就要临近了,但我挑战那项任务又失败了。

——让我的弟弟试试好吗?shall 用于第一、三人称的疑问句中表示请求对方的 许可。] 9.Must [句意:杰克,你看看!大家都在静静地做家庭作业。你非要在课堂

上制造噪音吗?must“偏要,非要”,符合句意。] 10. needn’t [ 句意:你本不必给我买这本书的,但仍然谢谢你。 needn’t have

done 表示“本没有必要做某事而实际上做了”。] 11.may/might [ 句意:莉莎很可能不想去旅游 —— 她讨厌旅游。根据设空处

后的 well 可知本空填 may 或 might。may/might well do sth=be very likely to do sth 意为:很可能做某事。] 12. can’t/couldn’t [ 句意: ——你知道戴维在哪儿吗?我到处找他都找不到。

——噢,他不可能走远,因为他的大衣还在这里。can’t/couldn’t have done sth 不 可能做过某事。] 13.should [句意:——我订购的那本书会按时到货吗?——如果不交通堵塞

的话,应该会。根据“if there is no traffic jam”可推知设空处表示“应该”。] 14.May [句意:——你听说英国前首相撒切尔夫人在 4 月 18 日逝世的消息了 吗?——听说了。愿她安息。 may 但愿,表示祝愿。又如: May you both be happy!祝你们俩幸福!] 15. can’t [ 句意:今天杰克值日吗?不可能是他。明天轮到他值日。 can’t be

表示对现在情况的猜测或判断,意为 “ 不可能 ” 。根据所提供的情景 It’s his turn tomorrow.可判断出不可能是他。] 16.shall [句意:学校制度规定不允许孩子白天离开学校,除非有大人陪同。

由 rules 可知此处是学校规定的内容,而根据情态动词的用法可知,在表示“法 律条文,规章制度”时要用 shall。]



什么。根据破折号后的内容,此处用 needn’t 表示“不必”。] 18.will [此处指“我再同意不过了。每一步都有可能出错”。will 表猜测,表

客观可能性。] 19.should [句意:你能想象这么举止文明的绅士竟然会对一位女士这么无理

吗?这里表示的是一种惊讶的语气“竟然”,答案是 should。] 20 . should [ 句意:我们无法想象两个孩子竟然被家里的洗衣机绞死了。

should 表示“竟然”。] 21 . shall [ 句意:我们的规定之一是学生在学校时需要穿校服。在明文规定

中,常使用 shall 来表示规定做的事情。] 22.needn’t [句意:这周你不必请人修这台机器。到下个月我才用呢。根据题

干中“I won’t need it until next month.”可推知设空处表示“不必”。] 23 . should [ 句意: —— 这些葡萄看起来很漂亮。 —— 它们应该这样!看价

钱,3.99 美元一磅,太贵了,是不是?根据句意可以猜出葡萄看起来好是应该 的,因为价格贵。] 24.couldn’t be [句意:我听说去年冬天他们在山里滑雪了。不可能是真的,

因为那里几乎没有下雪。在表达对于过去事件的推测时,要用相应的情态动词 的过去式,所以答案是 couldn’t be。] 25.shall [句意:没有人能够在高考时将手机带入考场。shall 用于第一人称以

外的人称时,可用于“禁止,禁令”中。] 26.couldn’t have won [考查虚拟语气。句意:要不是观众们鼓励性的欢呼,

我们队不可能赢得这么重要的比赛。根据该句中的“But for”可知,此处应用虚 拟语气,表示与过去事实相反,再结合句意可知,应用 couldn’t have won。] 27.needn’t have taken [考查情态动词。句意:你本没必要带这么多现金的,

你知道那家店接受支票。needn’t have done 表示“本没必要做某事”,符合句 意。] 28.would have finished [考查含蓄虚拟语气。句意:要不是那些中断,这场会

议在半小时前就结束了。根据句意及时间状语 half an hour ago 可知设空处与过 去事实相反。]


[考查虚拟语气。if only 表示“ 要是??就好了 ”,谓语动词应使

用虚拟语气,根据 right now 可知,此处表示对现在的虚拟,故谓语动词用一般 过去时。] 30.would be [考查虚拟语气。句意:要是当初你听我的,那么我们现在就在

聚会现场了。你挪过去,我来开车。 if 从句表示与过去事实相反的假设,而本 空表示与现在的实际情况相反的假设,说话人此时还在路上。] 31.wouldn’t have [考查虚拟语气。句意:——哎呀,我错过了去苏州的早班

火车。——可你若抓紧时间的话,你就不会误车了。had you hurried 等于 if you had hurried,表示对过去的虚拟,故主句用 would have done 形式。] 32.could have cried [考查情态动词与完成时连用的用法。句意:那夜,被单

独困在山中,她感到又冷又饿又害怕。她本来能够哭出来。根据语境是过去 时,应用情态动词与完成时连用。could have done 没有做本来能够做的事情。] 33.had insisted;be sent [考查虚拟语气在 insist 从句中的用法。若 insist 表示

“坚持要求做某事”从句中应用 should+v.,should 可省略;若 insist 表示“坚 持说,坚持认为”则从句需根据句意选择合适的时态。本句句意为:如果他坚 持要求被派往那儿的话,现在一切都好了。事实上并非如此。] 34.would not have finished [without,but for;要没有??,相当于 if 从句。本

句可改为 if you hadn’t helped us,we ________ this task on time。这是与过去事实 相反的句子。] 35.go;went [句意:我愿意毕业后参加工作,但我父亲却愿意我出国进修。

“would rather+动词原形”表示:愿意现在或将来做某事,故第一空用动词原 形;在“would rather+ that 从句”句型中,that 从句的谓语动词用一般过去时 表示现在或将来的假设;用过去完成时表示过去的假设。] 36.had got [句意:杰夫,怎么了?你今天感觉不舒服吧。哦,妈妈。我真的

希望我能把握住这个机会,可是我失败了。wish 后面接的是宾语从句,从 but I failed 可以知道与过去事实相反,故采用过去完成时态。] 37.needn’t have taken [表示“本来没有必要做??结果却做了”,是一种表

示与过去事实相反的虚拟语气。] 38.could have eaten [句意:不要生我们的气。我们本来要与你一起外出吃饭

的,但你打电话时,我们正在忙着完成最后的报告。此处表示与过去的情况相 反的虚拟语气,主句的谓语要用 could have done,表示“本来能够/本来会?? 的,但实际情况不是这样”。] 39.be provided [句意:据法律要求,要有足够的证据被提供以证实一个人是

无罪的。表示“要求”的动词 require,与其相关的名词性从句用虚拟语气,采 用“(should+)do”的形式。] 40.is; would have [句意:要不是中国也受全球经济危机的影响这一事实,我

们现在失业的工人就会更少。其条件隐含在 But for...里,that 后是一个同位语从 句,指现在的情况,是事实,因此用一般现在时态,而后面部分是主句,表示 与现在相反的情况,因此用虚拟语气。] 41.have been drowned [句意:多危险啊!是的,要不是那个过路者动作快,

这个女孩就被淹死了。but for...要不是??,是虚拟语气的标志,因为 the girl 和 drown 是被动关系,故答案为 have been drowned。] 42. didn’t [ 句意: ——我们公司下个月将组织到香港旅游,我打算带我妈妈

去那里。——我宁可你不带她,毕竟她刚刚从病中恢复,身体还很虚弱。would rather 接从句的时候,从句的谓语用一般过去时表示对现在或将来的虚拟。] 43.wouldn’t/couldn’t have finished [句意:如果没有你的及时帮助,我们就不

能按时完成那项工程了。without your timely help 相当于含蓄条件从句,即 if it hadn’t been for your timely help,是和过去事实相反的虚拟语气,故句子谓语动 词用 wouldn’t/couldn’t have done 形式。] 44.could have stayed [句意:我在纽约的时候住的是饭店。哦,是吗?你其实 have done 是虚拟语气,意思为“本应该可以做某

可以住巴巴拉那里。could 事,而没有做某事”。]

45.were [句意:如果不是天气的原因,我会待在这里更长的时间。] 46.would be [句意:——我要是能赢这场比赛就太好了。但是我想我不够出

色。——试试看,很难说。通过句意和 won 得知,本句为表示将来的虚拟,所 以设空处填 would be。] 47.would/could have caused [句意:——最后你成功了吗?——是的,要不是


假设,所以可用 should/would/could/might have done 的形式。但 should 常用于第 一人称,might 常用于可能性很小。] 48. would [ 句意: —— 马克斯看上去很紧张。 ——如果是你参加这么激烈的

比赛,你也会紧张的。本句中主句和 if 条件从句都表示和现在事实相反的假 设,可改为:You would also look nervous if you had so fierce a competition.然后 考虑采用“so+be 动词/助动词/情态动词+主语”句型替换主句形式。] 49.would/should have attended [句意:——真遗憾你错过了汤普森所作的有关

英国文化的讲座。 —— 我本想 / 应该参加的,但是我正忙于准备即将到来的考 试。根据题干中的 was busy 可知设空处表示与过去事实相反,故答案为 would/should have attended。] 50.had locked [句意:他们本可以从大火中逃出来,但不幸的是,有人把门

锁上了。根据题干中 “could have escaped”可判断该句为与过去事实相反的虚拟 语气,故设空处表示过去; lock 先于 could have escaped ,即表示 “过去的过 去”,故用过去完成时态。] 2.经典模拟试题 1.can [句意:——在美国学到了什么呢? ——哦,同别的国家的人相处有时

会很难。can 可以表示“有时会??”。] 2.will [句意:现在一些年轻人,尤其是宅男,不愿意走出家门去体验真实的

世界。will 愿意。] 3.shall [句意:——妈妈,这个暑假我能和同学去度假吗? —— 好的,如果

你学习好的话,你可以有这样的机会。shall 用于第二人称时表示许诺。] 4.couldn’t have been [句意:—— 我认为在昨天的聚会上我看到史密斯先生

了。——不可能,他正在希腊旅行,前天离开的。根据后面提到的 He is now on a business trip in Greece.And he left the day before yesterday.可知是对过去的否 定推测,couldn’t have done 不可能做了某事,符合语境。] 5.can’t [句意:无论你怎样重视阅读技能都不过分,因为它是如此的重要。

情态动词 can’t 与 too 连用,表示肯定,意为“越??越好,怎样都不过分。”] 6.might [句意:——这个周末你打算做什么?——不知道,我可能去北海公

园。根据 I don’t know 可知这里是不确定的说法,所以要用 might“可能,或

许”。] 7 . Shall [ 句意: —— 最后期限就要到了,但是我挑战这个任务又失败了。

——我哥哥可以试一次吗?shall 可与第一、三人称连用,用于疑问句中,表示 征求对方意见,请求许可或向对方提出建议。这里表示提建议。] 8.must [答句意为“这次的考试一定很难”。must have done 肯定??,表示

对过去的肯定猜测。] 9 . shall [ 所有学生应在去学校之前带上口罩以防感染禽流感。 shall 用于第

二、第三人称,表示说话人给对方命令、警告、允诺或威胁。] 10.must [根据 but 可知,此处强调说话人主观上认为“必须”做某事,要求

对方必须在周末前离开。must 必须。] 11.could have visited [我们“本能够”去的,但是我们花太多时间购物,所以

没能去。could have done 本能够做某事(但没做成)。] 12 . should [ 同样数量的学生认为一个好的大学应该培养雇主们追求的毕业

生。should 应该,应当,表示义务、责任,符合语境。] 13. can [那些无所事事的人对他们的邻居正在做什么感到好奇。好奇有时可

能是愚蠢的或者说是错误的。can 在肯定句中表可能性时表示理论上的可能性, 而不是表示具体某事发生的可能性。] 14 . Would [ 你可以帮助我将他弄回到轮椅上吗? Would you please... ?请

你??好吗?表示婉转的请求。] 15.must/may/might/can/could [我确定你一定或可能听过这句话。情态动词表

推测可用 must/may/might/can/could。] 16.can [只有追求梦想我们才能享受有意义的完整人生。 only 修饰状语放在

句首要使用倒装句,can 要提到主语前面。] 17.should/must [所以,每次旅行都应该或必须做好充分的准备。] 18.must [说话人推测她通过考试有一定的理由,即她看起来很开心,因此推

测时很有把握,故用 must。] 19.must 20 . would [你一定是 Hollis 先生。根据语境可知此处要用 must 表示肯定推测。] [ 每次她遇见麻烦,都会向他求助。因为他说过他愿意为她做一

切。would 愿意。]

21 . could have scored

[ 根据语境可知该处是对过去的虚拟 ( 情态动词+ have

done),又因为根据句意此处意为“我们本能够获胜的”,即 could have done。] 22.would show [句意:我忘了我在哪里学到的这句谚语了,否则我现在就拿

给你看了。根据句意可知 or 后面是一种假设情况,是对现在情况的假设和虚 拟,应该用 would+动词原形。] 23.would have seen [句意:很遗憾你迟到了,否则你就会看到来自韩国的电

影明星 Rain 了。根据 otherwise 判断此处是含蓄型的虚拟语气,表示对过去的虚 拟时,主句用 would/should/might have done。] 24.would not be [在虚拟条件句中,常省略 if,把 had, were,should 等提到句

首,构成倒装,if 从句用的是过去完成时,说明是对过去的事情进行虚拟,这 时,主句使用 would have done。但是需要注意的是,句尾有 now 这个词,即主 句是对现在进行虚拟的,应该使用 would/should/could+动词原形。] 25.had worked [句意:——我又失败了,我希望以前更加努力了。 ——但是

你没有。表达与过去事实相反的愿望,所以用过去完成时态表虚拟语气。] 26.wouldn’t have afforded [句意:——你的伦敦之旅怎么样? ——很好,我

得到了一个机构的帮助。否则,我是支付不起这个费用的。根据 otherwise 和 was 可知,此处表示的是与过去事实相反的虚拟语气,故用 would/could/might have done 结构。] 27.Should [句意:如果明天下雨,我们就不得不取消足球比赛。根据主句中

的 would have to...,可知这是和将来相反的虚拟条件句,条件句的谓语可以用 should do/did/were to do,也可以省略 if,提前 should, were,但如果是 were 的 话,it 后面要有 to 。] 28.could have bought [句意:——前天我花了三个小时买火车票。——为什

么这么做?你本可以通过网络或电话购买的。根据 the other day 可知此处表示对 过去虚拟。] 29.(should)be shut [他要求天黑时关闭所有的门以防小偷进入。 command 表

示“命令,要求”后跟宾语从句时用虚拟语气 should do sth,其中 should 可以 省略。] 30.(should) find [在句型“it is necessary+ that 从句”中,谓语动词应该用

should +动词原形,should 可以省略。] 31 . (should) be put [ 在 “It is suggested that +从句 ” 中谓语动词应该用

should+动词原形,should 可以省略,根据句意应该用被动形式。] 32.had not been [哥伦布如果不曾好奇,就不会发现新大陆。对过去的虚拟,

从句要用过去完成时,主句要用 could/should/might/would + have done 结构。] 33.were [写信的语气要亲切,好像你们在面对面交谈。这里 as if 后要用一般 过去时表示虚拟语气。] 34.had respected [我由于超速交了 200 元的罚金。要是我遵守了交通规则该多

好!if only 句型中,对过去情况的虚拟,用过去完成时。] 35.had bought [在人称代词 he 后,显然是作谓语;又因他不可能是买下了这

个学校,故应用虚拟语气,与过去事实相反,故填 had bought。] 36.(should) try [recommend, suggest, request, command 等后面的宾语从句使用 虚拟语气,即 should +动词原形,should 可省略。] 37.had died died。] 38.were split [他感觉好像被分成了两半。as if 后面用虚拟语气(were split)表 [根据主句谓语动词可以看出是对过去的虚拟,所以从句用 had


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